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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 5 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ah…it has accumulated a lot of dust in here.
Yui: (I have to hurry and make sure it’s clean.)
Yui: (Father hasn’t contacted me. I wonder if he’s all right. I’m a little worried about him.)
Yui: Ah, I think I’m just about done.
Yui: Next, I’ll mop up the floor a bit, and then wipe the seats off. I still have a lot of things left to do.
Yui: (But this is where you pray to God, so I can’t get lazy.)
Yui: Okay, I’ll use the mop next!
Yui: Ah, this place is getting cleaner and cleaner. I’m really happy.
Yui: !
Yui: (W-what did I step on?!)
Yui: It feels a little soft…
Shuu: … … … …ow.
Yui: S-Shuu-san?!
Shuu: I finally fell asleep…you’re such an annoying woman.
Yui: W-why are you sleeping on the church floor?!
Shuu: Obviously because it’s very clean here.
Yui: ?!
Yui: Anyway, you’re a vampire…aren’t you scared of crosses and things like that?
Shuu: …no. That’s just a symbol.
Yui: I also heard that vampires couldn’t get into churches…
Shuu: That’s just a myth.
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: Even though it’s not exactly comfortable, it’s very quiet in here.
Shuu: Since there’s no priest here right now, no one else comes here. It’s good for an afternoon nap.
Yui: (He came into a church because of that…)
Shuu: Move your feet.
Yui: S-sorry!
Shuu: I finally fell asleep, and then you suddenly stepped on me.
Yui: S-sorry, but I didn’t think that there would be someone sleeping in a place like this.
Shuu: …light blue.
Yui: What?
Shuu: The color of your underwear.
Yui: W-why did you look?!
Shuu: It wasn’t a thong…what, you wanted to dress innocently?
Yui: (I know that if I argue with him, I’ll just be doing what he wants me to do!)
Yui: Anyway, please get up. This is a place where people come to pray. You can’t sleep here.
Shuu: …don’t wanna.
Yui: How can you say that…this isn’t a matter of whether you want to or not…please get up…
Yui: Ah!
Yui: Ouch..! What are you doing!?
Yui: Wait, please don’t sit on top of me. You’re heavy…
Shuu: Just let me look.
Yui: Look…look at what?
Shuu: Your underwear. Let me think for awhile if it suits you or not.

Choose: Don’t let him (Correct choice)
Choose: Yell at him

Yui: N-no…! Get off me!
Shuu: Heh, even though you say that, you’re still swaying your waist…what a lewd woman.
Yui: I-I didn’t do that!
Shuu: Stop making noises. If you’re going to talk, you might as well make a nicer sounding sound. Like this.
Yui: What…please don’t touch my skirt!
Shuu: You’re so annoying.
Yui: (If it continues like this, he’s going to take it off!)
Yui: Shuu-san, please stop…!
Shuu: I won’t stop.
Yui: (Ah! My leg..!)
Yui: Don’t…stop touching it…!
Shuu: Heh…heheh…don’t wanna.
Yui: (He’s making fun of me again!)
Yui: I beg you, please stop…we’re in a church. God is watching…
Shuu: God doesn’t exist.
Yui: …what did you say…
Shuu: If God did exist, why would creatures like us still exist?
Yui: Ah…
Shuu: God is just something you humans came up with as a way to clean your sins.
Shuu: Well, even if God existed and we were driven off this planet, I wouldn’t really care.
Yui: Shuu-san…
Yui: (Is this…a vampire’s way of thinking?)
Yui: (What Shuu-san said…is very depressing.)
Yui: But, I believe in God!
Yui: So please…stop touching…
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: Shuu-san?
Yui: (…he understood…?)
Shuu: This is so annoying. I’m going back.
Yui: Eh?
Shuu: What? Do you want me to attack you again?
Yui: Of course not!
Shuu: You’re so noisy…you just keep believing in your god, I’m going back.
Yui: (Ah…he really left…)
Yui: As I thought…I was just being made fun of.
Yui: (Though…I just can’t understand Shuu-san’s way of thinking.)


Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 4 (English Translation)

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Reiji: You’re reading a book?
Yui: Ah…yeah. I borrowed some books from the library.
Reiji: I thought I recognized those books.
Yui: Yes. It’s not in Japanese, though, so I can’t understand it. I like looking at the pretty pictures though.
Reiji: That won’t do. You can’t even read German.
Yui: So this is German.
Reiji: Shall I start teaching you tonight?
Yui: Reiji-san is going to teach me?
Reiji: Yes. I will be very strict with you. After a month, I guarantee that you will be able to use it as fluently as you use Japanese.
Yui: I-I’m sorry, but no thank you.
Yui: (The fact that he’s willing to teach me makes me happy. But it seems that if I get something wrong, he’ll whip me.)
Reiji: How regretful.
Yui: Also…in the end, I did choose Shuu-san…
Yui: So I don’t think I should spend time with anyone other than Shuu-san. Am I right, Shuu-san?
Shuu: … … … …*sighs*
Yui: …he fell asleep.
Reiji: *sighs* He even put his feet on the sofa. He has absolutely no manners.
Reiji: Shuu, put your feet down.
Shuu: … … … …
Reiji: Get up. Listen when someone’s talking to you. Don’t put the bottom of your shoes on the sofa.
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: He’s listening to music while he’s sleeping, so he can’t hear you…
Reiji: To what point will he have made a big enough fool of himself to be satisfied?
Reiji: Yui, I have no choice but to have sympathy for you.
Yui: I’ve already become used to it. Speaking of the couch, is it of high quality?
Reiji: They say that it’s been in our family since the 18th century. It comes from France.
Reiji: To think it was dirtied by this man. It’s unforgivable.
Yui: (Is it really that high class?)
Reiji: And for him to sleep so hideously in the middle of the living room ruins the harmonious beauty of the room.
Reiji: If this filthy thing keeps sleeping, I’ll throw him in the fire.
Yui: P-please wait a second! Don’t you think that’s a little over the top?
Reiji: Over the top? Of course not. It’s only natural to burn filthy things.
Reiji: I don’t even want to touch him. I’ll have to call someone to do it for me. (TL: !!! JUST LIKE…!!!)
Yui: (He really means it…!)

Wake Shuu up. (Correct choice)
Don’t do anything.

