Sewing 101

Part 1: Getting Ready To Sew

This part contains a lot of basic information, if you’re already familiar with sewing you can skip this. Or if you’re looking for some specific information while sewing.

Getting Started

Stitch And Seam Types

Attachments For The Sewing Machine

Needles And Threads


Sewing Darts

Front Edge Fastenings

Inserting Zip Fastenings

Attaching Waistbands

Assembling And Attaching Pockets

Sleeve Opening Construction

Assembling And Attaching Cuffs

Assembling And Attaching Collars

Sewing Problems

Part 2: Planning Your Piece

Books that have helped me: Guide to Basic Garment Assembly for the Fashion Industry; The Book of Cosplay: Sewing;The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming