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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Where’s the Match? (English Translation)

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Yusuke: Hey, you…… are you free right now? How about…… we play Shougi for a bit?
Ema: Shougi? …… that’s fine with me, but getting an invitation to play from Yusuke-kun seems a bit odd?
Yusuke: Wh, whaa!? It’s, it’s nothing particular…… it just happens, okay!!
Yusuke: It, it just happens that you look like you have nothing to do so I thought of inviting you, it’s not that I’ve been wanting to ask you since earlier…….
Ema: Since earlier……?
Yusuke: Gah――!! Ne, never mind! It’s fine, let’s just do it right away! Yeah!
Ema: Y, yeah…….
Iori: Huh? …… the two of you are going to play Shougi?
Yusuke: Geh, Iori…….
Ema: (…… “Geh”?)
Ema: Yes. Yusuke-kun invited me to play.
Iori: Hmm…….
Ema: Speaking of which, have Iori-san and Yusuke-kun ever played Shougi together?
Yusuke: Wha-……!!
Iori: Just occasionally. Every time, Yusuke would suddenly come to my room, and then he will ask me, “Iori, let’s have a match!”.
Yusuke: Y, you’re wrong! It’s not like that, it’s not like I did it every time!!
Iori: Is that so? Though I never recalled ever becoming the one to ask you to play……?
Yusuke: Th, that’s…… true, but…….
Ema: By the way, which one of you is stronger?
Yusuke: D, do you have to ask so casually like that!?
Ema: Eh, but Iori-san and Yusuke-kun’s age gap is pretty close, so I think it seems like a good match.
Iori: Certainly…… the outcome so far, out of 17 matches I’ve scored 17 wins……
Yusuke: Gah――!! It, it has nothing to do with the past, right!? What’s more important is, right now, who’s the stronger one between us!!
Iori: Is that so? Though I think that the track record up until now is important……. well, there’s some truth in what Yusuke says, so while we have the chance…… how about we have a match now?
Yusuke: Eeh!!?
Iori: Ah, but right now Yusuke is about to have a match with you. It’ll be bad if I become a nuisance to you two’s match, so for now I’ll…….
Ema: No! I don’t mind, right now I really want Iori-san and Yusuke-kun to have a match!
Yusuke: Haaaaa!!?
Ema: I would like to see the two of you playing Shougi, and also Yusuke-kun, rather than having a match with me would prefer to get back at Iori-san…….
Yusuke: Wha-…… you, what are you deciding on your own……!
Iori: I’m fine with both options. What would you like to do, Yusuke?
Yusuke: Guh………… I get it! It’s alright if I do it, right!? Today, I’ll definitely win!!
Iori: Fufuu.
Ema: (Iori-san and Yusuke-kun’s Shougi showdown…… I’m looking forward to it!)


Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Darts Match (English Translation)

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Ema: Oh, Natsume-san, good evening.
Natsume: Mm, hey.
Ema: What are the three of you doing?
Tsubaki: A serious game of darts!
Azusa: Tsubaki really wanted to do it, and called Natsume over.
Natsume: I wasn’t even on a break, but Azusa said I had to come…
Azusa: Not exactly.
Natsume: Huh!?
Azusa: All I said was that Tsubaki might drop by your place if you didn’t come.
Natsume: That still means I had to come here no matter what…
Ema: Haha…
Tsubaki: Wanna play too, Ema?
Ema: It would be too sudden…I’ll just watch, thanks.
Tsubaki: Sure. Alright, continuing!

Tsubaki: Wait, when did I lose to you, Azuza?!
Azusa: And with that, I’m tied with Natsume.
Natsume: Right.
Tsubaki: Hey, we can’t stop now! I’ll make a comeback!!
Natsume: How can you make a comeback with that score?
Tsubaki: Sure I can! If I can hit and you guys miss!
Azusa: How is that possible?
Natsume: …Good luck…
Ema: (They’re like kids in their own world…)
Tsubaki: Aaaah, missed again! One more!
Natsume: Well, Azusa. Tsubaki wants another.
Azusa: Hmm…
Tsubaki: Pleeaaase, Azusa? For me?
Azusa: …Nope.
Natsume: And that’s it. I’m next.
Tsubaki: Azusa, you little…!
Ema: (I didn’t really think that Azusa-san would enjoy something like this…)
Ema: (It’s like I’m seeing another side of him.)

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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Day 12 (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (Huh…? That person…)
Haruhi: (On the way to the Host Club, I saw a person with an unfamiliar uniform)
Haruhi: (It’s Tamaki-senapi’s friend…. Léo-san….. I think…..)
Haruhi: (Could it be that on his way to the club room, he’d gotten lost?)

1: Call out to him
2: Do nothing

1: Call out to him
Haruhi: (Since he’s Tamaki-senpai’s friend, I can’t just leave him like that, can I?)
Haruhi: Excuse me…
Léo: Yes? … Huh? You’re from the Host Club!
Haruhi: (After I called out to him, his uneasy expression changed into a smiling face)
Haruhi: Hello.
Léo: H-Hello…
Haruhi: (… What just happened? For some reason, he’s gone back to having a worried expression on his face)

2: Do nothing
Haruhi: (It’s better to do nothing –If we were to go together, Hikaru wouldn’t be happy. I turn the other way when–)
Léo: Oh, excuse me.
Haruhi: (I was stopped…..)
Haruhi: Ah, yes….
Léo: I’ve gotten a bit lost– Huh? … If I remember correctly, you’re–
Haruhi: (… What just happened? For some reason, he’s gone back to having a worried expression on his face)

Haruhi: (….Maybe he doesn’t remember my name)
Haruhi: (It’s hard to hear that someone forgot your name, at times like this it’s best to introduce yourself again…..)
Haruhi: Um, I’m–
Léo: Whoa, wait a moment!
Haruhi: … What’s the matter?
Léo: I remember, I really do remember…
Haruhi: I don’t think you need to worry so much about it, though.
Léo: No, no, that’s no good. Yesterday, even though I heard your name so many times… I can’t be so impolite as to not remember.
Haruhi: … In that case, I’ll wait until you finally remember.
Léo: Thank you. I’m close to remembering, so just wait a little longer, okay?
Haruhi: (With that, Léo quietly closed his eyes)
Haruhi: (And so, five minutes just passed like that–)
Léo: Uh~~~~
Haruhi: (Léo-san is still thinking. It’s taking a long time…..)
Haruhi: (He’s trying so hard to remember, I’m starting to feel sorry for him….)
Haruhi: Um… if you at least heard my name, then I suppose it’s not really considered impolite?
Léo: … Is that so?
Haruhi: Yes.
Léo: … Then, do you remember my name?
Haruhi: (I remember that he’s called Léo, but I’m unsure of what his full name is…)