Yui: Shuu-san! Wake up!
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: Shuu-san! Please wake up right now!
Reiji: You’re just wasting your energy. It looks like I have no choice then but to remove him.
Yui: Please wait a second! I’ll wake him up right now!
Yui: Shuu-san, you need to wake up right now or something bad is going to happen to you!
Shuu: ….what….
Yui: You finally woke up! Reiji-san said that you can’t put your shoes on the coach when you’re sleeping.
Shuu: Huh…?
Yui: I said, please put your feet down from the sofa. If you don’t, you’ll…
Yui: !
Yui: You…what are you doing?!
Shuu: It’s getting cold.
Yui: Huh?
Shuu: Warm me up.
Yui: W-wait a second! Have you not completely woken up yet? Reiji-san is watching…
Yui: (H-his face is so close!)
Reiji: How shameless. Let go of her at once. Do you have no manners?
Shuu: …don’t wanna.
Yui: That’s enough, Shuu-san! Please let go—kyaa!?
Yui: (W-why did he kiss me?!)
Reiji: Wha…!
Yui: Shuu-san! What did you just do?!
Shuu: Heheh…why are you so angry? Your blood pressure will rise if you stay like that.
Yui: I’m not angry! I just want to know why you suddenly…!
Shuu: You’re the one who selected me. In other words, no matter what I do to you, you’ll just have to accept it.
Shuu: I can do whatever I want. You just have to obey me.
Reiji: You…you don’t care that your actions and appearance are filthy. Even your soul is foul and unbearable to look at. You’re disgusting.
Reiji: That’s probably because you’re the oldest son. Since you were child, you’ve always been pampered. They did wrong to raise you like this.
Reiji: I take that back. It’s still completely based on an individual’s attitude. You will never try to obtain the moral character you are lacking.
Shuu: … … … …I don’t know what you’re saying. You’re so annoying. Why don’t you get lost, Reiji?
Reiji: I’m the one who’s annoyed.  Why don’t you find a place under the ground where no one can see you and live there?
Shuu: … …I don’t want to, it’s too cold. If you don’t want to see me, you can leave.
Reiji: Wha…! You useless person!
Yui: Okay, okay, you two…
Yui: (It’s so surprising to see Shuu-san arguing like this.)
Yui: (Reiji-san as well…they’re usually both so calm and cool-headed. They must have some disagreements between them…)
Yui: (Even though the relationship between the rest of the brothers isn’t good, it’s especially bad between these two.)
Yui: (Maybe even among all brothers, their relationship is particularly nasty.)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 4 (English Translation)

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Reiji: kh…… What kind of behaviour is this, Cordelia?
Yui: Nfu. It’s because I’ve got time. So I thought I’d use you as a pastime, you know?
Yui: (kh……Cordelia, stop!)
Yui: – You’re annoying. In the end,you’re just a freeloader inside of me, so envy me quietly.
Yui: (kh…… That…… I mean, silently watching you push down Reiji-san……)
Yui: Nfu. Is that jealousy I hear?
Reiji: What are you saying?
Yui: This girl says it’s unbearable to watch silently.
Reiji: kh……
Yui: (S-Saying that this is jealousy……)

Choose Exactly (Correct choice)
Yui: (But, there’s no use in lying after all this time, huh…… Yes, exactly)
Yui: (I’m jealous)
Yui: She says that’s how it is, you know?
Reiji: Ha…… What kind of stupid things……
Yui: Oh, you’re blushing. This time I’m the one getting jealous.
Yui: (That Reiji-san would get embarrassed…… I’m a little surprised)

Choose You’re wrong!
Yui: (Y-You’re wrong!)
Yui: This girl says that just now was wrong.
Reiji: I thought so. There is no way she would feel something like jealousy.
Reiji: If there were things like that inside of her, she truly would not be quite right in the head.
Yui: (kh…… I wonder if I should have answered honestly……)

Yui: Well anyway, let’s leave this kid alone and have fun with each other.
Reiji: What are you planning to do at this place?
Yui: Oh, and there I thought there was a bed close by as if on cue. You can’t say you don’t know after all this time.
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Won’t you resist?)
Yui: Oh, you have a pretty nice body, don’t you. Not bad.
Reiji: That is because it is trained.
Yui: Nfu. All right, I will make you feel good……
Yui: (Wa……it! Stop! What are you doing with my body……!)
Shuu: ……Huh?
Reiji: kh……!?
Shuu: ……
Yui: (Shuu-san!?)
Shuu: …… Sorry. I’ll leave.
Reiji: Hey, wait a se-……
Yui: – That’s Beatrix’s oldest son…… I see, your older brother.
Reiji: That is true, but what of it?
Yui: Nfu. I thought of something nice…… Hey, Shuu-san! Wait!
Shuu: What is it, go be Reiji’s partner.
Yui: No. I thought you coming in saved me.
Yui: (……!? Cordelia’s way of talking…… Is she copying my behaviour?)
Reiji: kh…… Hey, Co-…… No, Yui, what are you doing?
Yui: Reiji-san, I’ll do it with you again next time, okay?
Shuu: …… What’s that. Annoying. What’s this twist of fate?
Yui: Nfu. Sometimes it’s nice to play like this with a different partner, isn’t it?
Yui: I’ve gotten a bit tired of being that quiet unsociable person’s…… No, Reiji-san’s partner
Shuu: Hmmm. Well, it’s fine with me.
Reiji: kh……!!
Shuu: Well, if you want to come along, do what you want.
Yui: (Following Shuu-san of all people……)
Reiji: That bitch……!
Yui: Hey, what should we play? For now I’ll do what you want.
Shuu: Noisy.
Yui: Nfu. Well, then I’ll have to do as I please.

