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Vampire Knight Chapter 1 First Guardian Patrol Kiryuu Zero Event (English Translation)

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Cross Yuki: ふう、もうー周しちゃつたかな。
Cross Yuki: *sigh* I guess I’ve already made a lap.
Cross Yuki: (When I stand at the edge of the walkway, I vigorously dive down.)
Cross Yuki: 10 points, full score!
???: Idiot. You’ll get injured if you do that.
Cross Yuki: Huh? Who?
Cross Yuki: (I suddenly heared a voice and started looking around.)
Cross Yuki: Nobody’s here…..?
???: Where are you looking?
Cross Yuki: Huh?
Cross Yuki: (When I look up towards the voice, I see the figure of Zero in at tree.)
Cross Yuki: Zero! What are you doing there? Slacking off again!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t slack off.
Cross Yuki: No matter how you look at it, it’s skipping! Well, I’d like to sleep!!
Kiryuu Zero: Don’t be so angry. You’ll get wrinkles between your eyebrows.
Cross Yuki: I don’t want to be told that by you, Zero!
Cross Yuki: My skin is still in good condition!
Cross Yuki: If I get wrinkels it’s because of you, Zero! You need to take responsibility.
Kiryuu Zero: Responsibility? I wonder what you want me to do.
Cross Yuki: Wha… What I want….. That’s…..
Cross Yuki: (When I opened my mouth–)
Female Student 1: Let’s sneak in as soon as they don’t look.
Female Student 2: Reach your hand a little more.
Cross Yuki: What was that? I heard something just now…..
Cross Yuki: (I hurried and listened carefully to hear–)

What you choose here doesn’t really matter.

1: A noisy voice.
Cross Yuki: There’s a noisy voice! Hurry up Zero, something might have happened!

2: A suspicious voice.
Cross Yuki: I hear as suspicious voice! Something may have happened! Let’s hurry, Zero!

Kiryuu Zero: Go alone.
Cross Yuki: Idiot! Again! You’re being selfish!
Cross Yuki: (He turns his eyes if it doesn’t involce him, I started running.)
Cross Yuki: No way….. Why is a Day Class girl walking around at night? I hope nothing happens.

