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Iris School Of Wizardry Walkthrough: Clyde’s Route

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ISW Chapter 2

Choice 1:

Go back to the dormitory once. (Good Ending)
Study in the salon. (Endless Ending)
Go to the library. (Endless Ending)

Choice 2:

Matias turning into A-Jay. (Endless Ending)
Ashley turning into Matias. (Endless Ending)
……I still don’t know. (Good Ending)

ISW Chapter 3

Choice 3:

I didn’t mean that. (Endless Ending)
I’d rather want to fly. (Good Ending)

Choice 4:

Go to Clyde’s room. (Endless Ending)
Go to the class building. (Endless Ending)
Go to the central garden. (Good Ending)

ISW Chapter 4

Choice 5:

Call real Matias. (Endless Ending)
Go to house of white rose. (Endless Ending)
There should be some way…… (Good Ending)

Choice 6:

Walk around the garden. (Endless Ending)
Go around the campus. (Good Ending)
Go around the forest. (Endless Ending)

ISW Chapter 5

Choice 7:

Believe him. (Endless Ending)
Won’t know unless we do it. (Endless Ending)
I don’t know….. (Good Ending)

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Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Ecstasy 2 (English Translation)

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In the Bathroom
Yui: (…My body hurts a little…)
Yui: (This was where Kanato-kun strangled my neck… he likes to deliberately hurt me a lot.)
Yui: (…I’m not sure what to do. I can never understand… what he’s thinking about at all…)
Yui: Hah… I’ll get out now…
Yui: ?!
Ayato: Yo, Breastless.
Laito: Hi, Bitch-chan~ You look sexy~
Yui: …Wha…?! I-I wa.. I was just taking a shower…!
Yui: (What’s with this all of a sudden..?! I’m glad I at least got to put on some clothes, but…)
Ayato: You know why we’re here? …We’re bored.
Yui: …Huh…?
Ayato: So let’s do something fun.
Yui: …Ow…!
Laito: This won’t be the first time for Bitch-chan now, will it?
Laito: You don’t have to be so scared of what we’ll do to you. We’ll make sure you have lots of fun~
Yui: …Wh-what… are you talking about…?
Ayato: Hey, raise your head. …We get bored, so you can be our plaything every once in a while.
Yui: ….ah?!
Ayato: …*kiss*…
Yui: M-mmphh…!
Laito: Aw, that’s so unfair of you, Ayato-kun. I wanted to kiss her first!
Ayato: Shut up. It’s first come, first serve, you know?
Yui: Wa…it, Ayato-kun! Don’t–
Ayato: Shut up. ….Mm.
Yui: ..uuh…!
Laito: If not her body then, I’ll take her blood.
Yui: ?! …..!
Laito: Aha… Kanato-kun left so many bite marks across your neck… It’s amazing.
Laito: Your neck must be tender after all, Bitch-chan. …Hehe… mm..
Yui: …Ngh..ah!!
Ayato: Oh, so you finally opened your mouth? …Mm..
Laito: Hah… So good, it’s so good! Bitch-chan… Mm, your blood is… amazing… it’s first-class…!
Yui: (N… o… what is this…? I’m scared…)
Yui: (At this rate, do these two… plan on using me however they see fit…?)
Kanato: …That prey belongs to me.
Yui: …!
Ayato: The hell, I don’t wanna be interrupted when I’m just getting to the good part.
Laito: Since when were you standing there? I was so entranced by Bitch-chan that I didn’t even notice you.
Kanato: Since just now. …Around the time those kisses were starting to arouse her.
Yui: Wha… I wasn’t! I wasn’t aroused–
Kanato: Shut up. I didn’t ask for your opinion.
Yui: ….
Ayato: Hehe… Why are you so irritated, hysteric?
Kanato: Isn’t that obvious? It’s because I found two insects meddling with what’s mine.
Laito: My, my, so scary~
Kanato: Please leave and get out, both of you. …Now.
Laito: KK, will do. Bickering with your current attitude would be a bit too tiring.
Ayato: Tch, boring. Ugh… you ruined it.
Kanato: …Now then, Yui-san. What kind of punishment would you like?
Yui: …Ah… um, I’m sor–
Kanato: Since you’re apologizing, that must mean you’re aware of your own wrongdoing, aren’t you?
Kanato: So then after all, you were seducing those two. …I thought as much.
Yui: …No…
Kanato: No? …What could you possibly be trying to deny?
Yui: ……
Yui: (Wh-what should I do…? Kanato-kun… he’s misunderstanding… at this rate…)

Choose: Explain
Yui: I wasn’t doing anything…! Those two had just suddenly barged in, and…
Kanato: You weren’t doing anything? Then, why did you apologize to me just now?
Yui: That’s.. because…
Kanato: You think everything will automatically be okay if you just apologize? …Bullshit!!
Yui: …! I’m… sorr…
Kanato: There you go apologizing again! Even though you keep saying you’ve done nothing wrong!!
Kanato: Going on and on with those fake apologies like that, do you really think I’ll forgive you?!
Yui: N….no…! I’m sorry….!!
Kanato: ….I won’t forgive you.
Yui: …!

Choose: Keep quiet (Correct choice)
Yui: (I… did nothing wrong. …But nothing I say will convince Kanato-kun otherwise right now…)
Kanato: Why are you being silent? What are you trying to deny?
Yui: …I… I wasn’t… trying to seduce them.
Yui: But it… might have seemed that way. …Um, I’m sorry…
Kanato: It didn’t ‘seem’ that way. …It was that way.
Kanato: You also subconsciously seduce men… you really are similar.
Yui: …Huh?
Kanato: I despise that part of you.
Yui: …I’m sorry.
Kanato: I’m tired of hearing your apologies. You don’t plan on correcting your mistakes, anyway.
Yui: …I’m… sorry…

Kanato: Either way, you’ll be punished. …Laito sucked your blood from your neck, right?
Yui: Y-yeah. …Right here.
Kanato: I’ll bite every place Laito touched.
Yui: Huh?
Kanato: So, please clench your teeth and put up with this… okay?
Yui: ..ngh…!! A-AHH…!!
Kanato: …Heh. You’re screaming already?
Yui: (M…my.. neck.. hurts…. He… bit me… as hard as he could…!)
Kanato: Next… Ayato also kissed you, didn’t he?
Yui: …hic!…
Kanato: Although, you would be ugly if I bit your lips. …It can’t be helped.
Kanato: …I’ll have to hold myself back with that.
Kanato: …Mm….. …
Yui: ..nngh….
Yui: (My neck hurts.. Why has it come to this? It hurts, Kanato-kun, it hurts..)
Yui: (But despite that, why are his kisses this gentle?)
Kanato: …Mm…
Yui: (…Aah… Please save me, God.)
Yui: (I’m… caught in Kanato-kun’s web…)

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Ecstasy 3 >>


Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Chapter 1 First Guardian Patrol Kiryuu Zero Event (English Translation)

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Cross Yuki: ふう、もうー周しちゃつたかな。
Cross Yuki: *sigh* I guess I’ve already made a lap.
Cross Yuki: (When I stand at the edge of the walkway, I vigorously dive down.)
Cross Yuki: 10 points, full score!
???: Idiot. You’ll get injured if you do that.
Cross Yuki: Huh? Who?
Cross Yuki: (I suddenly heared a voice and started looking around.)
Cross Yuki: Nobody’s here…..?
???: Where are you looking?
Cross Yuki: Huh?
Cross Yuki: (When I look up towards the voice, I see the figure of Zero in at tree.)
Cross Yuki: Zero! What are you doing there? Slacking off again!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t slack off.
Cross Yuki: No matter how you look at it, it’s skipping! Well, I’d like to sleep!!
Kiryuu Zero: Don’t be so angry. You’ll get wrinkles between your eyebrows.
Cross Yuki: I don’t want to be told that by you, Zero!
Cross Yuki: My skin is still in good condition!
Cross Yuki: If I get wrinkels it’s because of you, Zero! You need to take responsibility.
Kiryuu Zero: Responsibility? I wonder what you want me to do.
Cross Yuki: Wha… What I want….. That’s…..
Cross Yuki: (When I opened my mouth–)
Female Student 1: Let’s sneak in as soon as they don’t look.
Female Student 2: Reach your hand a little more.
Cross Yuki: What was that? I heard something just now…..
Cross Yuki: (I hurried and listened carefully to hear–)

What you choose here doesn’t really matter.

1: A noisy voice.
Cross Yuki: There’s a noisy voice! Hurry up Zero, something might have happened!

2: A suspicious voice.
Cross Yuki: I hear as suspicious voice! Something may have happened! Let’s hurry, Zero!

Kiryuu Zero: Go alone.
Cross Yuki: Idiot! Again! You’re being selfish!
Cross Yuki: (He turns his eyes if it doesn’t involce him, I started running.)
Cross Yuki: No way….. Why is a Day Class girl walking around at night? I hope nothing happens.