In the hallway
Yui: (Stop…… Cordelia, Shuu-san is the only one……!)
Yui: – Nfu. You’re annoying, aren’t you. Try imagining it. About now, his face is bright red, you know?
Yui: (But……!)
Shuu: Hey, who are you talking to?
Yui: Eh? Oh, I’m talking to myself. I’m sorry.
Shuu: Huh? Isn’t the atmosphere around you somehow different from always?
Yui: Is it? Well, you could say that if you’re in this residence all this time, even your character changes.
Yui: If you have to be that person’s partner every night, right?
Shuu: Ts. It’s annoying, huh. Don’t come close to me.
Yui: Yeah, yeah.
Yui: (He left……)
Yui: Ahh, that felt refreshing. Since I could watch that priggish face change color.
Yui: (Why do you do such things!?)
Yui: Nfu, because I’ve got free time. Also, it isn’t bad if that guy who always seems to keep calm looks pained.
Yui: (Not at all……)
Yui: Hihi. You’re just a little girl. Just like humans, of course vampires have weak points, too.
Yui: Finding and pecking at them is fun.
Yui: (You’re the worst……!)
Yui: Say whatever you want. That’s like spitting at the sky. I mean, I am you.
Yui: That means you are me.
Yui: (I wonder how long this situation will continue. Forever? No, there’s no way I’ll have to be like this all the time from now on……)
Yui: (Ahh, what should I do…… Also, is Reiji-san all right? I’m worried……)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 1 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ah…Subaru-kun isn’t playing?
Subaru: Hah? Why do I have to participate?
Yui: Because…Ayato-kun said that everyone had to participate in the chess tournament…
Subaru: Heh…it has nothing to do with me. Do whatever you want. I don’t have time to do that kind of thing.
Yui: …whatever we want…?
Yui: (He already turned away…it looks like he really won’t participate.)
Yui: (Although, he’s already here…could it be he actually wants to participate…?)
Yui: (Maybe I should invite him again…)

Choose Beg him
Yui: Hey, are you sure you don’t want to play the game?
Subaru: ….huh, that’s right.
Subaru: ‘Please Subaru-sama’, if you’re not going to beg like that, don’t even bother……
Yui: What!? Why would I……!
Subaru: Huh, shut up. Play alone then.
Yui: (That’s not good, everyone should play)

Choose Just watch him (Correct choice)
Yui: (I’ll just leave it like this then. I won’t bother him. After all, he didn’t intend to play anyway.)
Subaru: … …
Yui: (Ah…)
Subaru: … …
Yui: (…what should I do…)
Subaru: …oi!
Yui: Eh?
Subaru: Even if you show me that kind of strange expression, I still won’t participate!
Yui: …strange…expression?!
Subaru: You really make me sick.
Yui: S-sorry.
Yui: (What should I do…he’s angry again. I accidently stared at him for too long.)

Subaru: I won’t participate in anything.
Yui: But, Subaru-kun…
Reiji: Yui, the competition will start with you.
Yui: Wha…I’m participating too!?
Laito: Correct, we’re starting from you, Bitch-chan~
Laito: The winner gets to suck your blood. You’ll have to try hard, okay?
Yui: What!? When was that decided!?
Subaru: … …!?
Ayato: Obviously we decided in the very beginning~
Ayato: Even though it’s strange that the prize is a chichinashi, but since we’re going to compete, there has to be a prize. (He’s saying that having a prize makes the competition more thrilling)
Yui: Don’t use that kind of excuse to treat someone as a prize!
Kanato: Why don’t you just try to win?
Yui: I-I know.
Yui: (I can’t do anything about it…I’ll protect my own body.)
Yui: (I need to focus on the competition right now.)
Subaru: …hmph.
Yui: Ah…!
Reiji: I am the winner.
Yui: Ah…
Reiji: What kind of expression is that?
Yui: No…nothing.
Yui: (Since I participated in this competition, it means that I agreed that my blood was the prize…)
Yui: (I can’t go back on it just because I lost…)
Reiji: Then, come over here.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (Even though he said that, for me to walk over there by myself is a little…)
Reiji: What?
Reiji: You agreed that this was the prize, did you not?
Yui: Ah…
Reiji: Then stop resisting.
Yui: (Ah…what should I do?)
Subaru: … …ke.
Yui: … …!?
Yui: (What was that sound?)
Reiji: Why is it so noisy?
Subaru: …tch. What do you think you’re doing to other people’s possessions?
Yui: (The chess board is destroyed…! That noise before was Subaru-kun?!)
Reiji: We already agreed earlier. I’m merely collecting my prize.
Subaru: That has nothing to do with me. Hey, you.
Yui: Eh..?! It hurts!
Yui: (…he’s grabbing my wrist…!)
Subaru: How long are you going to stand over there…get over here!
Yui: Kya!!
Subaru: Don’t waste any more time on that glasses vampire.
Yui: Eh?? …ah!!
Yui: Why are you suddenly doing this?!
Subaru: You’re so annoying. You just need to be quiet and let me suck your blood. If you don’t shut up, I’ll make it hurt even more.
Yui: !
Subaru: …heh, not bad. Just be quiet and stand still.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (Even if he says that, this is…!)
Ayato: …hey, Chichinashi is the prize. Someone like you who didn’t even participate doesn’t have the right to do that.
Subaru: So annoying. That has nothing to do with me.
Subaru: You guys made me angry by snatching away my food without my permission.
Subaru: Therefore, I’m taking back my food.
Yui: …kya!
Yui: (He’s been biting me everywhere…it feels like he’s really going to eat me.)
Yui: (I had even thought that he had come to save me…)
Reiji: *sighs* Really, how annoying.
Laito: Bitch-chan, you’re unexpectedly showing such a comfortable expression, ehe.
Yui: No I’m not!
Subaru: You’re not allowed to look anywhere else! If you do, I’ll kill you.
Yui: (For this kind of thing to happen to me…I…what will happen to me?)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark 3 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ah…I should sleep soon.
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: Ah, Shuu-san, you’re still awake?
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (He’s still in his own little music world…)
Yui: (Though I can’t hear any sound coming from his earphones…)
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: (He seems to be very concentrated…I wonder what he’s listening to?)
Yui: Oh yeah.
Yui: (Maybe if I can talk to him about music, we can actually converse with each other.)
Yui: Shuu-san.
Shuu: … … … …
Shuu: What, it’s you again?
Yui: What are you listening to?
Shuu: It has nothing to do with you.
Yui: But, because you’re so concentrated, it’s making me curious. What kind of song are you listening to?
Shuu: Since you want to know so badly, why don’t you just listen to it yourself?
Yui: (Ah, he’s willing to lend me one of his earphones.)
Yui: Thank you. Well, then I’ll try listening.
Yui: (I wonder what it is…)
Yui: Ah!
Yui: W-what is this!?
Yui: (T-that was a woman’s voice! There’s no doubt about it…why is he listening to such a thing?!)
Shuu: It’s obviously music.
Yui: Music!? How is that music!?
Shuu: That’s just your assumption.
Yui: …?
Shuu: To hear a woman singing is the best.
Shuu: A woman’s singing voice is much better than any rondo by Stravinsky.
Yui: Well, I can’t understand it.
Shuu: Whatever. I don’t care. Your interests don’t concern me.
Yui: … …
Yui: (Shuu-san isn’t interested in anyone around him.)
Yui: (Though,does he always listening to this kind of thing?)
Yui: Shuu-san.
Shuu: …what?

