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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 Team Mitsukuni and Takashi (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (First of all, I have to go looking for Honey-senpai and Mori-senpay……)
Haruhi: Where are Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai……
Kyoya: Probably in the dining room.
Haruhi: (Ah, I see……)
Haruhi: Thank you very much.
Haruhi: (There they are, in the cafeteria…..)
Mitsukuni: Well, which one should I take…..
Haruhi: (I found Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai quickly.)
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be wondering which cake to eat.)
Mitsukuni: This one is also good…. But…..
Haruhi: (He’s crazy about choosing a cake…..)

1: How’s this? (Honey-senpai)
2: I’ll wait. (Mori-senpai, later on)

1: How’s this?
Haruhi: How’s this?
Haruhi: (Because I can see it has a lot of whipped cream, I know Honey-senpai will like the cake I point at.)
Mitsukuni: Hmm I guess so~. I guess that’s fine…. Huh, Haru-chan?
Haruhi: (He finally noticed me.)
Mitsukuni: Did you also come to eat cake, Haru-chan?
Haruhi: No, I’m……
Takashi: What’s wrong?
Haruhi: I actually wanted to talk to you, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Well then, let’s all eat together, Haru-chan.
Haruhi: (Why are we going to eat cake together?)
Haruhi: If it’s cake you want, there’s a lot at the host club as well.
Mitsukuni: …..That’s not cake.
Haruhi: (The snack becoming a vegetable cake is more of a problem than I though…..)
Haruhi: (It that’s it–)
Haruhi: There are lots of ways to make a cake delicious.
Mitsukuni: Like what?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be interested in the topic.)
Haruhi: Combining various cakes, putting on whipped cream–
Haruhi: (I think the cake will become sweet if you put on whipped cream and fruit.)
Haruhi: (I’ll try talking to Honey-senpai about the imagined cake.)
Mitsukuni: I want to make it.
Haruhi: (That’s good. It seems he appreciates it.)

2: I’ll wait.
Haruhi: (It seems like he’s seriously thinking, I’ll wait until he has chosen. When I think that–)
Takashi: ….What’s wrong?
Mitsukuni: Ah, Haru-chan. Did you also want cake?
Haruhi: (….I got noticed.)
Haruhi: If it’s cake you want, there’s a lot at the host club as well.
Mitsukuni: …..That’s not cake.
Haruhi: (The snack becoming a vegetable cake is more of a problem than I though…..)
Haruhi: (It that’s it–)
Haruhi: There are lots of ways to make a cake delicious.
Mitsukuni: Like what?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be interested in the topic.)
Haruhi: Combining various cakes, putting on whipped cream–
Haruhi: (I think the cake will become sweet if you put on whipped cream and fruit.)
Haruhi: (When I try to talk to Honey-senpai about the imagined cake–)
Mitsukuni: …..I want to try making it.
Haruhi: (That’s good. It seems he feels a bit better.)

Haruhi: So, why don’t we go to the club room for a bit?
Mitsukuni: Well, what should I do….
Tamaki: Sorry Haruhi, but today’s activities are over.
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai…..
Haruhi: (When I turned around, Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai stood behind me.)
Mitsukuni: ….You’re already done for today?
Tamaki: Sorry, Honey-senpai…..
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai lowered his head to Honey-senpai. Somehow Tamaki-senpai… doesn’t seem well.)
Mitsukuni: Tama-chan……
Kyoya: Tamaki, isn’t your car waiting?
Tamaki: ….Yeah, that’s right. Well then, excuse me. …..Haruhi, see you tomorrow.
Haruhi: (Turning around, Tamaki-senpai walked away, alone.)
Haruhi: This is quite depressing.
Kyoya: He’s thinking too much…..
Haruhi: (Looking back at Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai sighs. –He then turns around at Honey-senpai and smiles.)
Kyoya: It’s as usual from tomorrow on, please come.
Mitsukuni: Really? Will the cake be the same again!?
Kyoya: That not, unfortunately.
Mitsukuni: Uhh~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai is drooping.)
Kyoya: However, how you make use of what you receive is up to you.
Haruhi: Eh? That’s…..
Haruhi: (As soon as I said that, Kyoya-senpai continued.)
Kyoya: If you make something new, it’s rude to the others. But it’s no problem to use the received items.
Kyoya; In other words, it’s just like decoration.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is smiling.)
Haruhi: That’s good, Honey-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Yeah!
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai’s face turned into a full smile.

If you chose choice 2
Takashi: ………*sigh*
Haruhi: (Seeing Honey-senpai smile made Mori-senpai happy.)
Haruhi: Mori-senpai, do you think thing will get better?
Takashi: …..There’s a chance.
Haruhi: I agree. I’ll think about what we can do.
Takashi: Yeah…. Please ask.
Haruhi: Then, please talk to Honey-senpai.
Takashi: ….Sure.
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai nodded with a smile.

Continue for both
Hikaru: Ah, you guys.
Kaoru: After all, you’re here.
Haruhi: (When we were about to leave, Hikaru and Kaoru came over.)
Haruhi: Why didn’t you two come?
Kaoru: Because we didn’t want to see them.
Hikaru: Somehow, Kyoya-senpai.
Mitsukuni: I want the menu to return to normal.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai shrugs his shoulders.
Haruhi: (Somehow, Hikaru and Honey-senpai are saying different things. Léo-san coming, changing the prepared food, so–)
Haruhi: Isn’t it strange?
Hikaru & Kaoru: What?
Haruhi: Your reasons… For not coming to the club activities.
Haruhi: (Not liking Léo-san or the changed sweets.)
Haruhi: Isn’t the host club a place for everyone……
Mitsukuni: …………
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai and Hikaru also seemed to be thinking about what I though was there.)
Kyoya: ….It’s almost time
Haruhi: (At the words of Kyoya-senpai, we decided to end it.)

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 Team Hikaru And Kaoru (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (First I have to look for Hikaru and Kaoru…. Those 2, where are they?)
Kyoya: Hikaru and Kaoru are outside.
Haruhi: Okay, thank you…..
Haruhi: (….I don’t understand what Kyoya-senpai is thinking…..)

Haruhi: (Like Kyoya-senpai said, Hikaru and Kaoru are in the courtyard.)
Haruhi: (It seems like the 2 of them are talking about something……)

1: …..Wait a moment (Kaoru, later on)
2: Talk to Hikaru (Hikaru)

1: …..Wait a moment
Haruhi: (…..I should wait until they finish talking…..)
Kaoru: Huh, Haruhi?
Haruhi: (Kaoru spotted me when looking back here.)
Hikaru: What, where you listening?
Haruhi: It’s not like that. Since you’re both in a place like this, I wish you would come to the club activities.
Hikaru: We won’t go.
Haruhi: Does it bother you that much?
Hikaru: Sorry that I get irritated by crappy things.
Kaoru: …..Hikaru.
Haruhi: Are you really alright with that, Hikaru?
Hikaru: It doesn’t matter to you Haruhi.
Haruhi: (Hikaru turned his eyes away.)
Hikaru: Anyway, I won’t go until those guys are gone.
Haruhi: (I wonder if he’ll keep thinking like that.)