Cross Yuki: (I hurry to the person of the voice, there–)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! Shiki-senpai! What are you doing?
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan! Good job today too.
Cross Yuki: Ah, thanks…. No way! Going during the night is breaking the school regulation!
Shiki Senri: Such a loud voice…. Shut up….
Ichijou Takuma: At ease, Yuki-chan. We just hear a noice, so we came to check it out.
Female Student 1: Kyaaa-!! Shiki-senpai and Ichijou-senpai too!
Female Student 2: It was worth sneaking in to see them so close.
Cross Yuki: Both of you go now! Do not get closer!
Shiki Senri: Get closer…..
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t, Yuki-chan. What’s the problem?
Cross Yuki: Going out during the night is breaking school regulation! It’s dangerous at night! Please return to your dormitory!
Female Student 1: Stop joking, committe member!
Female Student 2: That’s right! You’re always so unbelievable!
Cross Yuki: (Ignoring my warnings, they get closer to Ichijou-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Stop! Get back!
Female Student 1: Why should we stop? What’s so dangerous?
Cross Yuki: It’s bad…. It’s really dangerous….. The night-senpais……
Ichijou Takuma: We are……. What? Yuki-chan…..
Cross Yuki: Tha, that’s……
Cross Yuki: (I had trouble replying to Ichijou-senpai, Shiki-senpai had a thin smile on his mouth.)
Shiki Senri: Committe member… are you angry?
Cross Yuki: (The next moment– The senpais’ pupils shone dubiously!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (I ran in front of the girls to protect them from the senpais.)
Cross Yuki: Kyaa!
Cross Yuki: (My legs tangled and I fell down in a flashy manner.)
Cross Yuki: Ow ow ow…….
Ichijou Takuma: Are you alright? Yuki-chan. Huh? That’s….
Shiki Senri: It smells nice….
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (I felt a stronge gaze on my right hand that was on the ground.)
Cross Yuki: (When I drop my gaze, I see blood on my right hand….!)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad!)
Shiki Senri: Committe member…. caught.
Cross Yuki: Geh….!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai thightly grabbed my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me, Shiki-senpai.
Shiki Senri: Why are you so hostile?
Cross Yuki: (As I grasp my hand, Ichijou-senpai looks straight at me.)
Cross Yuki: (Is seems as though he grabbed my heart with his eyes, I can’t move.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me! You’ll get punishment for this!
Shiki Senri: Stop resisting……
Cross Yuki: I, I don’t care! It’ll get better if I rub it with a handkerchief!
Shiki Senri: I’ll cure you…. I guess?
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai slowly opens his mouth….. I can see his sharp fangs!)
Cross Yuki: (I’ll… get bitten…..!)
Female Student 1: No way! Just now, I saw fangs!
Female Student 2: Vampire!? There’s no such thing….
Cross Yuki: Stop! Shiki-senpai!
Shiki Senri: How surprising. Such a loud voice.
Ichijou Takuma: No, I’m more surprised.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!! Don’t just stand by, please stop Shiki-senpai!
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Is something wrong with that?
Ichijou Takuma: Shiki, I don’t really understand. Please release her.
Ichijou: Even so, it’s a nice scent. Shiki won’t bite you. Hehe.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!
Cross Yuki: (While saying that, Shiki-senpai strongly pulled me closer.)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad…..! I was prepared to–)
Shiki Senri: Listen. Committee member, I won’t bite. Calm down.
Ichijou Takuma: You see.
Cross Yuki: Eh….?
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Shiki is a reasonably person….
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, don’t you trust us?
Cross Yuki: Eh? Umm…. That’s….
Cross Yuki: (I’m having trouble replying.)
Cross Yuki: (From the side, it might look like I’m desperately resisting… that’s what I thought.)
Cross Yuki: (Next–)
Kiryuu Zero: Vampiric actions are forbidden inside the school.
Cross Yuki: (Zero puts Bloody Rose up while looking at Ichijou-senpai.)
Kiryuu Zero: Drunk with the smell of blood, did you forget me, Vampire.
Cross Yuki: Zero!! Stop!
Ichijou Takuma: Hold on, Kiryuu-kun. You’re misunderstanding~.
Shiki Senri: Rampaging so fast, how scary.
Cross Yuki: It really is a misunderstanding! Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai were just worried over me getting injured!
Shiki Senri: That’s all….? Isn’t that underestimated?
Kiryuu Zero: What’s going on, Yuki? How did you get injured?
Cross Yuki: That’s…. a long story!
Cross Yuki: Anyways, Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai did nothing wrong.
Cross Yuki: (Zero was shaking due to the tension…. That–)
Ichijou Takuma: Kiryuu-kun, the gap.
Cross Yuki: (Zero released the tension on the gap–)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai approached Zero at the speed of light and takes up his guarding arm.)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! How?
Shiki Senri: Fast. As expected of Ichijou-san.
Ichijou Takuma: Sorry, Kiryuu-kun!
Ichijou Takuma: Can’t it be said that the state of affairs of the Guardian isn’t kept in a case like this? Why is that.
Kiryuu Zero: Why….. Well, I won’t finish it….
Kiryuu Zero: This can only be accepted as a declaration of war, Ichijou-senpai.
Cross Yuki: (Zero slowly points Bloody Rose at Ichijou-senpai again.)
Cross Yuki: Enought already! Zero! Stop it! Don’t pull the trigger!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t see what’s so bad about clearing out vampires.
Ichijou Takuma: Uh…. Such scary eyes. Kiryuu-kun…..
Shiki Senri: Committe member guy……. How uncomfortable….
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai looks at Zero with challenging eyes.)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai smiles while standing in between the two, but his eyes aren’t smiling.)
Cross Yuki: (This atmosphere! It’s heating up due to the three people who won’t surrender.)
Cross Yuki: To go to such an extent! Fighting is prohibited! Please also stand down senpais!
Shiki Senri: For just a while. I’ll withdraw.
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t look at a lady like that, Shiki. Yuki-chan is doing her best for us.
Shiki Senri: Committee member girl….. Trying too hard….
Cross Yuki: That’s…..
Kiryuu Zero: Leave, Yuki. I will block these guys.
Cross Yuki: Stop it! Zero! Take your hand of Bloody Rose!
Cross Yuki: (As I shake and cry, Zero pulls the trigger without hesitation!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (A gunshot rushes through the night sky–)
Cross Yuki: No way…. I…..
Cross Yuki: (Suddenly, I had grabbed Zero’s hand.)
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, amazing! Such wonderful work!
Cross Yuki: (The bullets were shot at the tree besides us, without anyone getting hit.)
Cross Yuki: Zero, you idiot! You actually shot!
Kiryuu Zero: Tch….. Extra convolution.
Shiki Senri: How surprising…. You really shot….
Kuran Kaname: That Bloody Rose, would you please put it away, Kiryuu-kun.
Kuran Kaname: It’s a threat to us….
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai!
Kiryuu Zero: What if…. I refuse?
Kuran Kaname: Hm…. How bullish.
Cross Yuki: Zero, stop saying stupid things, you’re acting strange tonight!
Kuran Kaname: You are already injured. Please shot it to me.
Cross Yuki: Eh? It’s, it’s fine! It was just a scratch and the bleeding has already stopped!
Kuran Kaname:  If something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai….
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai slowly approaches me with a gentle smile.)
Cross Yuki: (I couldn’t move my eyes away….. The next moment–)
Kiryuu Zero: Your worry is useless. Above that, would you mind moving away from them?
Cross Yuki: (It’s as if Zero is trying to tear my away from Kaname-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Zero!
Ichijou Takuma: Ahaha, Kiryuu-kun. There’s no calling apart between them~?
Shiki Senri: We haven’t done anything. We just got here.
Ichijou Takuma: Calm down Shiki! You too Kiryuu-kun! Let’s not fight for no reason~ Peace is best!
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou, why is there so much commotion when you’re the assistent director? I seems necessary to talk over it.
Ichijou Takuma: Kaname! Scary eyes~! Help me, Shiki!
Shiki Senri: It’s no use hiding behind my back, Ichijou-san. It’s protuding.
Ichijou Takuma: Because~! Kaname’s face! I will be punished by Aidou~!
Kuran Kaname: I don’t like conflict. Let’s solve it by discussion. Understood, Ichijou?
Ichijou Takuma: I have a feeling there’s a deeper meaning to “discussion”…..?
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou and Shiki, tell me the story properly. Is that okay? Kiryuu-kun.
Shiki Senri: Mine’s irrelevant….Which one of these is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Please make it short, Kuran-senpai.
Kuran Kaname: You seem to dislike being face-to-face with me. But, before that…..
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai gently approached the girl students who fained from what had happend.)
Cross Yuki: (And, he holds a thin fingertip over their heads.)
Kuran Kaname: With this, their memories of tonight have disappeared. You can rest at ease, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Thank you so much! Kaname-senpai….
Kuran Kaname: You don’t need to bow. Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai…..
Kuran Kaname: I’m sorry you had to feel fear this night, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Not, not at all! It’s my own fault for getting injured, you did nothing wrong!
Kuran Kaname: You are so strong…. Goodnight, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Goodnight!
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s group went back to the Moon Dormitory.)
Cross Yuki: (I kept staring at his back untill it disappeared into the darkness of the night.)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai is still different…. he’s not only cool… but also kind….)
Kiryuu Zero: What are you grinning about?
Cross Yuki: I, I’m not! Besides, you were late! Were you slacking again?
Cross Yuki: (Zero looks into my eyes as if to cut off my question.)
Cross Yuki: (However, looking at the next moment……)
Cross Yuki: What is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Give me your right hand quickly.
Cross Yuki: Huh? There’s no way you want to hold hands because you’re afraid of the night?
Cross Yuki: (The soft expression of Zero becomes more steep.)
Kiryuu Zero: You idiot…. You’re injured. Quickly give it to me.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (When he pulled out his tie, Zero grabs my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: You, you should be more gentle. Because I’m injured…..
Cross Yuki: (I got embarrassed and ended up saying something mean.)
Cross Yuki: (Even so, he doesn’t seem to hear it…)
Cross Yuki: (I was staring at the way he wrapped the necktie like a wrapping cloth.)
Cross Yuki: (If I were to look up, my eyes would meet with Zero’s…..)
Kiryuu Zero: It’s just temporary first aid for the time being. Have it cured later by the president.
Cross Yuki: All right…..
Cross Yuki: (With familiar hand, Zero made saline allowances.)
Cross Yuki: (I wanted to say something to Zero, for his kindness.)

