Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Ecstasy 7 (English Translation)

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At the Spiral staircase
???: –What’re you doing there?
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun…
Yui: (I was trying to go downstairs, but I got a little dizzy…)
Yui: (So I decided to just rest for a bit. Ahaha, the room is still spinning..)
Subaru: You’re lame.
Yui: I know…
Yui: Are you trying to go upstairs, Subaru-kun?
Yui: Wait a second, I’ll move.
Subaru: Hurry up.
Yui: Okay—wah..!!
Yui: (…I’m still so dizzy! I couldn’t catch the handrail; I’m falling…!)
Yui: (…Eh? I didn’t fall…?)
Subaru: ….Idiot.
Yui: Huh?!
Subaru: The hell are you doing…? Dunno if you’re just faint or anemic but don’t stand up so fast.
Subaru: I won’t stop you if you want to keep rolling to the bottom, though.
Yui: I-I don’t! Thank you for helping me…
Subaru: …Hn.
Yui: (I guess I’m still unsteady… Thank goodness Subaru-kun saved me…)
Yui: I think I’ll keep sitting here for a little while more.
Yui: I’m okay now, so you can let go…
Subaru: …..
Subaru: ….You did the same thing before.
Yui: Huh?
Subaru: Not even when I’m sucking your blood… or when you sprained your ankle… or when you’re calling out for me to stop or wait for you… you never ask to be saved.
Subaru: Do you think that if you just keep on being a good girl, someday “God” will come to save you?
Subaru: You think he’ll wrap you up in his unconditional love or whatever the fuck kind of things you think he’ll do for you?
Subaru: Then, you’d be one of those pure, lily-white good girls—they gross me out so much it makes me want to vomit.
Yui: …Don’t say that.. I… I believe in God, but I don’t rely on Him for everything…
Subaru: Aah?
Yui: I’m just trying to do everything I’m able to…
Yui: (Besides, there’s no one… who I can rely on here.)
Subaru: …..
Subaru: ….Heh, I see…
Subaru: You’re that kind of person… which is why I’ll.. take you out of “that guy’s” hands…
Yui: (Huh…?)
Subaru: …Let’s go.
Yui: Huh?! Wh-what?!
Subaru: …Shut up. I’ll drop you if you start thrashing around.
Yui: …!
Subaru: Grab onto me if you’re scared.
Yui: Ah…
Yui (Subaru-kun is holding me…! …Why…?)

In the Ballroom
Yui: Th-thank you…
Subaru: It was nothing.
Yui: (Even though he had somewhere he needed to be, he still chose to carry me here.)
Yui: Um, Subaru-kun… Why did you help me…?
Subaru: …Heh.
Yui: …Ah?!
Yui: (H-he grabbed my thigh!)

Choose: What are you doing?! (M choice)
Yui: What are you doing?!
Subaru: …..
Subaru: You… do you on-command slap people whenever they grab your thigh?
Yui: O-of course I do…!
Subaru: ……Heh. That’s very like you..

Choose: Touch his hand (S choice)
Yui: What are you doing~…?
Subaru: …..
Subaru: …You.. Heh, you look really eager for this, like I’m giving you exactly what you want.
Yui: Oh dear, you caught me.
Yui: But if you can understand that, then why are you only touching the boring places?
Yui: Don’t tell me you just plan on teasing me?
Subaru: …But you’re actually hoping I’ll tease you, aren’t you?
Yui: That’s not nice of you to call me out like that~ Then I’ll go ahead and tease you, too.
Subaru: Hah?
Yui: Eh?! I-I’m so sorry, Subaru-kun! I…
Subaru: …..
Yui: (What was I even saying to him…? Maybe, was that because I’m in the middle of my awakening…?)
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun! Please let my leg go already…!

