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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 9: Inside The Scene (English Translation)

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Ema: *sigh*
Ema: Yesterday I emailed Hikaru-san telling him I’d bring him some stuff to help him work. But he hasn’t replied at all…)
Ema: (I wonder if he’s just really busy. Although, I’m still very worried…)
Ema: (I hope I’m not causing him trouble by visiting his house. But there’s no turning back now…)
Ema: (Anyway, I’ll press the intercom.)
Ema: ……
Ema: (There’s no answer…)

1: Maybe he’s not home.
2: I’ll press the intercom again. (hearts)

1: Maybe he’s not home.
Ema: (Maybe he really isn’t home. Even though I came all the way here, I suppose have no choice but to leave.)

2: I’ll press the intercom again.
Ema: (I’ll press it one more time.)
Ema: …….
Ema: (Does that mean he’s really not home…?)

Hikaru: Shut up already! I told you the manuscript isn’t ready yet!!
Ema: …Woah!?
Hikaru: …..!!?
Ema: H-Hello.
Hikaru: Why are you here, Ema?
Ema: U-Um…I’m sorry for appearing out of the blue…
Ema: (His appearance today really surprised me. He’s wearing glasses, his hair is braided, and that jersey–wait a minute!)
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…um…that jersey.
Hikaru: Huh? My jersey?
Ema: Isn’t that a Hinode High School jersey?!
Hikaru: Hm? Oh, yes it is.
Ema: Why would you have a jersey like that?
Hikaru: Why? Wait, I didn’t tell you?
Hikaru: I graduated from Hinode High School.
Ema: What?! So you’re my senior?
Hikaru: I suppose so.
Ema: (Ah, now that I think about it…!)
Hikaru: Speaking of which, you are a high school student aren’t you, Ema?
Ema: Yeah I am.
Hikaru: So do you by any chance go to Hinode High School?
Ema: Hm…? H-How did you figure that out?
Hikaru: When I first saw you I noticed your uniform. It was a pretty nostalgic feeling.
Ema: (Nostalgic…?)
Ema: (So that’s what Hikaru-san meant when he said it felt “nostalgic”…)
Hikaru: Sorry for my messy appearance. When I’m working to the bone, I find it easier to wear clothes like these.
Hikaru: Oh and I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I thought you were my editor so I figured you wanted my manuscript.
Ema: Oh, that’s fine! I came here unexpectedly anyway.
Ema: I contacted you quite a few times but you never answered…
Hikaru: Ah, to be honest I forgot all about my phone. It’s probably buried somewhere around here.
Ema: Buried?
Hikaru: Anyway, I’ll go change my clothes. Just give me a moment!
Ema: Oh, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to change. I only came to give you this.
Hikaru: This…?
Ema: I brought you some snacks. You said you were really busy so I thought you’d feel more energized if you ate some sweets.
Ema: If you don’t mind, I hope you’ll eat them.
Hikaru: Ema…!
Ema: Anyway, I’ll be leaving now.
Hikaru: Wait a moment. I’ll serve you some tea.
Ema: Oh that’s fine you don’t have to…!
Hikaru: I won’t be satisfied unless I do.
Hikaru: You went through the trouble so this is the least I can do for you.
Ema: In that case, I guess a little won’t hurt.
Hikaru: Good!
Ema: (Ah, I don’t know about this…I can’t move around much since there’s not a lot of room to begin with…)
Hikaru: Sorry. Go ahead and make some room. I’ll put the tea here.
Ema: Thank you very much.
Hikaru: Sorry, I’ll probably be working for another hour or two.
Ema: Alright. Do your best.
Hikaru: Thank you.
Hikaru: Ah, I should get the sweets you gave me earlier!
Ema: (Is what he said…)
Ema: (There’s clothes and garbage scattered all over the place. There’s no room to even sit down…)
Ema: (Alright! I’ve decided I’ll clean up a bit while he’s working!)

Ema: Phew, I managed to make it really clean.
Hikaru: I’m finally finished, Ema!! I’m so tired…
Ema: Good job for all your hard work.
Hikaru: W-What happened to this room?! It’s so clean! Did you do this, Ema?
Ema: I’m sorry for touching your things without your permission. I hope I didn’t trouble you…
Hikaru: Not at all. You did me a huge favor. I’m overjoyed.
Ema: I’m really glad to hear you say that.
Ema: Oh, I made dinner for us so how about we eat it together?
Hikaru: Seriously?
Ema: Y-Yes…
Ema: (Maybe I overdid it a bit…?)
Hikaru: How delightful. Thank you.
Ema: (Thank goodness!)
Hikaru: Ema, you’re…
Ema: Hm…?
Hikaru: No, never mind. It’s nothing.
Ema: What?! Now you’ve made me really curious.
Hikaru: You really want to know?
Ema: Yes.
Hikaru: You’re a fine woman.
Ema: ….!?
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…!
Hikaru: Now, let’s eat dinner.
Ema: I-I’ll go warm it up then.
Hikaru: Hey, is your face red?
Ema: I-I don’t know what your talking about!
Hikaru: Haha, I was kidding.
Ema: (Hikaru-san was able to successfully finish with his work.)
Ema: (From now on I hope I’ll be able to help him out as much as possible…)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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In the Classroom
Yui: (…I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night…)

Richter: By the way, I heard the Church sent over a lovely new Sacrifice.
Laito: Oh,yes. She made such a good toy for my brothers. She’s probably dead in the dungeons as we speak.
Richter: Hah. What a pathetic lie. None of you are allowed to kill her. She was hand-picked by the man who rules us all.
Laito: Fufu. But we’ve never taken care of a girl before. We didn’t knowhow to treat her well.
Richter: Our human “friends”couldn’t have gotten their hands on her. Therefore, this girl – the Vessel – must still be here with you.£
Laito: So what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. This sounds like family politics. I don’t care about family politics. I don’t consider us a real family – and I have no intention of inheriting the throne.
End of Flashback

Yui: (I can’t let it happen. I can’t just become a sacrifice. I can’t…But the organization that sacrificed me to the vampires…)
Yui: (…Is the same group Papa has worked for all his life. I feel sick. Someone could assault me, and it still wouldn’t be worse than this.)
Yui: (Why did this happen? I was just a high-school student…I never did anything special.)
Yui: (But the man called Richter said I was handpicked by “the one who rules them all.”)
Yui: (Who is he? What’s going on?)
Laito: – What’s the matter, Bitch-chan? Your pencil hasn’t moved once during the entire lecture.
Yui: …I’m in class. How you could be here?
Laito: Heehee. But I had to watch over you. You were daydreaming. I need to make sure you do your work.
Laito: And here I thought good little girls would never be so rude to their teacher.
Yui: No…please don’t touch me. How are you even next to me?
Laito: Hmph. Every class is the same. It doesn’t matter if I’m in your homeroom.
Yui: But –
Laito: So, what was it like? Last night? Are you still in pain? If we do again, do you think it’ll still hurt?
Yui: Huh…?
Laito: Silly me. Of course you’re in pain. You had a little death. But you weren’t in agony. You throbbed.
Laito: Tell me, did you enjoy it?
Yui: Oh…!

Choose: Slap him in the face (S choice)
Yui: I can’t take it anymore!
Laito: Huh…?
Yui: (Oh…! I didn’t just yell at him, I hit him. I never thought he’d let me hit him.)
Male Teacher: Hey, what’re you doing?
Yui: I -I’m sorry. It’s nothing. A mosquito landed on his face, that’s all …
Laito: …How could you scare me like that? To think Bitch-chan would box me in the ear…
Laito: Oh, it makes me so hard.

Choose: Nod your head (M choice)
Yui: …Oh….
Laito: Ah-hahaha! Bitch-chan, I finally showed you the pleasures of your own body.
Yui: (…what am I doing.)

Laito: Bitch-chan, it wouldn’t have happened. If I hadn’t given you such a surprise.
Yui: No, no! I was…just thinking about…what you and your uncle said last night…
Laito: Fufu. Tell me, what gave you such a shock?
Yui: ….Sacrifice….
Laito: Ahhh~ …That. So that’s what gave you such a shock – Your own people sold you to me.
Yui: So it’s true?!
Laito: What else could’ve happened? The Catholic Church looked at you, and decided to give you to us sweet brothers.
Yui: …Why me?
Laito: Who knows? Prolly because you were a churchgoing daughter. Must’ve made you really easy to pawn off.
Yui: Why…
Laito: Hoho. The Catholic church is so cruel. They let us hunt the daughter of a vampire hunter.
Laito: They must’ve thought we’d spare you because of your illustrious relations!
Yui: What do you mean by vampire hunter?!
Laito: Heh, Bitch-chan still doesn’t know.
Yui: The vampire hunter…is my dad?
Laito: Haha. Your father isn’t just a vampire hunter. He was the best vampire hunter in the world!
Laito: But men like him settle down once they get a daughter. He went to Japan to live like a hermit after he had you.
Laito: By the way, who was the mother?
Yui: I…don’t…have a mother anymore. As long as I can remember, it’s just been me and Papa…
Yui: Papa says Mama no longer lives on this earth…
Laito: So. Papa returned to Japan to protect you.
Laito: He thought you’d be a target if he kept on as a hunter.
Yui: …but…
Laito: And never – in his wildest dreams – did he think his daughter would end up a vampire’s sacrifice!
Yui: …no….
Laito: If this goes on, Bitch-chan, if you become my Bride, if you become a vampire…
Laito: Maybe your father would hunt you down, and eliminate you. Ahha…HAHAHA! That would be hilarious.
Yui: – Answer me. Why would the Church give you gifts?
Laito: Eh, I’m not sure. Why don’t you ask him?
Yui: Him?
Laito: Our father. Haven’t you heard of the great Sakamaki Touga?
Yui: Eh!? …But he’s a powerful politician!
Laito: Exactly. That bastard is our dear old dad.
Yui: But he…has to be a vampire too?
Laito: He’s the vampire to end all vampires. We call him our king, our emperor, our absolute monarch. He is the one who rules us all. And no one will ever defeat him.
Laito: He’s so powerful, he can’t even live with himself.
Yui: …Why not?
Laito: Heh. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Just hearing his name makes me tremble in rage.
Laito: If you really want to know why he picked you as a sacrifice, I can ask him for you.
Laito: – But?
Yui: But…?
Laito: From now on, no matter what I tell you to do, you will do it. No matter how disgusting.
Yui: Ah…!!
Laito: If you’re going to make me talk to my father, then this is the least you can do.
Laito: Heh. Of course, who knows if he can an honest word?
Yui: No…! It’s too much…
Laito: Hehe, what a direct answer. You sound smart. I love smart women.
Laito: Now my head is filled with disgusting thoughts. You don’t know how disgusting…
Laito: Bitch-chan, you have no idea.
Yui: (He’s…still touching me…If it gets worse…I don’t know if I can go on.)
Laito: It doesn’t matter what you do. In a few days, Bitch-chan will do whatever I want.
Laito: Even now, just like this…
Laito: You’ll let me take off your clothes…in the middle of class…
Yui: Oh…!
Laito:  – You can’t make a fuss in here, can you? Now, what if I touch you there?
Yui: Oh…!?
Yui: ((It’s happening again…! My heart…is racing…)
Yui: (Recently, all someone has to do is to brush me, and my heart flutters so much I think it’ll burst out of my chest…)
Yui: (I want to resist … but my body feels like is being pulled along with him. I can’t resist…)
Yui: (I can’t resist … Laito-kun …)
Laito: Your body feels hot.
Yui: No! No…
Laito: Oh, now that won’t do … Bitch-chan, such a greedy look.
Laito: You don’t want the entire class to see us, do you?
Yui: No, please…!
Yui: (Please, I don’t want this … but my body won’t listen to me.)
Yui: (What’s…wrong…with me…)

By the order of Laito-kun’s father,
The statesman Sakamaki Touga, I turned into a Sacrifice.
Papa answered to the Church that sent me along.
Why would the Church give me to them?
Why would their Father sacrifice me?
Maybe it won’t make a difference anymore.
I’m drowning …
In Laito-kun’s unwanted pleasures.
He carved himself onto my body and changed me.
Or maybe it’s the ill-beating of my heart….
Or maybe, just like Laito-kun’s says,
This is what I’ve been all along.

