Christmas Eve

I won’t be able to post today.

I’m celebrating Christmas with my family.

I hope you’ll all have an amazing holiday season!


Patreon Update

As you may or may not know, we have our own Patreon Page. It’s one of the ways to support us.

We have set a goal on our Patreon Page, when we reach 10 patrons we’ll start to upload 2 posts per day! It’s our way of showing that your support really means a lot to us!


No new post today

Sorry everyone, I won’t be able to post anything today. I’ve been feeling rather unwell recently, so I’ll be taking a resting day today.
Hope you’ll all understand.


Discord Server Moderators Wanted

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, we have our own Discord Server and we are currently looking for moderators who will help us ensure everyone follows the server rules.

I you wish to apply for it, we made a form you need to fill in. I’ll probably leave it open forever, in case someone wants to join later on.

If you haven’t joined our server yet, you really should!


I’m coming home

Coming home. Tell the world that I’m coming home.

Tomorrow morning we’re going back home! Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again!

We went to a buffet for dinner and I ate way too much. But it was worth it.

When I’m back home I’ll start working on posts again!


Day 2 away

It’s great to be away with my family like this!

Our dog, Kira is loving it here. She gets to go on so many walks. Expediency with my dad and I, we like to play Pokemon go from time to time. Yeah we still play it…. But it’s a lot of fun to do together, we’re both very competitive.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to being able to post again on Monday!


First day away

As I said before, this weekend is an away weekend. We’ll be going home on Monday, so I’ll be posting again then.

I already found my favourite cocktail for the weekend!


Sent in my first VA lines

I just sent in my first recorded lines for a voice acting role I got through Casting Call Club, I’m so glad I joined it!

Also, the owner of this project liked my lines at first try! I was so happy!
The role I play in this is actually an adult witch with a bit of a Russian accent, it was so much fun to do!
The finished product should be posted on YouTube in March I believe, once it’s up I’ll post a link to it!


Wobbling like a penguin

Yeah…. That’s me right now, wobbling like a penguin.

I just got insoles to correct my posture and skeleton. I have x shaped legs, so me knees are bent inward, the same goes for me feet. So I  have to wear these insoles to correct that. It will take like 6 weeks to get used to it….
It doesn’t hurt or anything… It just feels weird and I’m walking funny, could be worse I suppose.


This weekend

I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be gone for this weekend. From Friday to Monday.
My parents are getting married (for practical reasons, since we’re moving, that’s the better option for them) and after that we’re going on a trip with the family!

So I won’t be able to put out any content those days, but I might give updates on it!