Cross Yuki: (I hurry to the person of the voice, there–)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! Shiki-senpai! What are you doing?
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan! Good job today too.
Cross Yuki: Ah, thanks…. No way! Going during the night is breaking the school regulation!
Shiki Senri: Such a loud voice…. Shut up….
Ichijou Takuma: At ease, Yuki-chan. We just hear a noice, so we came to check it out.
Female Student 1: Kyaaa-!! Shiki-senpai and Ichijou-senpai too!
Female Student 2: It was worth sneaking in to see them so close.
Cross Yuki: Both of you go now! Do not get closer!
Shiki Senri: Get closer…..
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t, Yuki-chan. What’s the problem?
Cross Yuki: Going out during the night is breaking school regulation! It’s dangerous at night! Please return to your dormitory!
Female Student 1: Stop joking, committe member!
Female Student 2: That’s right! You’re always so unbelievable!
Cross Yuki: (Ignoring my warnings, they get closer to Ichijou-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Stop! Get back!
Female Student 1: Why should we stop? What’s so dangerous?
Cross Yuki: It’s bad…. It’s really dangerous….. The night-senpais……
Ichijou Takuma: We are……. What? Yuki-chan…..
Cross Yuki: Tha, that’s……
Cross Yuki: (I had trouble replying to Ichijou-senpai, Shiki-senpai had a thin smile on his mouth.)
Shiki Senri: Committe member… are you angry?
Cross Yuki: (The next moment– The senpais’ pupils shone dubiously!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (I ran in front of the girls to protect them from the senpais.)
Cross Yuki: Kyaa!
Cross Yuki: (My legs tangled and I fell down in a flashy manner.)
Cross Yuki: Ow ow ow…….
Ichijou Takuma: Are you alright? Yuki-chan. Huh? That’s….
Shiki Senri: It smells nice….
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (I felt a stronge gaze on my right hand that was on the ground.)
Cross Yuki: (When I drop my gaze, I see blood on my right hand….!)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad!)
Shiki Senri: Committe member…. caught.
Cross Yuki: Geh….!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai thightly grabbed my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me, Shiki-senpai.
Shiki Senri: Why are you so hostile?
Cross Yuki: (As I grasp my hand, Ichijou-senpai looks straight at me.)
Cross Yuki: (Is seems as though he grabbed my heart with his eyes, I can’t move.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me! You’ll get punishment for this!
Shiki Senri: Stop resisting……
Cross Yuki: I, I don’t care! It’ll get better if I rub it with a handkerchief!
Shiki Senri: I’ll cure you…. I guess?
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai slowly opens his mouth….. I can see his sharp fangs!)
Cross Yuki: (I’ll… get bitten…..!)
Female Student 1: No way! Just now, I saw fangs!
Female Student 2: Vampire!? There’s no such thing….
Cross Yuki: Stop! Shiki-senpai!
Shiki Senri: How surprising. Such a loud voice.
Ichijou Takuma: No, I’m more surprised.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!! Don’t just stand by, please stop Shiki-senpai!
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Is something wrong with that?
Ichijou Takuma: Shiki, I don’t really understand. Please release her.
Ichijou: Even so, it’s a nice scent. Shiki won’t bite you. Hehe.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!
Cross Yuki: (While saying that, Shiki-senpai strongly pulled me closer.)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad…..! I was prepared to–)
Shiki Senri: Listen. Committee member, I won’t bite. Calm down.
Ichijou Takuma: You see.
Cross Yuki: Eh….?
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Shiki is a reasonably person….
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, don’t you trust us?
Cross Yuki: Eh? Umm…. That’s….
Cross Yuki: (I’m having trouble replying.)
Cross Yuki: (From the side, it might look like I’m desperately resisting… that’s what I thought.)
Cross Yuki: (Next–)
Kiryuu Zero: Vampiric actions are forbidden inside the school.
Cross Yuki: (Zero puts Bloody Rose up while looking at Ichijou-senpai.)
Kiryuu Zero: Drunk with the smell of blood, did you forget me, Vampire.
Cross Yuki: Zero!! Stop!
Ichijou Takuma: Hold on, Kiryuu-kun. You’re misunderstanding~.
Shiki Senri: Rampaging so fast, how scary.
Cross Yuki: It really is a misunderstanding! Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai were just worried over me getting injured!
Shiki Senri: That’s all….? Isn’t that underestimated?
Kiryuu Zero: What’s going on, Yuki? How did you get injured?
Cross Yuki: That’s…. a long story!
Cross Yuki: Anyways, Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai did nothing wrong.
Cross Yuki: (Zero was shaking due to the tension…. That–)
Ichijou Takuma: Kiryuu-kun, the gap.
Cross Yuki: (Zero released the tension on the gap–)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai approached Zero at the speed of light and takes up his guarding arm.)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! How?
Shiki Senri: Fast. As expected of Ichijou-san.
Ichijou Takuma: Sorry, Kiryuu-kun!
Ichijou Takuma: Can’t it be said that the state of affairs of the Guardian isn’t kept in a case like this? Why is that.
Kiryuu Zero: Why….. Well, I won’t finish it….
Kiryuu Zero: This can only be accepted as a declaration of war, Ichijou-senpai.
Cross Yuki: (Zero slowly points Bloody Rose at Ichijou-senpai again.)
Cross Yuki: Enought already! Zero! Stop it! Don’t pull the trigger!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t see what’s so bad about clearing out vampires.
Ichijou Takuma: Uh…. Such scary eyes. Kiryuu-kun…..