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Maniac 9 >>


Kamigami no Asobi, Otome Games

Kamigami no Asobi: Starting Loki’s Route (English Translation)

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CHOOSE: Show interest in what Loki is doing

Yui: Then, I’ll wait here.
Yui: (He should be fine by himself.)
Yui: (Hades wordlessly left the classroom alone.)
Takeru: Alright, I’m gonna go take a nap or something until then. Don’t think about waking me up, you weed.
Yui: Takeru-san, it’s still extracurricular hours.
Yui: (Takeru just waved his hand and proceeded to fall asleep on his desk.)
Yui: …So, Loki-san.
Yui: (Next to Takeru, Loki was resting his chin in his hands and looking out the window.)
Yui: At the next astronomy club meeting, while looking at the materials we’re borrowing, I’d like to determine our club positions.
Loki: Mnn… I kinda don’t feel like doing that. Why are you picking on me, isn’t that unfair? I’m gonna… go take a walk!♪
Yui: (Looking out the window, he stretched his arms, then hopped onto his feet.)
Yui: Oh… please wait. Please.
Yui: (If this goes on, we won’t even have club activities today.)
Yui: (When I tried to control Loki, who was 
about to slip out from under my nose…)
Yui: (…A large shadow blocked Loki’s way.)
Loki: Whoa, what’s up with that sour look?☆ You’re so scary, Thor-chin.
Yui: (Loki poked at Thor’s forehead playfully.)
Thor: …Loki. …Cooperate.
Loki: But it’s soooo boring here…
Yui: (He stretched out both arms and let out a huge yawn.)
Thor: …This is a matter to be decided seriously. …Return to your seat.
Yui: I also ask for your cooperation. Club activities are the key to graduating, and if you meet all the graduation requirements, you’ll have more free time.
Yui: (As if spurred on by Thor, I tried harder to persuade him.)
Yui: (He needs to learn about humans if the both of us want to go home.)
Yui: (I wanted him to understand that.)
Loki: Ohh, Thor is so stubborn. I got it, I’ve understood! So… let’s think about it while checking that out!♪
Yui: “That”…?
Yui: (In the direction Loki was pointing, there were some students who were doing their club activities on the sports field.)
Loki: If we just sit here, it’s not gonna pop into our heads.♪ Let’s go look at the other clubs! Aaaand, departing!!
Yui: …ah, wah! L-Loki-san?!
Yui: (Pulled along by Loki, Thor and I flew out of the classroom.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (Outside of the school building was a large field, and a lot of students were sweating, working hard on their club activities.)
Loki: Oh oh! What are they doing? They’re kicking stuff around with their feet!
Yui: That’s called soccer. You kick a ball with your feet and score goals. It has its origins in Europe.
Loki: Oh, is that how it is… But isn’t that a little annoying? Why not just use your hands?
Yui: Well, yeah, but then it becomes something entirely different.
Yui: (The gods’ way of thinking was so straightforward.)
Loki: Then, what about taking the ball and hitting it right into your opponents’ vital spots to defeat them? Isn’t that exciting?
Yui: With something that dangerous, no matter how many lives you had, it wouldn’t be enough.
Yui: (While I was surprised as his radical suggestions, Loki seemed to be interested in club activities, looking for some kind of contest.)
Yui: (I didn’t know what he was thinking, but he ran right into the field where soccer balls were flying around.)
Yui: Loki-san, that’s dangerous!
Yui; (The students were practicing passing, so there were a lot of balls being kicked everywhere.)
Thor: …Don’t worry about him.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (I tried to go after Loki to stop him, but Thor grabbed my shoulder.)
Thor: …Rather, I’m worried about the other students.
Yui: (At Thor’s words, I looked over at Loki again…)
Yui: (With a calm expression, Loki was whistling, skillfully avoiding the flying soccer balls.)
Greek student: U-Uwah!! Wha—What’s happening?!
Yui: (Loki snapped his fingers, and one of the balls suddenly grew legs and started running around like an animal.)
Yui: (The students were chasing it around, but it was jumping and hopping around so much 
they couldn’t catch it.)
Japanese student: Ahh! It’s a fireball!!
Yui: (The ball the student had just kicked was covered in flames. This must have been another of Loki’s tricks.)
Yui: (In the midst of all this chaos, Loki, in high spirits, looked over at another club.)
Yui: (In my heart, I felt really sorry for them, but I followed after Loki.)
Loki: Ohh?! They’re hitting that ball like… ping! Looks like this deserves a good prank. So what are they doing?
Yui: (This time, he’d turned his interests to the baseball club’s batter.)
Yui: That’s the baseball club. The pitcher throws the ball, and the batter swings the bat at just the right time and hits it back.
Loki: Oh, yes, yes… I think I’m getting it. So they use the bat as a weapon and hit the ball at each other?
Yui: (It was an extreme interpretation again, but I was glad that he was a little interested in club activities.)
Yui: It’s not a weapon, but it feels great when the ball hits the bat. Do you want to try?
Loki: Hm… If it’s not exciting enough, it’ll be tiring. Though it might be good arm exercise. Doesn’t look like I need that, though.☆
Yui: (Saying this, he turned to another group as if he’d found his next interesting thing.)
Yui: He’s so fickle…
Yui: (I couldn’t capture his interest at all. I was simply amazed at how quickly his mood changed.)
Yui: (The moment I thought I had him, he would deftly slip out of my grasp.)
Thor: …That’s normal. …He doesn’t pay much attention to things he’s not interested in.
Yui: …I can see that.
Yui: (I felt just a little despair at Thor’s words. But I decided to follow Loki.)
Yui: (After that, we followed Loki around 
the outside campus, the auditorium, and the school building.)
Yui: (After being rattled around by Loki’s energetic curiosity and erratic pranks, I felt like there wasn’t any activity that would interest him.)

In the Classroom
Yui: From the table tennis club, to the art club, the photography club, the literature club…
Thor: …cooking club, crafting club, woodwinds club. …We saw all of them.
Yui: When he made the fire in the cooking club’s stove go crazy… I was so worried something was going to happen.
Thor: …The pitfall traps at the gardening club… …We almost couldn’t find all of them.
Yui: (I crouched down lifelessly, and I saw Loki looking down at me.)
Loki: There’s still moooore. It’s the main act!☆ I’ve been saving up for that last bit of fun.
Yui: (Loki happily pointed out the window. Outside, Balder’s soft style tennis club was having fun practicing.)
Thor: …Even after leading us everywhere. …We should’ve just gone there first.
Yui: (Perhaps it was because they’d known each other for a while, but Thor seemed to know that Loki wasn’t interested in clubs from the beginning. He brought a hand to his forehead in exasperation.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (The sun was starting to sink, and right as club activities were supposed to end, we arrived at the tennis court on the edge of campus.)
Loki: What’s up?☆ This place sure is busy, eh Balder?♪
Balder: Oh, it’s rare to see you around during this time. Is Thor not with you?
Yui: (Balder slowly came over to us.)
Loki: Thor-chin’s tired… Or so he said and ran off to his room. But in his place, I brought this little honors student with me!♪
Yui: (Saying this, Loki stood behind me and put his hands on both of my shoulders.)
Yui: Hello. We just wanted to observe today.
Balder: I see. So you’re both trying to choose an activity. In that case, you should enter my club!
Balder: I’ll teach you everything from the beginning and make you both into splendid players.
Yui: (It seemed like a very promising prospect, but I just couldn’t imagine Balder being so active and lively.)
Yui: (Since he trips over nothing all the time, I wondered if he was okay.)
Male tennis club member: …Balder-san. Actually, uh… It’s already… you know.
Balder: Oh, is that so? Hmm… That’s a shame…
Yui: (Balder looked a little disappointed after hearing what the club member said.)
Yui: What happened?
Balder: Um… Well… Actually, the number of members has gone up so much we can’t accept any new ones right now.
Yui: That’s… impressive.
Yui: (Looking around the court, it was easy to see that only this club was strangely full of students.)
Yui: (Balder was the god of light, but maybe his personality also attracted many people.)
Yui: (He was always surrounded by people even outside club activities, as if they were admiring and gathering around the light.)
Yui: It’s a shame, but if that’s the case, then there’s nothing we can do.
Yui: (It looked like Loki was also interested, but if we can’t physically enter the club, then we have to give up.)
Yui: Sorry to intrude.
Yui: (I bowed to Balder and was about to leave the tennis club, but then…)
Loki: Hey, Balder. I’ve never played this before, but let’s have a match!♪ Oh, and let’s bet our entrance into the club.
Yui: (Loki pointed to the racket Balder was holding.)
Balder: Hmm… No. But it’s not like you’ll take that as an answer, so I’ll accept your challenge.
Yui: Is that alright? Even though you said we couldn’t join?
Yui: (The club members around us also looked a little uneasy.)
Balder: You just have to win. It’s okay, I’ve thought this through already. Plus, I think it’d be fun to compete with Loki.
Loki: That’s the spirit.♪ I’m getting a little excited too!☆ Okaaay, I’ll serve up all my love!
Yui: (When Balder handed him a racket, he stuck his fingers through the net and turned it over several times, as if it was a mysterious object.)
Balder: You’re a beginner, so I’ll show you how it’s done first. Watch me on the side over there, okay?
Yui: (Balder called over one student from the members following him around.)
Male tennis club member: T-To be playing a match with Lord Balder… It is my honor!!
Balder: Ahaha, no need to tense up like that. Let’s have fun! It’s an example, so we just need to get it going.
Yui: (Loki and I stood at the corner of the court and observed the match.)
Loki: Alright, alright… Show me what you got! As long as your opponent stays safe, ehehehe…
Yui: Eh…?
Yui: (What’s that supposed to mean?)
Yui: (I began to worry at Loki’s chuckling, but I turned to watch the match begin.)
Balder: Okay, to warm up…How about we start with a slice serve?
Yui: (He bounced the ball lightly in his hand, and then it flew up into the air in a flowing arc.)
Yui: (The moment I thought Balder hit the serve, there was a horrible thunderous noise, and the ball entered his opponent’s court.)
Yui: It was completely… invisible…
Yui: (When it looked like the ball was going to bounce, the ground caved in a little.)
Loki: Ahahahaha! You look super serious! The moment it’s a competition, you get like that. And that beastly strength is still going strong, I see.
Yui: It’s incredible…
Yui: (His powers should be limited by Zeus’s limiters, but this level of ability…)
Yui: (It’s superhuman.)
Female tennis club member: Ahh! Wonderful!! Lord Balder, look this way and smile!!
Male tennis club member: Lord Balder, amazing as usual! We don’t even reach up to your feet!!
Yui: (Like a storm of admiration, many shrill voices encouraged him.)
Yui: (It looked like no one suspected anything 
of his abnormal power and skill.)
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball and took stance to serve.)
Balder: Uh, this is… The grip is like this, and you hold it under like this… so it’s an undercut serve, I think.
Yui: (As if confirming something, Balder went through each motion carefully.)
Yui: (The ball that Balder hit 
flew so fast I couldn’t believe it was made of rubber.)
Yui: (It traced a huge arc and sunk into the ground on the opponent’s court.)
Yui: (Even as it touched the ground, the ball continued to spin.)
Loki: Whoa, can’t you go easy on him? Don’t put so much muscle into it. If you hit him, that doll’s gonna break, you know?!
Yui: (Cackling happily, he poked fun at Balder.)
Balder: Ahh, that’s not good! This is my first time using that serve, so I didn’t know how much power to use. You’re not hurt, are you?
Yui: (Balder bowed politely and offered a handshake to his opponent at the edge of the net.)
Male tennis club member: Ah, no! I’m honored to simply lay eyes upon our club president’s magnificent technique!!
Yui: (The audience applauded as the club member took Balder’s hand in both of his and shed tears.)
Yui: …Even though he was in such a dangerous position, he’s not scared, but actually respects Balder-san even more?
Yui: (Everyone’s reaction around me was so surprising I started to think I was the crazy one.)
Yui: (Normally, wouldn’t he be shaking in fear?)
Yui: (It was like he admired Balder so much, he completely forgot his own fear.)
Balder: Okay, now it’s your turn, Loki.
Loki: Alllllright, I’ve been waiting!♪
Yui: (Loki jumped to his feet excitedly and, spinning the racket in one of his hands, entered the court.)
Loki: Hmm? This ball is so squishy and soft.
Yui: (He bounced the ball he got from Balder on the ground many times to confirm this.)
Loki: You can’t enchant something like this. Boriiing.☆ Okaaay, crash bang boom!!
Yui: (As he threw the ball up in the air, he was muttering something.)
Yui: (…And, at the same time, Loki swung his racket down sharply.)
Yui: Huh?!
Yui: (…For a moment, I thought I saw sparks fly everywhere.)
Yui: (The ball Loki hit, just like the serve Balder 
had thrown earlier…)
Yui: (…Flew at an impossibly fast speed and appeared right next to Balder.)
Male tennis club member: Lord Balder’s friend is also very skilled!
Female tennis club member: As expected of a friend of Lord Balder!
Yui: (The audience around me grew more excited.)
Yui: I didn’t think Loki-san would be so good at tennis…
Yui: (Because he didn’t look like he exercised a lot, I underestimated him.)
Balder: Amazing. Even I couldn’t have returned that one. But sorry. If it goes over this line, then it’s my point.
Yui: (Balder pointed to the line behind him.)
Yui: (A refereeing club member in the middle of the court 
raised a white flag.)
Loki: What’s up with that? Explain that first! I just thought it was fine if you couldn’t return it.
Yui: (He pouted, unsatisfied.)
Balder: Sorry, sorry. This way, you can’t win with just force. Okay, it’s my serve next.
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball Loki served, and took a low stance.)
Balder: Undercut serve! …Or that’s what it looks like, it’s actually a reverse serve!!
Yui: (The ball Balder hit… Again, it flew at an invisible speed and sunk into Loki’s court.)
Yui: Is this really tennis?
Yui: (I spoke to myself.)
Yui: Plus, it doesn’t look like this will be much of a match…
Yui: (Loki was putting up a good fight for his first time, but considering his skill level and understanding of the rules, I didn’t think there was a way he could win against Balder.)
Loki: Maybe soon… I should get serious.♪
Yui: (Loki rested his racket on his shoulder and looked up at the sky.)
Loki: Balder! Some tasty-looking meat is falling out of the sky!☆
Balder: …Huh?! Really?! Where, where?!
Yui: (Balder looked to where Loki was pointing.)
Loki: An opening!!
Yui: (Loki served the ball when Balder was looking away.)
Male tennis club member: Oh!! Look at the ball!!
Yui: (The ball Loki had hit burst into flames, spouting smoke.)
Yui: (It bounced, changed its trajectory, 
and aimed itself right at Balder.)
Balder: Oh, there’s no meat anywhere. Loki, you liar.
Yui: (With perfect timing, Balder turned back to find the flaming ball hurtling toward his face.)
Yui: B-Balder-san! Look out!!
Yui: (It’s going to hit him………!!)
Yui: (Or so I thought as I tried to turn away, but the fireball unnaturally changed its direction before it hit.)
Yui: …What?!
Yui: (As if it was alive, the ball seemed to intentionally slip past Balder.)
Yui: (It was now rolling around next to Balder, smoke curling up from it.)
Male tennis club member: L-Lord Balder! Are you hurt?!
Balder: No, I’m fine. Anyway, you shouldn’t tell lies, Loki. Maybe you’re just hungry?
Yui: (Balder looked up at the sky a little resentfully.)
Loki: Whoa, that’s weird! The meat was flying so fast, maybe you didn’t catch it? I’ll let you know if I see it again.♪
Balder: Really? If you say so, then that might be it. Sorry for doubting you.
Yui: (I was dumbfounded at Balder’s reaction. He only seemed to be slightly puzzled.)
Male tennis club member: As expected of Lord Balder! He doesn’t know danger!
Female tennis club member: He’s so calm and collected in any situation!
Yui: (Even so, the movement of that ball just now wasn’t anything ordinary.)
Yui: (What was that, exactly…?)