1: Jean Paul Léo
2: Jean Pierre Léo (Correct choice)

1: Jean Paul Léo
Haruhi: (If I’m not mistaken, it’s…
Haruhi: Jean Paul Léo.
Haruhi: (… It seems that I’ve got it wrong)
Léo: Well, it looks like we’re even, then.
Haruhi: Sorry, the only name I can remember is “Léo”.
Léo: Even if it’s only part of my name, I’m glad you remembered. Now, let’s start over. I’m Jean Pierre Léo.
Haruhi: I’m Haruhi Fujioka.
Léo: Nice to meet you, Haruhi.
Haruhi: (As he said that, Léo smiled sweetly.

2: Jean Pierre Léo
Haruhi: (If I’m not mistaken, it’s…)
Haruhi: Jean Pierre Léo.
Haruhi: (… Huh? Did I get it wrong?)
Léo: You are correct, Fujioka Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: Oh, so you’ve finally remembered?
Léo: Yes, I suddenly remembered your name, like a lightbulb got turned on.
Léo: Even though it took me a long time to remember… Nice to meet you, Haruhi.
Haruhi: (As he said that, Léo smiled sweetly)

Haruhi: Please treat me well from now on.
Haruhi: (When I put out my hand to shake— I got a gentle hug instead)
Haruhi: (Oh, I get it. Since he’s from a different country, I’ll have to greet him in a certain way. I’ll do it the way I saw in a movie I watched on TV the other day.)
Tamaki: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!
Haruhi: What’s the matter, Tamaki-senpai?
Tamaki: What are you two doing?!
Léo: It’s a greeting…?
Tamaki: That’s from France! This is Japan!!
Léo: If that’s the case, then why didn’t you say anything yesterday?
Haruhi: (Ah, that’s true)
Haruhi: (Under Tamaki-senpai’s menacing glare, Léo made a strange face as he separated from me)
Léo: Tamaki… isn’t that a little strange?
Tamaki: It’s because I’m Haruhi’s father!
Léo: Father? You, Tamaki?
Tamaki: Yeah, that’s right!
Haruhi: (I wonder where Tamaki-senpai’s selfconfidence comes from…..)
Haruhi: (Well, I don’t really want to listen to it, so it doesn’t matter. This is going to take a lot of time if we don’t go)
Haruhi: Léo-san, I’ll show you to the clubroom.
Léo: Eh? But Tamaki…
Haruhi: It’s fine. One real father is enough for me, so I’m okay.
Acknowledged as unneeded father
Tamaki: ………………
Léo: Quite the shock you must have received there, Tamaki…
Haruhi: It’s a normal thing.
Léo: … N-Normal…
Haruhi: Let’s leave now, the activities only start at the evening.
Léo: Y, yeah.
Haruhi: (Leaving behind Tamaki-senpai, I head to the clubroom with Léo-san)
Haruhi: (I show Léo-san the way–)
Haruhi: (….that? I suppose we should’ve come later, it’s very quiet)
Haruhi: (….there are fewer customers today)
Mitsukuni: It’s quiet.
Kyoya: Yes, indeed.
Haruhi: (While smiling, Kyoya-senpai looks at Léo-san)
Léo: Well, actually…..
Haruhi: (When Léo-san oppened his mouth–)
Haruhi: (The door opened, Wan-san and Gotokuji-san entered)
Wan: Let me explain about that matter.
Wan: –but before that. Léo, I told you not to move around like that.
Gotokuji: Don’t forget how your selfishness affects security.
Léo: ………Sorry.
Haruhi: (Léo-san, who got angry, begins to moan)
Wan: I will tell the story. –ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the Host Club of Kenran.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Haa!? I don’t understand. What’s the meaning of this?
Wan: For the purpose of exchanging club activities, the permission from botch chairmen was given. So there’s no problem.
Haruhi: (Since they have permission…. If they do that, there’ll be no costumers in the host club…)
Wan: Even if you file an objection, that’s fine, but you can’t refuse without justifiable reason.
Wan: So, I think such a thing shouldn’t be done…. what do you think?
Kyoya: I agree. If it’s to exchange club activities, we won’t dispute.
Hikaru: Hold on Kyoya-senpai….
Kaoru: We don’t agree….
Kyoya: Since they have permission, there’s nothing I can do. Besides, they are also worthy costumers.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Haa!?
Haruhi: (I understand that these 2 can’t be convinced. It’s as Kyoya-senpai said, I wonder what I can do…)
Haruhi: (Somehow, it has become serious again. It’s one thing after another)
Nekozawa: Disaster at the host club….
ひっ!? (What!?)
Haruhi: Ne, Nekozawa-senpai….
Haruhi: (I want him to stop appearing like that, for my hearts sake)
Nekozawa: The future of Fujioka-kun~, the jet black darkness is approaching….
Haruhi: …..ha
Nekozawa: Don’t be afraid…. If you joint the black magic club, we’ll give you the power to deal with it~
Haruhi: Eum, sorry. But that’s a bit hard to do….
Nekozawa: Is that so…. Now as a present a nice Belzenef~
Haruhi: (Well, Nekozawa-senpai left while whispering)
Haruhi: (I was told about evil things, but in the end it felt more like being invited to the black magic club)
Takashi: ….Haruhi, you’re up.
Haruhi: Ah, yes. Understood.
Haruhi: (That’s right. There really aren’t many costumers today)
Haruhi: (I still have to think about costumer service)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamikamo
4: It’s alright

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Kurakano)
Kurakano: I’m a little lonely today.
Haruhi: Well… occasionally, there are days like this.
Kurakano: ….There’ll never be a day where the host club is gone, right?
Haruhi: That’s–
Haruhi: (I don’t think something like that will happen….)

1A: Maybe
1B: Don’t worry (heart)

1A: Maybe
Haruhi: (When thinking about our costumers being invited to the host club of Kenran–)
Haruhi: Perhaps…
Kurakano: Haruhi-kun…. I don’t want such a thing.
Haruhi: (Oh, it’s gone. What was I thinking….)
Haruhi: ….Everyone, they were invited to the Kenran host club, they’ll soon be back again.
Kurakano: I hope so, but…..
Haruhi: There’s no problem.
Kurakano: …………
Haruhi: (I wish I was right…. Because right now, I’m not so sure about it….)