Shiki Senri: Committe member guy……. How uncomfortable….
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai looks at Zero with challenging eyes.)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai smiles while standing in between the two, but his eyes aren’t smiling.)
Cross Yuki: (This atmosphere! It’s heating up due to the three people who won’t surrender.)
Cross Yuki: To go to such an extent! Fighting is prohibited! Please also stand down senpais!
Shiki Senri: For just a while. I’ll withdraw.
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t look at a lady like that, Shiki. Yuki-chan is doing her best for us.
Shiki Senri: Committee member girl….. Trying too hard….
Cross Yuki: That’s…..
Kiryuu Zero: Leave, Yuki. I will block these guys.
Cross Yuki: Stop it! Zero! Take your hand of Bloody Rose!
Cross Yuki: (As I shake and cry, Zero pulls the trigger without hesitation!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (A gunshot rushes through the night sky–)
Cross Yuki: No way…. I…..
Cross Yuki: (Suddenly, I had grabbed Zero’s hand.)
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, amazing! Such wonderful work!
Cross Yuki: (The bullets were shot at the tree besides us, without anyone getting hit.)
Cross Yuki: Zero, you idiot! You actually shot!
Kiryuu Zero: Tch….. Extra convolution.
Shiki Senri: How surprising…. You really shot….
Kuran Kaname: That Bloody Rose, would you please put it away, Kiryuu-kun.
Kuran Kaname: It’s a threat to us….
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai!
Kiryuu Zero: What if…. I refuse?
Kuran Kaname: Hm…. How bullish.
Cross Yuki: Zero, stop saying stupid things, you’re acting strange tonight!
Kuran Kaname: You are already injured. Please shot it to me.
Cross Yuki: Eh? It’s, it’s fine! It was just a scratch and the bleeding has already stopped!
Kuran Kaname:  If something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai….
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai slowly approaches me with a gentle smile.)
Cross Yuki: (I couldn’t move my eyes away….. The next moment–)
Kiryuu Zero: Your worry is useless. Above that, would you mind moving away from them?
Cross Yuki: (It’s as if Zero is trying to tear my away from Kaname-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Zero!
Ichijou Takuma: Ahaha, Kiryuu-kun. There’s no calling apart between them~?
Shiki Senri: We haven’t done anything. We just got here.
Ichijou Takuma: Calm down Shiki! You too Kiryuu-kun! Let’s not fight for no reason~ Peace is best!
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou, why is there so much commotion when you’re the assistent director? I seems necessary to talk over it.
Ichijou Takuma: Kaname! Scary eyes~! Help me, Shiki!
Shiki Senri: It’s no use hiding behind my back, Ichijou-san. It’s protuding.
Ichijou Takuma: Because~! Kaname’s face! I will be punished by Aidou~!
Kuran Kaname: I don’t like conflict. Let’s solve it by discussion. Understood, Ichijou?
Ichijou Takuma: I have a feeling there’s a deeper meaning to “discussion”…..?
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou and Shiki, tell me the story properly. Is that okay? Kiryuu-kun.
Shiki Senri: Mine’s irrelevant….Which one of these is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Please make it short, Kuran-senpai.
Kuran Kaname: You seem to dislike being face-to-face with me. But, before that…..
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai gently approached the girl students who fained from what had happend.)
Cross Yuki: (And, he holds a thin fingertip over their heads.)
Kuran Kaname: With this, their memories of tonight have disappeared. You can rest at ease, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Thank you so much! Kaname-senpai….
Kuran Kaname: You don’t need to bow. Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai…..
Kuran Kaname: I’m sorry you had to feel fear this night, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Not, not at all! It’s my own fault for getting injured, you did nothing wrong!
Kuran Kaname: You are so strong…. Goodnight, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Goodnight!
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s group went back to the Moon Dormitory.)
Cross Yuki: (I kept staring at his back untill it disappeared into the darkness of the night.)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai is still different…. he’s not only cool… but also kind….)
Kiryuu Zero: What are you grinning about?
Cross Yuki: I, I’m not! Besides, you were late! Were you slacking again?
Cross Yuki: (Zero looks into my eyes as if to cut off my question.)
Cross Yuki: (However, looking at the next moment……)
Cross Yuki: What is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Give me your right hand quickly.
Cross Yuki: Huh? There’s no way you want to hold hands because you’re afraid of the night?
Cross Yuki: (The soft expression of Zero becomes more steep.)
Kiryuu Zero: You idiot…. You’re injured. Quickly give it to me.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (When he pulled out his tie, Zero grabs my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: You, you should be more gentle. Because I’m injured…..
Cross Yuki: (I got embarrassed and ended up saying something mean.)
Cross Yuki: (Even so, he doesn’t seem to hear it…)
Cross Yuki: (I was staring at the way he wrapped the necktie like a wrapping cloth.)
Cross Yuki: (If I were to look up, my eyes would meet with Zero’s…..)
Kiryuu Zero: It’s just temporary first aid for the time being. Have it cured later by the president.
Cross Yuki: All right…..
Cross Yuki: (With familiar hand, Zero made saline allowances.)
Cross Yuki: (I wanted to say something to Zero, for his kindness.)