Choose: A hallucination (- 1 Brave)
Choose: Loki’s doing (+ 1 Brave)
Choose: Bakder’s skill (No change)

Choose: A hallucination
Yui: Maybe it was just a hallucination…
Yui: (I rubbed my eyes over and over, but the ball continued to smoke.)
Yui: (When I did that, Loki came over to me.)
Loki: What’s wrong? Are your eyes dry? If you need eye drops, I have some.♪
Yui: (He took out a small bottle from his pocket.)
Yui: …Loki-san, those aren’t eye drops. In my world, we call that tabasco.
Yui: (The color of the liquid and shape of the bottle were familiar. What confirmed it was that “Tabasco” was clearly written on the label.)
Yui: (I couldn’t tell if it was a joke, if he was serious, or if he was planning something.)

Choose: Loki’s doing
Yui: (Could it be… Loki’s doing? Thinking that, I glanced over in Loki’s direction.)
Yui: (I caught his eye. The corners of his mouth turned up, and he staggered over to me.)
Loki: Mm…? What is it? You’ve been staring at me. You’re so greedy… Are you hungry?
Yui: No, I’m not really…
Loki: Oh, this little glutton can’t be helped, can she? I’ll give you a special little candy, okay? Here you go.☆
Yui: (He pulled out two or three suspiciously-colored candies and gave them to me.)
Yui: (There was a weird purple smoke coming out of them.)
Yui: …Um… Are these okay to eat?
Yui: (They seemed unsafe. Thinking back on Loki’s earlier tricks, I didn’t believe they were normal candies.)
Loki: It’s okay, just try one!♪ It’s super exciting. Trust me! ☆ They just look kind of deceiving.
Yui: I don’t really feel like eating sweets right now, so I’ll pass.
Yui: (I politely refused, thinking they were more suspicious than Loki claimed.)

Choose: Bakder’s skill
Yui: (I looked over at the ball in the middle of the court.)
Yui: (It was still spewing smoke.)
Yui: Is this part of Balder-san’s skill too? I thought it was going to hit him, but it seemed to suddenly changed direction.
Loki: Ohh, someone’s alert today! I tip my hat to you, great detective. I was actually planning to hit him with it.
Yui: (From behind me, Loki also peered at the ball.)
Yui: But that’s…! If you hit him, that would be really bad!
Loki: Aha, of course! You’re definitely right. But… do you think I’d do something like that to my beloved Balder?
Yui: (Loki put a hand over his mouth and cackled, his shoulders shaking with laughter.)
Yui: What do you mean?

Loki: Balder is immortal. Even if something dangerous is about to happen, he can evade it just fine.
Yui: Immortal?!
Yui: (For a moment, I just didn’t understand what he said and I completely stopped thinking.)
Yui: (But if they’re gods, that wasn’t strange for them.)
Loki: Is it that surprising? Well, Norse gods’ lives don’t last forever, actually. But Balder is special.
Yui: Is that so…
Yui: (I was surprised again to know that not all gods lived forever, despite being deities.)
Balder: Could we continue the game? I’m hungry after thinking about that meat, so I want to finish this and go eat something.
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball, which was still smoking, and got ready to serve.)
Loki: Oh, I like that look in your eyes! That’s how it should be.♪
Yui: (Smiling widely, Loki swung around happily.)
Yui: Loki-san… looks like he’s having fun.
Yui: (As I looked at Loki, who was frolicking innocently in a way I’d never seen him before, I thought he might actually really like Balder.)
Yui: (Loki and Balder’s battle went on until the sun had completely sunk.)
Yui: (A few hours after the match started, Loki had a slight lead.)
Yui: (…But, the points consisted of…)
Yui: (the ball Balder hit suddenly slowing down in front of Loki, Loki’s serve disappearing…)
Yui: (His strength was a profound mystery, but it became a match in Loki’s favor.)
Yui: (Refusing to give in to that clearly strange power, Balder relied on his own skill.)
Female tennis club member: Loki-san! Match point!
Balder: That’s amazing, Loki. I had no idea you were such a genius at tennis.
Loki: Hehe!☆ That makes me happy. Balder called me a genius!♪
Yui: (Smiling widely, Loki spun the racket around in his hands.)
Yui: (Balder didn’t seem like he thought 
Loki was scheming anything.)
Yui: (It looked like he truly thought this was Loki’s actual skill.)
Balder: If Loki wins this, then I’ll quit the tennis club. Could you take my place as club president?
Yui: (At those words, Loki’s racket suddenly stopped.)
Loki: …What? What are you talking about?
Balder: The number of club members is limited. The better players should stay, right? It wouldn’t be right to make the other members quit.
Yui: (If he quits, isn’t he just getting his priorities wrong?)
Yui: (At his suggestion, the tennis club fell into chaos.)
Male tennis club member: …It can’t be!! Why would you…!!
Female tennis club member: No! If Lord Balder quits, I’m quitting too!
Male tennis club member: I’ve got it… I’ll quit! There’s no way I’m letting a better player like Lord Balder quit!
Female tennis club member: No, me!
Male tennis club member: Let me quit!!
Yui: (All around me I heard “let me!”, “no, let me!” It was a riot.)
Yui: (Loki suddenly threw his racket to the ground.)
Balder: Loki, what’s wrong? The game isn’t over.
Loki: This is annoyiiiiing. I’m quitting! I’m sick of tennis already.♪
Yui: You’re sick of it…? But you were having so much fun…
Yui: (Loki took a candy out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth.)
Loki: I didn’t really want to do tennis anyway. I just wanted to play with Balder. Anyway, I should go!♪ See you at the dorm!
Yui: (Loki winked once in Balder’s direction, then briskly left the tennis court.)
Yui: Ah, please wait! Everyone, sorry for the disturbance.
Yui: (I bowed to Balder and the tennis club, and followed after Loki.)

At the courtyard
Yui: Loki-san, why did you quit like that? It was a chance to join…
Loki: It’s meaningless if it’s a tennis club without Balder. I was interested just because Balder was there.
Yui: In other words, it wasn’t that you were having fun playing tennis in particular…
Yui: It was because you were playing with Balder-san that you looked so happy.
Yui: (With a smile, Loki nodded vigorously.)
Yui: (I realized I’d misunderstood that he was interested in club activities, and my shoulders slumped.)
Yui: (But, refusing to give up, I checked with Loki again.)
Yui: So, was there any other club activity that piqued your interest?
Loki: Um….
Yui: (Loki folded his arms and looked like he was seriously thinking.)
Yui: What about the baseball club? You seem like you’d be really good with a bat, Loki-san.
Yui: (I tried recommending something to try to grab his attention.)
Loki: No way! It looks boring.
Yui: (He replied immediately.)
Yui: (In an individual competition like that, one’s turn doesn’t come often, so Loki would probably get tired of it quickly.)
Yui: Then, what about a club where you make things? Loki-san is really skillful, so it should go really well. Like the art club, or the cooking club… crafting club…
Loki: Nooo, culture clubs are so lame! I still wouldn’t do it even if you forced me.
Yui: (I listed off all the clubs we’d visited, and each one was shot down.)
Yui: (The only thing I knew 
was that Loki wasn’t interested in any club activity.)
Yui: …What should we do? At this rate, you’ll end up joining the going-home club.
Loki: Going-home club? What’s that? Is that a club activity too?
Yui: (…Crap!)
Yui: (I slapped my hand over my mouth, but it was too late. Loki was already curious.)
Loki: Hehehe☆ If you’re hiding it like that… Then it must be super interesting!
Yui: (Loki looked at my face and smiled sinisterly.)
Yui: Ah, right now, uh… I, uh…
Yui: (I desperately looked for words to try to smooth it over.)

Choose: Say the going-home club is tough (No change)
Choose: Pretend you didn’t say it (- 1 Brave)
Choose: Dodge the question with another one (+ 1 Brave)

Choose: Say the going-home club is tough
Yui: Th-The going-home club is… It’s really tough!
Yui: (I said the exact opposite of what it actually is.)
Loki: Eh? Like how?
Yui: You have to be really proactive with the activities… And you have to independently choose a topic and take it in…
Yui: There’s an element of freedom, but you have to be a really rigid thinker to do it, so it’s really tough.
Yui: (I felt so flustered, it didn’t really sound convincing.)
Loki: Ohh. Is that so? Okay, I’m gonna go check with Thot-sensei real quick.I wanna know more.
Yui: (Loki turned on his heel and started to go toward the library.)
Yui: What?! P-Please wait!
Yui: (When I hurriedly tried to stop him, Loki grinned mischievously.)

Choose: Pretend you didn’t say it
Yui: That… um…I… never said anything?
Yui: (As soon as I said that, I regretted it.)
Yui: (It wasn’t going to do any good.)
Loki: You can’t hide it from me. I have sharp ears, you know. I know exaaactly when you’re telling lies. You get punishment when you do bad things, yeah?
Yui: (He drew closer to me.)
Yui: …Ahh. I’m really sorry.
Yui= (I felt the pangs of conscience and genuinely apologized.)

Choose: Dodge the question with another one
Yui: By the way, I wonder if Balder-san is done with activities now.
Yui: (I directed Loki’s attention away by mentioning Balder, whom he seemed to have the most interest in.)
Loki: He was literally with us just now. There’s no way he’s done already.
Loki: Aha! I just thought of something good. I should invite Balder to join the going-home club too!☆
Yui: Th-That would be bad…
Yui: (Maybe my confusion was fun to him, because he was giggling at me.)
Yui: (I felt like I just dug my own grave)
Yui: (I sighed deeply.)