Choose Do you have more music? (Correct choice)
Yui: Do you have more music?
Shuu: …what?
Yui: Do you have more of that … “music”?
Shuu: You still want to listen to it? You like this sort of thing?
Yui: N-no that’s not it…!

Choose: Do you like it?
Yui: Do you like this?
Shuu: ……Shouldn’t you ask something else? You seem very interested in it with that look on your face.
Yui: Eh, no, that’s not…..

Yui: I didn’t know that thing kind of thing sold well…
Yui: I’ve never seen it in a CD store before…did you buy it online?
Shuu: … … … …
Yui: Shuu-san?
Shuu: … …heh.
Yui: …what?
Shuu: Heh, you’re…so interesting.
Yui: Huh?
Shuu: Why are you so interested?
Yui: No reason! I’m normal. It’s Shuu-san that’s weird, listening to something like that.
Shuu: Hmmm? It’s silly to judge me based on human standards.
Yui: (…I think I’m better off not knowing…)
Yui: I’m going to sleep now. Good night, Shuu-san.
Shuu: Heheh…
Yui: What?
Shuu: You listen to this kind of thing before going to bed…aren’t you going to dream about it?
Yui: T-that won’t happen!
Shuu: Your face is red. It seems that I was correct.
Yui: Of course not!
Yui: (Really…he’s always teasing me!)

Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 3 (English Translation)

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Yui: I was wondering what you were doing at this place…… What, are you imitating humans?
Reiji: – By order of your beloved husband, we brothers assemble regularly, and gather around the dinner table.
Reiji: I am making preparations for that.
Yui: Nfu. As always, Karl likes making rules of which I don’t understand the meaning, huh.
Yui: What do you think the reason behind it is?
Reiji: Well. I would say, due to him meddling with us, our hatred for one another will be fuelled.
Reiji: This is how I would interpret it. Cordelia.
Yui: If that isn’t mostly correct! Since that person awfully hates familial and brotherly love.
Reiji: – That’s your fault, is it not?
Yui: Oh, are you saying I’m the root of all evil?
Reiji: He. I’m not saying that, but…
Yui: Nfu. It’s okay to say it that clearly. I had such a good relationship, Richter and Karl were……
Yui: – torn apart.
Reiji: Indirectly, right?  In the end, their relationship was broken by a woman of your caliber.
Reiji: …… Right from the start…… Wasn’t it?
Yui: ……kh……
Reiji: Oh my. If I have hurt your feelings, I apologize.
Yui: Your way of speaking against me, the devil’s daughter, has no effect.
Yui: I’ll have to punish you, won’t I.
Reiji: Ha? Punish me…… Are you going to use this girl’s body as a shield like you did before?
Reiji: You are someone who doesn’t have anything to compete with herself, aren’t you.
Reiji: I am a little disappointed.
Yui: kh……!
Reiji: ……
Yui: (kh…… Throwing down the food Reiji-san made an effort to prepare……)
Yui: I don’t want to be told that from someone who imitates human things like “cooking”.
Reiji: He, so that is your answer, isn’t it?
Yui: What are you saying!?
Reiji: In other words,  you are saying you have neither charm nor strength, are you not?
Yui: kh……
Reiji: Oh, did I hit home? Despite that, please do not oppose me.
Reiji: From my point of view, Cordelia, rather than a woman like you who has nothing, I still prefer the girl inside of you.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)

Choose That’s embarrassing
Yui: (That’s embarrassing……)
Yui: These words are annoying. I definitely won’t tell him that.
Reiji: What is that suddenly?
Yui: Nfu. I’m just talking to myself.
Yui: (kh……! You’re awful!)

Choose Thank you…… (Correct choice)
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Thank you)
Yui: Tch. She says “Thank you”. Don’t joke around.
Reiji: Well, of course, this is just talk about the result of comparing the body and the inside as good as I can.
Reiji: So please do not become conceited.
Yui: (kh! I-I understand that, but even if you tell me that…… I’m still happy)

Yui: Well, for now, that’s what I’ll do for you. More importantly, I’m hungry now.
Yui: Originally, I was going to suck your blood, but I know that blood from within the family tastes bad.
Yui: I’ll put up with the food you cooked.
Reiji: Although you have been making fun of  imitating humans the whole time, you are going to eat food?
Yui: Nfu. Well, I thought maybe it isn’t so bad once in a while, you know?
Yui: Well, prepare it for me. That’s an order.
Yui: (…… Cordelia, are you planning to throw it down again?)
Yui: – Well, I wonder how that is?
Yui: (kh……! Reiji-san! Reiji-san! There is no need to do that!!)
Yui: Yelling is useless. Look, my servant is obediently standing in the kitchen……
Reiji: – I apologize for letting you wait.
Yui: What!? You’re really fast……
Yui: (kh……!? What is that……? It looks like food you’d give to animals……)
Yui: kh…… What is the meaning of this?
Reiji: This is what you wished for, Cordelia.
Yui: kh……!!
Yui: (kh……!!)
Reiji: ……
Yui: – I’m tired of annoying you……!
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Are you okay!?)
Reiji: Hn…… hehe……hahahaha.
Reiji: You are a sore loser, Cordelia.