1B: Don’t worry
Haruhi: There’s nothing to worry about.
Kurakano: But, I am worried…
Haruhi: Because I can see miss Kurakano’s smile, I’ll be able to do my best.
Kurakano: ….If Haruhi-kun says so, I……
Haruhi: Thank you.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Sakurazuka)
Sakurazuka: It seems very difficult… I hope I can help in some way.
Haruhi: For today, everyone is just invited to another host club so it’s okay.
Haruhi: (Even if I say so, miss Sakurazuka’s expression isn’t clear. On the contrary, I feel like….)
Sakurazuka: ….Haruhi-kun, can we help out?
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (I’m happy she’s worried….)

2A: Please (heart)
2B: It’s okay

2A: Please
Haruhi: …Well then, may I ask a favor?
Sakurazuka: Yes, of course! Ask anything Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (….I’m happy, even though they can’t really help)
Haruhi: Please, just stay as you are.
Sakurazuka: Huh…? That’s it?
Haruhi: Yes. Please stay by my side.
Sakurazuka: ………Y, yes.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

2B: It’s okay
Haruhi: It’s okay.
Haruhi: (I can’t really ask anything….)
Sakurazuka: …..Oh. Sorry for saying something unnecessary.
Haruhi: Oh, no, that’s not…..
Haruhi: (Ah….. I wonder if it would be better if I had asked something)
Sakurazuka: Then, please tell me if there’s anything I can do.
Haruhi: Yes, I will.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

3: Miss Kamikamo
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Kamikamo)
Kamikamo: I declined, but I also received an invitation….
Haruhi: Is that so… But, I’m glad you came here.
Kamikamo: That’s only natural. But….
Haruhi: (Miss Kamikamo looks over the club room with a sad expression–)
Kamikamo: The calm atmosphere feels nice, but if feels somewhat lonesome….
Haruhi: (She sighed. I wonder what I should say now…)

3A: It can not be helped
3B: In this state…. (heart)

3A: It can not be helped
Haruhi: It can not be helped.
Haruhi: (If there’s another host club, anybody would be interested if they were invited to it….)
Kamikamo: I don’t think so….
Haruhi: But, it’s only for a while.
Kamikamo: I hope so, but…..
Haruhi: (Miss Kamikamo sighs, leaving an uneasy expression)
Haruhi: (…..I want to make sure no one worries too much)

3B: In this state….
Haruhi: No, in this state..
Kamikamo: Such a thing, Haruhi-kun…..
Haruhi: If it’s like this today, I’ll be able to spend a lot of time with miss Kamikamo.
Kamikamo: …..Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (The sad expression of miss Kamikamo quickly changed to a brighter one)
Haruhi: (…..I want to make sure no one worries too much)

4: It’s alright
Haruhi: (Even if I don’t serve anyone today, it should be alright, there are so few costumers…..)
Haruhi: (Recently, the arranging of the sweet shelves isn’t good….)
Haruhi: (In that case, I’ll just clean up)

Haruhi: (Because of the different atmosphere, miss Kurakano’s group has gone home for today… Only Léo-san’s group is left.)
Haruhi: (When thinking about it, I get at a strange feeling–)
Kyoya: Haruhi.
Haruhi: (I was called over by Kyoya-senpai. ….I wonder why everyone is gathering)
Haruhi: What happened?
Kyoya: It’s not a big deal.
Haruhi: (Even if Kyoya-senpai says so, when looking at Honey-senpai and Hikaru, it looks like ‘a lot of things’ happened)
Hikaru: What’s with this main course, it’s only vegetables!?
Tamaki: …..That’s because Léo is a vegetarian.
Kyoya: It also means that all the ingredients were provided ‘free of charge’ by Kenran Academy.
Haruhi: (Ah- , so today’s snack was sweets with vegetable sandwiches.)
Mitsukuni: However, I…. I think everyone is happy with sweets as a snack.
Kyoya: Vegetable cake has a natural sweetness.
Tamaki: Hmm…. A healthy cake that pulls out the unique sweetness of vegetables without using additional sugar….
Mitsukuni: Ohhh…. That’s it, Takashi~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai is in tears because of Tamaki-senpai’s explanation of the new menu.)
Takashi: ……It won’t hurt your teeth.
Mitsukuni: …..Waah! Takashi you idiot!!
Takashi: ……..Ah.
Hikaru: You see, even Honey-senpai is upset, isn’t it okay to just prepare something else?
Kaoru: That’s right, we won’t change the menu like that.
Kyoya: Unfortunately, it was conditional to alter ‘all menus’ with the providing of the ingredients.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is smiling. Because of that smile, Hikaru and Kaoru close their mouths.)
Tamaki: Even though it might be hard for us, I’m counting on all of you.
Hikaru: …………
Kaoru: …………
Mitsukuni: …………
Takashi: …………
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai is sulking because of earlier. Hikaru, Kaoru and Honey-senpai……)
Kyoya: Well, it can’t be helped. As discussed, we will separate into tables.
Kyoya: Léo-kun’s table with Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru. I will sit with Wan-kun. And I would like to ask you senpais to sit with Gotokuji-kun.
Haruhi: Huh? Where should I…..
Tamaki: Ahhh, Haruhi you can choose to sit wherever you’re ‘favorite place’ is.
Haruhi: Even if you hadn’t said that, I would’ve chosen my own table.
Tamaki: Really? That’s fine, but….
Haruhi: (Honestly……)

1: Léo-san
With Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru
2: Wan-san
With Kyoya
3: Gotokuji-san
With Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai

1: Léo-San
Haruhi: (Since it’s only Tamaki-senpai, I’m worried Hikaru and Kaoru might run away….)
Haruhi: I’ll go to Léo-san’s table.
Hikaru: Well then, Haruhi please follow me.
Kaoru: Because we will be going home.
Tamaki: Waaaaaait! You two are coming!!
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai caught the two who were casually trying to get away.)
Hikaru & Kaoru: No way! We don’t want to!!
Haruhi: (I wonder if it’ll be okay at Léo-san’s table under these conditions.)
Léo: …..If it wasn’t for Tamaki, I would be seriously wounded.
Tamaki: At that time…. I tried to return the small bird to its nest after it fell out.
Léo: After that, we were spotted by my father, we both got yelled at.
Haruhi: (It’s fun to talk about Léo-san and Tamaki-senpai’s past….. But Hikaru and Kaoru still have a muffled look.)
Haruhi: (…I wonder what I should do.)
Tamaki: Hikaru, Kaoru. Isn’t this a valuable opportunity to Léo’s story with me? There’s something I’d like to know, can I ask a question?
Hikaru & Kaoru: We don’t want to hear it.
Tamaki: ………………
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is trying to talk to them, but they’ve always been this way. I understand the feeling that Tamaki-senpai wants to sigh.)
Léo: …..So they really dislike me.
Haruhi: (Léo-san mumbled lonely.)
Léo: Last night, I heard Tamaki talking to one of you two on the phone. I was looking forward to talking to you…..
Hikaru: You can’t tell us apart, so don’t try to say that.
Tamaki: Hikaru, please…..
Kaoru: After all, he’s on their side.
Hikaru: He’s more important than we are.
Tamaki: Whether or not your side is important, is not what we’re talking about now. I am….
Hikaru & Kaoru: Yeah whatever.
Tamaki: Ah euhh…
Haruhi: (Léo-san is looking at Tamaki-senpai with a smile, whom is having trouble with Hikaru and Kaoru.)
Léo: Tamaki, I envy you.
Tamaki: …..Eh?
Léo: Because everyone seems to be on good terms. Our hostclub is still scattered.
Léo: Wan and Yoshitsuna are private… They won’t play with me…..
Tamaki: It’s alright. Since it’s you Léo, I’m sure you’ll get along.
Léo: ….I don’t think so.
Tamaki: You often brought people to us.
Léo: I was the one who called out, but everyone just gathered because you were there Tamaki. Besides, here–
Tamaki: Oh… Do you mean Josette? She always gave cookies to us when she baked them.
Léo: You remember Josette, don’t you?
Tamaki: I wouldn’t be able to forget such kindness. She is also a childhood friend of you Léo.
Léo: Ah, that’s right! Josette was very talented, not only in sweets but other dishes too!
Tamaki: Ohh….
Haruhi: (From there, the story went back to when they lived in France.)
Haruhi: (I looked at the 2 who were talking happily, while I was just listening.)

2: Wan-san
Haruhi: (The combination of Wan-san and Kyoya-senpai is somewhat dangerous….)
Haruhi: (Because it’s them, I’m not if I can do anything if something where to happen….)
Haruhi: I’ll go to Wan-san’s table with Kyoya-senpai.
Kyoya: ….I see. Shall we go then.
Wan: …..Your cherry-blossom room has a nice and calm atmosphere. The interior isn’t bad either.
Kyoya: Thank you. If you would like to use our department for a reference.
Wan: No no, thank you….
Haruhi: (I feel like I can’t get in on the conversation, invisible sparks are flying…..)
Kyoya: By the way, it seems Léo-kun acts freely like Tamaki.
Wan: Haha…. That’s right. He doesn’t think about the schedule here, so I have to use my burning power.
Kyoya: …..That could also become a drawback, depending on the ability of the assistant.
Wan: Does that mean my burning power, is actually my lack of ability…..?
Kyoya: No no, I would never imply such a thing.
Wan: …………
Kyoya: …………
Haruhi: (I keep getting more frightened here….)
Haruhi: (I want to leave here. I need an excuse to leave my seat….)
Haruhi: (….Ah, that’s right.)
Haruhi: Oh, I’ll bring some refreshments.
Harurhi: (I try to leave when saying so–)
Wan: No, that’s not necessary.
Haruhi: ….Alright.
Failed To Leave
Haruhi: (When saying it so clearly, I can’t recommend anything else.)
Wan: ….I don’t have the right to choose the top. After all, it’s just a club activity. Ootori-kun and myself are going to be in a economic position in the future–
Haruhi: (Wan-san smiles when saying that.)
Wan: Ahh, excuse me. Because Ootori-kun has an older brother, he can’t become head of the family.
Kyoya: …………
Haruhi: That’s not related to each other, is it?
Haruhi: (Even though I don’t know much about taking over the role of the head of a family, what Wan-san is saying does seem strange.)
Wan: Hmm…. Is it something a commoner can’t understand?
Haruhi: What do you mean?
Kyoya: I you wish to be a man at the top Wan-san, it might be best to use your ‘eyes’ a bit more.
Wan: Oh…… Do you find value in commoners Ootori-kun?
Kyoya: Are you interested in hearing my opinion? That would the same as saying you can’t make the judgement for yourself.
Wan: –Ugh.
Haruhi: (This really is a horrible atmosphere…. I wonder if it’s alright at the other tables.)

3: Gotokuji-san
Haruhi: (I can go anywhere, but I’m worried about how Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san will interact witch each other…..)
Haruhi: I’ll got to the table with Gotokuji-san.
Mitsukuni: Hooray! Together with Haru-chan~
Takashi: …..Let’s go.
Mitsukuni: Ah- Wait Takashi.
Haruhi: (It seems Mori-senpai is going to walk ahead, somewhat different from the usual…..)
Mitsukuni: The cake isn’t sweet afterall….
Haruhi: (In this rugged atmosphere, Honey-senpai pokes the cake while sighing.)
Takashi: …………
Gotokuji: …………
Haruhi: (Somehow as expected, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san keep staring at each other without breaking eye contact.)
Haruhi: (….This would be very scary if Honey-senpai wasn’t here.)
Mitsukuni: Hey, Gou-chan. Ah, are you alright with Gou-chan?
Gotokuji: …..Ahh?
Mitsukuni: Want some cake? I’ll share mine~
Gotokuji: Don’t want any.
Mitsukuni: Then, would you like to borrow my Usa-chan?
Gotokuji: ….Tch.
Mitsukuni: *sigh*…. Gou-chan got angry~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai clinges to me with teary eyes.)
Haruhi: It’s alright, Honey-senpai.
Haruhi: (I’m not sure how Mori-senpai will react, what should I do….)
Gotokuji: I didn’t think I’d meet a trash guard such as Morinozuka.
Takashi: …………
Gotokuji: Say something.
Takashi: ….There’s no reason to fight.
Gotokuji: I’ll make one if necessary.
Haruhi: (I wonder why, but Gotokuji-san seems to have harsh feelings towards the ‘Morinozuka’ family.)
Haruhi: (No, I need to think calmly about this…..)
Haruhi: Please calm down, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san.
Haruhi: (While I was thinking it might be better to notify Tamaki-senpai and Léo-san about this situation.)
Mitsukuni: Hey, why do you want to fight so badly?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai came in between the two.)
Gotokuji: To me, strength is everything…. It should be the same for Morinozuka.
Mitsukuni: Takashi doesn’t have those kind of feelings.
Haruhi: (Instead of Mori-senpai, Honey-senpai is the one who answers.)
Gotokuji: …..What?
Mitsukuni: Besides, those who just stick to visible strength, can’t win against Takashi.
Gotokuji: ….What do you mean?
Mitsukuni: It’s just that the difference in power isn’t just ‘strength”.
Haruhi: (It’s as if Honey-senpai is saying that the strength of Gotokuji-san is different….)
Haruhi: ….What even is ‘strength’?
Haruhi: (As I say this, everyone gazes at me.)
Haruhi: I don’t know much about martial arts, but to me it seems ‘strength’ comes in various forms.
Mitsukuni: Haru-chan, I know that.
Haruhi: ……Ahh, is that so?
Mitsukuni: Yep! I didn’t know before though–
Mitsukuni: At that time, after talking to Tama-chan, I understood it.
Haruhi: (….What does Tamaki-senpai have to do with it?)
Gotokuji: …..I don’t understand it.
Haruhi: (When he said that, everyone went silent.
Haruhi: (…..It’s good that the discussion ended, I wonder if it’ll be like this every day.