2: Talk to Hikaru
Haruhi: (There are things I would like to talk about, so I try to call out.)
Haruhi: (While I think that, I try to get closer –)
Hikaru: If you’re that worried, you should go alone.
Kaoru: ….But, Hikaru……
Hikaru: It doesn’t matter to us.
Haruhi: Wait, Hikaru…..
Hikaru: …..What? Did you come for us?
Haruhi: That’s not it……
Hikaru: Well, whatever. We won’t go anyway. Besides, it doesn’t have anything to do with you, right Haruhi?
Haruhi: …..That’s right, it’s like Hikaru says.
Hikaru: There, Kaoru. Haruhi thinks so too.
Haruhi: (I don’t understand how Hikaru feels.)
Haruhi: (Just like Tamaki-senpai says, we have to take guests to the host club gently….)
Haruhi: But, can you really stay like this, Hikaru?
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (Even Hikaru doesn’t know what to do. What should I do from now on…….)

Haruhi: (…..Awkward.)
Mitsukuni: Why are you making such scary faces?
Haruhi: Honey-senpai……
Mitsukuni: Hey, everyone, aren’t you going to go eat cake?
Hikaru: …………
Kaoru: …………
Haruhi: (Well…. I can see Hikaru and Kaoru are slightly irritated. That reminds me…..)
Clip from the anime
Haruhi: (…As expected, Honey-senpai tries to solve everything with cake.)
Takashi: ….Mistukuni.
Mitsukuni: …………
Haruhi: Euhh… Honey-senpai, what is the host club to you?
Haruhi: I would like to ask you too, Hikaru.
Hikaru: What do you mean?
Haruhi: Is it just a place where you wouldn’t want to go anymore when there isn’t cake or when there are people you don’t like.
Mitsukuni: Ah………
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: It’s different…. Isn’t it?
Mitsukuni: …………
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (……Awkward silence.)
Takashi: …..Mitsukuni.
Mitsukuni: …….Ah, yeah.
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai left with Mori-senpai.)

If you choose choice 1
Haruhi: (Speaking of Hikaru–)
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (He’s completely quiet.)
Haruhi: (Kaoru is staring at Hikaru, anxiously.)
Haruhi: Hey, what do you think, Kaoru?
Haruhi: (It is Kaoru that understand Hikaru’s feelings best.)
Kaoru: I understand how Hikaru feels……
Kaoru: But, I guess it’s not good to keep thinking that way.
Haruhi: Hee…. You’re properly thinking about this, Kaoru.
Kaoru: Hey……
Haruhi: (Saying so, he smiles bitterly.)
Kaoru: Even when you’re rude Haruhi….. The host club is our precious place, I know Hikaru feels that way as well.
Haruhi: ….Is that so.
Haruhi: (….Then maybe, I don’t have to worry about Hikaru.)

Continue for both
Tamaki: Oh, you guys.
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai came over.)
Tamaki: Since you’re in a place like this, can’t you come to the club?
Kaoru: When no one comes, it’s meaningless.
Tamaki: If we’re not there, no one will come. No matter where you wait, they will come.
Hikaru: How long do we have to wait? As long as they are there, no one will come, right?
Tamaki: Don’t say that. I’ll properly talk to Léo.
Hikaru: Even when I’ve kept quiet, you still have his back!
Haruhi: (Hikaru keeps asking if it’ll really stop by just talking.)
Haruhi: Hikaru. It’s a bit overpowered.
Hikaru: What? That’s why!
Hikaru: I definitely won’t go to the host club now!!
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai fell silent and didn’t move. Staring at Hikaru sadly.)
Tamaki: ….I see.
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (Hikaru looks away from Tamaki-senpai.)
Tamaki: Sorry. For bothering you.
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai smiles lonely and turns his back.)
Tamaki: Let’s leave….. Mommy.
Kyoya: It’s bad, but please go alone.
Tamaki: …..Mommy…….Cold.
Haruhi: (He starts waling alone. Getting into a full swing.)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai doesn’t seem to care about Tamaki-senpai and saw that Hikaru was lying.)
Kyoya: Only listing complaints, you act like primary school students.
Haruhi: (After saying that, Kyoya-senpai followed after Tamaki-senpai.)
Haruhi: (What was left, was a heavy air where nothing was said.)
Haruhi: You can’t leave it as is, Hikaru.
Haruhi: (He can’t leave it like this.)
Hikaru: I don’t know.
Haruhi: (Hikaru turned pale and walked away.)
Haruhi: Wait, Hikaru.
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (Even when I called out, Hikaru didn’t stop walking.)
Kaoru: Sorry Haruhi. Hikaru is seriously getting angry……
Haruhi: (After saying that, Kaoru followed after Hikaru.)
Haruhi: (It can’t be helped. I should also leave……

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 Team Tamaki and Kyoya (English Translation)

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Tamaki: Everything that has been happening is because of me…. As the leader of the host club…. No as the father, I retire.
Kyoya: It is because of your friendship, but I do not mind.
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai feel responsible for the situation and seems kind of depressed.)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should consult him… What should I do?)

1: Call out to him (Tamaki)
2: Leave him be (Kyoya, later on)

1: Call out to him
Haruhi: (It would be troublesome if Tamaki-senpai remained depressed. He has to get over it.)
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai.
Tamaki: Haruhi……
Tamaki: Sorry, Haruhi. This situation…. Dad has been bad…..
Haruhi: …..If you’re the father, then bring the family back together properly.
Tamaki: Family……?
Haruhi: (After I said that, Tamaki-senpai looked at me with a relaxed expression.)
Tamaki: …..Could you say that again, my daughter.
Haruhi: Sure? Euhh…. If you’re the father, then bring the family back together properly.
Tamaki: Ohhhh….!
Haruhi: (Suddenly, Tamaki-senpai’s face became brighter.)
Tamaki: My daughter! Take a good look! As long as I have the cute cheering of my daughter, this father is invincible!
Haruhi: (….I wonder about the speed of his recovery.)
Haruhi: …..Good luck.
Tamaki: All right! Kyoya, it’s time for a strategy meeting!!
Haruhi: (I wonder if we’ll somehow manage with Tamaki-senpai’s recovery.)

2: Leave him be
Haruhi: (Maybe I should give him some alone time…..)
Tamaki: My charm…. just isn’t enough…..
Kyoya: —-. If you don’t do it, I’ll have to sell it to Kenran.
Tamaki: ….Kyoya.
Kyoya: Since you’re referring to the host club as a family, take responsibility as the father.
Tamaki: …………
Kyoya: Or are you going to give up without doing anything?
Tamaki: N… no… That kind of thing……
Kyoya: So, what are you going to do?
Tamaki: St, strategy meeting!
Haruhi: (….I hope the situation will improve a bit like this.)

Haruhi: (When we tried to discuss things–)
Hikaru: Well, why haven’t they come today?
Kaoru: Also, why isn’t anyone here?
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru came into the club room.)
Haruhi: You’re late today.
Kaoru: Better late than never.
Tamaki: Don’t do it again. Participate in the club activities properly.
Hikaru: It’s because we thought they were here.
Haruhi: They came a little while ago, but it seems they left for today.
Hikaru: Hmm… Well then, should we go home as well?
Kaoru: It’s meaningless to stay if there are no costumers.
Tamaki: Be sure to come tomorrow! Presidents direct orders!!
Hikaru & Kaoru: We refuse!
Tamaki: Wha, What….!?
Haruhi: (The shocked Tamaki-senpai staggered and went to the corner of the room.)
Haruhi: Don’t say things like that, I wish it would just go back to normal.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Eh- No way-
Haruhi: Even when you say that, you still came in the end. Do that from the beginning.
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: It’s not impossible.
Kaoru: …..If you feel that way. Let’s go, Hikaru.
Haruhi: (After that, Hikaru and Kaoru left.)