1: I’m officious.
2: Zero…… (Affection up for Zero)
3: Sorry. (Affection up for Zero)

1: I’m officious.
Cross Yuki: I’m officious…..
Cross Yuki: (I intended to quietly murmur, but a disturbing auro is transmitted from Zero.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems he truly did hear it.)
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Kiryuu Zero: Even though people bother to worry about you…. You’re the worst…….
Cross Yuki: ………..
Cross Yuki: (Ehh?! That’s righ, Zero is someone who can’t communicate well.)
Cross Yuki: (Even if I say something else, I’ll be like pouring oil on fire, so I’ll stay silent.)

2: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: Zero….
Cross Yuki: You are dexterous.
Kiryuu Zero: What is it?
Cross Yuki: No, I like this kind of thing, and your cooking too.
Cross Yuki: Somewhat, like a mother.
Kiryuu Zero: A mother? …….You have a lot of hardships.
Cross Yuki: Zero….. I had a hard time until now after all….. Sorry, I said something bad.
Kiryuu Zero: I meant you have a lot of troubles with yourself.
Cross Yuki: Ah, am I?
Kiryuu Zero: Enough….. Weird person……

3: Sorry.
Cross Yuki: Sorry….. You got worried.
Kiryuu Zero: ……Creepy.
Cross Yuki: Ha?!
Kiryuu Zero: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. Are you planning something?
Cross Yuki: Such a…. Terrible…. It’s terrible, even for a joke.
Cross Yuki: I, just honestly apologized……
Kiryuu Zero: Ah…….. I see…….. my bad……
Cross Yuki: ……Creepy.
Kiryuu Zero: Ha?!
Cross Yuki: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. What are you plotting? Zero.
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Cross Yuki: Hehe. Payback!
Kiryuu Zero: Hmpf.

Kiryuu Zero: Let’s go. We have to bring those two back right away.
Cross Yuki: Ye, yeah!
Cross Yuki: (Zero lightly raised the two girls.)
Cross Yuki: (I hastily chased after his stern back.)
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait, Zero!
Cross Yuki: Zero! You know what…… Thank you very much…….!
Cross Yuki: (I deeply bowed my head towards a silent back–)
Cross Yuki: Aww! Don’t stop so suddenly! It made me hit my head.
Kiryuu Zero: …..
Cross Yuki: Zero……?
Cross Yuki: (After suddenly stopping, Zero’s expression was steep and distorted.)
Cross Yuki: What wrong? Are you in a bad mood?
Kiryuu Zero: Here…. I feel uncomfortable with the smell of blood.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (Murmuring about spitting it out, Zero started walking again.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems like his back is rejecting me……)
Cross Yuki: (Zero holds something deep in his heart…..)
Cross Yuki: (Like deep darkness…..)
Cross Yuki: …..
Cross Yuki: (I stood by for a while as he walked away–)

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Chapter 1 Day Class >>
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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In the Park
Yui: –Subaru-kun!
Subaru: …Oh, it’s you.
Yui: It’s unusual to see you at the park.
Yui: (He hadn’t seemed like he was going to sleep, but.. what’s he doing here?)
Subaru: Stay back.
Yui: …Huh?
Subaru: Don’t come any closer than that.
Yui: …What’s wrong?
Subaru: ….Tch.
Subaru: You’re so damn obnoxious! Everytime you see me you come rushing over!
Subaru: I’ve told you already not to come near me except when necessary. What do you want?
Yui: …I don’t… come rushing over…
Subaru: Aren’t you always trying to be with me?
Yui: Y-yeah… but i-isn’t that okay, once in a while?
Subaru: Ha, you really have already begun to awaken.
Yui: Awaken?
Subaru: Your transformation into a vampire. That’s the whole reason why you were thrown into this mansion with us.
Yui: What do you mean?
Subaru: Tch. This is ridiculous. When a human starts getting close with a vampire, they’ll eventually turn into one themself.
Yui: Wh-what…?! Why didn’t you tell me that before…?!!
Subaru: Why didn’t I? Would you even be able to avoid it if I had told you?
Yui: I could’ve done a lot of things– I could’ve escaped!
Subaru: Ha. Aren’t you our special prey? This was planned from the start!
Subaru: That guy… was fascinated with you. Just like… he was with Mother.
Yui: No way… How could you… tell me that so suddenly? I don’t understand..!!
Yui: It was planned for me to become a vampire…? Why me?
Subaru: Ha. Why’re you getting mad at me? It’s your own fault for being so careless.
Subaru: Anyway, you human women never seem to realize how dangerous things are before you jump right into them.
Subaru: Think about it– you just waltzed on into a vampire’s den all happy and oblivious and shit.
Yui: Th-that’s because… I didn’t know.
Subaru: You should’ve just escaped when I wasn’t looking.
Yui: …..
Subaru: –You never once thought that you might be trapped here forever?
Yui: …Well, I…
Yui: (I did think of that… and I thought about escaping… but, I was scared… No, that’s not it.)
Yui: (Yes, I was scared, but… that wasn’t the whole reason. Why didn’t I escape?)
Yui: (Is it because of this ‘awakening’ thing?!)
Subaru: …Tch.
Yui: …?!
Subaru: Don’t start crying, it’s annoying. Get over here!
Yui: (….H-he pushed me down on the bench…!)
Subaru: …You’re so fucking stupid. I tried… I warned you… not to come near me.
Subaru: You really don’t listen to anything I say… fuck.
Subaru: I try so hard to resist your blood… but…
Subaru: The second you get close… I can’t stop myself…
Yui: …? S-Subaru-kun… what do you mean…?
Subaru: …Tch. Nothing!
Subaru: Listen up, stop coming near me just because you get curious.
Yui: …….
Subaru: …You can’t blame me for what happens if you do.
Yui: Subaru-kun… what exactly have I gotten wound up in? Please tell me.
Subaru: …Hn. Why should I have to answer some human’s question?
Subaru: Just don’t get close to me. Otherwise I’ll change your blood– I’ll dirty your blood.
Subaru: …And it’ll become ugly, foul, filthy.
Yui: …..
Subaru: …You’d hate that too, wouldn’t you?
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (Filthy blood? Is that what he meant when he said he’d change my blood? Or is it something else…?)
Yui: (But… he’s not harassing me like he always does…)
Yui: (He’s trying to be kind… I don’t know what I should do…)
Yui: …I won’t go.
Subaru: Ah?
Yui: I’m staying here.
Subaru: Hah?! What the hell are you saying?! Didn’t I say I’d dirty you?!
Yui: Because… I don’t have anywhere else to go… and…
Yui: (Before he told me that, I… I thought I wanted to stay by his side…)
Yui: (Am I really becoming a vampire? Or…)
Subaru: –Tch!
Subaru: How damn obnoxious can you get? Fine, go wherever the hell you want.
Subaru: Just don’t come near me when you don’t need to!
Yui: (He stopped holding me down… Is he letting me escape?)

Choose: Sit up (M choice)
Yui: …nn…
Subaru: ….
Yui: ….
Subaru: …Oi. Aren’t you going to go? Why are you staring at me like an idiot, aah?
Yui: Because…

Chooce: Inquire (S Choice)
Yui: Subaru-kun, why did you let me go~?
Subaru: …Aah…?!
Yui: (Wah, my mouth moved on its own again!!)
Subaru: …Stop it.. How many times do I have to tell you not to get close to me? Don’t you hear me?
Yui: (He shoved me away…)

Subaru: …..
Yui: …..
Subaru: …You’re not leaving? You really want to stay here?
Yui: Honestly, I don’t know what I should do.
Yui: I… really want to run away, but I feel worried about you.
Yui: I don’t know what I want to do myself.
Subaru: …Yui..
Subaru: ….Do whatever the hell you want.
Yui: …Okay.
Subaru: …Hn, you’re weird..
Yui: (I should run away. I know that for certain. But…)
Yui: (Whenever I think about Subaru-kun, I’m suddenly unable to move…)

I can’t get that expression Subaru-kun made out of mind.
I wonder what that forlorn look on his face means? Lately, he’s been making it a lot.
Is he hiding something?
Although, it may just be something I can’t understand. He is, after all, a dweller of the night. A vampire.
But, even so– …
I wrap my arms tightly around my body, so that I can bottle these new feelings of my heart deep inside me.