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 2 (English Translation)

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Reiji: To summon me in a place such as this, what is it that you need from me?
Yui: It’s boring. I want you to accompany me.
Reiji: It is unfortunate to hear that you are bored, but I do not have that leisure time to be with you. I refuse.
Yui: Oh my, heartless. But, I guess it’s your charm.
Yui: To think this body is not enough to satisfy you. That’s quite a shame.
Reiji: I am not the kind of man to get along so easily with, Cordelia.
Yui: Nfu~ Oh well. You are the son of Karl and Beatrix after all…
Yui: You have the power that can’t compare over my sons.
Reiji: Such as that is enough to seduce me, Cordelia.
Reiji: Well then, how shall we start this? Oh well, if it isn’t so much trouble, let’s just play.
Reiji: ….?!
Yui: Nfu~ Got you!
Yui: (O-Oh my god! Reiji-san is forced to wear handcuffs!)
Reiji: For me to wear handcuffs, what are you planning to do?
Yui: Well then. What do you want me to do? Depending on your answer, I’ll try my best not to be so terrible.
Reiji: What do you want to do? These are kind of things you easily settle for. Please release me.
Reiji: Unfortunately, even if I do like playing this sort of game, I prefer not to be the one played on.
Yui: Nfu~ Then, you’ll come to like it once I’m done.
Yui: (Cordelia! What are you planning to do with that whip?!)
Yui: What….I was planning, is to beat this chid until he cries out.
Yui: (…!! No way!)

Choose Stop! (Correct choice)
Yui: (Stop!)
Yui: How cute. I will stop once this child starts screaming.
Reiji: There’s no need to worry. Being whipped like this.
Reiji: Is too cheap to keep one satisfied.
Yui: (I know…It’s going to be painful, Reiji-san…)

Choose Please run away!
Yui: (Please run away!)
Yui: You’re saying that this child should should run away?
Reiji: Run away? I can handle…this. I am no fool.
Yui: (Even if you say such things… It’s hard to watch…)

Yui: If you say it that way, I’ll do as you wish… I’ll give you a whip.
Yui: (Nn…Stop!)
Reiji: Ngh…
Yui: Your expression did not change… I do not like it.
Reiji: Ngh…Ha…Going far to that extent. It only felt like an ant-bite when that was grazed against my cheek.
Yui: Tch…I wonder when will that patience ever grow thin?!
Yui: (Stop! Please don’t do that!)
Yui: Nfu~ You’re bleeding? How about now? I wonder when will you bow down for forgiveness?
Reiji: It’s not effective at all. As mentioned earlier, you seem to come and despise me.
Yui: Ngh…I do not like it!
Yui: (…! Jesus…! To strike him with an open hand!)
Reiji: Ngh… Fuu… My, My. You are the kind of woman I come to hate.
Reiji: Even with my strength gone , I will never fall to be a good obedient servant under your thoughtless and arrogant hand.
Yui: What is that?!
Reiji: Ha, Wouldn’t that be true? And for pointing a fact this way, you seem to have grown furious.
Yui: Tch!
Reiji: Fufu. Therefore, it is useless no matter how many times you try. Because I have exceeded this sort of pain long ago.
Yui: …I like that very much. So, the idea of administering you the most painful wouldn’t do any good at all…
Yui: How about this…
Yui: (W-What are you doing!? Stop it! D-Don’t take off your clothes!!)
Reiji: When you can’t compete in strength, you use the power of Seduction.
Yui: Nfu~ This is a woman’s weapon, isn’t it?
Yui: However, this body isn’t mine, so it wouldn’t be so effective at all…
Reiji: Your original body has been reduced into ashes. It’s an ugly excuse.
Reiji: For the appearance you are wearing now belongs to a true lady.
Yui: Excuse me!?
Reiji: If the lady within you is a real woman, I wouldn’t mind what kind container she chooses to enter.
Yui: Ngh…!! This…! Cease your insolent talk!
Reiji: Ngh…
Yui: (Stop it! Stop it!!)
Yui: I will not stop! To definitely….Distort this face!!
Yui: (…I-I… Here, do I have to sit here and watch this!?)
Yui: –Of course, you are here with me after all… You have no place!
Yui: Disappear! Get out!
Yui: ….!!!!
Reiji: Ngh… Do not listen to her. It’s alright, Yui.
Reiji: You’re the one who belongs here. Sounds good?
Yui: Insolent…Tch!!
Yui: (God…!! I…Just watching this…It’s very unlikely for me to endure… )

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 1 (English Translation)

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Reiji: ……kh…… What on earth aredo  you think this place is?
Yui: Oh, isn’t that Reiji. You finally came, huh.
Reiji: Do not say “You finally came.” I would like you to answer my question.
Yui: Nfu. If you ask me what this place is, I’ll have trouble answering. I don’t know the places in this school well, you know.
Yui: (Didn’t I tell you to not come here?! This is Reiji-san’s science room……)
Yui: – Ahh, annoying. The girl inside of me yelling is awful. Please do something about that.
Reiji: That is to be expected, since she knows the importance of this room.
Reiji: Also, do not take out teacups as you please to enjoy the tea.
Reiji: If I had to say what I would like you to do, it would be stopping these actions.
Yui: Nfu. It’s because you have a very nice teaset. The tea leaves aren’t bad, either. That way, there’s only one thing to do, right?
Yui: Ahh, I wonder how many years it’s been since I had tea passing through my throat and enjoyed that feeling.
Reiji: Are you listening to what I’m saying?
Yui: I am listening. You don’t want me to drink tea here, right?
Reiji: Exactly, I do not want you to. My research findings and important collection are lined up here.
Reiji: I also do not want you to accidentally take something in.
Reiji: Furthermore, the cup you have in your hands is something especially rare, even for my collection.
Reiji: I would like you to stop touching it without permission.
Yui: – Hmm. In other words, you are worried that this body might accidentally drink a bad poison from your hobby, aren’t you?
Yui: Actually, you don’t care if this tea set breaks. Am I wrong?
Reiji: kh……
Yui: Nfu. You’re lovely. For Beatrix’s son, you are a really promising child.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)

Choose Thank you (Correct choice)
Yui: (……Thank you!)
Yui: I don’t like that. This girl is telling you “thank you”.
Reiji: kh……I…… Not really. I simply did not want her to waste my medicines.
Reiji: I did not worry about you.
Yui: Hmph. Be more honest.
Yui: (I wanted to say it with my own mouth……)

Choose Hurry up and help me!
Yui: (Rather than being worried, hurry up and help me! Reiji-san)
Yui: Oh no. This girl is telling you to hurry up and help her.
Reiji: ……Why is it that I have to help you?
Reiji: Please tell her that my interests do not correspond with that.
Yui: – That’s what he said.
Yui: (……kh…… I guess I was a bit too self-centered……)