1: I’m officious.
2: Zero…… (Affection up for Zero)
3: Sorry. (Affection up for Zero)

1: I’m officious.
Cross Yuki: I’m officious…..
Cross Yuki: (I intended to quietly murmur, but a disturbing auro is transmitted from Zero.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems he truly did hear it.)
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Kiryuu Zero: Even though people bother to worry about you…. You’re the worst…….
Cross Yuki: ………..
Cross Yuki: (Ehh?! That’s righ, Zero is someone who can’t communicate well.)
Cross Yuki: (Even if I say something else, I’ll be like pouring oil on fire, so I’ll stay silent.)

2: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: Zero….
Cross Yuki: You are dexterous.
Kiryuu Zero: What is it?
Cross Yuki: No, I like this kind of thing, and your cooking too.
Cross Yuki: Somewhat, like a mother.
Kiryuu Zero: A mother? …….You have a lot of hardships.
Cross Yuki: Zero….. I had a hard time until now after all….. Sorry, I said something bad.
Kiryuu Zero: I meant you have a lot of troubles with yourself.
Cross Yuki: Ah, am I?
Kiryuu Zero: Enough….. Weird person……

3: Sorry.
Cross Yuki: Sorry….. You got worried.
Kiryuu Zero: ……Creepy.
Cross Yuki: Ha?!
Kiryuu Zero: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. Are you planning something?
Cross Yuki: Such a…. Terrible…. It’s terrible, even for a joke.
Cross Yuki: I, just honestly apologized……
Kiryuu Zero: Ah…….. I see…….. my bad……
Cross Yuki: ……Creepy.
Kiryuu Zero: Ha?!
Cross Yuki: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. What are you plotting? Zero.
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Cross Yuki: Hehe. Payback!
Kiryuu Zero: Hmpf.

Kiryuu Zero: Let’s go. We have to bring those two back right away.
Cross Yuki: Ye, yeah!
Cross Yuki: (Zero lightly raised the two girls.)
Cross Yuki: (I hastily chased after his stern back.)
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait, Zero!
Cross Yuki: Zero! You know what…… Thank you very much…….!
Cross Yuki: (I deeply bowed my head towards a silent back–)
Cross Yuki: Aww! Don’t stop so suddenly! It made me hit my head.
Kiryuu Zero: …..
Cross Yuki: Zero……?
Cross Yuki: (After suddenly stopping, Zero’s expression was steep and distorted.)
Cross Yuki: What wrong? Are you in a bad mood?
Kiryuu Zero: Here…. I feel uncomfortable with the smell of blood.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (Murmuring about spitting it out, Zero started walking again.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems like his back is rejecting me……)
Cross Yuki: (Zero holds something deep in his heart…..)
Cross Yuki: (Like deep darkness…..)
Cross Yuki: …..
Cross Yuki: (I stood by for a while as he walked away–)

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Chapter 1 Day Class >>
Otome Games, Vampire Knight

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: Mini-Games

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Fortune-telling (相性占い)

By choosing the “Fortune” during your day class, you’ll get some info on the chemistry levels between you and your selected guy. You might also get some tips on his favourite clothes, lucky items, etc.

Item-screening (持ち物検査)

By choosing the “Study” option during your day class, you’ll open a fun but somewhat stressful mini-game where you confiscate and sort out a variety of items.

Items rolling by fall into two main categories, contraband and well, non-contraband. Your objective is to sort out as many of these items correctly in the time-span of 30 seconds.

Regular items (Schoolbag)

  • Pale green textbook
  • Bowl of ramen
  • Bucket
  • Comics
  • Picture of Toga Yagari
  • Green gift box

Contraband items (Bloody Rose insignia)

  • Blood tablets
  • Picture of Akatsuki Kain
  • Picture of Zero
  • Paper with phone number on it
  • Dark green book with corner torn off

Use your stylus to drag the items over to the left. Note that the items move a lot faster as time passes, so think/move fast!

