Sent in my first VA lines

I just sent in my first recorded lines for a voice acting role I got through Casting Call Club, I’m so glad I joined it!

Also, the owner of this project liked my lines at first try! I was so happy!
The role I play in this is actually an adult witch with a bit of a Russian accent, it was so much fun to do!
The finished product should be posted on YouTube in March I believe, once it’s up I’ll post a link to it!


My first voice acting role!

As you all probably know by now, I’ve started to become interested in voice acting, I’ve been using the Casting Call Club website for that and I have just been accepted for my very first role!

The project I’ll be joining is called: Subjugators Of Tevaria “The Beginning”. It is a story set in the Star Citizen Universe.

Our story is not based on the direct Lore of Star Citizen but our personal story within it.

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Voice Acting Update

Hi everyone, I’m back again to talk about voice acting!

I’m currently doing auditions on a very good website Casting Call Club, if you’re interested in voice acting and want to try it, I really recommend this website. If you join do it through that link and I’ll get some good karma according to the website (but I honestly have no idea what that means, so let’s find out!)
It’s very user friendly and there are all sorts of people using it. It isn’t just for voice actors, you can also find writers, editors, animators etc on there.

I’ve made my own profile on it, my username is KarenDV, there you can find the auditions I have done and you can see some other information as well. You can also follow me if you want and upvote my auditions, upvoting is kind of like ‘liking’ things on any social media platform.

Anyway, I just wanted to inform you all about this interesting website! Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Voice Acting

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know I’m very much interested in voice acting and I actually already applied to play a supporting role in an upcoming visual novel. (It’s more like an indie game, not by any big company).

This is my new microphone, just got it today!

I really hope I’ll get the role! It seems like so much fun to do!