All the content on this site is free for everyone, we put in a lot of effort in our translations, walktroughs and other content. At the moment we still display ads on this site, in the hope to make some revenue to pay for our domain and such. If we ever make enough through donations we will remove all ads from this site.

We did decide to get out own domain, even though we don’t make enough of this site as of yet to afford it. Otherwise all the revenue made from the ads on this site would go to WordPress itself, they would make money from our content. That didn’t feel right to us.

Thank you for reading this and, if you decide to donate, I am very humbled and thankful for you.

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As you all know, we are always willing to take your requests. Everyone can send in requests on the Contact Page. But to give the ones who do donate an advantage, they’ll get to participate in polls to decide things, for example which character’s route of a game we should translate first.

Other Options

Another way to donate is to ‘buy me a coffee’ on ko-fi, one coffee is $3 and you can decide how many you want to buy someone.

You could also make a direct donation to our PayPal, here you can also decide the exact amount you wish to donate. This is just a one time deal, unlike on Patreon where you do a monthly payment.

If you donate through one of these methods you won’t be able to participate in the polls on Patreon, but you can add a message where you request something specific like a character’s route.

Every bit helps us, thank you so much for taking your time in reading this. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading the content on our site.