If you choose to leave Tamaki be
Tamaki: Dad is…. lonely…..
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is talking to the wall.)
Haruhi: …Wouldn’t it be better to persuade Hikaru and Kaoru, Kyoya-senpai?
Kyoya: Haruhi, I know they don’t mean harm, not really.
Haruhi: …? But, we can’t leave Hikaru and Kaoru as it is.
Kyoya: It should be fine. There’s nothing to worry about.
Haruhi: (It seems we can afford to relax, even in this situation.)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is very trusting of all the members.)
Haruhi: Since you’re so cool Kyoya-senpai, I think everyone in the host club can be at ease.
Kyoya: …………
Haruhi: (In this situation, if Kyoya-senpai wasn’t calm, I wouldn’t know what to do.)
Kyoya: …..I’ll return the conversation.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai looked away.)
Tamaki: Dad is…. the outcast…..
Haruhi: (In the meantime, Tamaki-senpai is cautious about the situation.)
Haruhi: You can come over here.
Tamaki: ….No problem.
Haruhi: (I’ll be in trouble if I’m to firm…..)

Kyoya: ….I think we discussed enough for today.
Haruhi: That’s right…..
Haruhi: (After the discussion, I though I should head home soon–)
Haruhi: (There was someone falling down the wall depressed.)
Haruhi: Here, please refuse it. I will return.
Tamaki: ……
Haruhi: (Even after I called out, Tamaki-senpai stayed kneeled down.)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai, being Kyoya-senpai, looked at the scene amused.)
Haruhi: (When I turned my eyes to the door, Honey-senpai entered.)
Mitsukuni: Oh, is everyone going home?
Haruhi: (After him, Mori-senpai entered as well.)
Haruhi: So you did come after all.
Mitsukuni: Yeah, everyone, how are you doing…..
Haruhi: (With a glance, he turns his eyes towards the prepared dessert.)
Haruhi: (I guess his concern was for at least half about today’s cake.)
Haruhi: (But, today’s cake was also offered by Kenran, it is very modest in sweetness.)
Mitsukuni: Uhh…..
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to have noticed without even tasting it. He keeps looking down at the cake on the table.)
Takashi: You don’t have to worry about cavities.
Mitsukuni: That is not a cake.
Takashi: But Mitskuni, if you get a cavity–
Takashi: You won’t be able to eat sweets again.
Mitsukuni: Well, I’ll brush my teeth properly!!
Haruhi: Euh… In that case…..
Haruhi: (It surely seemed like there were now fruits in the cake, not just vegetables….)
Haruhi: Thus, like this……
Haruhi: (I’ll take only the vegetable cake, place lots of fruits there–)
Mitsukuni: Yeah, yeah!
Haruhi: (After decorating it with whipped cream, the luxurious cake is complete.)
Mitsukuni: Wow….♪
Haruhi: (Honey-senpais eyes shine when he looks at the cake with plenty of cream.)
Mitsukuni: Can I eat this?
Haruhi: Sounds good. Right, Mori-senpai?
Takashi: …..Yeah.
Mitsukuni: Wow~~~♪
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai started eating the cake at once.)
Mitsukuni: Yeah yeah ♪ It’s delicious~.
Haruhi: (No one said anything and kept watching until Honey-senpai finished the cake.)
Mitsukuni: Fu~ Happy.
Haruhi: (He finished eating the cake in no time.)
Haruhi: I’ll make another sweet cake tomorrow, so please come.
Mitsukuni: Really, Well, will you make a lot more now?
Haruhi: Sure. Let’s make it together tomorrow.
Mitsukuni: Wow♪ Then I’ll come again tomorrow~!
Haruhi: (It really was thanks to the cake… But, I’m glad his usual smile returned.)
Mitsukuni: Well, see you tomorrow!
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai, who was now in a good mood, gave hands to everyone and went home.)
Takashi: ….See you tomorrow.
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai also left the club room, following Honey-senpai.)
Tamaki: Well, we should also go home.
Haruhi: (Following the voice of the unexpectedly revived Tamaki-senpai, we left the club room. I hope everyone will come tomorrow….)

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (While thinking that Léo-san will come, there’s a weight on my legs during my walk to the club room.)
Haruhi: (I don’t like this……)
Haruhi: …..*sigh*
Haruhi: (When entering the club room, the door was unlocked, but neither the hosts nor the guests are here.)
Haruhi: (….Why is that?)
Leo: ….Euh, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: Léo-san……?
Haruhi: (Léo-san entered the club room after me with a apologetic look on his face.)
Haruhi: (He was standing as usual, but somehow Wan-san was smiling.)
Wan: No no, it seems this is a situation where ‘the birds cry’.
Leo: Wan, how rude. That way of saying it.
Wan: Hahaha… Such a stupid thing.
Gotokuji: …………
Wan: Well, there’s no point in being here. Let’s go, Léo.
Leo: But…..
Wan: Then how do you intend to greet the guests we invited? Everyone will be waiting.
Leo: ….Understood. Sorry, Haruhi-kun. This is it for today.
Haruhi: It’s fine, I don’t mind…….
Haruhi: (When Léo-san’s group left, I was the only one left in the club room.)
Haruhi: (Perhaps, no one will come…..)
Haruhi: (After waiting a while the door opened and Tamaki-senpai came in.)
Haruhi: Where have you been Tamaki-senpai. The door was unlocked.
Tamaki: …..Ah, yeah. That……
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai looks away, as if it’s hard to say.)
Kyoya: …..However, you did a great job.
Haruhi: (While looking over the crowded room, Kyoya-senpai muttered.)
Kyoya: All the costumers were ‘brought’.
Haruhi: (If may not be a bad thing to invite others to a host club, but it seems like overkill in our case.)
Haruhi: ….Huh? Hikaru and Kaoru aren’t here…. Honey-senpai too.
Kyoya: Hikaru, Kaoru and Honey-senpai are ‘skipping’. No need to worry, I’m in touch with them.
Haruhi: (….I don’t think they’re ‘skipping’.)
Tamaki: It can’t be helped, let’s have a day of today. ……Sorry, Mori-senpai.
Takashi: …….It’s fine.
Haruhi: (Muttering as usual, Mori-senpai quietly left the club room.)
Tamaki: Don’t worry Haruhi. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
Kyoya: Tamaki….. You’re too optimistic.
Tamaki: But! They’ll want to come back to us!!
Kyoya: ….I’m telling you. Costumers who were invited to Kenran yesterday, will also go today.
Tamaki: ……What….. That’s…….
Haruhi: (While staggering, Tamaki-senpai went to the corner of the room.)
Kyoya: But, as it is now, the survival of the department is in jeopardy.
Haruhi: No way, is it really?
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is silent about it.)
Kyoya: Well, that’s how it is. ……Even so, how can I compensate for this drop in sales.
Haruhi: …..I have nothing to do with it.
Kyoya: Is that so? Since you are a club member, you have an obligation in trying to make this situation better.
Haruhi: (…..Of course I do.)
Kyoya: Then, before the next move, I’ll rebuild this position.
Haruhi: By any chance, are you not yourself?
Kyoya: Who else would I be. Ohh but I’ll accept the burden of the failing sales here.
If you don’t
Haruhi: …..I understand.
Haruhi: (How threatening…. Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: What should I do?
Kyoya: To regain the situation, it would be difficult to do alone. You need someone to cooperate with.
Kyoya: No matter who you ask to cooperation, if you say anything, I never asked for help.
Haruhi: (After saying so, Kyoya-senpai went to Tamaki-senpai who was still depressed in the corner.)
Haruhi: (For now, I have to ask someone for cooperation. Who should I count on…..)

1: Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai
2: Hikaru, Kaoru
3: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai

1: Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: (I think everything will be okay with my senpais.)

2: Hikaru, Kaoru
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru…..)
Haruhi: (I feel like they’re also thinking about doing something with the Léo-san situation.)

3: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai…..)
Haruhi: (They’ll have various thoughts.)

Haruhi: (….Anyway, I have no choice but to do something.)
Haruhi: (Although it may fail, it’s better than to regret doing nothing at all.)
Haruhi: (Let’s do our best this way.)

Team Tamaki and Kyoya
Team Hikaru and Kaoru
Team Mitsukuni and Takashi

Haruhi: Huh…?
Haruhi: (When I was trying to leave the school, I saw a familiar person at the gate.)
Léo: Haruhi-kun!
Haruhi: (Léo-san, who should’ve already left, rushes over to me.)
Léo: Sorry! It’s my fault…..
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (Maybe Léo-san is saying that what’s happening to the host club is his doing…..)
Léo: I didn’t mean to annoy Tamaki and you, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (–He said he didn’t know. I noticed that yesterday.)
Haruhi: (But, what does Léo-san not know about…. What on earth could it be?)
Wan: Léo.
Haruhi: (When Léo-san tried to say something, Wan-san appeared.)
Léo: Wan……
Wan: It would be troublesome if you don’t stay quiet. Yoshitsuna will take care of you for a while, Léo.
Gotokuji: My job is security, not ‘babysitting’.
Wan: …..You’re as flexible as ever.
Gotokuji: …………
Haruhi: (Wan-san and Gotokuji-san are intertwined.)
Léo: Stop it, both of you….. Can’t we just return?
Wan: That’s right.
Gotokuji: Do whatever you want.
Léo: …………
Haruhi: (….Wan-san and Gotokuni-san have opinions divided like water and oil. And Léo-san, who’s sandwiched in the middle, has a troubled look on his face.)
Haruhi: Well, I think you should go back.
Léo: Haruhi-kun…. I’m sorry, about this too.
Wan: Well then.
Haruhi: (While being dragged away by Wan-san, Léo-san constantly looks back behind him.)
Haruhi: (Léo-san seems to be troubled as well.)

At home
Haruhi: (I feel tired after today….. Let’s leave the studying for another time and check the PC.)
You’ll see your stats now.
Haruhi: (Well…. I wonder if I’ll be able to repay my debt when things are like this.)
Haruhi: (But, I can’t do that if the host club isn’t open. …..Let’s sleep.)

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 2 (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (Huh…? That person…)
Haruhi: (On the way to the Host Club, I saw a person with an unfamiliar uniform)
Haruhi: (It’s Tamaki-senapi’s friend…. Léo-san….. I think…..)
Haruhi: (Could it be that on his way to the club room, he’d gotten lost?)

1: Call out to him
2: Do nothing

1: Call out to him
Haruhi: (Since he’s Tamaki-senpai’s friend, I can’t just leave him like that, can I?)
Haruhi: Excuse me…
Léo: Yes? … Huh? You’re from the Host Club!
Haruhi: (After I called out to him, his uneasy expression changed into a smiling face)
Haruhi: Hello.
Léo: H-Hello…
Haruhi: (… What just happened? For some reason, he’s gone back to having a worried expression on his face)

2: Do nothing
Haruhi: (It’s better to do nothing –If we were to go together, Hikaru wouldn’t be happy. I turn the other way when–)
Léo: Oh, excuse me.
Haruhi: (I was stopped…..)
Haruhi: Ah, yes….
Léo: I’ve gotten a bit lost– Huh? … If I remember correctly, you’re–
Haruhi: (… What just happened? For some reason, he’s gone back to having a worried expression on his face)

Haruhi: (….Maybe he doesn’t remember my name)
Haruhi: (It’s hard to hear that someone forgot your name, at times like this it’s best to introduce yourself again…..)
Haruhi: Um, I’m–
Léo: Whoa, wait a moment!
Haruhi: … What’s the matter?
Léo: I remember, I really do remember…
Haruhi: I don’t think you need to worry so much about it, though.
Léo: No, no, that’s no good. Yesterday, even though I heard your name so many times… I can’t be so impolite as to not remember.
Haruhi: … In that case, I’ll wait until you finally remember.
Léo: Thank you. I’m close to remembering, so just wait a little longer, okay?
Haruhi: (With that, Léo quietly closed his eyes)
Haruhi: (And so, five minutes just passed like that–)
Léo: Uh~~~~
Haruhi: (Léo-san is still thinking. It’s taking a long time…..)
Haruhi: (He’s trying so hard to remember, I’m starting to feel sorry for him….)
Haruhi: Um… if you at least heard my name, then I suppose it’s not really considered impolite?
Léo: … Is that so?
Haruhi: Yes.
Léo: … Then, do you remember my name?
Haruhi: (I remember that he’s called Léo, but I’m unsure of what his full name is…)

1: Jean Paul Léo
2: Jean Pierre Léo (Correct choice)

1: Jean Paul Léo
Haruhi: (If I’m not mistaken, it’s…)
Haruhi: Jean Paul Léo.
Haruhi: (… It seems that I’ve got it wrong)
Léo: Well, it looks like we’re even, then.
Haruhi: Sorry, the only name I can remember is “Léo”.
Léo: Even if it’s only part of my name, I’m glad you remembered. Now, let’s start over. I’m Jean Pierre Léo.
Haruhi: I’m Haruhi Fujioka.
Léo: Nice to meet you, Haruhi.
Haruhi: (As he said that, Léo smiled sweetly.

2: Jean Pierre Léo
Haruhi: (If I’m not mistaken, it’s…)
Haruhi: Jean Pierre Léo.
Haruhi: (… Huh? Did I get it wrong?)
Léo: You are correct, Fujioka Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: Oh, so you’ve finally remembered?
Léo: Yes, I suddenly remembered your name, like a light bulb got turned on.
Léo: Even though it took me a long time to remember… Nice to meet you, Haruhi.
Haruhi: (As he said that, Léo smiled sweetly)

Haruhi: Please treat me well from now on.
Haruhi: (When I put out my hand to shake— I got a gentle hug instead)
Haruhi: (Oh, I get it. Since he’s from a different country, I’ll have to greet him in a certain way. I’ll do it the way I saw in a movie I watched on TV the other day.)
Tamaki: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!
Haruhi: What’s the matter, Tamaki-senpai?
Tamaki: What are you two doing?!
Léo: It’s a greeting…?
Tamaki: That’s from France! This is Japan!!
Léo: If that’s the case, then why didn’t you say anything yesterday?
Haruhi: (Ah, that’s true)
Haruhi: (Under Tamaki-senpai’s menacing glare, Léo made a strange face as he separated from me)
Léo: Tamaki… isn’t that a little strange?
Tamaki: It’s because I’m Haruhi’s father!
Léo: Father? You, Tamaki?
Tamaki: Yeah, that’s right!
Haruhi: (I wonder where Tamaki-senpai’s self confidence comes from…..)
Haruhi: (Well, I don’t really want to listen to it, so it doesn’t matter. This is going to take a lot of time if we don’t go)
Haruhi: Léo-san, I’ll show you to the club room.
Léo: Eh? But Tamaki…
Haruhi: It’s fine. One real father is enough for me, so I’m okay.
Acknowledged as unneeded father
Tamaki: ………………
Léo: Quite the shock you must have received there, Tamaki…
Haruhi: It’s a normal thing.
Léo: … N-Normal…
Haruhi: Let’s leave now, the activities only start at the evening.
Léo: Y, yeah.
Haruhi: (Leaving behind Tamaki-senpai, I head to the club room with Léo-san)
Haruhi: (I show Léo-san the way–)
Haruhi: (….that? I suppose we should’ve come later, it’s very quiet)
Haruhi: (….there are fewer customers today)
Mitsukuni: It’s quiet.
Kyoya: Yes, indeed.
Haruhi: (While smiling, Kyoya-senpai looks at Léo-san)
Léo: Well, actually…..
Haruhi: (When Léo-san oppened his mouth–)
Haruhi: (The door opened, Wan-san and Gotokuji-san entered)
Wan: Let me explain about that matter.
Wan: –but before that. Léo, I told you not to move around like that.
Gotokuji: Don’t forget how your selfishness affects security.
Léo: ………Sorry.
Haruhi: (Léo-san, who got angry, begins to moan)
Wan: I will tell the story. –ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the Host Club of Kenran.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Haa!? I don’t understand. What’s the meaning of this?
Wan: For the purpose of exchanging club activities, the permission from botch chairmen was given. So there’s no problem.
Haruhi: (Since they have permission…. If they do that, there’ll be no costumers in the host club…)
Wan: Even if you file an objection, that’s fine, but you can’t refuse without justifiable reason.
Wan: So, I think such a thing shouldn’t be done…. what do you think?
Kyoya: I agree. If it’s to exchange club activities, we won’t dispute.
Hikaru: Hold on Kyoya-senpai….
Kaoru: We don’t agree….
Kyoya: Since they have permission, there’s nothing I can do. Besides, they are also worthy costumers.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Haa!?
Haruhi: (I understand that these 2 can’t be convinced. It’s as Kyoya-senpai said, I wonder what I can do…)
Haruhi: (Somehow, it has become serious again. It’s one thing after another)
Nekozawa: Disaster at the host club….
ひっ!? (What!?)
Haruhi: Ne, Nekozawa-senpai….
Haruhi: (I want him to stop appearing like that, for my hearts sake)
Nekozawa: The future of Fujioka-kun~, the jet black darkness is approaching….
Haruhi: …..ha
Nekozawa: Don’t be afraid…. If you joint the black magic club, we’ll give you the power to deal with it~
Haruhi: Eum, sorry. But that’s a bit hard to do….
Nekozawa: Is that so…. Now as a present a nice Belzenef~
Haruhi: (Well, Nekozawa-senpai left while whispering)
Haruhi: (I was told about evil things, but in the end it felt more like being invited to the black magic club)
Takashi: ….Haruhi, you’re up.
Haruhi: Ah, yes. Understood.
Haruhi: (That’s right. There really aren’t many costumers today)
Haruhi: (I still have to think about costumer service)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamikamo
4: It’s alright

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Kurakano)
Kurakano: I’m a little lonely today.
Haruhi: Well… occasionally, there are days like this.
Kurakano: ….There’ll never be a day where the host club is gone, right?
Haruhi: That’s–
Haruhi: (I don’t think something like that will happen….)

1A: Maybe
1B: Don’t worry (heart)

1A: Maybe
Haruhi: (When thinking about our costumers being invited to the host club of Kenran–)
Haruhi: Perhaps…
Kurakano: Haruhi-kun…. I don’t want such a thing.
Haruhi: (Oh, it’s gone. What was I thinking….)
Haruhi: ….Everyone, they were invited to the Kenran host club, they’ll soon be back again.
Kurakano: I hope so, but…..
Haruhi: There’s no problem.
Kurakano: …………
Haruhi: (I wish I was right…. Because right now, I’m not so sure about it….)

1B: Don’t worry
Haruhi: There’s nothing to worry about.
Kurakano: But, I am worried…
Haruhi: Because I can see miss Kurakano’s smile, I’ll be able to do my best.
Kurakano: ….If Haruhi-kun says so, I……
Haruhi: Thank you.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Sakurazuka)
Sakurazuka: It seems very difficult… I hope I can help in some way.
Haruhi: For today, everyone is just invited to another host club so it’s okay.
Haruhi: (Even if I say so, miss Sakurazuka’s expression isn’t clear. On the contrary, I feel like….)
Sakurazuka: ….Haruhi-kun, can we help out?
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (I’m happy she’s worried….)

2A: Please (heart)
2B: It’s okay

2A: Please
Haruhi: …Well then, may I ask a favor?
Sakurazuka: Yes, of course! Ask anything Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (….I’m happy, even though they can’t really help)
Haruhi: Please, just stay as you are.
Sakurazuka: Huh…? That’s it?
Haruhi: Yes. Please stay by my side.
Sakurazuka: ………Y, yes.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

2B: It’s okay
Haruhi: It’s okay.
Haruhi: (I can’t really ask anything….)
Sakurazuka: …..Oh. Sorry for saying something unnecessary.
Haruhi: Oh, no, that’s not…..
Haruhi: (Ah….. I wonder if it would be better if I had asked something)
Sakurazuka: Then, please tell me if there’s anything I can do.
Haruhi: Yes, I will.
Haruhi: (I want to make sure no one worries too much)

3: Miss Kamikamo
Haruhi: (I’ll do what Tamaki-senpai asks, I’ll go to miss Kamikamo)
Kamikamo: I declined, but I also received an invitation….
Haruhi: Is that so… But, I’m glad you came here.
Kamikamo: That’s only natural. But….
Haruhi: (Miss Kamikamo looks over the club room with a sad expression–)
Kamikamo: The calm atmosphere feels nice, but if feels somewhat lonesome….
Haruhi: (She sighed. I wonder what I should say now…)

3A: It can not be helped
3B: In this state…. (heart)

3A: It can not be helped
Haruhi: It can not be helped.
Haruhi: (If there’s another host club, anybody would be interested if they were invited to it….)
Kamikamo: I don’t think so….
Haruhi: But, it’s only for a while.
Kamikamo: I hope so, but…..
Haruhi: (Miss Kamikamo sighs, leaving an uneasy expression)
Haruhi: (…..I want to make sure no one worries too much)

3B: In this state….
Haruhi: No, in this state..
Kamikamo: Such a thing, Haruhi-kun…..
Haruhi: If it’s like this today, I’ll be able to spend a lot of time with miss Kamikamo.
Kamikamo: …..Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (The sad expression of miss Kamikamo quickly changed to a brighter one)
Haruhi: (…..I want to make sure no one worries too much)