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Amnesia, Amnesia Memories, Otome Games

Amnesia Memories Walkthrough: Ikki’s Route

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These were provided by Isabele Kuran, go show her some love as a thank you for helping us out!


Choice 1

What you choose here doesn’t really matter all that much.

A… bug…
Who are you?

Choice 2

What you choose here doesn’t really matter all that much.

I can’t remember anything.
Nothing looks familiar.

Choice 3

You can choose all options

Choice 4

What you choose here doesn’t really matter all that much.

Yes, let’s hurry.
I don’t mind meeting other people.

Choice 5

What you choose here doesn’t really matter all that much.

Right, let’s hurry and look.
I’m a little scared.

August 1

Choice 6

Where would you like to go? (All Endings)
You have the day off?

Choice 7

Yeah I’ll go.
Yes, I’ll go. (All Endings)

Choice 8

I would break up with him for sure. (All Endings)
I would want to try dating him.

Choice 9

Who were those girls?
You should have ignored those other girls. (All Endings)

Choice 10

What should I think?
You’re a little too close. (All Endings)

You can make a safe file here to return to when you want to get other endings, since all previous choices were the same for each ending.

Choice 11

I’m okay. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Ahaha… (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 12 (Only if you’re going for Bad Ending 1)

I’m fine. (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 13

Did I have work tomorrow? (Bad Ending 1)
Could you walk me to work tomorrow? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 14 (Only if you’re going for Bad Ending 1)

Then could you walk me to work tomorrow? (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 15

Yes, I’ll see you again. (All Endings)
Thank you for today.

August 2

Choice 16

I’m sorry, I’ll get ready real quick. (All Endings)
I’m sorry, please come inside.

Choice 17

Yes, please. (All Endings)
No, I’ll be alright.

Choice 18

Hey, Ikster. (Bad Ending 1)
Good morning, Ikki. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Hey, Ikkyu.

Choice 19

I usually end up skipping it.
I’ll eat toast or something light. (All Endings)
I try to eat three proper meals a day.

Choice 20

Yeah, I will. (Bad Ending 1)
I’m sorry, I’ll try to hurry. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 21

The customer is the enemy! (All Endings)

Choice 22

Welcome, dear customer. (Bad Ending 1)
Welcome back, Master. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 23

I understand, Masters.
Could you please repeat that? (All Endings)

Choice 24

Thank you very much, Master. (All Endings)

Choice 25

2 coffees and 1 tea. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
1 coffee and 2 teas. (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 26

I’m alright.
Umm… I can stand by myself. (All Endings)

Choice 27

See you tomorrow, Ikki. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
We’re not walking home together today. (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 28

Actually, I got a little lost… (Bad Ending 1)
Actually, I’m not feeling well… (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

August 3

Choice 29

I think we took the path along the railroad. (All Endings)
I think we crossed the railroad.

Choice 30

I’m sorry.
Yes, sir. (All Endings)

Choice 31

No it’s okay. (All Endings)
Thank you for coming.

Choice 32

Ikki…? (All Endings)

Choice 33

What do you mean, challenge? (Bad Ending 1)
Ikki…? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

August 4

Choice 34

Probably… But I really don’t care.
Got it. I’ll stay away from him. (All Endings)

Choice 35

It’s okay, I’m used to it. (Bad Ending 1)
I do want him to stop. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 36

It was lonely walking by myself.
It’s okay. Don’t worry about me. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I just didn’t want to be alone anymore. (Bad Ending 1)

August 5

Choice 37

Nothing has changed. (Bad Ending 1)
…It’s a secret. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 38

Let’s just let him go. (Bad Ending 1)
Let’s chase him. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 39 (Only if you’re going for the Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

I went to go get some juice. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I went to go get a drink.

August 6

Choice 40

No, I remember…
Oh right, I did forget. What a surprise… (All Endings)

Choice 41

May I get you anything, Madam? (Bad Ending 1)
What a surprise…! (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 42

It’s okay, don’t worry about it. (All Endings)
Just don’t fall in love with him.

Choice 43

Which rumor? (Bad Ending 1)
What rumors have you heard? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

August 7

Choice 44

Are you ready for the 19th? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
What time is the train, again? (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 45

Do I know them? (All Endings)
I’d love to meet your friends.

August 8

Choice 46

She really is cute. (All Endings)
I don’t think I’ll like her.
She could be a useful ally.

Choice 47

A month left for what? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Do you think that the rumor is true? (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 48

Okay, I’ll wait. (All Endings)
I’ll go home first. Take your time.

Choice 49

I’d be okay holding hands… (All Endings)
Thank youso much for the gloves.

Choice 50

You’re quiet today…
Can I ask about Mine? (All Endings)

Choice 51

Do you dislike me, too…? (All Endings)
Is that why you break up so quickly?

Choice 52

I wouldn’t confess. (All Endings)
I’d need to say it, even if I knew it was useless.
I’d be willing to steal for love.

August 9

Choice 53

Please stop! (All Endings)

Choice 54

I’d definitely like to go.
…I don’t know if I should. (All Endings)

Choice 55

You can choose all of these, the order doesn’t matter.

You seem to get along with Ikki.
Is Ikki really good at math?
Have you met Ikki’s past girlfriends.

Choice 56

…You’re pretty strange.
You could be nicer about it… (All Endings)

Choice 57

That really is too harsh. (All Endings)
Do you dislike me?

Choice 58

I, um… (All Endings)
I only came because Kent was here.

Choice 59

Maybe he can’t afford living alone.
Maybe he feels lonely living alone. (All Endings)

August 10

Choice 60

Sorry… (All Endings)
Good for you.

Choice 61

…I hate you, Ikki.
…I’m sorry. (All Endings)

Choice 62

Um, you’re a little close… (All Endings)
Could you let go of my hand…

Choice 63

…The fireworks are prety. (All Endings)
I’m afraid to go further…

Choice 64

…Go right ahead. (All Endings)
…I actually wouldn’t like that.

August 11

Choice 65

I’m going out with Ikki… (All Endings)
Why do you aks?

Choice 66

What do you know? (All Endings)
Are you with Rika and the others?

Choice 67

I think he knew me…
He told me to watch out for resentful people. (All Endings)

Choice 68

A Passionate Affair.
Matilda’s Melancholy. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Deas Man’s War. (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 69

No, I wouldn’t dislike it… (All Endings)
I’d be kind of embarrassed to.

Choice 70

Yes, I’m free. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Um… (Normal Ending and Bad Ending 1)

Choice 71

I think I’m okay for now. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Can I see your packing list tomorrow? (Bad Ending 1)

August 12

Choice 72

How many people are going to the trip? (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I wonder if Ikki’s fans will come too… (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 73

..I can’t say more than I said before. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I think I might be falling for him… (Bad Ending 1)

August 13

Choice 74

Who are you. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
… (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 75

(Orion, where are you…?) (All Endings)
(Mr. Bug?)

Choice 76

(Who is that man…?) (All Endings)
(Why am I here…?)
(What about work…?)

August 14

Choice 77

He’s a friend! (Bad Ending 1)
He’s my brother! (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
A pervert! I’ll call the plice! (Normal Ending)

Choice 78

Thank you, Ikki. That’d be nice… (Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I’m sorry, Ikki. I’d like Toma to be there… (Normal Ending)

Choice 79 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

Why are you so nice to me.
Do you like me, Ikki? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 80 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

Well… Okay, then. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I… think that mgiht be a little too much.

August 15

Choice 81

I think he’s grown to like me now. (Bad Ending 1)
I think he liked me from the start. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
I think I’m just a passing interest. (Normal Ending)

August 16

Choice 82

I’ll do my best. (Normal Ending, Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
…I don’t remember. (Bad Ending 1)

Choice 83

I don’t think of you as a burden. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Don’t worry, I’m plenty prepared. (Normal Ending)
No, please, stop…! (Bad Ending 1 obtained “Not bad, god”)

Choice 84

…Okay, just wait a little while…! (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Let me call you after I change instead. (Normal Ending)

Choice 85

Um, I’m changed and in bed now. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Yes, I’m in bed. (Normal Ending)

August 17

Choice 86

Is there something wrong? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Yeah, see you tomorrow. (Normal Ending)

Choice 87

Should I go over there…? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
What happened? (Normal Ending)

Choice 88 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

…What happened? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Ikki, I can’t…

Choice 89

Do you feel better with me around…? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Is there no way to stop your eyes?
Once upon a time, a boy and a girl… (Normal Ending)

August 19

Choice 90

I’ll watch a little more. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
Maybe I should leave… (Normal Ending)

Choice 91

I’ll go. (Normal Ending)
I’ll pass. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 92 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

You can stay. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 93 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 or Bad Ending 3)

Are you sad that you can’t participate? (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
You don’t like being with them?

August 20

Choice 94

…They only worked at first. (Good Ending, Bad Ending 2 and Bad Ending 3)
…I was pretending they didn’t work. (Normal Ending)

Choice 95

Yes. (Bad Ending 2)
Not right now. (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 96 (Only if you’re going for Bad Ending 2)

…Yes, I’ll try. (Bad Ending 2)

Choice 97 (Only if you’re going for Bad Ending 2)

…Let’s go to the left. (Bad Ending 2 obtained “I’ll get rid of those who hurt you”)

Choice 98

…! (Normal Ending)
This voice… (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 99

I don’t care about rumors. (Normal Ending)
I don’t believe it anymore. (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 100

…Ah, um… (Normal Ending)
… (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)

August 21

Choice 101

Um, thank you for yesterday. (Normal Ending)
(I’ll wait until later…) (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 102

God’s can do that? (Good Ending ,Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)
There really are gods?

Choice 103

Please tell me your reasons. (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)
…I understand.

August 22

Choice 104

Yeah… (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)
…I don’t want to.

Augsut 23

Choice 105

I won’t know until you explain it. (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)
You looked like you were playing around. (Normal Ending)

Choice 106

…Why are you so mad. (Good Ending and Bad Ending 3)
…Not really. (Normal Ending)

August 24

Choice 107

Um, what are you doing here…?
Ikki will be late. (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)

Choice 108

What should I do? (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)
…I don’t really understand.

August 25

Choice 109

I’m sorry, but I’m working now… (Good Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending 3)
Um… It’s been a while…

Choice 110

…I think I’m in love with Ikki. (Good Ending and Normal Ending)
…I don’t dislike him, but… (Bad Ending 3 obtained “I wanted us to live together”.

August 26

Choice 111

Uh… Don’t be so conceited… (Normal Ending)
… (Good Ending)

Choice 112 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending)

You’re special to me, too.
And if your eyes worked on me…? (Good Ending)

Choice 113 (Only if you’re going for the Good Ending)

You’re special to me, too. (Good Ending)
Um, I…

August 27

Choice 114

…I haven’t decided yet. (Normal Ending obtained “Are you free this weekend?”)
I don’t want to go… (Good Ending)

August 28

Choice 115

Tell me about myself…
Could you give me a hug? (Good Ending)

Choice 116

Because I was interested in their club activities. (Good Ending)

Choice 117

How long have you known Rika? (Good Ending)

Choice 118

…Rika threatened me. (Good Ending obtained “I’ve made up my mind”)

Again, these were provided by Isabele Kuran, go show her some love as a thank you for helping us out!

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Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 7 (English Translation)

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In the Sience Lab

Reiji: This has gone far enough!
Yui: ーーOh my, you’ve finally snapped.
Reiji: You still seem to be trying to test me, but I only have so much patience.
Yui: Turns out the last straw really was destroying your precious collection.
Yui: I’ll use that for reference.
Reiji: ーーEnough. I’ve been entertaining you for a while now, but I’ve reached my limit.
Reiji: Leave Yui’s body immediately!
Yui: No thanks. I’ll never leave. If someone’s going to leave, it’ll be this girl.
Yui: (You should have stopped when I told you to… How could you destroy the results to Reiji-san’s important experiments…?)
Reiji: …..
Yui: Oh my. A knife… Is that made of silver? So then, are you going to stab me with it?
Yui: I dare you to try. After all… it will kill this girl, too. As long as you’re fine with that.
Reiji: I’ve told you this already, haven’t I? I am that girl’s owner… she belongs to me. …Whether I kill her or keep her alive is up for me to decide.
Yui: I see…
Reiji: Which is why it’ll be so easy for me to kill you.
Yui: (Reiji-san really is furious…)
Reiji: (Well, of course he is, he had everything he’s been working for so long on stored in here…)
Yui: I see. Then, I guess it can’t be helped. …This place is perfect, since… you keep all your poisons here.
Reiji: ….!
Yui: ーーI’ll die just like you want me to. Mngh!
Reiji: ! Fool! Stop!!
Yui: Didn’t you just tell me to die?! Why are you so agitated now?!
Reiji: ….!! Open your mouth!
Yui: (…Reiji-san is straddling me… and trying to wrench my mouth open!)
Yui: … Nngh aa!!
Reiji: Mm…. mm…!!
Yui: (He said it’d be fine if I died, so…. why? Why is he sucking out the poison…?)
Yui: N-nghーー….!!
Reiji : Honestly… how foolish can you get?
Yui: *cough*… gh… You’re the one who told me to do that.
Reiji: I did not. I said I would be the one to kill you.
Yui: Same thing…
Reiji: Noーthere is a significant difference between those two.
Yui: (Reiji-san… This must have something to do with his mother, for him to get so worked up about a detail as small as that…)

Choose: I understand his feelings (M choice)
Yui: (I understand… his feelings.)
This girl says she… understands your feelings.
Reiji: Ha. What is there to “understand”? You don’t understand. There’s nothing to understand.
Yui: (Maybe that was a little presumptuous of me.)

Choose: Why didn’t you let me die? (S Choice)
Yui: (But why didn’t he let me die?)
Yui: (If I died… you’d be able to end this entire situation.)
Yui: This girl wants to know why you didn’t just let her die.
Reiji: …That’s…
Yui: (…Things would have been so much easier if you had.)

Reiji: ーーAlthough, you never intended to die in the first place.
Reiji: You kept the poison in your mouth and never swallowed itーwhich is proof of that.
Reiji: You were testing me.
Yui: Hehe. Yes, exactly. I know how much you feel about this girl inside me.
Yui: Parting with this bride would be too much for you, wouldn’t it? The girl is finally beginning to awaken, after all.
Yui: ーーAlthough, that is solely because of my power.
Reiji: ……
Yui: Answer me.
Reiji: I have no interest in her as a bride.
Reiji: I had no interest in succeeding the head of this household in the first place.
Reiji: If anything, I want nothing but the privilege of murdering the man who’s just as powerful as God. That is the all I’m after.
Yui: But you saved this body. You would never try to save me, though.
Yui: I know that for a fact. Then, why did you rescue this girl?
Reiji: ーーPlease don’t make me repeat myself. That girl belongs to me.
Yui: You love her, don’t you?
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san?)
Reiji: Ha… This is precisely why I dislike women. Love? Don’t make me laugh.
Yui: Hehe. I think I’m right. I know you’re just avoiding it. You love this girl.
Reiji: That’s absurd. Why would I love or sympathize with my food?
Yui: Or rather, it could be said that you shouldn’t fall in love with her because she’s your food.
Reiji: This is nonsense. Please do not agitate me.
Yui: Agitate you? I’m only playing with words; why would you feel agitated? I don’t understand that at all.
Reiji: ….Please get out. I need to straighten up in here. My research has fallen behind because of you.
Reiji: I must recover this setback you caused.
Yui: Fine. But first I have one last thing to tell youーsomething nice.
Reiji: ‘Something nice’?
Yui: Hey, how would you feel if I told you that this girl… this girl inside me, had already disappeared from this world?
Reiji: ….?! What did you say?
Yui: You heard me.
Reiji: You’re lying. She was just hereー
Yui: What if I was making it up all along?
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san! It’s a lie! I’m right here! Reiji-san!!)
Yui: Hehe. I finally got to see you make a panicked expression… I’m satisfied for today.
Reiji: …You truly are a desperate bitch.
Yui: Hehe. Say whatever you want. Now, have fun cleaning.
Reiji: …..
Yui: (Reiji-san! Reiji-san….!!)
Yui: (I didn’t think having my voice unable to reach him would be this painful.. even though I’m right here…)
Yui: (Even though I’m right in front of him… Reiji-san, I’m here! Trust me…!)

ーーWhy did Reiji-san protect me?
Cordelia said it was because he loves me. I don’t believe her at all, though. Reiji-san is not that kind of person. At least, that’s what I think.

Am I misunderstanding him?

Cordelia, who was working to only distance me from Reiji-san, said over her shoulder that I was no longer here. Even though I knew I would never get through to him, I cried out to Reiji-san that I was right there. At the same time, however, I fell into despairーbecause really, this did feel like I wasn’t in this world anymore.

Cordelia’s words made me feel horribly anxious as well.

