Discord Server Moderators Wanted

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, we have our own Discord Server and we are currently looking for moderators who will help us ensure everyone follows the server rules.

I you wish to apply for it, we made a form you need to fill in. I’ll probably leave it open forever, in case someone wants to join later on.

If you haven’t joined our server yet, you really should!


Geeky Obsession On Discord

Another quick update today! I was going to use this from time to time… but now I’ve used it two days in a row…

Well, anyway, as you can tell by the title, Geeky Obsession is now on Discord! We have our own server to chat with all of you, we can talk while we upload stuff (maybe even ask for you opinion). We’ll have a suggestion/idea box on there as well. If you don’t really want to send in a request, but just want to give us a tip or some advice, that’s your go to place for that!

You can join us through this link, this should always work (if not, let us know, we’ll make a new one so you can join us!).

When you first join, you’ll just be a member. The other roles we currently have are admins (so me), patrons and patron admins. In order to gain access to the roles of patrons, you’ll have to have donated on Patreon. You’ll find the information on there about it. We’re planning on setting up more roles people can earn (besides donating of course). We thought it might be nice to have people contribute to this site and in that way earn a specific role on Discord.

Any thoughts on that? Let us know!