4: It’s alright
Haruhi: (Even if I don’t serve anyone today, it should be alright, there are so few costumers…..)
Haruhi: (Recently, the arranging of the sweet shelves isn’t good….)
Haruhi: (In that case, I’ll just clean up)

Haruhi: (Because of the different atmosphere, miss Kurakano’s group has gone home for today… Only Léo-san’s group is left.)
Haruhi: (When thinking about it, I get at a strange feeling–)
Kyoya: Haruhi.
Haruhi: (I was called over by Kyoya-senpai. ….I wonder why everyone is gathering)
Haruhi: What happened?
Kyoya: It’s not a big deal.
Haruhi: (Even if Kyoya-senpai says so, when looking at Honey-senpai and Hikaru, it looks like ‘a lot of things’ happened)
Hikaru: What’s with this main course, it’s only vegetables!?
Tamaki: …..That’s because Léo is a vegetarian.
Kyoya: It also means that all the ingredients were provided ‘free of charge’ by Kenran Academy.
Haruhi: (Ah- , so today’s snack was sweets with vegetable sandwiches.)
Mitsukuni: However, I…. I think everyone is happy with sweets as a snack.
Kyoya: Vegetable cake has a natural sweetness.
Tamaki: Hmm…. A healthy cake that pulls out the unique sweetness of vegetables without using additional sugar….
Mitsukuni: Ohhh…. That’s it, Takashi~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai is in tears because of Tamaki-senpai’s explanation of the new menu.)
Takashi: ……It won’t hurt your teeth.
Mitsukuni: …..Waah! Takashi you idiot!!
Takashi: ……..Ah.
Hikaru: You see, even Honey-senpai is upset, isn’t it okay to just prepare something else?
Kaoru: That’s right, we won’t change the menu like that.
Kyoya: Unfortunately, it was conditional to alter ‘all menus’ with the providing of the ingredients.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is smiling. Because of that smile, Hikaru and Kaoru close their mouths.)
Tamaki: Even though it might be hard for us, I’m counting on all of you.
Hikaru: …………
Kaoru: …………
Mitsukuni: …………
Takashi: …………
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai is sulking because of earlier. Hikaru, Kaoru and Honey-senpai……)
Kyoya: Well, it can’t be helped. As discussed, we will separate into tables.
Kyoya: Léo-kun’s table with Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru. I will sit with Wan-kun. And I would like to ask you senpais to sit with Gotokuji-kun.
Haruhi: Huh? Where should I…..
Tamaki: Ahhh, Haruhi you can choose to sit wherever you’re ‘favorite place’ is.
Haruhi: Even if you hadn’t said that, I would’ve chosen my own table.
Tamaki: Really? That’s fine, but….
Haruhi: (Honestly……)

1: Léo-san
With Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru
2: Wan-san
With Kyoya
3: Gotokuji-san
With Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai

1: Léo-San
Haruhi: (Since it’s only Tamaki-senpai, I’m worried Hikaru and Kaoru might run away….)
Haruhi: I’ll go to Léo-san’s table.
Hikaru: Well then, Haruhi please follow me.
Kaoru: Because we will be going home.
Tamaki: Waaaaaait! You two are coming!!
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai caught the two who were casually trying to get away.)
Hikaru & Kaoru: No way! We don’t want to!!
Haruhi: (I wonder if it’ll be okay at Léo-san’s table under these conditions.)
Léo: …..If it wasn’t for Tamaki, I would be seriously wounded.
Tamaki: At that time…. I tried to return the small bird to its nest after it fell out.
Léo: After that, we were spotted by my father, we both got yelled at.
Haruhi: (It’s fun to talk about Léo-san and Tamaki-senpai’s past….. But Hikaru and Kaoru still have a muffled look.)
Haruhi: (…I wonder what I should do.)
Tamaki: Hikaru, Kaoru. Isn’t this a valuable opportunity to listen to Léo’s story with me? There’s something I’d like to know, can I ask a question?
Hikaru & Kaoru: We don’t want to hear it.
Tamaki: ………………
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is trying to talk to them, but they’ve always been this way. I understand the feeling that Tamaki-senpai wants to sigh.)
Léo: …..So they really dislike me.
Haruhi: (Léo-san mumbled lonely.)
Léo: Last night, I heard Tamaki talking to one of you two on the phone. I was looking forward to talking to you…..
Hikaru: You can’t tell us apart, so don’t try to say that.
Tamaki: Hikaru, please…..
Kaoru: After all, he’s on their side.
Hikaru: He’s more important than we are.
Tamaki: Whether or not your side is important, is not what we’re talking about now. I am….
Hikaru & Kaoru: Yeah whatever.
Tamaki: Ah euhh…
Haruhi: (Léo-san is looking at Tamaki-senpai with a smile, whom is having trouble with Hikaru and Kaoru.)
Léo: Tamaki, I envy you.
Tamaki: …..Eh?
Léo: Because everyone seems to be on good terms. Our host club is still scattered.
Léo: Wan and Yoshitsuna are private… They won’t play with me…..
Tamaki: It’s alright. Since it’s you Léo, I’m sure you’ll get along.
Léo: ….I don’t think so.
Tamaki: You often brought people to us.
Léo: I was the one who called out, but everyone just gathered because you were there Tamaki. Besides, here–
Tamaki: Oh… Do you mean Josette? She always gave cookies to us when she baked them.
Léo: You remember Josette, don’t you?
Tamaki: I wouldn’t be able to forget such kindness. She is also a childhood friend of you Léo.
Léo: Ah, that’s right! Josette was very talented, not only in sweets but other dishes too!
Tamaki: Ohh….
Haruhi: (From there, the story went back to when they lived in France.)
Haruhi: (I looked at the 2 who were talking happily, while I was just listening.)

2: Wan-san
Haruhi: (The combination of Wan-san and Kyoya-senpai is somewhat dangerous….)
Haruhi: (Because it’s them, I’m not if I can do anything if something where to happen….)
Haruhi: I’ll go to Wan-san’s table with Kyoya-senpai.
Kyoya: ….I see. Shall we go then.
Wan: …..Your cherry-blossom room has a nice and calm atmosphere. The interior isn’t bad either.
Kyoya: Thank you. If you would like to use our department for a reference.
Wan: No no, thank you….
Haruhi: (I feel like I can’t get in on the conversation, invisible sparks are flying…..)
Kyoya: By the way, it seems Léo-kun acts freely like Tamaki.
Wan: Haha…. That’s right. He doesn’t think about the schedule here, so I have to use my burning power.
Kyoya: …..That could also become a drawback, depending on the ability of the assistant.
Wan: Does that mean my burning power, is actually my lack of ability…..?
Kyoya: No no, I would never imply such a thing.
Wan: …………
Kyoya: …………
Haruhi: (I keep getting more frightened here….)
Haruhi: (I want to leave here. I need an excuse to leave my seat….)
Haruhi: (….Ah, that’s right.)
Haruhi: Oh, I’ll bring some refreshments.
Harurhi: (I try to leave when saying so–)
Wan: No, that’s not necessary.
Haruhi: ….Alright.
Failed To Leave
Haruhi: (When saying it so clearly, I can’t recommend anything else.)
Wan: ….I don’t have the right to choose the top. After all, it’s just a club activity. Ootori-kun and myself are going to be in a economic position in the future–
Haruhi: (Wan-san smiles when saying that.)
Wan: Ahh, excuse me. Because Ootori-kun has an older brother, he can’t become head of the family.
Kyoya: …………
Haruhi: That’s not related to each other, is it?
Haruhi: (Even though I don’t know much about taking over the role of the head of a family, what Wan-san is saying does seem strange.)
Wan: Hmm…. Is it something a commoner can’t understand?
Haruhi: What do you mean?
Kyoya: I you wish to be a man at the top Wan-san, it might be best to use your ‘eyes’ a bit more.
Wan: Oh…… Do you find value in commoners Ootori-kun?
Kyoya: Are you interested in hearing my opinion? That would the same as saying you can’t make the judgement for yourself.
Wan: –Ugh.
Haruhi: (This really is a horrible atmosphere…. I wonder if it’s alright at the other tables.)