Reiji: Anyway, I would like you to leave this place at once. I am busy.
Yui: But I’m not busy. I’ve got time. Keep me company with some tea, too.
Reiji: I refuse.
Yui: Hmmm. You’ve only been saying annoying things since before. All right.
Yui: In this case, I will make sure you don’t forget the positions of you and me.
Yui: (Eh……!?)
Reiji: kh……!!
Yui: (That’s Reiji-san’s cherished cup!! You broke it! Th-That’s awful……)
Yui: Nfu. How is that?
Reiji: How?   Is that your way of teaching the difference between our positions?
Yui: Exactly. I’m doing what I wanted to do. That’s how it is, how it always is.
Yui: As I said, you don’t know what I’ll do on a whim. For example this……
Yui: I might hurt this girl’s body with the shards.
Yui: (Wh-What are you doing!! Stop……!)
Reiji: kh……!!
Yui: Look, I made a small wound on her wrist…… If I put in a little more strength, there’ll be blood coming out, huh?
Reiji: – Stop!
Yui: Nfu. Is that how you behave when making a request to your superior?
Reiji: kh…… Please stop this. Cordelia-sama……
Yui: That’s right. Kneel. Lower your head before me.
Reiji: kh……
Yui: (Reiji-san…… Why are you going that far for my body……?)
Yui: –Nfu. That’s a good question. The girl inside of me asks “Why are you that worried about my body?”.
Reiji: ……That’s…… That is because that body belongs to me.
Reiji: I may do with that body as I please, but…… I will not allow you to do what you want.
Reiji: That is all there is to it.
Yui: I see. Nfu, I understood it well. Is that enough, little lady inside of me?
Yui: (Reiji-san……)
Reiji: Well, let us continue drinking tea. I will pour in, Cordelia.
Yui: Oh, what a twist of fate is this? Although before, you were telling me to leave immediately.
Reiji: Hehe, I have changed my mind.
Reiji: As I am doing this…… I thought to invite you to my special blend of tea.
Yui: ……Nfu, I see.
Reiji: What do you see?
Yui: Your idea is to experiment on me. I guess that is alright, I’ll accept.
Reiji: – Well, there you are.
Yui: Thank you…… Mhh…… Haa, what a nice taste.
Yui: This might be some magic tea really inviting my death, huh?
Reiji: Well……
Yui: – When talking about us vampires, it’s said that death is the start of festivities, isn’t it?
Yui: Even while we are scared of it, we are always longing for that moment.
Yui: Eternally wandering the darkness of the night, is a luxury for strong people.
Yui: Karl-Heinz, too…… He always wanted to die.
Yui: Even giving you this girl…… Karl did it with that purpose.
Reiji: The change of generation surely is achieved by more than killing the current head of the family–.
Reiji: I see. That was father’s true intention, wasn’t it?
Yui: – Karl has always wanted to die. But, if the partner killing you is not the one you chose yourself……
Yui: Because… That person is… stronger…… than anyone…… Right…… My…… Karl……
Reiji: Good night, Cordelia. Have nice dreams.
Yui: “Reiji-san!?”
Reiji: I’m finally able to see you.
Yui: “What is this? I can’t move my body…… But my voice……”
Reiji: Yes. You can’t do more than simply utilize an opening in your now sleeping body.
Reiji: It is obvious that you can’t move your body.
Yui: “Reiji-san! I…… How can I be freed from this situation?”
Reiji: I can’t say anything but “there is no way”.
Yui: “That……!”
Reiji: Just wait a little while. I have an idea.
Yui: “kh…… If she treats my body as she likes in the meantime…… I feel like I would disappear……”
Reiji: Are you scared?
Yui: “Yes…… Right now, I’m really scared. Although we’re able to talk like this, I can’t even move a finger……”
Reiji: Please calm down. There definitely is a way, so……
Yui: (Reiji-san……?  Reiji-san is coming closer to me while I’m lying on the floor. What?)
Reiji: …… *kiss*……
Yui: (Our lips…… Are touching……? Is that… A kiss……?)
Reiji: – This is a promise, Yui. I will definitely free you.
Reiji: Because your body belongs to me…… Of course your life, too.
Reiji: Without a doubt, I will kill you with these hands. Yes, definitely.
Yui: (Can I believe that? I…… He says that he’ll free me from this reality that seems like a nightmare……)
Yui: (No, I believe it. Reiji-san…… You will definitely save me)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy Prologue (English Translation)

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– I love you. I love you.
I love you.
When I think about you, it feels like
My unmoving chest is moving.
There is no happiness like
If I died from loving you.
I wish you to slaughter me in
Eternal darkness with those hands of yours.
Lord Richter