Yui: Loki-san. Please, please just… don’t think about joining the going-home club, okay?
Loki: You don’t have to beg like that… It’s not like I want to join that badly!☆
Yui: Well, that’s… because the main point of it is going home.
Yui: (Of course, the going-home club was included in independent study and off-campus activities, but I didn’t think Loki would actually do that.)
Yui: Thinking about graduation, I want you to join something that’ll be at least a little beneficial.
Loki: Hey, how do you write “going-home club”?
Yui: Like this, but…
Yui: (I wrote the characters for “kitaku”, “going-home”, on the ground.)
Loki: Hmm. I’ve decided! I’m joining the “going-home club”! The name sounds good. Plus the characters are cool-looking!
Yui: That’s a ridiculous way to decide things.
Yui: (Why did we go look at all of those clubs? If he just chooses by the sound and writing, then there’s no way I’ll understand what he likes.)
Loki: Wow, even though I just said I’ll do club activities? It’s fine if I just go home with all my strength, right? You should join the going-home club with me!
Yui: Go home with… all your strength…
Yui: (I felt myself growing faint at the absurd string of words I just heard. There’s no way I can explain anything to him.)
Loki: Okay! Let’s celebrate the establishment of the going-home club, and stop off at a few places before going home!☆ Hehehe–!♪
Yui: (He grabbed my hand and left the school building, his footsteps light. I followed after as if pulled by him.)
Yui: (I didn’t feel like arguing with Loki anymore.)
Yui: (At least he seemed to be enjoying himself.)
Yui: I wonder if he’ll be able to graduate…
Loki: Ah, stop! Club president, I’ve discovered something fun!
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (We stopped suddenly, and I bumped face-first into Loki.)
Yui: What is it all of a sudden? And anyway, “club president”? Why am I the president?
Yui: (I was taken aback at the collision, but I wanted to confirm what he meant by that.)
Loki: Shhh! Quiet…
Yui: Mmph!!
Yui: (Loki’s hand clamped over my mouth.)
Yui: (In the direction he was pointing, Balder was standing there, facing away. With a wide smile on his face, Loki took cover.)
Yui: Loki-san… what are we doing?
Yui: (At some point, Loki removed his hand, and I whispered to him, even though I didn’t need to be quiet.)
Yui: (I was beginning to notice I was getting caught up in his pace.)
Loki: Commencing going-home club activities! Calibrating 45 degree angle for a surprise attack!
Loki: The target: Balder! Going-home club, attacking at full power!♪ Locate Balder aaaand daaaaaash!!
Yui: N-No, stop!
Yui: (Even as I said that, I found myself following Loki and running toward Balder.)
Yui: (I wondered if I was really looking after Loki, who was just so unreasonable…)
Yui: (As I reached out my hand, I thought of the many, many problems in my future and let out a long, deep sigh.)

In Yui’s Room

Yui: …I’m back.
Yui: (Dragging my tired body, I entered by room.)
Yui: (I casually threw out those words of greeting.)
Yui: (Of course, no one would respond…)
???: Oh, welcome home.
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: (There was an answer.)
Yui: Wh-Who?!
???: You know. It’s me.
Yui: Yeah, right, but who are you?
Yui: (I could hear their voice, but no one was there. Where could they be hiding?)
Yui: (I immediately took a defensive stance.)
???: I’m right here in front of you. Are your eyes going bad or something?
Yui: (In front of me… When I heard that, I looked around everywhere I could see.)
Yui: (…And, I noticed something near my feet.)
Yui: …Ah.
Yui: (Something very small was tottering around.)
???: So you finally noticed, you dumb Kutanagi.
Yui: A doll is… talking…
???: I’m not a doll! I am a splendid human!!
Yui: Oh, sorry. I thought you were a ragdoll or…
???: Do you have no consideration?
Yui: (It was a situation that I couldn’t even grasp, let alone give consideration.)
Yui: (I’d gotten used to life here a little, but I still couldn’t hide my surprise every time something unexpected happened.)
???: Well, whatever. I’m a gentle person.
???: Even then, I can’t completely deny the fact that I’m a doll. I’m not a complete human yet.
Yui: It seems like it.
Yui: …So, who are you?
Melissa: I am Melissa. I’m a human Zeus made out of clay. I’ll be taking care of you from now on.
Melissa: Oh, and don’t call me “clay doll” or something. In a lot of mythologies, humans were originally made of clay and dirt, you know.
Melissa: Zeus heard about that and tried using clay…But he didn’t put in enough power, so I couldn’t completely become a human.
Yui: (So, to put it simply, he was a clay doll.)
Yui: (I barely had the time to realize that, because Melissa continued explaining things in rapid succession.)
Yui: (He seemed like a talkative person with a good disposition.)
Melissa: But if I’d just become human without a problem, you wouldn’t have been called out here, yeah?
Melissa: I’m supposed to be your caretaker… But since I’ve been living here in the Garden longer than you have, I’ll look after your needs as a mentor.
Melissa: If you have something you’re worrying about, don’t hold back. Talk to me about it. I’ll even offer you a shoulder to cry on.
Yui: (The sight of him thumping his chest with his little cloth hand was so cute, I felt so much better.)
Yui: Thank you very much for your concern.
Yui: (The mismatch between his small, cute appearance and his deep voice was amusing.)
Melissa: Right, right. Also, a message from Zeus: the problem in your room has been fixed.
Melissa: Go ahead and take a dip in the bath. If anything comes up, let me know, Kutanagi.
Yui: Kutanagi…?
Yui: (Now that I thought about it, he called me that before.)
Melissa: Okay, I’m going to my room. Farewell!
Yui: (Saying this, he climbed up the leg of the table…)
Yui: (…opened the door to a dollhouse that had been placed there at some point, and disappeared inside.)
Yui: (I guess he’s staying in my room.)
Yui: (I felt confused at having suddenly gained a lively roommate, but I went straight to my first bath in a day.)

Yui: (Soaking in the warm water, I thought of the bath back home.
Yui: (Trying to stay in the world of my memories for even a second longer, I submerged myself in the short, Western-style bathtub.)
Yui: (The second day of my school life here. The end goal was nowhere in sight.)

After this chapter is a Mythology quiz. You can find the translations for the Norse Quizzes here. These questions are timed!

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バルドル = Balder
ロキ = Loki
トール = Thor
オーディン = Odin
北欧神話 = Norse myth/Norse mythology
北欧 = Norse
箱庭 = Miniature Garden

True of False questions

古代北欧語には「ロキの口論」という意味のロカセナという言葉がある O
In Ancient Norse, there is a word “Lokasenna” that means “Loki’s quarrel”

トールには弟がいる X
Thor has a younger brother

トールの正しい表記は「Tors」である O
The correct way to write Thor is “Tors”

トールの武器「ミョルニル」で動物の亡骸を打つと蘇らせることができる O
Thor’s hammer Mjolnir can revive a dead animal by striking its corpse

トールは最高神である X
Thor is the supreme god of Norse mythology

トールは北欧神話の中でも最強の神だと言われている O
Thor has been called the strongest god of Norse mythology

トールは雷神として有名であるが農耕の神でもある O
Thor is famous for being the god of thunder, but he is also the god of agriculture

箱庭においてトールの守護石はペリドットである X
In the Miniature Garden, Thor’s guardian stone is a peridot

箱庭においてバルドルの守護石はアクアマリンである X
In the Miniature Garden, Balder’s guardian stone is an aquamarine

箱庭においてバルドルはO型である O
In the Miniature Garden, Balder’s blood type is O

箱庭においてロキの守護石はオパールである O
In the Miniature Garden, Loki’s guardian stone is an opal

箱庭においてロキはB型である X
In the Miniature Garden, Loki’s blood type is B

バルドルには妹がいる X
Balder has a younger sister

バルドルのいとこはロキである X
Balder’s cousin is Loki

バルドルの所領の名前は「ブレイザブリフ」である O
The name of Balder’s domain is “Breidablik”

バルドルの母はアルテミスである X
Balder’s mother is Artemis

バルドルの母フリッグはお産の女神としても知られている O
Balder’s mother Frigg is also known as the goddess of fertility

バルドルの母フリッグは「金曜日(Friday)」の語源である X
Balder’s mother Frigg is the origin of the day Friday

バルドルのバル(Bal)には「光り輝く」という意味がある O
The “Bal” in Balder’s name means “shining light”

バルドルはオーディンと共にヴァルハラ宮殿に住んでいた X
Balder lived with Odin in Valhalla

バルドルは賭け事の神としても信仰されている X
Balder is also worshipped as the god of gambling

バルドルは「神々の貴公子」と称される O
Balder is titled “The Young Noble of the Gods”

バルドルはギリシャ神話の神である X
Balder is a Greek god

バルドルは人間界で育った X
Balder grew up in the human world

バルドルやオーディンは「アースガルズ」の地に住んでいる O
Balder lives with Odin in the land of “Asgard”

バルドルをローマ字表記にすると「Bardr」になる X
When written in roman letters, Balder becomes “Bardr”

北欧神話ではバルドルは女神である X
In Norse myth, Balder is a goddess

北欧神話ではロキは多数の武器・道具に関わっている O
In Norse myth, Loki is associated with many different weapons and tools

北欧神話にはロキとトールが巨人の国を旅する話がある O
In Norse myth, there is a story of Loki and Thor going to the land of giants

北欧神話の神々は海賊であるヴァイキングの守り神としても信仰された O
The gods of Norse myth were worshipped as protectors of the Vikings

北欧神話の中でトールが主に戦った相手は巨人である O
In Norse myth, Thor mostly fought giants

北欧神話の中でトールは大男である O
In Norse myth, Thor is a very large man

北欧神話の中でトールは女装したことがある O
In Norse myth, Thor has dressed up as a woman

北欧神話の中で人間界は「ミズガルズ」と呼ばれている O
In Norse myth, the human world is called “Midgard”

北欧神話の中にはバルドルが人間界に降りる話がある X
In Norse myth, there is a story of Balder descending into the human world

ロキは人間の妹がいる X
Loki has a human sister

ロキの所有する武器レーヴァテインは傷つける魔法の杖とも呼ばれる O
Loki’s weapon Laevatein is also known as a magic staff of wounding

ロキの正しい綴りは「Roki」である X
The correct way to write Loki is “Roki”

ロキの父親はオーディンである X
Loki’s father is Odin

ロキの武器レーヴァテインにはルーン文字が綴られている O
There are runes written on Loki’s weapon Laevatein

ロキの武器「レーヴァテイン」はロキ自身が鍛え上げた O
Loki himself forged the weapon Laevatein

ロキは悪神と呼ばれていることがある O
Loki was sometimes also known as an evil god

ロキは悪戯を好む神として有名である O
Loki is famous as a god who enjoys pranks

ロキはヴァン神族である X
Loki is a Vanir god

ロキはオーディンにだけは嘘がつかない X
The only one Loki will not lie to is Odin

ロキは巨人族出身の神である O
Loki is from the land of giants

ロキは「ギリシャ神話のトリックスター」と呼ばれる X
Loki is known as the “Trickster of the Greek gods”

ロキは様々なものに変身する能力を持っている O
Loki has the power to turn into various things

ロキは北欧神話の神である O
Loki is a Norse god

ロキは元々火の悪霊であったという説がある O
It is said that Loki was originally an evil flame spirit

Multiple Choice Questions

Odin keeps two birds, but what kind of bird are they?

If you drink Odin’s honey mead, what kind of talent will you gain?

What kind of weapon is Odin’s ‘Gungnir’?

A spear

Which of these races is Odin?

The belt around Thor’s waist has which special property?
Doubles speed

What kind of weapon is Thor’s magic weapon ‘Mjolnir’?


What kind of creature does Thor hate?

Thor’s war vehicle is drawn by what kind of animal?
Mountain goats

Who is Thor’s father?

Which race does Thor’s mother, Jord, belong to?

What does Thor’s weapon ‘Mjolnir’ symbolize?
A flash of lightning

What special property does ‘Mjolnir’ have?
It is very heavy

Which race does Thor belong to?

What is Thor the god of?


In the Miniature Garden, which food does Balder hate?

In the Miniature Garden, which food does Balder like?

In the Miniature Garden, which food does Loki hate?
Any kind of seafood

In the Miniature Garden, which food does Loki like?

Which is the correct spelling of ‘Laevatein’, Loki’s surname in the Miniature Garden?

Balder owns a ring called the ‘ring of Draupnir’. What does ‘Draupnir’ mean?


Sleipnir, the steed of Balder’s father Odin, has how many legs?
Eight legs

Which one of these does not apply to Balder’s father Odin?
The god of beauty

Who is Balder’s father?

What other name is given to Balder’s father Odin?

Who is Balder’s mother?

Where does Balder’s surname ‘Hringhorni’ come from?
The name of a boat

Balder is which son of Odin’s?
The second son

Which race does Balder belong to?

What is Balder the god of?


There are many countries spoken of in Norse mythology. Which of following does this apply to?

In Norse mythology, how many days did it take Odin to learn runes?
Nine days

In Norse mythology, what is the world of the giants known as?

Which one of these has Loki not transformed into in Norse mythology?


In Norse mythology, who is considered the mortal enemy of Loki?

What is the name of the world tree that appears in Norse mythology?

What is the meaning of the name ‘Yggdrasil’, the world tree that forms the center of the world of Norse mythology?
Horse of Odin

The tales of Norse mythology originated with which race of people?
Germanic peoples

In Norse mythology, there are many different worlds. How many are there?
Nine worlds

In Norse mythology, what animal did Loki create?
The golden boar

In Norse mythology, what power does Loki possess?

Which race does not appear in Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, Loki became a god, but which race was he before?

Who discovered runes, which are considered the Nordic alphabet?

What is Loki’s relation to Odin?

Who is Loki’s father?

Who is Loki’s mother?