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: CG List

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CG List

1. Night Class of the Cross Academy (黒主学園ナイトクラス)
How to acquire: Automatic (during the prologue)

2. I guess I’ll accept this (貰ってやってもいいぞ)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 1

3. Setting a new record (新記録更新)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 1

4. I can endure no longer (もう我慢できない)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 1

5. You’ve been trying hard (よく頑張ったな)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 1

6. …This is bad. (…まずい。)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 1

7. Alright, open wide! (はい、あ〜ん)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 1

8. Kyaa! I, I slipped (きゃっ!す、滑った)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 2

9. A vampire’s last moment (ヴァンパイアの最期)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 2

10. Sharing an umbrella (相合傘)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 2

11. Vampire Hunter (ヴァンパイアハンターの男)
How to acquire: Automatic

12. Working as a model (モデルのお仕事)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 3

13. Her dream (彼女の夢)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 3

14. Fated bucket (因縁のバケツ)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 3

15. Night Rainbow (ナイト レインボウ)
How to acquire: Automatic

16. Fragmented suspicions (かけられた疑惑)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 4

17. Idiot! (バカヤロウ!)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 4

18. Trust me (俺を頼って)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 4

19. Would you care to dance with me? (僕と踊っていただけますか)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 4

20. Kaname-senpai and the melody (枢先輩と旋律)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 4

21. Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 4

22. Don’t fight this (抗えない衝動)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 4/5

23. A pure-blood’s deed ( 純血種の業)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 4/5

24. Feast of ecstacy (恍惚のご馳走)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 4/5

25. Kneeling at your feet (足元に跪いて)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 4/5

26. Please bear with it for a while (少し我慢してね)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 4/5

27. …Delicious. (… おいしい。)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 4/5

28. Quiet in the library (図書館では静かに)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 5

29. Shopping date (ショッピングデート)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 5

30. Hunter’s association (ハンター協会にて)
How to acquire: Yagari Chapter 5

31. Accompany me (連れて行ってやる)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 5

32. You’re my aphrodisiac (君の媚薬)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 5

33. You can act childish occasionally (たまには甘えたい)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 5

34. Do you like kisses? (キスは好き?)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 5

35. Let’s cook! Kaname & Zero (料理をしよう! 枢&零)
How to acquire: Chapter 5

36. Let’s cook! Hanabusa & Kain (料理をしよう! 藍堂&架院)
How to acquire: Chapter 5

37. Let’s cook! Ichijou & Senri (料理をしよう! 一条&支葵)
How to acquire: Chapter 5

38. Let’s go, Lily! (行くぞ,リリ!)
How to acquire: Zero, Chapter 6

39. A pleasant feeling (くすぐったい)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 6

40. A close call (危機一髪)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 6

41. Feels like a long time ago (久しぶりの感覚)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 6

42. Alright, Chibi-chan! (よ,よしよし,チビちゃん!)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 6

43. Ichijou-senpai and the ball? (一条センパイとタマ?)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 6

44. I would give up anything for you (僕がすべて受け止めてあげる)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 6

45. Chibi’s memory and Zero’s feelings (チビの思い出と零の気持ち)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 6

46. I really liked him (本当は好きだった)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 6

47. We won’t forget Chibi (チビを忘れない)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 6

48. I’m gonna live like the poor (チビの分まで生きるんだ)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 6

49. I really loved Chibi (ホントにチビが好きだった)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 6

50. Last dance with Zero (ラストダンス 零)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 7

51. Last dance with Kaname (ラスト ダンス 枢)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 7

52. Last dance with Aidou (ラスト ダンス 藍堂)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 7

53. Last dance with Kain (ラスト ダンス 架院)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 7

54. Last dance with Ichijou (ラスト ダンス 一条)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 7

55. Last dance with Senri (ラスト ダンス 支葵)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 7

56. Last dance with Yagari (ラスト ダンス 夜刈)
How to acquire: Yagari Chapter 7

57. Corruption and desire… (背徳と欲望と…)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 7

58. I still can’t do it (まだ、できない)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 7

59. Ice blue pledge (アイス・ブルーの契り)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 7

60. Pledge of scorching blaze (灼熱の焔との契り)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 7

61. A pledge of devotion (あなたに捧げる契り)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 7

62. First-rate dessert (極上のデザート)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 7

63. Childhood friend (幼馴染はもういい)
How to acquire: Zero Chapter 7

64. Saa, our time has begun (さあ,僕達の時間を始めよう)
How to acquire: Kaname Chapter 7

65. About you, I… (僕は君のことが)
How to acquire: Aidou Chapter 7

66. I’ll always watch over you (いつまでも見守っている)
How to acquire: Kain Chapter 7

67. It’s confidential (ナイショだよ)
How to acquire: Ichijou Chapter 7

68. Smile for me only (私にだけの笑顔)
How to acquire: Shiki Chapter 7

69. Our story (2人の物語)
How to acquire: Yagari Chapter 7

How to acquire: Automatic

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Otome Games

Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 1 (English Translation)

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Chapter 1: The Father, the Daughter, and the Dream She Believes In

Kurihara Airi: (Since I’d been crying the whole time, that person drew lots of manga for me with everything he had)
Kurihara Airi: (Even now, I still haven’t forgotten the happiness I felt at that time… That’s why I…)
Kurihara Airi: (swore in my heart that I absolutely will become a manga artist…and then)
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…yes!
Professor: Well then, please summarize the Harrod-Domar economic growth model for me.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? “Harrod”… What’s that?
Professor: It’s ”Harrod-Domar.” Now, just explain it…
Kurihara Airi: …Sorry.
Professor: You seem to have been sleeping quite soundly.
Professor: Is my lecture really so boring?
Kurihara Airi: Yes…ah! No…
Professor: !!
Students: *snickering*
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve done it now…!)

Kurihara Airi: (*Sigh*… I made the professor angry…)
Kurihara Airi: (…As I thought, it’s like I’m cursed with lack of sleep)
Kurihara Airi: (The students, too… Even taking into account that I’m aiming to become a professional manga artist…)
Kurihara Airi: (This is a little too reckless, huh?)
Kurihara Airi: (No…no way!)
Kurihara Airi: (Being discouraged by such things… I don’t want to give up)
Kurihara Airi: (Even though today was a little tiring… Yeah!)
Kurihara Airi: (The deadline’s a little ways away, so as long as I can somehow finish the report…)
Kurihara Airi: (…Hm? Isn’t that…)

Female Student A: Um…Adachi-kun, about the scope from earlier,
Female Student A: It’s a little difficult… There’s a text next week, and, u-um…
Female Student A: If you don’t have any plans later, would you mind studying together?
Adachi Ryou: ………
Female Student B: Ah, that’s sneaky…! I also…
Female Student C: Ryou-kun, teach me too!
Female Student A: Just a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …I don’t really mind. Which scope?
Adachi Ryou: What about notes? Did you take some?
Female Student A: Y-yeah, um, they’re not here, though…
Female Student B: I-I have mine right here!
Female Student C: Um… Hey, Ryou-kun, instead of standing around in a place like this, why don’t we head to the library?
Female Student B: Yes, yes, that’s a good idea! Right, Ryou-kun?
Female Student A: I-I… This isn’t exactly the study session I had in mind…
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: ……!
Kurihara Airi: (…Ah…)
Adachi Ryou: …My bad. I have something urgent to do. Maybe next time.
Female Student A: Eh…!
Female Student B: No way… Ryou-kun…!
Adachi Ryou: …Airi!
Female Student A: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Oi, Airi! Don’t ignore me!
Kurihara Airi: Ryo…Ryou! Um, that’s… Is your lecture over?

Adachi Ryou: Were you trying to run away just now?
Kurihara Airi: B-but Ryou, your eyes are…scary.
Adachi Ryou: …That’s how they are naturally.
Kurihara Airi: That’s not what I meant…
Kurihara Airi: Those people…they’re your classmates, right?
Kurihara Airi: They’re looking this way… This is bad…is this okay with you?
Adachi Ryou: That sort of thing doesn’t matter. If their gaze bothers you, just come here.
Adachi Ryou: …Your clothes are messy.
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Here, come closer. Your collar’s wrinkled. Here too.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? U-um…
Adachi Ryou: The back’s all twisted, too. Here, I’ll fix it for you. Be patient.
Adachi Ryou: Really, you still haven’t changed after all this time.
Kurihara Airi: Just a…Ryou…! This is embarrassing…
Kurihara Airi: If you want me to fix it, why not just say so…
Adachi Ryou: Here… Your lips.
Kurihara Airi: …Ah!
Adachi Ryou: There’s drool.
Kurihara Airi: EEEH!! N-no way, no…!
Adachi Ryou: I lied!
Kurihara Airi: ………
Adachi Ryou: I heard from the professor a little while ago. Seems like you were snoring in class.
Kurihara Airi: Eh…! H-how did you know…?
Adachi Ryou: ”Harrod-Domar.”
Adachi Ryou: The professor was talking about it in the classroom and mentioned your name. While looking at me.
Adachi Ryou: Probably because they know you and I are childhood friends.
Adachi Ryou: Seems like they thought I’d be able to scold you.
Kurihara Airi: But you don’t need to do that…
Adachi Ryou: Do I?
Adachi Ryou: This is a university, take responsibility for your actions. That’s what you promised.
Kurihara Airi: …I’m sorry. I know that’s what I intended, but recently…
???: …Airi! Airi!
Kurihara Airi: Ah…Ren!