3: Gotokuji-san
Haruhi: (I can go anywhere, but I’m worried about how Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san will interact witch each other…..)
Haruhi: I’ll got to the table with Gotokuji-san.
Mitsukuni: Hooray! Together with Haru-chan~
Takashi: …..Let’s go.
Mitsukuni: Ah- Wait Takashi.
Haruhi: (It seems Mori-senpai is going to walk ahead, somewhat different from the usual…..)
Mitsukuni: The cake isn’t sweet afterall….
Haruhi: (In this rugged atmosphere, Honey-senpai pokes the cake while sighing.)
Takashi: …………
Gotokuji: …………
Haruhi: (Somehow as expected, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san keep staring at each other without breaking eye contact.)
Haruhi: (….This would be very scary if Honey-senpai wasn’t here.)
Mitsukuni: Hey, Gou-chan. Ah, are you alright with Gou-chan?
Gotokuji: …..Ahh?
Mitsukuni: Want some cake? I’ll share mine~
Gotokuji: Don’t want any.
Mitsukuni: Then, would you like to borrow my Usa-chan?
Gotokuji: ….Tch.
Mitsukuni: *sigh*…. Gou-chan got angry~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai clinges to me with teary eyes.)
Haruhi: It’s alright, Honey-senpai.
Haruhi: (I’m not sure how Mori-senpai will react, what should I do….)
Gotokuji: I didn’t think I’d meet a trash guard such as Morinozuka.
Takashi: …………
Gotokuji: Say something.
Takashi: ….There’s no reason to fight.
Gotokuji: I’ll make one if necessary.
Haruhi: (I wonder why, but Gotokuji-san seems to have harsh feelings towards the ‘Morinozuka’ family.)
Haruhi: (No, I need to think calmly about this…..)
Haruhi: Please calm down, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san.
Haruhi: (While I was thinking it might be better to notify Tamaki-senpai and Léo-san about this situation.)
Mitsukuni: Hey, why do you want to fight so badly?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai came in between the two.)
Gotokuji: To me, strength is everything…. It should be the same for Morinozuka.
Mitsukuni: Takashi doesn’t have those kind of feelings.
Haruhi: (Instead of Mori-senpai, Honey-senpai is the one who answers.)
Gotokuji: …..What?
Mitsukuni: Besides, those who just stick to visible strength, can’t win against Takashi.
Gotokuji: ….What do you mean?
Mitsukuni: It’s just that the difference in power isn’t just ‘strength”.
Haruhi: (It’s as if Honey-senpai is saying that the strength of Gotokuji-san is different….)
Haruhi: ….What even is ‘strength’?
Haruhi: (As I say this, everyone gazes at me.)
Haruhi: I don’t know much about martial arts, but to me it seems ‘strength’ comes in various forms.
Mitsukuni: Haru-chan, I know that.
Haruhi: ……Ahh, is that so?
Mitsukuni: Yep! I didn’t know before though–
Mitsukuni: At that time, after talking to Tama-chan, I understood it.
Haruhi: (….What does Tamaki-senpai have to do with it?)
Gotokuji: …..I don’t understand it.
Haruhi: (When he said that, everyone went silent.
Haruhi: (…..It’s good that the discussion ended, I wonder if it’ll be like this every day.

Haruhi: It…. was a long day….
Haruhi: (Léo-san’s group is finally out, we can take a breather.)
Haruhi: (It’s the first time, in a long time, that I’ve felt this way.)
Haruhi: (If I think that this will continue every day, I can only sigh.)
Haruhi: (I wonder how everyone is doing…..)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-senpai
3: Hikaru
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6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
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1 Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Tamaki-senpai.)
Haruhi: Euhh Tamaki-senpai–
Tamaki: Haruhi, perfect timing. Seeing you is a bit of a consolation…..  Should I have invited you here, glorious princess?
Tamaki: In the Ouran Host club, every princess will be entertained and offered refreshments.
Haruhi: That’s for sure…..
Haruhi: (However, when working in the host club it’s the other way around….)
Tamaki: Don’t you think so? After all, you are indebted to us….
Haruhi: (Even in such a situation, he’s still thinking about that….)
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai really is amazing.
Tamaki: Eh? What?
Haruhi: ….What do you think
Haruhi: (If I praise him too much, it’ll become bothersome.)

2 Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: Euhh, Kyoya-senpai.
Kyoya: Hmm, what’s wrong?
Haruhi: I was wondering why you seem happy when there’s such a bad atmosphere?
Kyoya: It seems it’ll be more interesting than expected.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai seems to be having fun, I feel like I’m totally against it….)
Kyoya: Don’t worry, you’ll see soon enough.
Haruhi: (Now I’m worried in another sense….)
Haruhi: (I wonder what will happen in the future.)

3 Hikaru
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Hikaru.)
Hikaru: I don’t know what to do.
Haruhi: (As soon as I approached him to call out, Hikaru sighed.)
Haruhi: Today was a tough one.
Hikaru: I hope they don’t come again. Well, I should take a break when they do come….
Haruhi: You don’t have to take a break.
Hikaru: Huh-? Would you miss me?
Haruhi: Yes… It would be a lie to say I wouldn’t feel lonely.
Hikaru: …..Haruhi.
Haruhi: But, if you really don’t want to talk to Tamaki-senpai, you should take a break.
Hikaru: Oh–
Haruhi: (I think I was replying properly, and it seems Hikaru’s mood is a bit better.)

5 Kaoru
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Kaoru.)
Kaoru: …….*sigh*
Haruhi: …What’s wrong, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Ah, Haruhi…. Hikaru wants to take a break until Léo-san stops coming.
Haruhi: Is that so……
Haruhi: (I don’t really care for Léo-san that much…..)
Kaoru: I don’t want to see him either.
Haruhi: But, I guess you don’t have to hate it so much.
Kaoru: I hate it…. Because our world was only made up of 2 people–
Kaoru: But, that time….
Kaoru: Yes from that time on, our world–
Haruhi: Eh?
Kaoru: No, nothing…. Hikaru is just a bit moody.
Haruhi: (I also care for Hikaru, but is Kaoru alright…..)