Haruhi: It…. was a long day….
Haruhi: (Léo-san’s group is finally out, we can take a breather.)
Haruhi: (It’s the first time, in a long time, that I’ve felt this way.)
Haruhi: (If I think that this will continue every day, I can only sigh.)
Haruhi: (I wonder how everyone is doing…..)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
8: Previous page

1 Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Tamaki-senpai.)
Haruhi: Euhh Tamaki-senpai–
Tamaki: Haruhi, perfect timing. Seeing you is a bit of a consolation…..  Should I have invited you here, glorious princess?
Tamaki: In the Ouran Hostclub, every princess will be entertained and offered refreshments.
Haruhi: That’s for sure…..
Haruhi: (However, when working in the hostclub it’s the other way around….)
Tamaki: Don’t you think so? After all, you are indebted to us….
Haruhi: (Even in such a situation, he’s still thinking about that….)
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai really is amazing.
Tamaki: Eh? What?
Haruhi: ….What do you think
Haruhi: (If I praise him too much, it’ll become bothersome.)

2 Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: Euhh, Kyoya-senpai.
Kyoya: Hmm, what’s wrong?
Haruhi: I was wondering why you seem happy when there’s such a bad atmosphere?
Kyoya: It seems it’ll be more interesting than expected.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai seems to be having fun, I feel like I’m totally against it….)
Kyoya: Don’t worry, you’ll see soon enough.
Haruhi: (Now I’m worried in another sense….)
Haruhi: (I wonder what will happen in the future.)

3 Hikaru
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Hikaru.)
Hikaru: I don’t know what to do.
Haruhi: (As soon as I approached him to call out, Hikaru sighed.)
Haruhi: Today was a tough one.
Hikaru: I hope they don’t come again. Well, I should take a break when they do come….
Haruhi: You don’t have to take a break.
Hikaru: Huh-? Would you miss me?
Haruhi: Yes… It would be a lie to say I wouldn’t feel lonely.
Hikaru: …..Haruhi.
Haruhi: But, if you really don’t want to talk to Tamaki-senpai, you should take a break.
Hikaru: Oh–
Haruhi: (I think I was replying properly, and it seems Hikaru’s mood is a bit better.)

5 Kaoru
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Kaoru.)
Kaoru: …….*sigh*
Haruhi: …What’s wrong, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Ah, Haruhi…. Hikaru wants to take a break until Léo-san stops coming.
Haruhi: Is that so……
Haruhi: (I don’t really care for Léo-san that much…..)
Kaoru: I don’t want to see him either.
Haruhi: But, I guess you don’t have to hate it so much.
Kaoru: I hate it…. Because our world was only made up of 2 people–
Kaoru: But, that time….
Kaoru: Yes from that time on, our world–
Haruhi: Eh?
Kaoru: No, nothing…. Hikaru is just a bit moody.
Haruhi: (I also care for Hikaru, but is Kaoru alright…..)

6 Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Honey-senpai.)
Mitsukuni: Haruchan!!
Haruhi: What’s wrong, Honey-senpai?
Mitsukuni: I got it~ The cake isn’t sweet at all~
Haruhi: Please calm down Honey-senpai…..
Mitsukuni: Hey Haru-chan, why is that? Who was bad….?
Haruhi: No, it’s not like that….
Haruhi: (Because there weren’t enough sweets, Honey-senpai’s thinking in a bad direction….. I don’t feel good about this.)
Haruhi: Oh, that’s right.
Haruhi: (Surely, in my pocket….)
Haruhi: Here you are. I got it yesterday. It’s a free sample of chocolate.
Haruhi: (After handing him the chocolate, Honey-senpai’s eyes shine.)
Mitsukuni: Wooow.
Haruhi: (He takes a bite from the chocolate, while smiling.)
Mitsukuni: Tasty~~♪
Haruhi: (He has a happy voice.)
Haruhi: (But, it soon turns back to a sad one.)
Mitsukuni: Tomorrow’s cake…. also won’t be sweet.
Haruhi: (Until the menu changes back to normal, everyday will be hard for Honey-senpai…..)

7 Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Mori-senpai.)
Haruhi: Are you also worried?
Takashi: …..Yeah.
Haruhi: (I tried talking to Mori-senpai who seemed to be thinking of something, but the reply was as expected–)
Haruhi: ….Eh? You said ‘Yeah’!?
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai nodded.)
Haruhi: (…I’m surprised. What is worrying Mori-senpai?)
Haruhi: What’s wrong?
Takashi: Actually…..
Haruhi: …Actually?
Takashi: Mitskuni has drank about 10 cups of sugar in his tea…..
Haruhi: *sigh*…….
Haruhi: Well, I guess that’s okay.
Takashi: ….is that so.
Haruhi: But, I think it’ll be bad for the body, so let’s reduce it to half.
Takashi: …..Oh, let’s do that.