Suzuoka Ren: Airi! I came to meet you!
Female Students: …! H-hey! Who’s that person?!
Female Students: Wow…! I don’t know them, but…so cool…!
Female Students: C-could they be homeschooled?
Suzuoka Ren: Excuse me, miss. Would you let me pass?
Female Student: Ah, y-yes!
Adachi Ryou: Ren! Don’t ride your bike on campus. It’s dangerous.
Suzuoka Ren: Haha, sorry, sorry! I’ll come right over!
Adachi Ryou: …Doesn’t listen as usual, this one…
Suzuoka Ren: Ryou, you’re too strict! You call this “on campus” although it’s still 5 meters from the gate.
Female Students: Hey, they said “Ren”… It couldn’t be that person…
Female Students: You mean, the Takarazuki musical drama’s…?
Suzuoka Ren: Ah…crap!
Suzuoka Ren: Here, Airi, it’s almost time, right? Hurry and get on!
Kurihara Airi: Eh…KYAAAH! Is it already time…!?
Suzuoka Ren: Is Sensei scary when you make him wait?
Kurihara Airi: Oh—ohnono…! We have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: Ren, sorry! Would you please? Ryou, see you later!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe, too bad, huh, Ryou?
Adachi Ryou: …Ren, avoid driving recklessly!
Suzuoka Ren: Naturally~! See ya!
Adachi Ryou: Ah! Wait a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …That girl… She forgot her bag. …Jeez.

Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…!
Kurihara Airi: What is it, Ren?
Suzuoka Ren: It’s a little interesting right now, huh? I feel like a prince who’s just rescued a princess from a demon!
Suzuoka Ren: Airi, what was Ryou so angry about just now?
Kurihara Airi: …How could you tell?
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe…! Even though I was far away from you, I still understood instantly.
Suzuoka Ren: Even though Ryou is always nagging Airi… What happened today?
Kurihara Airi: I fell asleep during class today… Ryou heard about it from the professor…
Suzuoka Ren: …Oh dear.
Suzuoka Ren: It can’t be helped if you were tired! It’s not like you’re dropping out of school.
Susuoka Ren: Ryou’s completely apathetic about everything except when it concerns you, Airi.
Susuoka Ren: Re~ally, he’s only strict with Airi, huh?
Kurihara Airi: It can’t be helped! I really rely on Ryou.
Suzuoka Ren: Hmmm… …It’s okay if you rely on me more, you know…
Kurihara Airi: Eh? What?
Suzuoka Ren: Nothing!
Kurihara Airi: By the way, Ren, when those people heard your name earlier, it looked like they recognized you right away, huh?
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah, that was close! It’s still like that, even after I came from Koube.
Suzuoka Ren: It’s problematic if fans recognize me. Every now and then, kids have even followed me home…
Kurihara Airi: As I thought… Ren, you’re amazing!
Kurihara Airi: Even those who aren’t Takarazuki drama fans know you, you’re like a super celebrity, huh!
Kurihara Airi: When you think about it… It’s kinda stressful.
Suzuoka Ren: I don’t care about such things! I’ve been best friends with you, Airi, since we were kids, after all.
Suzuoka Ren: Even after this, I’ll always be me. And, my princess will always be Airi. Isn’t that right?
Kurihara Airi: …Yeah! Ahaha…!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…! Now then, if we keep chatting like this, we’ll bite our tongues! Hold on tight!
Suzuoka Ren: Ah, that reminds me… Airi, where’s your bag?
Kurihara Airi: Eh……?
Kurihara Airi: Eh—Ah…AAAAAAH!! I forgot it!!
Suzuoka Ren: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Aah, so that’s what Ryou was shouting about earlier.

Suzuoka Ren: Alright, we’ve arrived! Work hard!
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for bringing me.

1: Thanks for saving me. (Ren +1 Love Point)
2: I have to hurry! (No change, so pick this one for all the other guys)
3: That’s why I like you so much. (Ren +2 Love Points)
The third choice is only available after unlocking Ren’s Route.

1: Thanks for saving me.
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for saving me!
Suzuoka Ren: ….That’s fine, now hurry. Your teacher is waiting.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah! Bye Ren!

2: I have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: I have to hurry! See ya, Ren!
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah. Good luck!

3: That’s why I like you so much.

Kurihara Airi: I’m sorry! I’ve kept you waiting!!
Todoroki Keigo: You’re late!
Kurihara Airi: I-I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo:: What the hell have you been doing!?
Kurihara Airi: Eh? I was at a lecture at my university…
Todoroki Keigo: No excuses!!
Todoroki Keigo: We’ve got a deadline soon… Don’t you know we’re in the final stretch!!?
Kurihara Airi: Y-y-y-yes! I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo: Anyway, there’s no time to chat! Take your seat quickly and get to work!!
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes!
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!!
Todoroki Keigo: Oi! Hold it right there!
Todoroki Keigo: What’s this! It’s useless! It has nothing to do with it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Eh?
Todoroki Keigo: There should be more effect here! I should feel the complete body and soul devotion burning!
Kiryuu-senpai: B…burning!?
Todoroki Keigo: Of course! Why don’t you get it?!
Todoroki Keigo: Listen! This scene should come out in the girl, touching spirit and actions!
Todoroki Keigo: Her justive-loving heart should shake the very heavens, causing rain to fall… And loosing thunder!!!
Todoroki Keigo: From the top of her head to the tips of her fingers, everything about her should burn within this panel!!!
Todoroki Keigo: This depiction must be worthy of this heat!
Todoroki Keigo: It should show that even the showering rain that pours cannot touch her! It is a strong flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: Do you really think this simple line depiction is nearly good enought to express this crimson flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: It’s too intense a blaze!!!
Kurihara Airi: …*gapes*…
Todoroki Keigo: This entire frame! Redo it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Y…Yes!!

Todoroki Keigo: Huh… Still a few hours before the deadline?
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!! I’ll fire up my… Sixth sense!!
Kurihara Airi: Sensei is… Todoroki-sensei is burning!
Kurihara Airi: (Ooh~! I’m also getting fired up!)
Kiryuu-senpai: Hey! Kurihara! Stop zoning out!
Kiryuu-senpai: Hurry up and start from here to here on this page!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…Yes!


If you choose to save the story:

2019-01-01 (1).png

2019-01-01 (2).png

Comic Mode
First Game: Rough Drawing
Kurihara Airi: At first, I make a rought drawing.
Kurihara Airi: Let’s make the rough drawing. What area should I draw? I will start by touching the screen.

Move your stylus over the outlined space in the center of your touch screen to uncover the image. (3 rounds)

Second Game: Panel Outlines
Kurihara Airi: Next is the outline drawing.
Kurihara Airi: In order to separate it, pull it so that it does not protude. I will start by touching the screen.

Trace your stylus along the gray outline to draw the panel borders without lifting the stylus in the process. (3 rounds)

Third Game: Sweep Away
Kurihara Airi: Afterwards, eraser shavings.
Kurihara Airi: There are a lot of eraser shavings. Let’s remove them. I will start by touching the screen.

Brush the eraser shavings off screen with your stylus. (1round)

Once you’ve finished, Airi will say different things depending on how you did.
By getting excellent in each part I only managed to get 3 stars, not sure why.

Kurihara Airi: Alright! Perfect! I had a hard time doing it! (よしっ!完璧だ!一生懸命やったかいがあったよ!)
Kurihara Airi: Come on! It’s amazing! I can’t even believe it myself! (きたっ!凄いよ!自分でも信じられないくらいの出来)

Do you want to try again?

1: Try again. (redo the Comic Mode)
2: Finish. (continue the story)

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Otome Games, Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: Mini-Games

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Fortune-telling (相性占い)

By choosing the “Fortune” during your day class, you’ll get some info on the chemistry levels between you and your selected guy. You might also get some tips on his favourite clothes, lucky items, etc.

Item-screening (持ち物検査)

By choosing the “Study” option during your day class, you’ll open a fun but somewhat stressful mini-game where you confiscate and sort out a variety of items.

Items rolling by fall into two main categories, contraband and well, non-contraband. Your objective is to sort out as many of these items correctly in the time-span of 30 seconds.

Regular items (Schoolbag)

  • Pale green textbook
  • Bowl of ramen
  • Bucket
  • Comics
  • Picture of Toga Yagari
  • Green gift box

Contraband items (Bloody Rose insignia)

  • Blood tablets
  • Picture of Akatsuki Kain
  • Picture of Zero
  • Paper with phone number on it
  • Dark green book with corner torn off

Use your stylus to drag the items over to the left. Note that the items move a lot faster as time passes, so think/move fast!

Raises Zero’s affection for you slightly if you do a well.

Stats raised: Work, Experience and Knowledge.

Present sorting (プレゼント渡し)

Choose the “Guardian” command during your day class to commence this mini-game. Simply put, you have 30 seconds to hand out as many presents/love letters as possible to the students in the night class.

Simply use your stylus to drag presents from the adoring fans to the guy they want to give it to. Each guy has their own gift “lane” and they’ll be positioned below their lane at the start of the game. The tricky part begins when the guys start swapping places at the bottom, which can be pretty confusing.

Note that the guy who you (accurately!) give the most presents to in the mini-game will have a bigger boost of affection for you at the end of it. Great for raising the affection levels of the Night Class students.

Stats raised: Intellect, Experience and Affection.

Dress up Fashion Check (着せ替えファッションチェック)

You get to access this game by selecting “Rest” during day class. As the title suggests, you get to play dress up with the guys with the clothes you’ve purchased (by selecting the “Decorate” option beforehand).

If you’ve bought the right combination of clothes to dress up your guy, you’ll recieve a fabulous boost in affection.