What kind of weapon is Loki’s Laevatein?


Where does Loki’s surname ‘Laevatein’ come from?
The name of a sword

Which mythology does Loki come from?
Norse mythology

What is the name for the Norse writing system that Loki also used?

Win Quotes

E rank: I was a fool to believe in you. It’s not your fault.
D rank: I might’ve expected too much from you. I’m sorry. Let’s try harder.
C rank: I think you could try a little harder. You’re very capable.
B rank: Nice going. But if possible, I’d like to go for a perfect score.
A rank: You’re so discerning, how wonderful! I should learn from you too.
S rank: I like that serious part of you. I honestly respect you.

E rank: No good, no good! You know even less than I do! Disappointing.
D rank: Are you alright with that? Now I’m worried about you.
C rank: Did you seriously think I’d praise you? As if! This isn’t nearly good enough.
B rank: Looking good! I didn’t expect that, nice job!
A rank: You’re amazing, I’m so surprised! I don’t dislike serious girls.
S rank: I guess I’ll have to acknowledge you now! I don’t say this to just anyone!

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――I asked him whether I wanted an eternal life. People
Staring at me with a serious look.
He suddenly burst into laughter and said.
Becoming filled with greed,
A person shouldn’t grieve over.
Still, I stared at him with that desire.
It was the answer which I exactly requested.
It goes without saying.
He continued further.

I want you to watch over this world.
My life is already exhausted.
I bowed my head in assent while laughing.
Even though it was exchanged with no hesitation,
The promise is considerably heavy,
I felt it deeply.
I will become his eyes and watch
Until the end of this world… …

How people come to meet and interact in this world
it just changes and dies constantly.
It must be my fate to have an eternal life.
Mastering the wisdom of the people, learning the truth
I will live as a person
In place of him who has been selected… …


???: This despair. This sense of loss… …
???: What was lost? There isn’t an answer… …
???: Consuming the sinful apple… …and continuing to live… … even though a really important thing is being thrown away… …
???: Everything is lost, degenerating into a new position, named corruption, deeply sinking… …
???: It’s unavoidable to the new Eve… …I’ll entrust you with it all.

Yui: Agh!?
Yui: (Just now… …what was that awful sound… …?)

In Yui’s Bedroom
Yui: … …!?
Yui: (It’s was very close… …what I heard sounded like an explosion or something… … but nothing happened… …?)
Yui: I wonder if it’s my imagination… …? Wah!?
Ayato: Zzz… … Zzz… … tako… … takoya… …a foot… …
Yui: Oh, Ayato-kun!? Why is he here? I mean, tako!?
Yui: (I was certain I feel asleep alone here yesterday… …eh… …what!?)
Laito: Fufu… … My Bitch-chan… …hey… …Laito-kun’s mouth, Ov• er• he• re ♪
Yui: And Laito-kun… …
Yui: (Anyway… …that’s a strange dream… … I can’t even imagine… …)
Kanato: Mmm… …Teddy… …I can’t eat anymore… …Mmm
Yui: And Kanato-kun… …
Yui: (Sigh… …speaking about strange dreams, I wasn’t aware that all three of them were on my bed… …)
Yui: (I need to slip out quietly… …I don’t want to wake them up… …)
???: … …――Wait.
Yui: Eh… …!?
Ayato: Do you plan on leaving Ore-sama alone, where are you going? Chichinashi.
Yui: Oh… … Ayato-kun… …you’re awake?
Ayato: Of course I’m awake. Now answer my question.
Yui: Where… …well… …my throat is a little dry… …so, can you move?
Ayato: No.
Yui: N-no… …I just wanted to get water to clear my throat… …that’s all.
Laito: ――That’s not good, Bitch-chan… …
Yui: Laito-kun… …!?
Laito: Your throat is quenched… …would it be… …because of us? Heh heh heh… …
Laito: First of all, isn’t it the job of your owners to make sure your throat gets healed? Fufu… …
Yui: To… …To say such a thing… …
Kanato: Yes, it is… … you should’ve understood this a long time ago.
Yui: Wait Kanato-kun… …!
Kanato: … …You make fools out of us… …permitting us to sleep with you seems to be a mistake… …
Yui: That’s not… …
Kanato: Admit it… …!
Yui: No… …I won’t admit it… …even if you say so… …
Yui: (It’s embarrassing … …it’s unreasonable, but it’ll agitate him if I don’t say it, but… …at this rate… …)
Ayato: Oi, Kanato, it seems to be all good. Just stop. My throat is parched now that I’ve gotten up.
Ayato: Chichinashi, let me suck… …
Yui: (Aah… …! It becomes like this after all!)
Ayato: ――Hahaha… …don’t disobey.
Yui: W-wait a minute… …!!
Laito: Wait, Ayato-kun. Isn’t it bad to do it all on your on? Fufu.
Laito: Did Bitch-chan forget about that man’s agreement?
Ayato: Idiot. I can do it without you. It’s just useless talk before I suck.
Laito: Making excuses… …I don’t like it.
Kanato: He’s right… …Please don’t decide without permission..
Ayato: Shut up… …then, do you want to suck all together!?
Laito: Fufu. Now you’re talking. … …Ahhh, three vampires crowded around… …
Laito: I’ll enjoy myself, Bitch-chan… …Just how I imagined … … Haaah, I’m thrilled… …!
Yui: Eh… …W-wait a minute… …that’s… …
Ayato: What… ..Ah? Aren’t you happy? Lewd woman… …you’re trying to hide it, but I know you’re happy… …right?
Kanato: Heh heh… …That’s right. Doing it like this… …you must like being played with as if you were a doll.
Yui: Not at all… …!
Laito: Haah… … it’s useless to object with your blushing face… …I’m at my limit soon… …
Laito: Bitch-chan’s delicious blood… …Give it to me ♪
Yui: Aah… …!!
Yui: (I-it’s bad enough as it is… …but there’s three of them… …!!)
Yui: … …Don’t come, not now… …!
Yui: (My body… …it can’t move at all)
Ayato: Hahaha… … Mn… … Haa… …Chichinashi’s blood is really … … the best after all… …
Ayato: ――Why go? My fangs … …will be devoted to you …deeply… …there’s nothing more you’d want… …
Kanato: Sigh… …Hey, look over here… …only look at me… …
Kanato: Open your eyes well, from beginning to end, please… ….Haha… …
Yui: N-no… …!!
???: Please rise this instant.
Yui: … … Eh… …!?
Reiji: Sigh… … making yourself a meal right after getting up… …
Reiji: Such behavior is ill-mannered and despicable. Good grief, know your shame.
Yui: Reiji-san… …
Yui: (I-I was saved… …!)
Ayato: Tch… … What… …Every single time… …Shichisanmegane has to get involved!
Reiji: I do not wish to join in such. On a derogatory term, I would like you to stop.
Reiji: Now, as for you. Don’t expose such a foolish face, come here.
Yui: Aah… …!
Reiji: Since you were sleeping in a defenseless manner, you allowed these fools onto your bed.
Yui: I… …I’m sorry… …
Reiji: Sigh… …It is doubtful whether it is really reflected.
Yui: (I locked my room and went to sleep though… …)
Reiji: Now, don’t be idle and wake yourself up.
Laito: Haa… …Our feast seems to be confiscated, my motivation is gone.
Kanato: Yes, it is… …if she falls at school… …would… …it be Reiji’s fault?
Yui: Such a thing… …!
Reiji: Kanato, despite your body’s appearance, you are quite strong.
Reiji: And Laito! Don’t announce your motivations so openly in front of a woman.
Laito: Fufu. Well… … understand… …Haa… …
Laito: I guess it can’t be helped. I wonder if it’s suitable to continue this at school.
Reiji: You will likely be given a suspension. You don’t want to know what Father would have to say to that.
Laito: Scary scary… …Haha… …
Ayato: Tch… …Oi, Chichinashi. You’re making a big mistake thinking you’re able to escape!
Kanato: That’s right… …! Until… … I suck your blood… … I’m going to continue to be angry, so you better prepare!
Yui: Uhh… …
Reiji: Sigh, then let it be nonexistent.You need to realize once gain.
Reiji: Do you understand it? Your blood… …
Yui: Aah… …!?
Reiji: Saying that it’s more special than anyone else’s… …
Yui: I I.. …I understand in my own way…. ..
Reiji: If you understand, then shouldn’t you be a little more cautious? … …Even I know this.
Reiji: … …Why are you turning your face away from me?
Yui: N-no… … it’s just that… …your face… …is so close… …
Reiji: And… …?
Yui: Y-your hands are on my hips… …
Reiji: It appears as if the woman needs to understand her position in a more comprehensive manner.
Yui: (Uhh… ….Reiji-san is… …quite scary somehow… …)
Yui: Please leave me alone… …
Reiji: If you understand it, then won’t you observe the situation a little more?
Reiji: So to speak, you are the best entertainment loitering around this place.
Reiji: Such a thing, it’s troublesome. You have seemed to fool all my idiot brothers.
Reiji: An imitation of entertainment at best, trying to tempt others into your selfish desires.
Reiji: If you ask me, you truly are a defenseless woman, you can’t suppress the reason.
Reiji: Now, like this… …
Yui: Uh… …!?
Yui: (Re, Reiji-san… …!?)
Yui: St… …stop… …!!
Reiji: You truly are foolish.
Yui: … …Eh!? W-why do you have to tease me?
Reiji: Please know your position, don’t question my actions.
Reiji: Are you disappointed? You weren’t sucked by me… …
Yui: That’s not… …
Reiji: Now, hurry up and get ready. In addition, the limousine is scheduled to pick us up in 20 minutes.
Yui: Yes… …
Reiji: ――Oh, and… … is everything alright with the condition of your heart?
Yui: Eh… …!?
Reiji: Hmp… ..Then… …
Yui: (… …Something about Reiji… …is off today… …)
Sigh… … I better get dressed… …

My Father was sent overseas due to work for the church,
It has now been a month since I’ve been living in the Sakamaki household.
To say that they are taking care of me, in debt by my body
They may be rude, but I do live with the Sakamakis
These people are slightly strange.

A little while ago, I was sleeping in my bed with,
The triplets: Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun, and Laito-kun.
And then he came in the middle,
The second son: Reiji-san.
Despite all appearances, it may not seem like it,
But Shuu-san is the eldest son.
And out of the six, Subaru-kun is the youngest.

Though it’s an unbelievable story, they ――
The six brothers, are vampires.
And I can say that my blood is special due to my heart,
Being watched as their bait, here
I’m in a situation where I can’t escape.

And for that reason, I now attend night school.
“Minetei Academy High School” It seemed to be ordinary
And I am allowed to live like this… …

In Yui’s Bedroom
Yui: (Sigh… …I’m living with vampires, who suck my blood, it’s not normal at all… …)
Yui: (However… …why did Reiji-san suddenly heard my heart… …?)

… …Having known after coming here,
My heart, is coincidently connected to Ayato-kun and the other triplets
It was transplanted inside of me, belonging to their mother, Cordelia.
I don’t understand the details either,
But a person who goes by Richter, corresponds as their uncle
It is said that he transplanted the heart.
Cordelia is known as the daughter of the Demon Lord
The blood remains special, even if the heart only remains
It is said that she can be resurrected.

