Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight DS (ヴァンパイア騎士DS, Vanpaia Naito Dīesu) is a Japanese dating simulator game based on the Vampire Knight series. It was released by D3 Publisher in Japan in January 2009. It is only available in Japanese.

The player is in the role of Yuki Cross at Cross Academy. She/the player is able to date six of the male vampire characters plus a secret seventh character.

The game was released on January 29, 2009. The game was available as either a standard edition or as a limited edition.

The Situation Voice CD was released with the game. Both the standard edition game and the limited edition game could be purchased with or without the Situation Voice CD.

The Story

Yuki Cross’s earliest memory is of being attacked by a vampire and being saved by Kaname Kuran, who is also a vampire. Several years later, she and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of Cross Academy, keeping the peace between the Day Class of human students and the Night Class of vampires. But unknown to Yuki, Zero has spent the last four years trying to fight his transformation into a vampire and he is finally beginning to succumb. The story follows Yuki’s struggle to help Zero fight his bloodlust, learn about the vampire society, and reconcile her feelings for Zero and Kaname.


There are a total of 7 guys you can persue (including a secret character). Each character has muliple endings. The Secret Character will be listed like that on this page, his name will of course be revealed in the translations (eventually).

Basic Controls

Up – skip dialogue
Left – Move back in dialogue
Right/Down – Proceed with dialogue

You’ll be using the stylus a fair bit in Guardian patrols and mini-games.


The MC has 6 main parameters in-game. Each parameter corresponds to a certain guy, so depending on who you’re aiming for, you need to raise that stat in order to increase his affection for you.

Physical (fist)
Increases affection for: Zero Kiryuu

Intellect (spectacles)
Increases affection for: Kaname Kuran

Charm (hand-mirror)
Increases affection for: Senri Shiki

Knowledge (book)
Increases affection for: Takuma Ichijou

Work (flower insignia)
Increases affection for: Akatsuki Kain

Experience (gold, boxy thing)
Increases affection for: Hanabusa Aidou


This is necessary if you want to gain fast affection boosts with the guy you’re going for. To do so, choose the “Decorate” option during your day class. Note that money you’ve earned and clothes that you’ve purchased carry over to the next game, so make sure you continue from your saved file when starting a new game.


There are multiple endings for the 6 main characters. They each have:

  • A romantic ending
  • A good friend ending
  • A bad ending (low affection)

There are also other miscellaneous endings. (For example when you have high affection for 2 characters at the same time.)


Guardian Patrol Map | Character Locations (on the map) | Mini-Games | CG List

Common Route

Chapter 1: Night Class | Day Class

Kuran Kaname’s Route

First Guardian Patrol |

Kiryuu Zero’s Route

First Guardian Patrol |

Aidou Hanabusa’s Route

Kain Akatsuki’s Route

Ichijou Takuma’s Route

Shiki Senri’s Route

Secret Character’s Route

He will be unlocked after your first complete playthrough. Make sure you don’t have high affection for any other guy when you’re going for his route.

His route begins at chapter 5, but he makes an appearance in chapters 2 and 4.