Raises Zero’s affection for you slightly if you do a well.

Stats raised: Work, Experience and Knowledge.

Present sorting (プレゼント渡し)

Choose the “Guardian” command during your day class to commence this mini-game. Simply put, you have 30 seconds to hand out as many presents/love letters as possible to the students in the night class.

Simply use your stylus to drag presents from the adoring fans to the guy they want to give it to. Each guy has their own gift “lane” and they’ll be positioned below their lane at the start of the game. The tricky part begins when the guys start swapping places at the bottom, which can be pretty confusing.

Note that the guy who you (accurately!) give the most presents to in the mini-game will have a bigger boost of affection for you at the end of it. Great for raising the affection levels of the Night Class students.

Stats raised: Intellect, Experience and Affection.

Dress up Fashion Check (着せ替えファッションチェック)

You get to access this game by selecting “Rest” during day class. As the title suggests, you get to play dress up with the guys with the clothes you’ve purchased (by selecting the “Decorate” option beforehand).

If you’ve bought the right combination of clothes to dress up your guy, you’ll recieve a fabulous boost in affection.

To receive the maximum boost, you need to match the clothes to make full outfits:

Head – Orchestra hat (楽団帽子)
Tops – Orchestra top (楽団服上)
Bottoms – Orchestra pants (楽団服下)
Item – Trumpet (トランペット)

Head – Sunglasses (サングラス)
Tops – Aloha shirt (アロハ)
Bottoms – Resort cutoffs (リゾート半パン)
Item – Flower lei (フラワーレイ)

Head – Crown (王冠)
Tops – Fur coat (毛皮のコート)
Bottoms – Leather pants (革パンツ)
Item – Red mantle (赤マント)

Head – Silk hat (シルクハット)
Tops – Frilled shirt (フリルシャツ)
Bottoms – Black trousers (黒ズボン)
Item – Mantle (マント)

Head – Pirate hat (海賊帽)
Tops – Pirate coat (海賊コート)
Bottoms – Pirate pants (海賊服下)
Item – Short sword (短剣)

Different guys like different combinations, but I found most of them liking the orchestra outfit.

Stats raised: Intellect, Charm and Affection.

Going to the Party (パーティへおいで)

You get to activate this game by wandering around the campus while on your patrols. You get a default “Powerful dress” in your inventory at the start of the game. To buy more dresses, choose the “Decorate” option during day class. There are 2 versions of each type of dress.

Loves – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Loves – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Unusual dress (珍しいドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Mature dress (大人っぽいドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Captivating dress (魅惑のドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Stats raised: Charm, Knowledge and Affection.

Finding Night-time Wanderers! (夜歩きさん発見!)

You can play this mini-game while on your night rounds. You get 60 seconds to find 6 Day Class students (not including Zero!), who are hiding in the bushes/up on the balcony.

Use the brown bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll left to right. Take care not to poke any of the Night class students/Zero or you’ll get a drop in affection!

Stats raised: Work and Experience.

Window-stalking (気になる様子)

The point of this game is to stalk one of the guys. You need to aim the binoculars at the guy you’re stalking (make sure his torso’s in view!). Keep an eye on the red bar above and his movements, as well as the 45 second timer.

The aim is to fill the bar entirely (marking the end of the game). You need to avoid detection by quickly moving the binoculars away from the window when the guy has his eyes open – do this too slowly and you get a big “X”. Three X’s and game over.

Before the guys open their eyes, they usually make some characteristic movemnts, such as raising an arm. The moment they do so, quickly shift the binoculars out the the way, wait for a bit, and move back in when you’re sure their eyes are closed. This part is tricky and may require some practice befor eyou get used to it.

To get the maximum stat raise from this game, try to minimise the numbers of times you get caught.

Stats raised: Affection and Knowledge.

Waltz Dance (ワルツダンス)

You get to dance with your guy in later parts of the game. It’s a rhythm-based mini-game, where you listen to the beats of the song and tap them out on the touch screen.

Time your taps when the music notes at the bottom are just about to enter the circle! Tap and hold for the long music bars. After the first segment, there’s a brief reprieve before it continues again. If you manage to do it perfectly, you get a higher affection boost with your guy!