Tamaki: Today’s business is over. Thank you all for your hard work.
Haruhi: (Time passed without clearing it somehow, it was time to end the club)
Haruhi: (I begin to prepare after hearing Tamaki-senpai’s voice, but everyone else seems tired)
Haruhi: (Just thinking about how this will continue every day, makes me feel exhausted…)

At home
Haruhi: (Since the guests were leaving the club room gently, it all went by smoothly…)
Haruhi: (It seems I got tired of being with Léo-san)
Haruhi: (I don’t think it changed much, but I’ll check the PC)
You’ll see your stats now
Haruhi: (I hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow at the host club but I doubt it)
Haruhi: (…I guess a lot is going on, but I have to work hard)
Haruhi: (Well, let’s go to bed)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 5 (English Translation)

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In the bathroom
Yui: What?!
Subaru: Tch. You’re damn noisy.
Subaru: Don’t yell so loud like that.
Yui: Subaru-kun!
Yui: Even if you say that, anybody would scream if they’re taking a shower, and there’s a broken wall right in the middle of it!
Yui: Fortunately I had finished bathing and I was half-dressed …
Yui: (I-I’m still changing, go somewhere else!!)
Subaru: … Tch, so noisy. Anyway I came here with a purpose.
Subaru: However, you’re telling me to leave, you’re saying some really stupid things!
???: -Oi, where did you go?! Tch … this bastard Subaru is so damned insolent, exactly the habit of a younger brother…
Yui: !
???: The one who did this was Subaru, wasn’t it? And the girl is there too?
Yui: (And-that voice … Ayato-kun?!)
Ayato: Oi, what are you doing running into this magical place? I haven’t finished talking to you!
Yui: ?! But I didn’t finish to get dressed yet! If Ayato-kun comes in…!
Yui: (Oh, no, what should I do?!)
Subaru: ……
Subaru: Don’t come in!
Ayato: Aa?
Yui: … Subaru-Kun?
Ayato: Haa?! Anyway you escaped halfway and ran into the bathroom, coward.
Ayato: Oi, I didn’t set the incident with you. You ate my takoyaki, so confess!
Subaru: … Tch. To have your takoyaki eaten…
Subaru: Who is the coward now?!
Subaru: Just get lost! If you come in, despite this, I’ll seriously break you into pieces!!
Ayato: … .. Haa? What the hell? Is your head getting hot? Are you seriously pissed?
Ayato: Anyway, I’m the victim here! Damn it…!
Ayato: A~ah, boring. I should just go somewhere else!
Yui: (… Thank goodness … it seems Ayato-kun left.)
Subaru: … Tch. He finally left.
Yui: Y-yes.
Yui: ( … Did Subaru-kun save me now, I wonder? …)

Choose: Thank you (Correct choice)
Choose: What are you hiding?

Yui: Uhm, thank you …
Subaru: Haa? Why are you thanking me?
Yui: Well, you saved me now, didn’t you?
Subaru: …… Wrong. I just didn’t want anyone getting in the way of my meal.
Yui: Hey!
Yui: B-but I’m only half dressed …
Subaru: Oh man, you’re so noisy! Just get up now!
Yui: (A-am I being held?!)
Subaru: If I hold you like this, then you won’t feel so aware of it, right?
Yui: I-if I feel conscious about it or not isn’t the problem!
Subaru: You’re damn noisy, shut up.
Subaru: Anyway, I’m not interested in your body. What I’m interested in is…
Subaru: … Only your blood.
Yui: !!
Subaru: I’m hungry. If you already know, then hurry up and let me drink your blood.
Yui: Ah …
Subaru: *bites* … nn … .nn …….
Yui: Nn ……
Yui: (… It’s not like he has to save me.)
Yui: (I already knew that from the beginning, but somehow…)
Subaru: … ..nn. Ha …. delicious.
Subaru: Your blood is really delicious … I unconsciously eat eagerly.
Subaru: Hm? You’re not going to resist now. Did you finally realize that it’s my food?
Yui: …….
Subaru: …… That’s good. Just hold still and take my fangs.
Subaru: …… At all times.
Yui: (I … why am I shocked…)

Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 4 (English Translation)

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In the hallway
Yui: Subaru-kun, I’m coming in.

Subaru’s room
Yui: I’m sorry I suddenly came here. Reiji-san told me to tell you to go downstairs to eat.
Yui: (I-is that a coffin?!)
Yui: (Eh…it really is a coffin! This is my first time seeing one. So vampires really sleep in coffins, huh…)
Yui: (So Subaru-kun’s in here?)
Yui: Subaru-kun, wake up!
Yui: It’s time to eat! If you don’t hurry up, Reiji-san’s going to get mad!
Yui: (Even though Reiji-san said that tonight was a family dinner, do they even need to eat?)
Yui: … …
Yui: (There was no reaction…could the coffin be sound-proof?)
Yui: (If that’s the case, he can’t hear me or my knocking…is there a way to open his coffin?)
Yui: (Ah! It’s so heavy.  I can’t lift the lid at all.)
Yui: (It looks like I can’t do this by myself. I’ll have to find someone else to help me.)
Yui: Since I already decided, I have to quickly find–
Yui: Ah!
Yui: …!?
Yui: Ah…it hurts…
Yui: (It’s so dark and narrow here…it felt like someone pulled me into here…where is this, anyway?)
Yui: (…am I in the coffin right now?)
Yui: The lid shut!?
Yui: (Why?!)
???: Stop moving around.
Yui: !
Yui: (That sounds like Subaru-kun’s voice…it sounds like he’s behind me…)
Yui: (So Subaru-kun is the one who pulled me in here?!)
Yui: Subaru-kun, is that you? So this place is actually…
Subaru: Inside my coffin.
Yui: Why did you pull me in here?! …it’s not convenient to talk in here, though, so let’s go outside first.
Yui: !?
Yui: (He’s biting my ear!?)
Subaru: I already told you to stop moving around.
Subaru: It’s very crowded in here, so do as I say.

Choose: Leave. (Correct choice)
Choose: Listen to him and stay.