To receive the maximum boost, you need to match the clothes to make full outfits:

Head – Orchestra hat (楽団帽子)
Tops – Orchestra top (楽団服上)
Bottoms – Orchestra pants (楽団服下)
Item – Trumpet (トランペット)

Head – Sunglasses (サングラス)
Tops – Aloha shirt (アロハ)
Bottoms – Resort cutoffs (リゾート半パン)
Item – Flower lei (フラワーレイ)

Head – Crown (王冠)
Tops – Fur coat (毛皮のコート)
Bottoms – Leather pants (革パンツ)
Item – Red mantle (赤マント)

Head – Silk hat (シルクハット)
Tops – Frilled shirt (フリルシャツ)
Bottoms – Black trousers (黒ズボン)
Item – Mantle (マント)

Head – Pirate hat (海賊帽)
Tops – Pirate coat (海賊コート)
Bottoms – Pirate pants (海賊服下)
Item – Short sword (短剣)

Different guys like different combinations, but I found most of them liking the orchestra outfit.

Stats raised: Intellect, Charm and Affection.

Going to the Party (パーティへおいで)

You get to activate this game by wandering around the campus while on your patrols. You get a default “Powerful dress” in your inventory at the start of the game. To buy more dresses, choose the “Decorate” option during day class. There are 2 versions of each type of dress.

Loves – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Loves – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Unusual dress (珍しいドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Mature dress (大人っぽいドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Captivating dress (魅惑のドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Stats raised: Charm, Knowledge and Affection.

Finding Night-time Wanderers! (夜歩きさん発見!)

You can play this mini-game while on your night rounds. You get 60 seconds to find 6 Day Class students (not including Zero!), who are hiding in the bushes/up on the balcony.

Use the brown bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll left to right. Take care not to poke any of the Night class students/Zero or you’ll get a drop in affection!

Stats raised: Work and Experience.

Window-stalking (気になる様子)

The point of this game is to stalk one of the guys. You need to aim the binoculars at the guy you’re stalking (make sure his torso’s in view!). Keep an eye on the red bar above and his movements, as well as the 45 second timer.

The aim is to fill the bar entirely (marking the end of the game). You need to avoid detection by quickly moving the binoculars away from the window when the guy has his eyes open – do this too slowly and you get a big “X”. Three X’s and game over.

Before the guys open their eyes, they usually make some characteristic movemnts, such as raising an arm. The moment they do so, quickly shift the binoculars out the the way, wait for a bit, and move back in when you’re sure their eyes are closed. This part is tricky and may require some practice befor eyou get used to it.

To get the maximum stat raise from this game, try to minimise the numbers of times you get caught.

Stats raised: Affection and Knowledge.

Waltz Dance (ワルツダンス)

You get to dance with your guy in later parts of the game. It’s a rhythm-based mini-game, where you listen to the beats of the song and tap them out on the touch screen.

Time your taps when the music notes at the bottom are just about to enter the circle! Tap and hold for the long music bars. After the first segment, there’s a brief reprieve before it continues again. If you manage to do it perfectly, you get a higher affection boost with your guy!

If you’ve made too many mistakes in the first segment, the mini-game ends and you don’t get to move on to the second segment.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

Defeating Level E Vampires (レベル:Eを倒せ)

This one’s a fighting mini-game – you’ll have to fight off rabid Level E vamps in an alleyway. To kill them, you need to aim at the red dots moving around in front of their bodies. Do this too slowly and they’ll end up inflicting damage on you (note the health bar up above). Watch out for multiple vampires on the screen at one go – kill the ones that appear first to avoid taking too much damage.

Male vamps have 3 dots to hit, and the female vamp has 2.

Once your health bar falls to 60%, your guy will step in and kill the vamps present on the screen for you. He’ll appear once more if your bar falls to 20%. Beware, though – each time he has to step in, you lose 10 affection points.

If your health drops to zero, the mini-game ends.

If you manage to last the whole 60 seconds without your guy helping you, you
receive a nice affection boost.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Otome Games

Hoshizora no Comic Garden: Prologue (English Translation)

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Little Girl: …sniffle… sniffle…
Little Girl: …sniff…
???: Airi-chan…
Airi: Ryou-kun… I’m cold…
Ryou: It’s okay, Airi-chan… Gimme your hand, okay?
Ryou: Soon, Dad and the others will find us, so…
Airi: Sniff… Y…yeah…
Ryou: ……
Ryou: Don’t be scared…
Airi: Ryou-kun…
Ryou: ……
Airi: ……
Airi: !!
Ryou: …S-someone’s coming…!
Airi: Ryou-kun…
Ryou: …It’ll be okay. I’m…I’m a man.
Ryou: I’m…not scared.
Ryou: Airi-chan, I’ll protect you!
Oniisan: Hm… Oh…?
Oniisan: Kids…?
Airi: !!
Oniisan: What are you doing in a place like this?
Ryou: …Wh-who are you!?
Oniisan: Eh…me? I’m someone who lives near here.
Oniisan: Usually when it gets dark, I take walks in this forest. What about you two?
Airi: Ah…um…
Oniisan: This place is pretty far from the road. …Did you get lost?
Airi: …Y…yes…
Ryou: …Airi-chan, you shouldn’t talk to strangers…
Airi: Ah…
Oniisan: Yeah. That’s quite right. You’re smart.
Oniisan: Though, I can’t just leave two lost kids…
Oniisan: Now then, this is troubling.
Airi: …sniffle…
Ryou: Airi-chan…
Oniisan: Ah, that’s right.
Oniisan: You two, do you like manga?
Airi: Eh? “Manga”…?
Airi: …What’s “manga”?
Oniisan:…You don’t know what manga is?
Oniisan: …That’s surprising.
Oniisan: Well, this might be a good chance.
Oniisan: Now, just for practice, I have my sketchbook.
Oniisan: Here, take a look.
Ryou: …Wow…!
Airi: …So pretty…
Oniisan: This is the illustration for the front of a manga cover illustration.
Airi: …Cover?? Illustration?
Oniisan: This will be on the first place you look at on a book.
Oniisan: An illustration is… To put it simply, it’s a picture.
Airi: …The first picture.
Oniisan: These here will become a story. Should we try reading it?
Airi: …Yeah!
Oniisan: Let’s see…
Oniisan: “Roko-chan! You haven’t finished your summer homework!”
Oniisan: “Aww~ Jeez, Meg-chan! Year after year, why doesn’t the homework end!?
Oniisan: “I was thinking of playing that long-awaited new game I just bought…”
Oniisan: “There’s no helping it, huh~ Then, let’s both do our best.”
Oniisan: “Hooray! Right! Then I’ll leave the homework to you, Roko-chan!!”
Oniisan:”Eh? And what about you, Meg-chan?”
Oniisan: “Don’t you worry! I’m gonna play that new game you bought, Roko-chan!”
Airi: Aha…Ahahaha…!
Ryou: ……!
Ryou: Airi-chan… You finally smiled…
Oniisan: “Eeeh?! Roko-chan, don’t you have homework?!”
Airi: Ahaha…! So funny…! Right, Ryou-kun?
Ryou: Y-yeah…
Ryou: …It’s like a picture book. But the style’s…different…
Airi: So neat!
Oniisan: Hehe… I’m glad I could make you smile.
Airi: Oniisan, is it ok if we keep going?
Oniisan: It’s fine! But, it’s still not finished yet.
Oniisan: If you can wait a little bit, I’ll keep writing.
Airi: Eh, right now!?
Oniisan: That’s right, now. But it’ll just be a rough draft in pencil.
Oniisan: …Okay. Little girl. Would you like to be my model?
Airi: ……!!
Oniisan: Then, just like that.
Ryou: …That girl. She looks just like Airi-chan.
Airi: Yeah… Amazing… It’s sparkling.
Ryou: ……Airi-chan, you were crying up until a little while ago.
Airi: Yeah. But… It’s so pretty.
Oniisan: …That’s good…
Airi: It’s…like magic.
Ryou: Yeah… It is…
Voice in the Distance: Heeeey! Where are you?!! Airi!!
Airi: Ah…! That’s Papa’s voice! Papaaaa!!
Oniisan: That’s good. That’s your father, right? In that case, I too should go soon.
Oniisan: So, you two, be careful, okay?
Airi: Eh… Y-yeah…
Ryou: …Hey. Oniisan.
Oniisan: Hm? What is it?
Ryou: Oniisan, did you make that story?
Oniisan: Eh? …That’s right.
Oniisan: I’ve still got a ways to go, though. I’m aiming to become a professional manga artist.
Airi: …”Manga artist”?
Oniisan: Yeah. …My dream is to be able to make kids like you
Oniisan: laugh, be happy…and cheer up.
Oniisan: In order to give this dream to others, I make things like this.
Airi: ……
Oniisan: When I can make you smile, I too gain courage.
Oniisan: …That’s right. I’ll give you this!
Airi: Eh. This book is…?
Oniisan: This is my favorite copy!
Oniisan: And…you make sure to protect this girl properly!
Ryou: Eh…?
Oniisan: Hehe… See ya.
Ryou: …He left…
Ryou: …That was strange…
Ryou: Airi-chan, what did you get? …Ah!
Airi: ……
Airi: …A manga book…

Airi: (That meeting, that first book)
Airi: (dramatically changed my tiny world…)


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