Subaru: Heheh… Well, you might not have a chest, but your legs are nice. And…
Subaru: …Holding your body to mine.. isn’t so bad either. Of course, the taste of your blood is good too…. mm…
Yui: Kyaa..!
Yui: (H-he’s… biting my… leg…)
Subaru: …It’s not bad… once in a while… to look up at you from below while I suck your blood…
Yui: Wha…!
Yui: D-don’t say perverted things like that!
Subaru: …Hah? If men weren’t perverted, you humans would’ve been long gone by now.
Subaru: …You’d have just been food for us vampires to gorge on.
Yui: …..!
Subaru: ….Well, if you have the energy to scream like that then I guess you’re alright.
Subaru: …Looks like you did come down with anemia, though…
Yui: Huh?
Subaru: …Nothing. You’re feeling good, right?
Yui: Eh? Y-yeah. I’m all better now.
Subaru: …How’s your heart?
Yui: Eh, my heart? It wasn’t hurting at all today.
Subaru: …..
Subaru: Hn, that’s good then. …See you.
Yui: Subaru-kun…


With that said, Subaru-kun went off somewhere.
He was acting much stranger than usual; I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react.
Why did he decide to help me?
Even before, he appeared out of nowhere and helped me then, too.

Was he worried about me…?
Softly, I place my hand over my heart, where I feel a new kind of pain beginning to blossom.

Even though he’s a vampire, even though he’s done so many awful things to me, why is my heart hammering in my chest like this?

Is this proof that I really am awakening?

Ecstasy 8 >>



Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Screencaps (English Translation)

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When you start up the game

HCTM First Screen

Initialize Saved Data


Please note

The act of distributing and distributing are software over the internet without permission of the right holder, and act of downloading (knowingly) illegal internet distribution are strictly prohibited by law. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Staring Screen

HCTM Starting Screen 1.png

HCTM Starting Screen 2.png


Press a button or touch the screen

HCTM Starting Screen 3.png

1 = Start The Game
(When starting the game, you’ll need to select a save file)
2 = Bonus

Bonus Screen

HTCM Bonus Screen.png

1 = Art Room
2 = Music Room
3 = Library
B = Return

Art Room

HTCM BS Art Room.png

Music Room

HTCM BS Music Room Top Screen.png

The song tittles will be translated seperately once completed.

Top = The 18 songs are listed here
B = Return
A = Play


HTCM BS Library Top Screen.png

HTCM BS Library Bottom Screen.png

1 = Read The QR Code (Opens a QR Code Scanner)
2 = Download Number (Opens a menu to download, internet connection needed)
B = Return

Starting The Game

New Game

HCTM New Game.png

1 = From the beginning
2 = Division Activity Diary
3 = Options
B = Return

Division Activity Diary

Divistion Activity Diary Top Screen.png

Divistion Activity Diary Bottom Screen.png

1 = Main Street
2 = Karasuno High A
3 = Karasuno High B
4 = Aobajōsai High
5 = Nekoma High
6 = Tokonami High
7 = Date Tech High
8 = Fukurōdani High
B = Return
A = Play


Options 1.png

1 = Volume of Back Ground Music
2 = Volume of voices
3 = Volume of Sound Effects
4 = Message Speed
Slow – Usual – Fast – Bulk
5 = Skip Settings
Already read – All – None
6 = Reset All Settings
7 = Save Changes

Options 2.png

1 = Preemptive Set Count
1 set – 2 sets
2 = Setpoint
6 points – 11 points – 25 points
3 = Name

From The Beginning

Setting Name.png

Please name the main character (6 letters)
The name can be changed in the options menu
Some special characters are converted to two

After Choosing Name.png

While Playing

Main Screen.png

L = Log
R = Menu
Y = Auto
X = Skip



1 = Status
2 = Student Set
3 = Item
4 = Save
5 = Options
6 = Help
(All tutorials)
7 = Return to tittle screen (Do you want to save?)
B = Return
A = Select


Status Top Screen.png

Status Bottom Screen.png

B  = Return
X = High school order | In order of Confidence | By Name | In order of Stamina
A = Details
Detail of each Character will be translated separately once completed.

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Update: Fanfictions and New Game

I thought it would be best to give you all a short update on some new things (coming soon or already here).
Continue reading “Update: Fanfictions and New Game”


Be My Princess Party: Prologue

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Episode 1: My First Job…A Royal Ball?!