As for saying that my blood is special as well,
Probably because of Cordelia’s heart
Which remains embedded inside my chest… …

In Yui’s Bedroom
Yui: (But, is it too late to be worried about all of this… …? Is it all in my head?)
Yui: Alright, it’s time to go.
Yui: (I’ll probably be scolded by Reiji-san for delaying)

In the Hallway
Yui: Well… …I wonder if I have everything… …Today I only have math and language class… …English… …is my dictionary at school?
Yui: Oh, I also need to return those books to the library. I’m sure they’re due either today or tomorrow… …
Yui: Eh… …!? What the… …?
???: Oww. …
Yui: Sh, Shuu-san… …!?
Yui: (Without thinking… …I carelessly stepped on him… …)
Shuu: I was sleeping… …You woke me up when your foot trampled on me… …
Yui: I-I’m sorry… …!!
Yui: (B, but… …Why is he sleeping in the hallway… …)
Shuu: Sigh… …Tch… …I’m awake now… …
Yui: I’m sorry… …really.
Shuu: There’s no sense in apologizing if it can’t be helped.
Yui: But, I mean I… …
Shuu: How troublesome… …Go on, are you going to say it directly?
Yui: Eh… …!? Kyaa… ..!!
Shuu: Your blood. Consider it as compensation for waking me up… …isn’t that fair?
Yui: Uh… …Well… …Certainly, it’s bad that I stepped on you… …
Shuu: If you think it’s bad… …then won’t you pay for your actions?
Yui: Eh.. ..!?
Shuu: “Please suck my blood,” say that… …and compensate.
Yui: (T-this is just… …tyrannical, not matter how you put it… …)
Shuu: … … Still, you’re not disciplined enough it seems… …
Yui: Aah… …!!
???: Oi, get out of my way.
Shuu: … …Ah?
Yui: … …Subaru-kun… …?
Subaru: I heard you guys rambling in the hallway.
Shuu: Don’t disrupt my breakfast… …
Subaru: Tch, don’t get so greedy in the morning!
Shuu: … …So annoying. … …I’m good. Go take her someplace else..
Subaru: … …Tch, let’s go.
Yui: Oh.. ..Y-yes… …

At the Foyer
Yui: (Subaru-kun… …just now, did he save me?)
Yui: U-Uhm… …Subaru-kun… …about a little while ago. Thank you… …
Subaru: You, stop it now!
Yui: … …!?
Subaru: Is your awareness that thin?… …Stop spreading that appetizing smell everywhere!
Yui: I don’t… …understand what you mean… …
Subaru: You probably don’t want to suffer. But, you never think.
Yui: … …I’m sorry… ..A little while ago, Reiji-san said something similar to me… …
Subaru: Tch. Then be more careful. Even you should understand that you’re like bait running around the cage of a hungry beast.
Yui: Yes… …I’m sorry… …
Subaru: Hmph. Don’t apologize to me. Geez. I mean… …Why do you stay here when you put yourself into these types of situations?
Yui: Why… …
Subaru: Do you think you have anywhere else to go? You’re stuck here for the time being.
Yui: Yeah… …
Subaru: Sigh… …damn it. Why am I getting irritated. There’s no reason to.
Reiji:――Everyone, the limousine has arrived.
Subaru: … ..Heh. Oh well.
Yui: (… …Sigh… … he’s gone… …)


Subaru-kun was right with what he was saying.
If I try to escape, death for me
Might be possible.
However, the reason as to why I stay here… …
I can’t explain it well myself.
Of course, I was threatened with death if I try to escape.
However, I must stay here

I think I feel it instinctively.
My heart is from Ayato-kun’s mother
I understand that it was transplanted and because of that
I thought whether or not if I’m obligated to stay here.
But, maybe… …
I’m staying here so they can suck my blood,
I might be hoping for it
Or, so I thought.

Yui: (I can’t blame only the heart… …I don’t understand it myself… …)

In the Limousine
Reiji: Good grief, please refrain from making so much noise as to who sits next to who.
Ayato: Isn’t it important? Don’t we all want her blood?
Kanato: That’s right… …It must be established or I’ll seize by force… …
Yui: … … … …
Subaru: Oi, Yui. You’re spacing out.
Yui: … … … …
Laito: Fufu. She must be in the midst of thinking. Hey, I think a lot must be going through her mind… …
Subaru: … … Is it because of me?
Shu: … …Sleepy.
Subaru: What’s with you!? … …Oi, Yui!
Yui: Eh!? Oh… …
Kanato: … … I think she’s worried about the situation she’s in. Hey, Teddy… …this child’s insensible… …
Yui: I- I’m sorry. Was someone talking to me?
Subaru: … …Tch, it’s nothing.
Yui: I-is that so… …?
Yui: (I just can’t… …get the thing from a little while ago out of my head… …)
Yui: (Why do I keep thinking that I’ll run away… …)
Yui: Eh… …!?
Ayato: Mno… …!?
Laito: Heh? What is that… …!?
Yui: Kyaaa… …!!!!

Yui: (What on earth, what happened… …? Just now… …an accident?)
???: You are awake. Eve.
Yui: Eh.. …!? Y-you… …?
???: Me? You’re anxious to unveil my identity.
Yui: Of course… …W-where am I… …!?
???: Haha. You don’t want to know me Eve. You’re not afraid that you’ll lose something by obtaining it… … seems to be exactly Eve.
Yui: U-uhm… …my…. …name isn’t Eve. Mistaken identity?
???: I am absolutely certain that you are, you will carry out my plans after all… …
??: You teasing me a little too much. I am entrusting you with the power, the ripened apple awaits for you.
???: The fallen apple will decay… …there’s no other way, you will be brought back here.
Yui: Uhm… …
???: What do you think causes it to rot?
Yui: Eh… …?
???: You don’t understand?… …That may be good. Next time we meet, I shall tell you the what causes it to rot… …
Yui: … …!? W-wait… …!
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi!

Yui: … … !?
Kanato: Ah, it seems she’s awake… …Goodness…… Please don’t surprise us like that.
Yui: Who was that person a little while ago… …?
Laito: What person? Who are you talking about?
Reiji: She must be confused from the shock of the accident. Good grief… … it’s disruptive.
Yui: Accident … …? Oh, that’s right…… What on earth happened… … I… …
Shuu: Geesh…… You lost consciousness.
Yui: Ehh… …!?
Reiji: I’m glad you’re uninjured however … …We were just talking about where the criminal disappeared to.
Reiji: They have some nerve to hit and run our vehicle.
Ayato: Was this done by humans?
Reiji: Our car is driven by a familiar from the demon world. This can’t possibly be an act of humans.
Laito: Hmm. Then someone from the demon world…? Did someone related to us from the darkness do it?
Kanato: That may be the case.
Subaru: Well, our family is resented enough that there are those out there who want us dead. This isn’t that weird.
Shuu: Ahh……I’m tired. Honestly, I don’t care anymore… … Haaa…. …
Reiji: At any rate, let’s just leave for now. I’ll let a familiar handle the rest.
Yui: C-can we really just… … leave like this?
Reiji: It will only be troublesome if we stay. Or do you wish to remain here alone?
Yui: N-no…. …
Yui: (……What just happened. Is this really all right… … )
Yui: (Who in the world attacked us? Also… That dream I just had… … Who was that person… …?)
Yui: (Am I just worrying too much… maybe?)

In the Alley
???: … …The result seems to be good.
???: Haha… …Those guys… …probably know it was done by vampires. Is that good?
???: Keh… …not really… …Won’t our identities be found out? I’m worried.
???: … …That child, Eve… …what.
???: Heh. That face is fully tamed… …yet, it’s Eve… …don’t make me laugh.
???: So? … …Don’t hate on that child… …it makes it less fun to play around.
???: The others have made that woman into a toy. Even if it seems like a joke, it’s that man’s desire. Let’s go.
???: Alright… …Sigh… …
???: That child has the same smell… …somehow… …

In the School Hallway
Ayato: ――Well, we haven’t been targeted in a while now, have we?
Laito: You’re right. True… …it wasn’t until that person began to have much influence on this world. Fufu.
Yui: What happened a little while ago… …is it alright?
Kanato: … …Well, I suppose so. We’ve been targeted several times. Every so often.
Yui: Why… …
Laito: Haha… …there are a lot of fools. They’re trying to deprive that person of his high position. That was a bad move.
Yui: (“That person”, does he mean his father… …? The politician, Sakamaki Tougo… …)
Yui: ( A person whose name I already knew is really a vampire… …)
Yui: (I would have never noticed, especially since he’s surrounded by humans… …)
???: Ah! Are you hurt!!
Ayato: Ah? Who the hell are you?
Rainheart: Eh? Me? I’m Rainheart. The health teacher.
Laito: Hmm? Health teacher… …how strange. What happened to the woman teacher… …
Rainheart: Ahh, she’s just entered maternity leave, I’m her substitute for the mean time… …
Laito: … …Hmm… …I see… …
Yui: U,uhm… …Teacher. So,what’s the matter?
Rainheart: Oh, that’s right. I need to talk to you.
Ayato: … …Oi, bastard… …you came here out of no where. What are you doing?
Rainheart: Oh, I’m sorry. A little while ago, her condition seemed to be bad, so that’s the reason… …
Yui: M-me? It’s not… …really that bad… …
Laito: What are you saying? Let’s go to the school infirmary. It’s much better than attending dull classes.
Ayato: Laito… …are you forestalling?
Laito: That’s a bad assumption. I’m not forestalling anything. Fufu. Savory.
Laito: Will Bitch-chan receive the present I’ll give her gratefully? Will she receive two more?
Kanato: What Laito says is right. … …Let’s go. Teacher, will there be any sweets in the school infirmary?
Rainheart: … …Isn’t it strange for you to be up at night?
Yui: I, suppose so… …
Yui: (…. …Because they’re all vampires, night is suitable for them … …)

In the Infirmary
Yui: However Teacher, it’s sort of hard to believe that you saw my bad condition from far away.
Rainheart: Hmm… …I caught a glimpse of your aura.
Yui: Aura!?
Rainheart: Hahaha. I did say that I saw it, but I could be misunderstanding.
Yui: (Aura… …can you even tell a person’s physical condition with those… …)
Laito: Hey hey, Teacher. What color is her aura~? I expect it to be a luscious pink color.
Rainheart: Haha It’s slightly difficult since there’s a variety of colors… …but, I dare say… …it’s gray.
Yui: Gray… …!?
Kanato: Gray? Haha… …it suits you. Just like a rat… …
Rainheart: It doesn’t look completely black and it doesn’t look completely white. It’s different than others.
Ayato: Heeh, Chichinashi. Maybe it’s because you don’t have breasts.
Yui: Th… .. that’s awful! Anyway… …I suppose I’m a mixture… …after all… …
Rainheart: … … … …
Yui: Teacher?
Rainheart: How’s everything going? Are you really alright?
Yui: Oh, yes… …Thank you… …
Yui: (My condition feels better than usual. My body feels much lighter… …)
Rainheart: ――Is that so?
Yui: … …?
Ayato: Geez, it’s true that humans are really weak. Oi, Teacher, give us tea.
Rainheart: Good grief… …class is about to begin soon. I’ll serve you tea another time.
Ayato: Ahh!? What?
Laito: I want to stay in this bed with her. Hey, me and Bitch-chan. Isn’t that fun?
Yui: I-I’ll go to class!
Kanato: … …I won’t leave. Right, Teddy?
Rainheart: Didn’t you ask before? Here, I’ll give you some candy.
Kanato: … …Heh. Round candy isn’t necessarily my favorite… …but I’ll take it.
Yui: Teacher, thank you very much.
Rainheart: It’s all good and said. Come back any time if there’s anything I can help you with.
Yui: Yes!
Yui: (The teacher is really a good person for being concerned about his student’s physical condition… …)
Yui: (Because of my recent surroundings, my body aches more… …)
Rainheart: … … … …

In the School Hallway
Laito: … …For some reason, doesn’t that teacher seem a little suspicous?
Yui: Eh?
Ayato: Definately. That treacherous scent… …it’s certainly suspicious.
Yui: I-is that so?
Kanato: … …That’s not true!!
Yui: … …!?
Kanato: I really… like that person… …a lot… …
Yui: Eh!?
Laito: Fufu. Do you really think so Kanato-kun? Right. Still doubtful.
Yui: Not at all… …! Since he’s a health teacher, it’s normal for him to be worried about his students.
Ayato: Chichinashi’s getting a little cheeky, Ah?
Yui: Uh… …
Yui: (This is a bad situation… …I’ll definately get caught here if he does that… …)
Yui: Well, we’re late for class!? Let’s go!
Ayato: Ah! Oi!! Wait!
Yui: (I’m definitely worried,especially when my blood is insufficient like it is!)

In the Classroom
Yui: Uhh.. …Somehow today… …I feel even more tired than usual.
Schoolgirl A: Uh, Komori-san. I’m sorry, but I have a small request.
Yui: What’s wrong?
Schoolgirl A: I’m in a bit of a hurry to get home. Can you take my place for cleanup duty?
Yui: Yeah, it’s fine.
Schoolgirl A: Really!? I’m saved! Thank you!
Yui: (Well… …the limousine won’t be coming today since it’s wrecked anyway… …I’ll head home after I’m done cleaning!)

Yui: Phew… …I’m good at this.
Yui: (Come to think of it… …where did Ayato-kun and the others go?)
Yui: (As always, they’ve waited for me in the classroom… …)
Yui: Well, did they go back already? Anyway, I should throw out this trash.

Outside the School
Yui: And that’s all of it… …
???: In the position of livestock… …you separate from your masters and go out on your own?
Yui: Eh?
Yui: (Who? Is that some upperclassmen… …I’ve never seen before?)
???: “Eh?” well then. “Eh?”!!
Yui: Kya!? What are you doing… …!?
???: Finally I get to talk… you…. …Hey, Eve… …
Yui: … …Eve!?
Yui: (Speaking of which… …the person I met in my dream, he also called me “Eve”… …)
???: Hey hey, there’s no reason to be afraid ♪ Let’s be friends. M Neko-chan. ♪
Yui: (M Neko… …!?)
Yui: Eh… …friends… …I don’t know you… …You can’t just suddenly claim that… …
Yui: And, my name’s not Eve. Mistaken identity.
???: Wait.
Yui: Kyaa… …!! B-back away!
???: Tch… … stop struggling… …damn… …, this sow!
Yui: !?
Yui: (S… …Sow!?)
???: … … … …
Yui: Aah… …!?
Yui: (W-why is this person… …gripping my jaw so suddenly… …)
???: Oi, Yuma… …hold her back. This livestock… … seems to exposes her claws to its masters.
???: Got it… …
???: … … … …
Yui: Eh… …! B-back away… …please. Your face… …it’s too close.
???: Foolish and daring… …You should be worried about what’s going to happen next.
Yui: Next… …what on earth are you guys doing!?
Ruki: Hmph. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Ruki… …Mukami Ruki.
Ruki: And… …the guy who tightly pinioned you is… …
Yuma: Yuma.
Kou: I’m Kou! Nice to meet ya.
Azusa: Azusa… …Haa… … I’m still throbbing somehow… …
Yui: … …Uhm, why does this matter to me… …?
Kou: Heh heh. Well, we just moved to this school today~.
Yui: Transfer students… …? But, do I have anything to do with you guys?
Ruki: … … You surely believe you’re on top. … … Don’t open your mouth like that to your superiors.
Yui: Eh… …!?
Ruki: Don’t turn your face away. You should be looking straight at me with high spirits.
Yui: Uh… …
???: … …What are you doing? You.
Yui: Uh… …Shuu-san… …!?
Shuu: Sigh… …and it happens to be at a bothersome place… …
Shuu: But, it would be even more troublesome to leave you alone… …That guy… …will you let her go?
Ruki: Hmph… …The Sakamaki’s… …eldest son… … Oi, Yuma.
Yuma: Tch! I let go. You should back away too. … …let’s just get out of here!
Yui: … …!?
Shuu: … … … …
Shuu: (… …That guy… …? No… … … …It’s just my imagination)
Yui: Shuu-san… …!
Shuu: Don’t think you’re worth anything to me… …Geesh… …how bothersome, why do you make it more difficult?
Yui: I-I’m sorry… …
Reiji: What’s with all the commotion? Hm? You… …
Ruki: Let’s go you guys.
Azusa: Eve… …see you later… … Play with me then… …?
Kou: Bai Bai ♪
Yuma: Tch… …Whatever… …so out of order… …Geez… …
Subaru: … …Oi, what do you mean by that?
Yui: ! Subaru-kun
Yui: To me… …everything and those people… …who talked to me so suddenly… …I don’t understand any of this… …
Reiji: … … … …
Subaru: Tch… …
Laito: What is this? This strange atmosphere… …did something happen?
Ayato: I saw those guys pass by before, no way, you… …
Yui: It’s alright, Shuu-san had come… …
Shuu: I didn’t even do anything.
Ayato: I’ll crush those guys the next time we meet them… …it’ll be arranged… …
Kanato: Ugh… …Their… …scent… …
Subaru: It stinks… …
Reiji: Hmm. Indeed.
Yui: Reiji-san?
Reiji: … …With all of the members gathered as such, let’s return home. The vehicle is awaiting for our arrival.
Yui: The limousine, it’s repaired?
Reiji: No, another one was prepared.
Laito: Fufu. Bitch-chan will sit next to me this time… …Fufu.
Reiji: Do as you will. Just quickly take your seats please.
Yui: Oh! But, the baggage… …!
Reiji: The familiar will take it. Now, hurry!
Yui: Yes… …
Yui: (I wonder… …a little while ago, those people… …)
Yui: (Is there a look-alike who goes by the name Eve… …?)
Yui: (But, they way they talked and their tone seemed like conclusive evidence… …)
Yui: (… …The person in my dream… …and those guys, are they connected?)

In the Limousine
Subaru: ――When we were coming to school… ..
Shuu: Ah?
Subaru: The accident could be the work of those guys.
Yui: Eh… …?
Kanato: Maybe so… …Considering… …I smelt it.
Ayato: Ah. yeah yeah.
Yui: Smell? I… …didn’t smell anything… …
Laito: Bitch-chan. Do you want to be punished for being senile? Of course you can’t smell it.
Laito: That… …wasn’t the scent of a purebred vampire.
Yui: Eh… …!? Those people are vampires?
Reiji: You are too foolish to notice such… …Good grief… …I told you to be cautious.
Shuu: … …Those guys… …they go to our school now… …?
Yui: They said that they were transfer students… …
Shuu: It seems like, they have already become attached to you.
Laito: Haha. Shuu, isn’t it unusual for you to feel uneasy? Are you jealous? Fufu… …
Shuu: Bothersome… …I’m in a bad mood now. My music is spoiled because of your useless chattering.
Shuu: … … As for the concept of jealousy, it’s impossible for me to express… …you imitated pervert.
Laito: … … Do you want to be killed?
Shuu: Hmph… …whatever you like?
Yui: (… …Somehow, everyone seems to be irritated.They said that they’ve experienced this before, but it still bothers them)
Yui: (But they’re not doing anything… …)
Yui: (As for those people coming to me, could it be that I’m connected to the Sakamakis)
Yui: (And I don’t understand why they keep calling me Eve… …)
Yui: (Sigh… …Somehow… …I’m really tired today… …I’ll just take a shower and go to bed early… …)

In a Faded Room
Yui: (Eh… …?)
Yui: (Where on earth… …am I?)
???: Ahh… …So we meet again.
Yui: You… …
???: I shall put a spell on you.
???: If this does not succeed, then all meaning is lost, it rewounds.
Yui: … …?
???: ――The daughter of the Vampire King, I have come to pick you up.
Yui: Uh… …my, heart… …
???: With you involved, will the apple rot… …? Now… …you must come here.
Yui: … …!?
Yui: (His fangs… …are on my neck… …)
Yui: W-what… …
???: You do not need to be afraid. … … Hey, close your eyes… …
???: By doing this, there’s meaning to it… …Now, keep still… …*bites*… …

???: Ngh… …Nn… …
Yui: (Aah… …my blood… …he’s sucking it?
Yui: St… …stop… …
???: Mm… …Fu… …
Yui: Agh… …
Yui: (My body… …I’m losing power… …what is this… …I… …feel like I’m going to die somehow… …)
???: This is good… …

Yui: … …!?
???: Hmp Hmp, this seems to have carried out well.
Yui: What… …?
???: Haha. Eve wants to know. Your fear should be rolling to the outskirts.
???: Now, Eve. The change is completed. Everyone awaits.
Yui: Just now… …?
???: Heh… … It’s all to be understood soon… …There’s no need to hurry.
Yui: W-wait a minute… …please wait! You… …!?

In Yui’s Bedroom
Yui: … …!?
???: … …!
Yui: Who… …?
???: What did you do… …?
Yui: Oh… …It’s you, Richter-san… …?
Yui: (If I remember correctly, he’s their uncle… …)
Richter: Answer honestly. What have you done to my love?
Yui: Eh… …!?
Richter: Answer at once. Otherwise, I’ll take that heart right out of your body.
Yui: What… …do you mean… …?
Richter: Since last night… … the sign of Cordelia has disappeared.
Yui: … … !?
Richter: What kind of petty tricks are you playing!? Answer me!
Yui: Aah.. …s- stop… …it hurts… …!
Richter: Agh… …!?
Richter: Surely… …it can’t be… …
Yui: Eh… …*heavy breathing*… …*coughing*… …
Ayato: Oi, Chichinashi. Just now… ..wait!? Aah? What are you doing Richter… …
Yui: A,Ayato-kun… …!
Richter: Ayato… …what happened… …Did you notice it?
Ayato: Ha? Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? Are you half-asleep?
Richter: Well… …older brother… …argh… …you see… …you all… …should know…. …
Ayato: Oi Richter, where are you going?
Richter: … … … …
Ayato: What’s with that guy… …? Oi, Chichinashi… …
Yui: … … … …
Ayato: Chi-chi-na-shi !! Are you listening to me!
Yui: Oh… …yeah, I hear you… …Thank you, Ayato-kun.
Ayato: Ah… …damn it… …It’ll be hard to go back to sleep now… … *yawn*… …Tired… …
Ayato: Oi, you should lock your room when you’re sleeping. You can give your blood away in your sleep.
Yui: Yeah, good night.
Yui: (What happened… …just now… …)
Yui: (Also, I had that strange dream again… …)
Yui: My neck… …there’s fang marks there after all… …is this from the dream I had a little while ago?
Yui: (Richter-san looked surprised when he saw it… … and then grieved from the sight… …)
Yui: A strange thing must’ve happened yesterday… …What was it… …?

休む [Lie Down/Rest]ー>Sakamaki Family
起きる[Get Up/Wake]ー>Mukami Family

The first time you play, this option isn’t available, you’ll follow the Sakamaki route, once you complete a route, you’ll be able to choose for the Mukami route.

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Diabolik Lovers, More Blood, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD Screencaps (English Translation)

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Options Menu

Diabolik Lovers System Options


1: Message Speed Bulk – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set the display speed of the characters text.

2: Auto Speed High Speed – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set the display speed of Auto Mode.

3: Auto Speed Automatic Release On – Off
Explanation = Select whether you want the Auto Mode to be automatically released.

4: Skip Mode Already Read – Unread
Explanation = Select whether you want the skip mode for Already Read of Unread.
(When it is set to already read, you’ll only be able to skip parts you’ve already seen)

5: Skip Speed High Speed – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set display speed in Skip Mode.

6: Skip Mode Automatic Release On – Off
Explanation = Select whether you want the Skip Mode to be automatically released.

7: Heroine’s Face On – Off
Explanation = Set the display of the main character.
(Do you want to see Yui’s face or not)

8: Data Installation  On – Off
Explanation = Set up ‘Data Installation’

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Volume Options

1: Voice = Set the volume of the characters voices.

2: BGM = Set the volume of the Back Ground Music.

3: Scenario SE = Set the volume of the scenario Sound Effects.

4: System SE = Set the volume of the system Sound Effects.


The text on the pictures is their name.

Explanation: Set whether to play the characters voice or not.

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Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 10: New Year (English Translation)

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Tsubaki: New Year’s hug~!
Ema: Kyaa!? Tsu-Tsubaki-san!?
Tsubaki: Hm~ this year too, Ema still feels nice to hug. I want to hug you from now on too. Please let me do so. Though, I can force you to!
Ema: (So basically it doesn’t matter whether I agree to it or not, huh….)
Yusuke: O-oi, Tsuba-nii!? Bastard, why are you hugging her!?
Tsubaki: Because I want to hug her, so I do it. Do you have a problem with it?
Yusuke: Of course I do!!
Ema: There, there, Yusuke-kun, calm down….
Yusuke: You should turn him down too!
Ema: Whether I turn him down or not, the result will be the same, Yusuke-kun. I realized it earlier….
Yusuke: W-What were you saying???
Tsubaki: Hey, Ema. Won’t you visit the shrine with me?
Yusuke: Don’t you start ignoring me!
Tsubaki: Ah, you’re still here? Red guy.
Yusuke: Shut up! And beside, I was thinking to visit the shrine too. That’s why, y-you should come too.
Tsubaki: There’s no helping it, huh? Shall we include Yusuke in as well, Ema?
Yusuke: It’s not for Tsuba-nii to decide!
Ema: Ahahaha….
Ema: (I’m glad that I can visit the shrine together with Tsubaki-san and Yusuke-san, but….)
Yusuke: Ah? What’s wrong, zoning out like that?
Ema: N-nothing’s wrong!
Ema: (Just now… I came to wonder where Kaname-san is right now….)

1: Go with them
2: I want to go with Kaname-san… (heart)

1: Go with them
Ema: (If we’re talking about Kaname-san, he’s probably picking up girls somewhere around there… I’d better not mind him….)
Ema: Erh, then, let’s visit the shrine together. The three of us.
Tsubaki: The three of us, huh~.
Yusuke: The three of us?
Ema: (After that, we finished visiting the shrine together. Tsubaki-san and Yusuke-kun seemed to take their time praying there….)
Ema: (I’m glad we came here together. I hope we’ll have a nice year ahead of us.)