???: – Welcome to our castle.
Vampire A: Hello, it has been a while. You are as beautiful as always.
???: Fufu. You’re as skilled as always.
Vampire B: Cordelia! I had wanted to meet you.
Cordelia: Oh, hello. I hope you are well. I wanted to meet you, too.
Richter: ……kh……
Cordelia: Ahh, today is a wonderful night. Being able to meet you.
Vampire C: Cordelia, please be my partner for one song.
Cordelia: Yes, of course…… Ah……
Richter: ……kh……!!
Cordelia: Excuse me. I remembered that I already have another engagement. I will dance with you afterwards–.
Vampire C: Ah……!
Cordelia: Lord Richter. So you are here.
Richter: Cordelia. It has been a long time.
Cordelia: Fufu. How many years has it been? A few hundred years since I married into this family……
Cordelia: No, maybe more than that. What were you doing during this time?
Richter: I…… All in all I was a good-for-nothing. I wandered the world, pretending to be a poet.
Richter: Kh…… More importantly, Cordelia. Are you…… Are you fine with being their partner?
Cordelia: Ahh, it’s fine. In the end, those people are only a pastime for me.
Cordelia: In that case, you and I……
Richter: Sister-in-law.
Cordelia: Nfu. You are using that name on purpose. You are as lovely as usual.
Richter: kh…… It wasn’t on purpose. That you are…… My older brother’s wife is an unhidden truth.
Richter: Since I…… Am a man who fought my brother for you, and lost miserably.
Cordelia: Fufu…… You’re cute, aren’t you, Richter. Well, dance with me.
Richter: Kh……!? We can’t. My brother…… Shouldn’t your partner for the first dance be my brother?
Cordelia: – Karl won’t come. It seems that person doesn’t have the time to be my partner.
Richter: Kh……!?
Cordelia: What that guy wanted was not me. He only wanted me as the demon king’s daughter.
Cordelia: I…… wonder why I didn’t choose you at the time, I still regret it.
Richter: Please don’t say that, Cordelia. You not choosing me is something we can’t change because it is in the past.
Cordelia: Fufu. I guess so. That’s right. But…… What about the future from now on?
Richter: Eh?
Cordelia: – Depending on your skills, you might be able to steal me away from him.
Richter: kh…… Please stop it, Sister-in-law.
Cordelia: Stop calling me like that. Call me Cordelia.  Like before, with a voice full of passion.
Richter: kh…… Cordelia…… You are… A bad person.
Cordelia: But – You like me this way, don’t you?
Richter: I kept wandering this word for several hundred years to forget you, you know? That……
Cordelia: Why? There is no need to forget, is there? Is it because I’m your brother’s?
Richter: That’s right. You belong to my brother. You are the wife of the head of the family.
Cordelia: I’m not his only wife. Besides, the one Karl truly loves……
Richter: kh…… You mustn’t say more. Not everyone in this place is an ally.
Cordelia: I guess so. Despite your appearance, the thought of your brother sometimes hurts you.
Richter: The thing called a family’s spell is nothing that is loosened so easily.
Cordelia: Ew. That sounds just like humans.
Richter: You could call it the reparation for coexisting with humans.
Cordelia: Well, anyway. Let’s dance now. Until I get tired, I will dance with you in ecstasy today.
Richter: Cordelia.
Cordelia: Well…… Ah…… Ah!
Cordelia: Karl-Heinz……!? Why, you said today you wouldn’t come……
Richter: Big brother……!
Cordelia: – Karl! Karl……!
Richter: Cordeli…… No, sister-in-law!
Richter: How many times will you break my heart until you are satisfied?
Richter: ……kh…… Hehe, haha…… Hahahaha…… Hahaha!! Ha…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Richter: – That is how I came to repeat the same mistake.
Richter: While knowing that it was a taboo, I couldn’t do anything but reach out to her, who seemed to give herself into my hands.
Richter: Her and I joined our bodies many times and longed for the limits of our lust.
Richter: I knew that she didn’t love me, but just used held me in her arms as a replacement for Karl-Heinz.
Richter: I drowned in her devilishness. Then one day…… She suddenly had a deadly wound.
Richter: She already was in a situation in which her body couldn’t heal. I was…… called to her by her wish.

Cordelia: – Richter, please……
Richter: kh…… Cordelia…… What do you wish?
Cordelia: My body is beyond saving. But, there is just one way I can survive.
Richter: ……!?
Cordelia: kh…… Cave out my heart with this knife. Then…… put it in someone’s body……
Richter: kh…… If I do that, will you be able to survive?
Cordelia: Yes. Ah, if you don’t do it quickly… … That kid is coming to burn my body……

Reiji: Uncle, so you put the heart of the triplet’s mother…… In her, who was a baby then?
Richter: Yes. She was just an ordinary abandoned child. Having gotten her body as if on cue, I
Richter: buried Cordelia’s heart in her body without hesitation.
Yui: (– Something like that……!)
Reiji: Why did you let go of that baby? Of her who was holding your beloved Cordelia’s heart……
Richter: Because I needed time. Time. I couldn’t let my brother find out about it.
Richter: To my brother, Cordelia and her soul had value as the demon king’s daughter.
Reiji: To put it briefly, does this mean keeping her within your reach would have held the danger of her getting stolen by your brother again, which you wanted to avoid?
Richter: Yes. The human holding Cordelia’s heart was given over to a vampire hunter.
Richter: Reiji, it is a hunter you should know, too.
Yui: (kh…… Does he mean my father!?)
Reiji: – I understood the summary. However, I still have a question.
Reiji: Why did my father…… In other words, Karl-Heinz, want her to become our bride on first sight?
Yui: (Eh……? Me, the bride of Reiji-san and his brothers?
………… What does that mean!?)
Reiji: Maybe father noticed your bad schemes……
Richter: It seems like whim of fate. My brother was looking for a human carrying a big amount of energy.
Richter: So she, who is carrying Cordelia’s heart, stood out by chance.
Richter: –Naturally…… Cordelia, who was sleeping inside her, subconsciously desired Karl-Heinz’s blood……
Richter: That might be possible, too.
Yui: (That…… It’s a lie! I can’t believe it)
Yui: – Even if you don’t believe it, it can’t be helped…… By doing so, I came out here……
Yui: Isn’t that proof enough?
Richter: Cordelia…… I had wanted to meet you.
Yui: So did I, Richter. I really thank you for what you’ve done.
Yui: But how can you have the nerve to search me out like this?
Richter: I didn’t think it possible that this hunter would steal you under my eyes and flee to a foreign country.
Richter: I’m deeply sorry to have left you alone.
Reiji: – Truly……It is displeasing.
Richter: Reiji, you keep quiet.
Reiji: I cannot keep quiet. Because I am her…… Yui’s owner.
Reiji: Uncle, if you’re saying you definitely will steal Yui from this place, I have an idea.
Richter: An idea? What can you do?
Reiji: By using all sorts of power on you……. And on Cordelia, I will… kill you.
Richter: You can’t do that.
Reiji: Well, I wonder how it is. I would like you to not underestimate me.
Yui: Richter, pull back for now.
Richter: Cordelia, but……
Yui: – It’s all right. Right now, this child’s body is mine. It won’t go anywhere.
Richter: Understood. Well, when the time is right, please call me again.
Yui: Yes, I understand.
Richter: – Goodbye……
Yui: Richter, I’ll give you your reward the next time we meet, okay? I will give you a lot of……love.
Richter: Yes, Cordelia……Goodbye.
Reiji: How touching. My uncle is a good opportunity, too. Offering body and soul to a woman like you……
Yui: Nfu. This person is a man who’s easier to handle than a familiar, you know. As long as I give him love, he’ll do as I say.
Reiji: I cannot understand why he does it despite knowing that.
Yui: You can’t understand it? I see. In that case…… I’ll teach you.
Reiji: kh……!? What are you doing!?
Yui: (Reiji-san……! Reiji-san!!)
Yui: –You are noisy. As my vessel, you mustn’t make noise.
Reiji: Oi, don’t give my Yui orders as you please!
Yui: Nfu. I see…… But it’s a shame. This body now belongs to me. I can treat it as I please.
Yui: Do you understand?
Reiji: kh……!!
Yui: Hehe. It’s funny, isn’t it…… It seems like I’ll enjoy this situation for a while.
Yui: (Reiji-san!!)
Reiji: Yui……!
Yui: Well, if you understand, kneel before me.
Reiji: I should……Kneel?
Yui: Exactly.
Yui: (Reiji-san! Don’t do something like that!!)
Reiji: ……kh…… Understood. It should be all right.
Yui: (kh……!? Why!?)
Yui: Oh, ohh, ohhh~! That’s interesting…… Hehe!
Yui: –Making Beatrix’s child kneel is the best feeling.
Yui: Well, lower your head more. It’s for this girl’s sake. I won’t let you say no.
Reiji: Ha. Being satisfied with something like this, you really are a cheap person.
Yui: Hmph. All right. Soon I will subjugate you from your heart.
Yui: Perfectly, you have Karl’s scent…… Just like Richter, I can use you as a substitute.
Reiji: ……
Yui: That’s a nice expression. I don’t hate it.
Yui: (Why did it become like this……! Can’t I…… Do anything but silently watch without doing anything!?
Yui: (What on earth…… Should I……!?)
Yui: (And, why did Reiji-san kneel for this person? Really, why?)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Maniac 10 (English Translation)