A. Allow him to show you around.
B. Politely Decline. (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua)

A. Don’t I know you from…
B. That crest… (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua)

Episode 2: A Miracle For Me?!

A. Your gown is beautiful. (+ Keith, Wilfred, Joshua )
B. It’s nothing.

A. Red wine. (+ Wilfred, Joshua )
B. White wine. (+ Keith )

Episode 3 Sneaking Out From The Party

A. Go after Glenn. (+ Keith, Joshua )
B. Stay with Roberto. (+ Wilfred )

A. Thank you very much. (+ Keith )
B. I’ll be fine on my own. (+ Wilfred, Joshua )

Episode 4 An Unexpected Visitor

A. Thank you again for before. (+ Wilfred )
B. Why did you come back? (+ Keith, Joshua )

A. Agree with Monsieur Pierre (+ Keith, Joshua )
B. Give your honest opinion (+ Wilfred )

Special Story The Opportunity Has Arrived

A. A spread about Joshua.  (+ Keith, Joshua, Wilfred )
B. A spread about Glenn

A. I have been feeling a little stressed. (+ Joshua )
B. I’m really fine. (+ Wilfred, Keith )


Episode 5 The Pure White Envelope

A. Why are you here, Prince Joshua? (+ Joshua, Wilfred)
B. I’m afraid this area is for staff only… (+ Keith )

A. Continue listening to them. (+ Keith )
B. Leave the conversation. ( + Wilfred, Joshua)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Maniac 3 (English Translation)

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Reiji: Tonight, you will help me with the maintenance of the devices in this room.
Yui: Y-Yeah……
Reiji: What is it, this answer. You are not saying you will do it halfheartedly, are you?
Yui: …………
Yui: (I mean, the devices in this room have many weird stains and a lot of rust, so I don’t really want to touch them)
Reiji: I believe this can’t be, but you are not planning on refusing, are you?
Reiji: You, who has only the social standing of a human, cannot happen to oppose me, or do anything like that.
Reiji: Or are you longing to be educated by me? In that case, it is a different matter……
Yui: (Educated…… I guess what Reiji-san is talking about isn’t a calm subject, huh……)
Reiji: Why are you keeping quiet? Your answer?
Yui: I’m sorry. ……I will do the maintenance of the devices. I’ll do my best.
Reiji: Hehe, I see. I am relieved you are not too dumb to understand this.
Yui: (Not knowing what he’d do to me if I resisted is too scary)
Reiji: Well, shall we begin?
Yui: What should I do?
Reiji: Please polish those devices until there is of course no rust, and not even one fingerprint left on them.
Yui: Understood……
Yui: (The devices there…… I wonder if I can choose between the things lined up here)
Yui: (Where should I start polishing?)

Choose The big knife (Correct choice)
Yui: (Uwah…… The knife is heavy……)
Reiji: Oh, so you started from that one.
Reiji: This, having sucked the blood of a million people as prey in the past, is a knife with an outstanding power for bloodshed.
Yui: ……Eh……
Reiji: The handle you are holding is also stained a lot with the blood of many victims.
Reiji: Hehe…… What do you think, is it not an extraordinarily beautiful weapon?

Choose The iron ball with spikes
Yui: (This iron ball if covered by spikes that seem painful just by looking at it……)
Reiji: Oh, are you interested in that?
Yui: I guess so…… Because I thought it has a weird shape.
Reiji: There are several ways of using it, but…… Well, I prefer using it like this.
Reiji: When the victim is fixed on his back, I bring the iron ball down on his abdomen to my heart’s content.
Yui: Wha…….
Reiji: Imagining how they will yell makes for a nice mood, does it not?