If you’ve made too many mistakes in the first segment, the mini-game ends and you don’t get to move on to the second segment.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

Defeating Level E Vampires (レベル:Eを倒せ)

This one’s a fighting mini-game – you’ll have to fight off rabid Level E vamps in an alleyway. To kill them, you need to aim at the red dots moving around in front of their bodies. Do this too slowly and they’ll end up inflicting damage on you (note the health bar up above). Watch out for multiple vampires on the screen at one go – kill the ones that appear first to avoid taking too much damage.

Male vamps have 3 dots to hit, and the female vamp has 2.

Once your health bar falls to 60%, your guy will step in and kill the vamps present on the screen for you. He’ll appear once more if your bar falls to 20%. Beware, though – each time he has to step in, you lose 10 affection points.

If your health drops to zero, the mini-game ends.

If you manage to last the whole 60 seconds without your guy helping you, you
receive a nice affection boost.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: Character Location Guide

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Character Location Guide

The numbers are form the Guardian Patrol Map.

First Guardian Patrol

Start: 5
Kaname Kuran: 17
Zero Kiryuu: 8

Chapter 1

Kaname Kuran: 15
Zero Kiryuu: 13
Hanabusa Aidou: 16
Akatsuki Kain: 28
Takuma Ichijou: 26
Senri Shiki: 1

Chapter 2

Kaname Kuran: 27
Hanabusa Aidou: 16
Akatsuki Kain: 5
Takuma Ichijou: 20
Senri Shiki: 1

Chapter 3

Kaname Kuran: 18
Zero Kiryuu: 16
Hanabusa Aidou: 5
Akatsuki Kain: 27
Takuma Ichijou: 13
Senri Shiki: 4

Chapter 4

Kaname Kuran: 25
Zero Kiryuu: 13
Hanabusa Aidou: 10
Akatsuki Kain: 6
Takuma Ichijou: 29
Senri Shiki: 21

Chapter 5

This chapter has a different map, which was to complex to map out.

Kaname Kuran: Down, Right, Right, Up
Zero Kiryuu: Down, Left, Left
Hanabusa Aidou: Down, Left, Up, Up, Right
Akatsuki Kain: Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Left
Takuma Ichijou: Right, Right
Senri Shiki: Down, Right, Up
Secret Character: Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left

Chapter 6

Kaname Kuran: 28
Zero Kiryuu: 29
Hanabusa Aidou: 16
Akatsuki Kain: 13
Takuma Ichijou: 18
Senri Shiki: 5
Secret Character: 2

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: Guardian Patrol Map

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Campus map

2  –  3 – 40 – 000060007
0008009  –  1000001100012
000 \ 00|000|00000|0000|
000001300014000015 – 016
0000017   –  – 180000000019
0000020000002100022 – 230024
00000|000000000000000 |      |
0000025  –  26  –  27000028 – 029

1 = Ballroom
2 = President’s Office
10 = Courtyard
16 = Lakeside
21 = School gate
24 = Stables

I  have also made a guide for all the Character Locations.

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Chapter 1 Night Class (English Translation)

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Vampire Knight Chapter 1 (English Translation)

Chapter 1
Gate of the Moon, Gate of the Sun
– night & day –

Cross Yuki: (When the darkness of the evening night slowly begins to erode the light of the sun.)
Cross Yuki: (A long-awaited moment comes to the private school Cross Academy, especially for the female students.)