2: I want to go with Kaname-san…
Ema: (Kaname-san… I wonder where he is now… I wanted to go with him, but….)
Ema: (-Wait, huh…!?)
Ema: (N-no way. Stupid of me, why did I think of him…? Nah, forget it! Forget about it!)
Ema: Uhm, I’ll go with you guys to visit the shrine!
Tsubaki: Ooh ★ Then, let’s go!
Ema: (I hope that the whole family will be healthy and sound this year as well…!)
Ema: (…Okay, I prayed properly.)
Tsubaki: May my performance become better.  May I get a lot of jobs. May I receive an award. May I be able to buy limited edition figurines. May my favorite light novel be adapted into an anime.
Tsubaki: May my little sister become my lover.
Tsubaki: Or may she say “I can’t see anything but Tsubaki-san!” while leaping into my arms. Then if possible, may we cross the boundary.
Yusuke: N-next year let me be in the same class as her too, having her say “let’s go to the same university ♥” would be nice too, hm…. Let that jerk Sasakura be in a different class.
Yusuke: And then, I want my brothers who made a pass at her to
quickly fall out. Seriously. I also wanted to try to hug her too….
Yusuke: Ah, I lied, I just went ahead of myself. I’m sorry, God.
Ema: (…These people, just what are they praying for?)
???: Come here. … Quietly, okay?
Ema: (Eh…!? S-someone dragged me away!?)
Ema: Ah… Ka-Kaname-san!?
Kaname: I didn’t know that you went to visit the shrine with Tsuba-chan and Yu-chan. I was feeling really lonely~.
Ema: Eeh? T-then, shall we go together now? Visiting the shrine….
Kaname: Nah, it’s alright. After all, I’m a monk.
Ema: Huh?
Kaname: Gods are indefinite existence, so I don’t believe in it~.
Ema: Then, it’s okay for you not to visit the shrine….
Kaname: Well, yeah. But, seeing you went together with someone else doesn’t sit well with me.
Ema: Eh…?
Kaname: …I wonder why.
Ema: Kaname-san……?
Kaname: Nah. It’s nothing. By the way, what did you pray about?
Kaname: About the future of the two of us, perhaps?
Ema: Huh…………eh?
Kaname: Eh? What’s with that lame reaction? You didn’t wish for a future with me?
Ema: I prayed for the family, including Kaname-san obviously.
Kaname: Eeeh~ no waay.
Ema: (He’s just as usual, huh, this guy….)
Ema: By the way… Kaname-san, is it alright for you to take a break from work today?
Kaname: Aah, our place is closed until the 7th.
Ema: Eh-?
Ema: Do temples have day-offs? Moreover, on New Year!?)
Ema: …Isn’t it weird?
Kaname: Why?
Ema: Why, you ask….
Ema: (Just what kind of place is Kaname-san’s temple…? I want to ask, but… I can’t…!)
Tsubaki: The temple where Kana-nii works at is, you see~
Ema: Whoa!? Tsubaki-san!
Tsubaki: It’s alias is “host temple”, and it’s a very screwed up place. That’s why it’s closed on New Year!
Ema: H-host temple…!?
Ema: (Don’t tell me, there are other monks who are just like Kaname-san!?)
Kaname: Ah~, Tsuba-chan. What are you spouting just right after you popped up all of sudden? Don’t whisper weird things to Imouto-chan.
Tsubaki: The one who popped up all of sudden are you! Beside, just when I finished visiting the shrine, Ema had suddenly disappeared so I was very panicked.
Ema: Ah. I-I’m sorry, Tsubaki-san. I suddenly got kidnapped by Kaname-san.
Kaname: Kidnapped!?
Tsubaki: Uwaah, just as I thought! Kana-nii, right on New Year you’re already being disgusting.
Ema: By the way, Tsubaki-san. Where is Yusuke-kun…?
Tsubaki: Ah, I thought that he’s annoying, so I dumped him.
Kaname: Uwaah. Tsuba-chan, you treated your little brother horribly. Disgusting.
Tsubaki: I don’t want to hear that from Kana-nii!
Kaname: I don’t want to hear it from Tsuba-chan too!
Ema: (Fufuu, even though they say something and other, these brothers are close, huh.)
Ema: (Just like this, I’m glad the whole family came to visit the shrine.)

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Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Family Team (English Translation)

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Fuuto: I’m home.
Ema: Ah, Fuuto-kun, welcome back.
Masaomi: Welcome back, Fuuto.
Ema: Fuuto-kun, have you ate dinner yet?
Fuuto: Not yet.
Ema: If you want to eat, shall I prepare it right away?
Fuuto: Yeah, please. …… huh, you, you were watching a DVD?
Ema: Ah, yeah. It’s one that I borrowed today. I was watching it with Masaomi-san.
Fuuto: How odd for you to watch DVD with Masa-nii.
Masaomi: Yeah. There are things related to medical care in it, but it’s surprisingly interesting. It’s just…… the surgery scene is…… a bit tense…… .
Ema: Ahaha…… .
Fuuto: Hmm. Huh, this is…… .
Masaomi: What’s wrong?
Fuuto: I was thinking that I should definitely watch this, once its DVD version is out. …… because my favorite actor appears here.
Masaomi: Hee, is that so.
Ema: Then, Fuuto-kun should watch it together with us!
Fuuto: But I prefer watching DVDs alone, quietly.
Ema: I, is that so…… .
Fuuto: …… but, if it’s with you and Masa-nii, I guess it’s okay. You’re hardly the noisy type after all
Masaomi: Hm ……. then, because you won’t be able to understand if you watch it from the middle part, let’s watch it again from the beginning. Is that alright?
Ema: Yes, of course.
Fuuto: Huh? It’s fine with me. The two of you have watched it up to the middle, right? It’s fine to continue from there.
Masaomi: But, it would be more interesting to watch from the beginning, right?
Fuuto: I said, it’s alright not to take me into consideration.
Ema: Ah, then, while I prepare Fuuto-kun’s dinner, it’ll be alright if Fuuto-kun waits while watching the movie, right?
Masaomi: Yeah. We haven’t watched it for 30 minutes or so, so it’ll be just fine.
Masaomi: Beside, there’s a scene that I would like to see again, so it’ll be better to start from the beginning.
Fuuto: ………… *sigh*, I understand. If you insist, then let’s watch from the beginning.
Fuuto: …… really, the two of you attend to others way too much. Well, it’s not like I mind.
Ema: In that case, I’m going to prepare your dinner, so wait for a little bit, okay.
Fuuto: Yeah, yeah.
Ema: (Watching DVD with Masaomi-san and Fuuto-kun feels kind of refreshing…… .)
Ema: (It’s a weird combination, but it feels so family-ish. I guess I’m a bit happy like this.)

Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: New Game (English Translation)

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???: Hey, you, peasant!
Ema: (That voice…)
Ema: Fuuto-kun, is it okay for you to be here?!
Fuuto: Of course it isn’t.
Ema: Then why…
Fuuto: I was gonna take a taxi home, but then I saw you. So I came over.
Fuuto: Though I can’t stay long.
Ema: W-wait! I’m just on my way home, too, how about we go together?
Fuuto: ‘Kay.
Ema: (…Ah!)
Ema: Wait a bit, Fuuto-kun. The shop here has a demo for a new game!
Fuuto: …So?
Ema: Well…it’s a co-op shooting game, based on a movie that you said you liked…
Fuuto: …And?
Ema: So, um…
Ema: (I can’t ask Fuuto if I can try it…Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…)
Natsume: Hey. What are you two doing out here.
Ema: Natsume-san?!
Fuuto: Ah, the ghost of Hakone.
Natsume: Ghost of…! …Never mind. Going home?
Ema: Yes. What about you?
Natsume: I’m heading to work. You wanted to play the demo?
Ema: Oh, um, no…
Natsume: It’s still in development, but it turned out enjoyable.
Ema: Really?!
Natsume: Wanna try it for a bit? It supports multiplayer, so the three of us can go.
Fuuto: Huh? Why should I play with a dumb girl and a ghost in the middle of the street?
Ema: You have a point…
Fuuto: I’m going. Can’t have this street crowded because you’re playing. See you.
Ema: Wait, Fuuto-kun…!!
Ema: (He’s gone…)
Natsume: He’s always been like that…
Ema: Was he angry…?
Natsume: Well, he didn’t sulk as much or leave suddenly.
Ema: Huh?
Natsume: You wanted to play that game, right? I think he was holding onto his patience, then left smoothly when I arrived.
Ema: I…see…
Natsume: …So, you wanna play after all?
Ema: Okay…but only once. I want to apologize to Fuuto-kun soon…
Natsume: …I thought you’d say that. Right, let’s go.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Wow, your accuracy is good, Natsume-san!!
Natsume: Look to your left, not at me.
Ema: Okay, I’ll take care of it!
Ema: (Natsume-san was really good. I can’t lose with him here…!)
Natsume: You’re pretty good, too. You’ve got more kills than I did.
Ema: Zombie games are my specialty!
Natsume: Huh…wait, what’s with this huge crowd…?
Ema: Oh…I didn’t notice them at all since…
Natsume: Were they looking at us?
Ema: It’s a little embarrassing…I’ll be going.
Natsume: Ah, yeah. I need to head back.
Ema: Thank you so much, Natsume-san!
Natsume: Ah, thanks, too, for the change of pace. Tell that to Fuuto, too.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (I had fun playing with Natsume-san today.)
Ema: (But it would be more fun if Fuuto-kun joined next time…)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 7 (English Translation)

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In the Church

Yui: Ah, it should be fine now.
Yui: (Everything is prepared for the mass…what else is there for me to do?)
Yui: (The Church Father who replaced Father asked me to come here to help prepare for the mass later.)
Yui: (Compared to that house, I feel more at peace here.)
Yui: (Even though I really want to tell him my predicament and ask for his help…)
Yui: (But if Subaru-kun finds out, who knows what he’ll do…)
Yui: (So I’ve kept my mouth shut. I’m not brave at all.)
Subaru: Oi, you!
Yui: Eh…? S-Subaru-kun! Why are you here?
Yui: (He scared me! I was just thinking about him…!)
Subaru: What are you doing? You didn’t learn your lesson at all, and you even came here to prepare for the mass.
Subaru: And I already told you that you had to tell me wherever you’re going.
Subaru: My possessions should not run around as they please!
Yui: Y-your possessions…I didn’t plan to completely listen to Subaru-kun’s orders…
Yui: No matter what you say, I had to help prepare for the mass…
Subaru: …tch.
Yui: Also, you came here to find me because you wanted something with me, right? Can you tell me when we get home?
Subaru: You’re very straightforward today.
Yui: Ah, really? That’s because the mass preparations are already finished. And haven’t I always been straightforward?
Yui: (The place Subaru-kun destroyed earlier was just repaired. If he wrecks another place, that would be bad.)
Yui: (I have to be careful not to anger him and lead him to another location…)
Subaru: …
Subaru: …so it’s like that.
Yui: Eh?
Subaru: Even though you’re already stupid, you still know how to play dumb, don’t you?
Subaru: Though, seeing you like this…
Subaru: I’ll want to destroy even more!
Yui: Ehh?!
Yui: T-the chair broke…! How could you…!
Subaru: Heheh…it flew so far away. Now then, what should I destroy next?
Yui: If you are aware of it, then please don’t do it! Why are you so evil?!
Subaru: Like I said, I want to make fun of you.
Subaru: Doing things you hate and looking at that tearful expression…heheh.
Subaru: I want to bully you even more. I want to destroy your happiness.
Subaru: …till the point where you can’t take it anymore.
Yui: What…?!
Subaru: That’s it. This expression…let me look at it even more…
Yui: Ah…!
Subaru: What? Do you want to run away?
Subaru: If you want to run away, go tire yourself out. But remember, I’m still here.
Subaru: This time, I’ll destroy this whole place.
Subaru: Well, since you’ve decided, I’ll start with the heaviest and most obstructive place.
Yui: No, please stop! Don’t destroy anything!!
Subaru: …heh.
Yui: Kyaa!
Subaru: Heh…what if I broke you into two pieces like that?
Subaru: You want me to break you, don’t you?
Yui: W-what are you saying…?!

Choose: If you break me… (S choice)
Yui: If you break me… I want to break with Subaru-kun….
Subaru: Huh? What are you talking about?
Yui: ……..!
Yui: (It’s true. What am I doing?)
Subaru: Even when I just smell your blood, I want to suck more and more, your whole body is inviting me…..
Subaru: Hehe….. Well it’s not bad to be invited so directly by you.

Choose: I’d hate that. (M choice)
Yui: No matter what it is, I hate it!
Subaru: …heh, you’re so stubborn. Isn’t it better to just stand there and let me destroy everything?
Yui: How can I do that?! That’s enough, let go of me!
Subaru: …

Subaru: Now that you mention it…
Subaru: If you are willing to unconditionally agree to something, I can leave this place.
Yui: Agree to something…?
Subaru: Yeah. Don’t try to resist me anymore. Just obey me.
Subaru: If you do, I’ll leave here without destroying anything.
Yui: Obey you with what?
Subaru: I’ll only tell you if you agree to the deal.
Yui: …
Yui: (Because this is Subaru-kun, if I refuse, he’ll definitely destroy this place…)
Yui: (He’ll probably just ask me to let him suck my blood or something like that, right?)
Yui: …I understand. I accept.
Subaru: Heheh, okay.
Yui: What is it? Do you want to suck my blood or something like that…?
Subaru: …
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun?! W-wait! Where are you going?!
Subaru: I’m obviously leaving. I won’t destroy anything in this place.
Yui: B-but, the agreement you spoke of…!
Subaru: …I’ll save it for later.
Yui: He left…
Yui: I…I agreed too quickly!

I watched, a little lost,
As Subaru-kun left with a mocking expression.
In order to prevent him from destroying the place, we had made an
Unconditional agreement where I would obey him.
After I heard his response, I regretted my decision.
However, in the time that I had lived with Subaru-kun,
I’ve learned that he can easily force me into listening to him.
I want to tell myself that I don’t need to excessively worry about it.

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