Yui: Since it’s crowded, why don’t we just go outside…?
Subaru: I’m going to keep sleeping. So stop moving.
Subaru: …or maybe I should just bite you.
Yui: !?
Yui: (M-my ear was bitten again…!)
Yui: (But since we’re in a coffin, we’re very close to each other…)
Yui: (…so I can feel Subaru-kun next to me more than usual.)
Yui: … …
Subaru: Don’t lean over here. You’re very heavy.
Yui: S-sorry!
Yui: (If I think about how close I am to Subaru-kun right now, I feel nervous even with breathing.)
Subaru: Heh, you don’t have any energy left.
Subaru: Heheh…even though I didn’t even suck your blood. Didn’t you come here to tell me to go down for dinner?
Yui: Oh right! Subaru-kun, can you open the lid? I tried earlier but I couldn’t do it with my strength.
Subaru: … …
Yui: S-Subaru-kun?!
Yui: (His grip on my wrist suddenly got tighter…is he going to suck my blood?)
Subaru: …it’s fine like this.
Yui: What?
Subaru: Dinner will be in here tonight. So you can stay here with me and sleep.
Yui: (Is he trying to say I’m the food?)
Yui: N-no, we have to eat dinner with everyone today.
Subaru: They can do whatever they want.
Subaru: I’ll just eat you when I’m hungry.
Subaru: So…let me eat.
Yui: Kyaa..!
Yui: (What should I do? I can’t resist under these circumstances…!)

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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Brilliant…… (English Translation)

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Ema: (Even Hikaru-san is here for the board game…)
Hikaru: There, first!
Ukyo: It’s my turn, then.
Wataru: Ah!
Ukyo: Oh…I’m second.
Yusuke: Seriously…
Ema: Uh…my turn next…
Subaru: Ah!
Ema: Oh…I’m done, too!
Yusuke: Really…!
Wataru: Wow! Oneechan is so good!!
Yusuke: I’m next…ah!
Wataru: And Yuukun misses two turns!
Yusuke: Again…
Hikaru: Next is Subaru.
Subaru: Let’s do this…ah!
Wataru: Aaaand Subarun goes back ten places!
Subaru: Haaaah…
Wataru: This is our second game, but Yuukun and Subarun are last again!
Hikaru: …You guys are as bad in games as you are in life, huh…
Yusuke: Shut up!!
Subaru: Argh…
Ema: (Ahaha…)

Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Communication Play (English Translation)

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Ema: Natsume-san! Next, can you go over there!? There’s a monster that I can’t bring down there…….
Natsume: Ah, yeah.
Ema: Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san, please attack from rear.
Tsubaki: Roger…….
Azusa: Yeah…….
Ema: Ah-! Tsubaki-san, please don’t come too close to the enemy. It’s fine to attack from afar.
Tsubaki: Oh, ok…….
Tsubaki: …… I mean, isn’t Ema’s weapon pretty strong? How did you get such rare item?
Ema: Eh? This is an ordinary item, actually!
Tsubaki: Is, is that so……?
Ema: Azusa-san! If the enemy is crouching, that’s the signal of an upcoming attack. If you put some distance from it, it’ll be easy to avoid the attack.
Azusa: Ah, yeah…… I’ll try to be careful…….
Azusa: Hey, Ema. Certainly, this series’s prequel, you played it through, right?
Azusa: You took a considerable amount of gameplay, is what I heard from someone, but…….
Ema: It’s not like that. There is a far greater person than I am out there!
Ema: Rather than speaking of it, look, the enemy is approaching! Natsume-san, please don’t zone out!
Natsume: Ah, yeah…….
Natsume: In my company, this game is also pretty popular, but I don’t think there are that many people who has more game playtime than you do, or even as reckless as you are……?
Ema: Is that so? …… ah-, Natsume-san! I told you not to zone out, didn’t I! You openly received the enemy’s attack!
Natsume: Ah-, my bad…….
Ema: Yes! The next attack is coming!
Tsubaki: ……………….
Azusa: ……………….
Natsume: ……………….
Tsubaki: When Ema is playing a game, don’t you think that her personality changes?
Azusa: Certainly……. if I have to put it in a word…… powerful? No, aggressive, maybe…….
Natsume: …… right.
Ema: Alright! Everyone, here’s the chance to launch attacks!
Tsubaki: Ok…….
Azusa: Yes…….
Natsume: Yeah…….

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Ecstasy 1 (English Translation)

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Yui: Kanato-kun, are you there? School’s about to…
Kanato: *distant sobbing*
Yui: What’s wrong?
Kanato: Teddy’s…
Yui: Teddy? Ah.
Yui: (His stomach is torn)
Kanato: The Yarn’s falling out. Teddy will… !
Yui: It’s alright, Kanato-kun. I’ll fix it right away.
Kanato: Really?
Yui: Yup. Can I take a look?
Kanato: Yes.
Yui: Could I borrow Teddy for a day?
Yui: During that time I can sew his stomach.
Kanato: I understand. Please take care of Teddy.
Yui: Yes, got it. Huh?
Yui: (There’s something inside his belly)
Yui: Is that a bottle?
Kanato: …
Yui: (Inside there’s, ashes? What’s this doing inside of Teddy?)
Kanato: Seems Like you found it.
Yui: Uh, well, Sorry! I’ll put it back right away…
Kanato: It’s alright, it’s okay for you to see it.
Yui: Uhh.
Kanato: This is something very dear to me, would you like to know more about it?
Yui: (What should I do? I have a bad feeling about this. But…)
Kanato: Do you like it? This is a very important bottle. It’s sealed by magic.
Yui: This rose stamped bottle?
Kanato: Exactly. What do you think it is?
Yui: Uuuhm. Well.

Choose: Food (Correct choice)
Choose: Magical medicine

Yui: Food…?
Kanato: Food? Why do you think that?
Yui: I’ve read about something like it in a book.
Kanato: I see, because of the rose stamp you’d think that…
Yui: Am I wrong?
Kanato: Yes, this isn’t meant to just eat.
Kanato: It’s actually a medicine.
Yui: What??
Yui: (What is all this?)
Kanato: If you taste some of it you’ll really calm down.
Kanato: Like when I put some of it on my hand and lick like this.
Yui: (So it’s just ashes…)
Kanato: You have some too. I’ll especially share it.
Yui: Uhh…
Kanato: Just a tiny bit of it might make you feel completely different already. There you go.
Yui: …………
Yui: (It’s not medicine, is it?)
Kanato: Hurry.
Yui: Yes, alright. Just a little then.
Yui: (It doesn’t seem to have any flavor)
Kanato: *laughs* You licked it right? Did you swallow it?!
Yui: I did.
Kanato: That’s great. I’m so happy, knowing that’s mingling inside of you.
Yui: Uhm?
Kanato: Well then, let’s get ready for school.
Yui: Ah, yeah. I’ll take care of teddy then for the next day.
Kanato: Please do.
Yui: Yeah…
Yui: (It seems like Kanato’s tension faded… I wonder what that was all about.)
Yui: (Is it because of that medicine? It doesn’t seem to work on me though… ?)

Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Screencaps (English Translation)

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Options Menu

DL HDB Options System.png

1: Message Speed Bulk – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set the display speed of the characters text.

2: Auto Speed High Speed – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set the display speed of Auto Mode.

3: Auto Speed Automatic Release On – Off
Explanation = Select whether you want the Auto Mode to be automatically released.

4: Skip Mode Already Read – Unread
Explanation = Select whether you want the skip mode for Already Read of Unread.
(When it is set to already read, you’ll only be able to skip parts you’ve already seen)

5: Skip Speed High Speed – Fast – Usual – Slow
Explanation = Set display speed in Skip Mode.

6: Skip Mode Automatic Release On – Off
Explanation = Select whether you want the Skip Mode to be automatically released.

7: Heroine’s Face On – Off
Explanation = Set the display of the main character.
(Do you want to see Yui’s face or not)

8: Data Installation  On – Off
Explanation = Set up ‘Data Installation’

DL HDB Options Volume.png

1: Voice = Set the volume of the characters voices.

2: BGM = Set the volume of the Back Ground Music.

3: Scenario SE = Set the volume of the scenario Sound Effects.

4: System SE = Set the volume of the system Sound Effects.

DL HDB Options Voice.png

The text on the pictures is their name, the last on is other.

Explanation: Set whether to play the characters voice or not.


Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 4: Angry (English Translation)

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Ema: …Hah.
Ema: (Kaname-san has been peering at me more often… and I have to look away when it becomes to awkward…)
Ema: (It’s getting a little tiring… it’s good that I can relax here without him…)
Ema: This is getting bad…
Iori: What is? Are you alright?
Ema: I-Iori-san!
Iori: Wh-what?
Ema: Oh, nothing!
Ema: I was just…thinking. I’m sorry.
Iori: Please, don’t apologize. I was the rude one.
Iori: As for what you’re thinking… Is something troubling you?
Ema: Oh, no…I’m okay.
Ema: Besides, what are you doing here, Iori-san? I don’t really see you here at this time.
Iori: I was getting coffee. I need to stay up to prepare for my exams.
Ema: …So studying does tire you out.
Iori: Haha, what’s that mean? I get bored when I’m bad at what I’m studying.
Ema: You have subjects that you’re bad at?
Ema: Really…I’m surprised. You didn’t seem like the sort.
Iori: We’ll leave it at that. But I have to get better, or my grades will suffer.
Ema: Haha, that’s true.
Iori: …Good, you’ve smiled.
Ema: Eh…?
Iori: I was worried because you looked a little blue…
Ema: Iori-san…
Iori: If there’s something you need to say, you can always come to me. We’re family.
Ema: Yeah…thank you very much.
Ema: (That makes me really glad…)
Ema: (But I can’t really ask them how to approach Kaname-san after he’s kissed me…)
Kaname: I’m home!
Ema: ……!
Iori: …Hey, Kaname-niisan.
Kaname: …Hi, Iori.
Kaname: I’m really tired. Three sermons this afternoon. The temple’s packed.
Iori: I see you’re working hard.
Ema: (…I should go to my room.)
Kaname: Imouto-chan, leaving already?
Ema: Y-Yes. I’ve left dinner on the table, so you can go ahead and eat.
Kaname: Sure, thanks.
Ema: Well…good night.
Kaname: Sleep well.
Kaname: …………
Kaname: I like it when she shies around, but to see her actually avoiding me…
Iori: …Do you know what’s wrong?
Kaname: Hm, what?
Kaname: …Are you interested to know, Iori?
Iori: Not exactly. I’m worried. I don’t think she’s supposed to be bearing things by herself.
Kaname: That’s observant of you.
Iori: She’s family.
Kaname: …Is that all she is?
Iori: What does that mean? What are you saying, Kaname-niisan?
Iori: Anyway, I have to get back to my room. I need to study a bit more.
Iori: See you in the morning, Kaname-niisan.
Kaname: …Night.

Ema: (Was that too straightforward…?)
Ema: (I mean I know things can’t go on like this, but what else could I do?)
Ema: (Who could that be…?)
Ema: Yes?
Kaname: Hey, you have a minute?
Ema: K-Kaname-san?!
Kaname: Can I come in?
Kaname: I won’t do anything, I promise. No hands or kisses, on your lips or ears.
Ema: Of course there shouldn’t…!
Kaname: Precisely, so I won’t do it.
Ema: (I’m a little scared…)
Ema: (I can’t hide from Kaname-san forever… I have to confront him properly…)
Ema: …You may come in.
Kaname: Thanks.
Ema: ……
Ema: (He’s inside, but he hasn’t said anything…)
Ema: (And Juli’s already asleep…honestly.)
Kaname: Anyway.
Ema: Um, what is it…?
Kaname: I’m here to apologize.
Ema: Apologize? For…
Kaname: What happened during the drive.
Ema: (The drive…when he said he’d kiss me…)
Kaname: But I didn’t mean it as play. The kiss was real.
Kaname: But… that I was inconsiderate of your feelings was real, too.
Ema: …………
Ema: (Kaname-san considered that… even when he kissed me…)
Kaname: You haven’t spoken to me since then. And I admit, it’s pretty bad.
Ema: Then…don’t do those things to me again.
Kaname: I won’t, I get it.
Ema: …Don’t do them. At all.
Kaname: Sure. I don’t want you to hate me.
Ema: But… I avoided you, and you may have thought the worst. I’m sorry for making you feel that way.
Kaname: You shouldn’t be apologizing. I’m the one who’s at fault.
Ema: But…
Kaname: I want us to be close…as siblings.
Ema: …Yes.
Ema: (As siblings.)
Kaname: Okay, good. Don’t leave when I go to the living room next time.
Ema: I understand.
Kaname: Hm. Well, I should be heading to my room now.
Ema: Okay.
Kaname: Good night.
Ema: Good night.
Kaname: Oh, right, Imouto-chan?
Ema: Yes, what is it?
Kaname: Let me just tell you. We may be siblings now, but who knows what’ll happen after?
Ema: Eh? What on earth do you…?
Kaname: Good night.
Ema: (Kaname-san apologized to me. And he didn’t touch me… He would keep his promise.)
Ema: (But…)
Ema: (What did he mean by “what’ll happen after”? I don’t get it at all!!)
Juli: (Ahh…Chii, keep it down…mrngh…)
Ema: (Kaname-san and I are siblings…yet…why?)
Ema: (Why does he make my heart sway…?)