Cross Yuki: Yeah, yeah. Keep going, keep going~.
Cross Yuki: Everyone, it’s already your class’s curfew, so please return to your dormitory!
Cross Yuki: (My name is Yuki Cross.)
Cross Yuki: (I’m a first year member of the moral committee, which is an ordinary department of the Cross Academy and our duty is to preserve to order of the school.)
Female Student 1: You’re in the way! Committee member!
Female Student 2: Can you stop pushing me!
Female Student 3: I wonder if they’ll come out soon~.
Female Student 4: I want to see those beautiful faces right away~.
Cross Yuki: (There’s a dormitory system in the prestifious Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (There’s an ordinary department, named the Day Class.)
Cross Yuki: (And there’s a night department, named the Night Class.)
Cross Yuki: (The Day Class and the Night Class)
Cross Yuki: (Share the school building during the boundary between day and night.)
Cross Yuki: (During the evening, when the classen change, there’s a bit of turbulence.)
Cross Yuki: (That’s because the girls of the Day Class make a big fuss every night–)
Cross Yuki: (What seperates the Day Class and the Night Class, is beyond the Gate of the Moon.)
Cross Yuki: (They live in the Moon Dormitories.)
Aidou Hanabusa: Good morning girls~!
Kain Akatsuki: Don’t you get tired of this everyday.
Ichijou Takuma: The Day Class children are energetic this morning too~.
Shiki Senri: The bustle this morning….. Is loud…..
Cross Yuki: (The Night Class students are so popular because they’re the beautiful elites from Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (Among them, the dormitories of the Moon Dormitory where the Night Class students live, are the class directors.)
Kuran Kaname: Good morning, let’s work hard today.
Cross Yuki: (Kuran Kaname senpai organizes the individual groups of the Night Class.)
Cross Yuki: (A wonderful person reigning at the top.)
Cross Yuki: (And my life benefactor…..)
Female Student 1: Kuran-senpai~!
Female Student 2: Idol-senpai~!
Female Student 3: Wild-senpai~!
Cross Yuki: Please get back….. Kyaa!
Cross Yuki: (A hand extended to me, since I was pushed down by the Day Class students.)
Kuran Kaname: Are you alright? Yuki?
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai…..
Cross Yuki: (My eyes were stuck to the gentle smile of Kaname-senpai…..)
Cross Yuki: I–, I’m alright! It–, It’s because the street is so sturdy!
Kuran Kaname: *sigh*… Yuki, you always have to bear this in front of me. I feel somewhat lonely.
Cross Yuki: That, that’s…. Because Kaname-senpai is my life benefactor!
Kuran Kaname: That was 10 years ago. Don’t mind those things anymore.
Cross Yuki: (His thin eyes narrowed down, Kaname-senpai reaches for me again.)
Cross Yuki: (Drawing a relaxed hand, he gently sweeps over my head.)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s left hand……)
Kuran Kaname: Yuki…..
Cross Yuki: Kaname….senpai…..
Cross Yuki: (The hand with the low body temperatur leaves my head for a moment.)
Cross Yuki: (And is slowly being puled down my face…..)
Cross Yuki: (Next–!)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s left hand was– blocked by my partner’s right hand.)
Kiryuu Zero: Your lesson wil begin Kuran-senpai.
Cross Yuki: (This is Zero Kiryu.)
Cross Yuki: (Just like me, he’s a first year committee member of the Day Class.)
Kuran Kaname: How scary, moral committee-san.
Cross Yuki: Are you afraid, Kuran-senpai? Please bear me the sarcarm.
Cross Yuki: (At first glance!)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai and Zero aren’t moving while looking at each other.)
Cross Yuki: (I have no choice but to get in between them.)
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait Zero! Kaname-senpai too, please stop.
Kiryuu Zero: Fighting is prohibited. I know.
Kuran Kaname: We are just talking to eachother.
Cross Yuki: Just talking…. But too many sparks are scattering…..
Ichijou Takuma: Both of you! Calm down. You don’t have much blood.
Kiryuu Zero: I am calm. I don’t know about Kuran-senpai.
Aidou Hanabusa: You…. headed of Kaname.
Kiryuu Zero: Idol…. No, Aidou-senpai, do you mind staying out of this?
Kain Akatsuki: Aidou, is it alright? Being told such a thing.
Kuran Kaname: Kiryu-kun is also in trouble because it’s an important job. Aidou, in moderation.
Aidou Hanabusa: Ka, Kaname-sama!
Shiki Senri: *yawn*…. I’m not sleeping…..
Kiryuu Zero: The Nigh Class people don’t listen either?
Kuran Kaname: We shouldn’t. Class begins.
Ichijou Takuma: Come on everyone, hurry up~.
Kuran Kaname: Well then, see you later Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Ta, take care!
Cross Yuki: (The Night Class students disappear.)
Cross Yuki: (The Day Class students also went bak to their dormitories.)
Kiryuu Zero: We should also go back Yuki, the president is calling.
Cross Yuki: The president? Why?
Kiryuu Zero: You’ll know by going.
Cross Yuki: (In a blatant way, Zero started walking.)
Cross Yuki: Wait, Zero! Shouldn’t you apologize for being late!?