Yui: ……kh!
Yui: (Uhhh, I don’t like this…… I’ll polish this thing fast……)
Yui: (If I finish quickly, I’ll leave this detestable room……!)
Reiji: …………
Yui: (I also don’t think Reiji-san will complain if I finish the task quickly……)
Reiji: You will polish every device very thoroughly, right?
Yui: Yes. I mean, I have to polish them until they are so clean that there is not even a fingerprint left, right?
Reiji: Haa…… That’s dull, isn’t it?
Yui: Eh?
Reiji: I have no interest in such an obedient attitude.
Yui: ……Eh?
Reiji:This is a punishment, you see. I will hit you with my whip.
Yui: ……What are you talking about?! Please stop with the weird jokes.
Reiji: Jokes? ……Hehe, does it seem like one?
Yui: Kyaa!
Reiji: Oh, it seems I missed.
Yui: No……kh, Please stop!
Yui: (I did as I was told, yet still he isn’t satisfied, that’s too cruel!)
Yui: (Besides…… There are many spikes in that whip…… If I think about getting hit even once……)
Reiji: It is boring if you are only obedient.
……Do you understand?
Yui: Hih……kh.
Yui: ……!?
Yui: (……Huh? I didn’t dodge this time, and he still missed……?)
Reiji: Hehe…… I am surprised that you saw through me.
Yui: …………?
Reiji: As you said, this just now was simply a joke. You understood from the start, did you not?
Yui: A-A joke……?
Reiji: Unlike you, I do not have the time to personally do trivial things like this…… Hehe.
Yui: ……!?
Reiji: Several devices were damaged by the whip now, huh.
Reiji: Please tidy up all of them.
Yui: ……U-Understood.
Reiji: Hehe…… Being reasonable is an excellent thing.
Yui: ……Thank you.
Yui: (No chance…… It really is impossible to oppose Reiji-san……)
Yui: (It feels like the fear of not knowing what he will do to me is stacking up every day)
Yui: (I am…… Going to be ruled by that fear…… At this rate, I might stop being able to move……)

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Ouran High School Host Club Screencaps (Englisch Translation)

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Tap to shut down (Intro video)

OHSHC Opening 2.png

Please touch the screen

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


OHSHC Opening Menu.png

1 = New Game
2 = Load file/Continue
3 = Settings
4 = Gallery
5 = Special


OHSHC Settings.png

1 = Game Settings
2 = Sound Settings
3 = Setting Initialization

Game Settings

OHSHC Game Settings Normal.png

OHSHC Game Settings Skip.png

OHSHC Game Settings Other.png

Sound Settings

BGM = Back Ground Music
SE = Special Effects

Setting Initialization

OHSHC Setting Initialization

Do you want to initialize the settings?
Yes / No


OHSHC Gallery.png

1 = Tamaki Suoh
2 = Kyouya Ootori
3 = Hikaru Hitachiin
4 = Kaoru Hitachiin
5 = Mitsukuni Haninozuka
6 = Takashi Morinozuka
7 = Other
8 = Movies



1 = Quick Save
2 = Options (leads to Save/Load/Main Menu/Settings)
3 = Quick Load
4 = History
5 = Auto Play
6 = Skip Dialogue
7 = Next

When clicking Quick Save

OHSHC Quick Save.png

Quick Save completed

When clicking the 2nd button ‘Options’, you will see these controls.

OHSHC Options.png

1 = Save
2 = Load
3 = Main menu
4 = Settings
5 = Return/Back

OHSHC Skip Mode (Slow).png

The controls you see when entering the automatic forwarding mode (= button 6 Skip Dialogue)
1 = Slow (the speed of the text automatically skipping)
2 = Skip Dialogue

OHSHC Skip Mode (Auto Play).png

Auto Play

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 8 (English Translation)

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What I dreaded
Did not occur.
Those who lose their blood
To the fangs of dark creatures
Become one of their number.
So I always believed.
But in the end,
There were no obvious symptoms.
My turbulent life, of day-and-night turned inside-out, continued unabated.

School Library
Yui: (But I don’t have to live like this anymore…)
Yui: (I finally managed to buy a new cell phone. They broke my old one, but didn’t block my IC card. I can’t believe it worked!)
Yui: (Ah…All my old school friends must so worried about me. I can’t wait to call them and tell them I’m sorry and I miss them and I’m ok…)
Yui: (But first thing’s first. I’ve got to get back in touch with Papa…)
Yui: (Papa…Please pick up!) Continue reading “Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 8 (English Translation)”