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???: My food shall come to the science room immediately.
Yui: (Eh…… This voice……)
Classmate A: What does he mean, food?
Classmate B: I wonder, what is it?
???: If you do not come right now, you will swim in a ocean of your own blood.
???: – That is all.
Classmate A: R-Really, what was that…?
Yui: (Uhh…… Why did Reiji-san send such a message with the school intercom……)
Yui: Reiji-san!
Reiji: What is it? You are noisy.
Yui: That’s my line. What was up with that transmission……?!
Reiji: If I say such things, I will not get in the situation to wait for you for a long time, will I?
Yui: B-But…… Food, an ocean of blood, …… kh.
Reiji: That is fine, is it not? Since all of it is true.
Yui: …… Eh.
Reiji: You are my food, and if I found you even a bit unpleasant, your existence would descend in an ocean of blood all too easily, wouldn’t it?
Yui: (Uhh, Reiji-san……  He seems to be serious about this……)
Reiji: Well, shall we start immediately?
Yui: ……? S-Start with what?
Reiji: A way of mixing a new drug just came to my mind.
Reiji: Your blood is essential for it.
Yui: My blood……?
Reiji: Well, please let your blood spill with this.
Yui: Eh……
Yui: (A knife……? Is he telling me to use this to spill my blood?)
Reiji: Please do it quickly. Are you planning to let me wait even more?
Yui: I-I can’t!
Reiji: You can’t? …… Why is that?
Yui: Why do I have to do it myself……
Reiji: Because it is more interesting that way.
Yui: ……kh.
Reiji: Hehe…… You do not need to make this face at all.
Reiji: Will you not listen to what I am saying?
Yui: …… I can’t.
Reiji: I see. So you are saying whatever I would do to you instead is fine?
Yui: ……!
Reiji: Even so, are you still saying… That you will not listen to what I tell you……?

Choose Obey his words (M choice)
Yui: …… U-Understood.
Reiji: Oh, are you so nice as to listen?
Yui: (I mean…… If I don’t listen to him, I really don’t know what he’d do to me……)
Yui: (So I can only try doing my best, right……)
Reiji: Hehe…… Well, take this knife into your hand…… And push the knife point against a part where your skin is thin just as hard as you can.
Yui: …… Yes.
Reiji: If you slide the blade slowly, a dull pain will slowly flow out together with the blood.
Reiji: …… Don’t worry, it does not hurt that much.
Yui: …………
Yui: …… kh, I really can’t!

Choose Don’t obey his words (S choice)
Yui: I don’t like things I don’t like…… kh.
Reiji: …… Hehe. What is it you don’t like?
Yui: I mean…… Spilling your own blood, that’s……
Reiji: I see. So you wouldn’t mind someone else doing it to you, would you?
Yui: …… That’s……
Reiji: You do not dislike having your blood sucked by me per se, do you?
Yui: …… Kh, that…… is

Reiji: Hehe…… It can’t be helped. Seriously, you are quite a handful.
Reiji: I’ll tell you though, that only a few drops of blood would have been enough.
Yui: Eh……
Reiji: Because of that, I thought it would end with less blood being spilled if you did it yourself rather than having it done by me, but……
Reiji: …… You want me to suck your blood that much, don’t you?
Yui: Plea- …… Please wait. In that case, you don’t need to suck my blood, right!?
Yui: If you used that knife to cut my fingertip really just a little bit, then……
Reiji: It would be nonsense for a vampire to use a knife in order to spill blood, wouldn’t it?
Yui: ……!
Reiji: Well…… Please stay still. I will take your blood…… Nn.
Yui: ……Kh……!
Reiji: The aroma…… And flavor are wonderful. Taking only what is needed… … Nn, for the mixture, truly is…… difficult.
Yui: (The blood…… Is rapidly getting drained out of my body……)
Reiji: Since I am thirsty tonight…… It seems like I’ll take more than I usually do……
Reiji: Hehe…… That’s why I told you…… to wound yourself……
Reiji: It would have been better to listen to what I told you…… Please regret it aplenty…… Nnn.

… When I opened my eyes, I had been left lying on the floor.
Reiji-san was seemingly enjoying himself,
Heating a beaker with some drug in it.
I wonder what he is using my blood for.
I wonder if it’s in some relation to…… the analeptic.
After several hours, he said the finished drug
Was an aphrodisiac for a vampire to use that Laito asked him to make.
If I think about having my blood sucked for that,
I’m somehow angry, and let out a sigh, but……,
Reiji-san’s happy face when the drug was finished,
…… I don’t dislike it, huh……