Cross Yuki: (As the moral committee, Zero and I have a secret mission–)
Cross Yuki: (Never to be known to the Day Class students.)
Cross Yuki: (Secure the secret of Cross Academy–)
Cross Yuki: (A mission as a Guardian–)
Cross Yuki: (That secret is–)
Cross Yuki: (The truth, that all students of the Night Class are vampires.)

Kiryuu Zero: Don’t forget them.
Kiryuu Zero: You do know their nature behind that beautiful mask?
Cross Yuki: I know…… They are completely different from us….
Cross Yuki: (Human beings and vampires…. are never invisible….)
Cross Yuki: Did you call for us? President.
President: I was waiting for you~ Yuki! Kiryu-kun!
Cross Yuki: (This person is the president of Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (And 10 years ago, he took care of me, who had both lost her memory and was dwelling around.)
Cross Yuki: (Now, he has raised me as my adoptive father.)
Kiryuu Zero: What was it for? Please be brief.
President: I can’t hold it~ My cute righteous son.
Kiryuu Zero: Certainly, you take care of me from the time I was a brat but I have not become your son!
President: As for me, occasionally I want to talk with my adolescent daugther and son as a parent!
President: Abou youth’s troubles and tenderness~. Why not?
Kiruii Zero: *sigh*….. There are too many people in this school who don’t listen to one’s story.
President: Kiryu-kun. Relax relax. So, how was today’s class swap?
Cross Yuki: As usual, it’s a problem pear!
Kiryuu Zero: What’s wrong with pears? They’re sweet.
Kiryuu Zero: Why do we have to do things like security guards waiting for the entertainers!
President: No~ Good job like every evening. But, the hard work of the Guardian’s mission can only be entrusted to you.
Cross Yuki: (The aim for peaceful coexistence with vampires–)
Cross Yuki: (Vampires are accepted in the school at night.)
Cross Yuki: (The only 3 who know the secret are the president, Zero and I.)
President: To make the Day Class and Night Class coexist. And…..
President: In order to secretly continue to put an end to the conflict between humans and vampires…..
Cross Yuki: I understand. Besides, I’m glad we’re able to cooperate.
President: As expected! My beloved daughter!
Kiryuu Zero: They are just beasts.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai is different!
President: Well, among the vampires, there are those who attack people for their blood.
President: The identity of the Night Class must stay hidden.
Cross Yuki: Yes! Leave it to us Guardians!!

Cross Yuki: Well, let’s hurry and go around tonight as well!
Kiryuu Zero: ……
Cross Yuki: (With distant eyes, Zero was looking up at the moon–)
Cross Yuki: (He turns his eyes away and shakes…. What is he thinking of…..?)
Cross Yuki: (To see Zero with such an expression is weird…..)
Cross Yuki: (It seems it will dissapear if disturbed…..)
Cross Yuki: (It will melt in the darkness of the deep night.)
Cross Yuki: Zero…..?
Kiryuu Zero: …I’ll leave it to you.
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait, where are you going!?
Cross Yuki: Don’t abandon your work!!
Cross Yuki: (The watch duty that Zero had left, felt wider than usual…..)
Cross Yuki: Well then! I will take heart and I’ll keep looking around tonight!
Cross Yuki: ….And, before that……
Cross Yuki: Listen to the explanation of the Guardian patrol?

1: Yes
Cross Yuki: When you start looking around, you’ll see an arrow on the touch screen. Touch the direction arrow to go that way.
Cross Yuki: I don’t know what will happen while I’m on the road, so I have to be careful.
You’ll start the Guardian patrol now.

2: No
You’ll start the Guardian patrol without any explanation.

Cross Yuki: 今のところ異常なし。念のため高いところから見るか。
Kuran Kaname’s Event >>

Cross Yuki: ふう、もうー周しちゃつたかな。
Kiryuu Zero’s Event >>

I have made a map for Guardian Patrol and also a character location guide (which you can use for the next Guardian Patrols).

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