Iris School Of Wizardry

Iris School of Wizardry was originally released in 2014 by Operahouse for mobile devices. This release (October 11th 2018) is a port for the Nintendo Switch and the player has the ability to play the game in either English or Japanese.


Secrets that can’t be solved by magic
~Iris School of Wizardry aka ISW~
Iris School of Wizardry, known as ISW, is the school smart, talented, and rich boys and girls attend. It’s very difficult to enter, but after they graduate, their future is promised to be working in a various elite section for the government organization.
Aria who lost her parents when she was small. As she was working in the second-hand book shop, she dreamed to be a great wizard like her father.
She received a letter.
It was the letter of acceptance to ISW

I have also written a review for this game.



There are no choices during the prologue

Chapter 1

Choose The Route You Want To Follow

ISW Character Select

Clyde | Matias | A-Jay | Cyril | Keith

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