6 Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Honey-senpai.)
Mitsukuni: Haruchan!!
Haruhi: What’s wrong, Honey-senpai?
Mitsukuni: I got it~ The cake isn’t sweet at all~
Haruhi: Please calm down Honey-senpai…..
Mitsukuni: Hey Haru-chan, why is that? Who was bad….?
Haruhi: No, it’s not like that….
Haruhi: (Because there weren’t enough sweets, Honey-senpai’s thinking in a bad direction….. I don’t feel good about this.)
Haruhi: Oh, that’s right.
Haruhi: (Surely, in my pocket….)
Haruhi: Here you are. I got it yesterday. It’s a free sample of chocolate.
Haruhi: (After handing him the chocolate, Honey-senpai’s eyes shine.)
Mitsukuni: Wooow.
Haruhi: (He takes a bite from the chocolate, while smiling.)
Mitsukuni: Tasty~~♪
Haruhi: (He has a happy voice.)
Haruhi: (But, it soon turns back to a sad one.)
Mitsukuni: Tomorrow’s cake…. also won’t be sweet.
Haruhi: (Until the menu changes back to normal, everyday will be hard for Honey-senpai…..)

7 Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Mori-senpai.)
Haruhi: Are you also worried?
Takashi: …..Yeah.
Haruhi: (I tried talking to Mori-senpai who seemed to be thinking of something, but the reply was as expected–)
Haruhi: ….Eh? You said ‘Yeah’!?
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai nodded.)
Haruhi: (…I’m surprised. What is worrying Mori-senpai?)
Haruhi: What’s wrong?
Takashi: Actually…..
Haruhi: …Actually?
Takashi: Mitskuni has drank about 10 cups of sugar in his tea…..
Haruhi: *sigh*…….
Haruhi: Well, I guess that’s okay.
Takashi: ….is that so.
Haruhi: But, I think it’ll be bad for the body, so let’s reduce it to half.
Takashi: …..Oh, let’s do that.

Tamaki: Today’s business is over. Thank you all for your hard work.
Haruhi: (Time passed without clearing it somehow, it was time to end the club)
Haruhi: (I begin to prepare after hearing Tamaki-senpai’s voice, but everyone else seems tired)
Haruhi: (Just thinking about how this will continue every day, makes me feel exhausted…)

At home
Haruhi: (Since the guests were leaving the club room gently, it all went by smoothly…)
Haruhi: (It seems I got tired of being with Léo-san)
Haruhi: (I don’t think it changed much, but I’ll check the PC)
You’ll see your stats now
Haruhi: (I hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow at the host club but I doubt it)
Haruhi: (…I guess a lot is going on, but I have to work hard)
Haruhi: (Well, let’s go to bed)


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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 1 (English Translation)

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Episode 3
If you have been hosting to repay your debt:
Kyoya: “…….Haruhi”
Haruhi: “What is it, Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “Repaying your debt seems to be going well”
Haruhi: “Lookst like it”
Haruhi: (I already knew because I check my computer ever day, but it’s still nice to hear)
Kyoya: “If you keep this up, you’ll be able to repay the full amount”
Haruhi: “I feel like I won’t be repaying more than half”
Kyoya: “….well, that’s probably because it isn’t a money exchange”
Kyoya: “Anyway, if you keep this up, repaying your debts isn’t just a dream…. Ah also look forward to a prize”
Haruhi:” What kind of prize?”
Kyoya: “Look forward to it”
Haruhi: (After saying so, Kyoya-senpai walked away)
Haruhi: (If I knew what kind of prizes, I could use it as a goal to reach)

If you haven’t been hosting to repay your debt:
Kyoya: “……Haruhi”
Haruhi: “What is it, Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “About repaying your debt…. you seem to be behind schedule”
Haruhi: “I am trying to make an effort”
Kyoya: “I think effort is very meaningless if it doesnt lead to results”
Haruhi: (….Kyoya-senpai is right, but it’s tough hearing it)
Kyoya: “However, it’s not too late. If you really make an effort, you might get results”
Haruhi: “Yes, I’ll try my best as much as possible”
Kyoya: “Like I said, you can get a prize is you do repay it”
Haruhi: “What kind of prize?”
Kyoya: “Look forward to it”
Haruhi: “Haa….. Really?”
Haruhi: (If I knew what kind of prizes, I could use it as a goal to reach)
Kyoya: “You’ll do well”
Haruhi: (After saying that, Kyoya-senpay walked towards Hikaru)
Haruhi: (…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to repay it, but I should try harder)

Haruhi: (Due to the lack of time since we started business for today, there are no customers yet)
Haruhi: (Recently some strange things happened, so it’s good to take some time to relax)
Haruhi: (…I have some time, maybe I should talk to someone?)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
8: Previous page

1: Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s go talk to Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (Watching the clubroom, he doesn’t seem busy)
Haruhi: “Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Oh, Haruhi! You came to a good place. I want your opinion on something”
Haruhi: “About the club?”
Tamaki: “Yeah, that’s right”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai nodded in a big way)
Tamaki: “We’re thinking about changing the interior of the room”
Haruhi: “Hee, is that so?”
Tamaki: “Fufufu, let me tell you what we got so far!!”
Haruhi: “No, I want to listen to it separately……”
Tamaki: “On the south side of the room will be a magnificent waterfall! And in the center a mery-go-around!! Even a haunted house!!”
Tamaki: “Relaxation at the waterfall! The 2 people in the mery-go-around get closer…. an incounter with a ghost, love is born–”
Haruhi: (I wonder what he wants to do with the host club)
Tamaki: I think it’s a wonderful idea…. don’t you agree?
Haruhi: If you put a waterfall in the club room, we’ll have to talk loudly to the customers. Besides, it’s not an amusement park–
Haruhi: Neither a mery-go-around or a haunted house are necessary. Like a roller coaster.
Tamaki: I thought of it yesterday when I couldn’t sleep…. Also a roller coaster….
Haruhi: (From his answer, I think he also wanted to add a roller coaster)
Haruhi: (…….seriously)
Haruhi: …….I like it.
Tamaki: Eh?
Haruhi: I like the club room as it is now.
Haruhi: (And if I says ‘yes’ here…..)
Haruhi: (Every time I open the door, the club room might be another world)
Tamaki: That’s right, Haruhi likes this place….
Haruhi: Yes, I like it.
Tamaki: All right! That settles it! No one is allowed to change the club room! It will stay like this forever—!!
Haruhi: T, that’s right…. Ahaha…..
Haruhi: (Forever is truly exaggerated, but the club room will stay calm like this)
Haruhi: (I’m glad I talked to Tamaki-senpai)

2: Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s go talk to Kyoya-senpai….)
Haruhi: (He’s staring at this phone with a serious face)
Haruhi: (….I wonder if I should go talk to him)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai raised his head and saw that I was lost)
Kyoya: What’s wrong, do you have any business with me?
Haruhi: Ah, no…. what happened with you Kyoya-senpai?
Kyoya: …..Don’t answer my question with another question.
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kyoya-senpai put his phone in his pocket)
Kyoya: So?
Haruhi: I was just worried about your state, Kyoya-senpai…..
Haruhi: (If someone looks at their phone with such a serious face, anyone would worry….. I wonder what happened)
Kyoya: Seperately, nothing in particular.
Haruhi: Is that so…..
Kyoya: And even if something had happened, it’s not something you should care about.
Haruhi: That’s right….. Excuse me.
Haruhi: (It seems I was worried for nothing, but since he looked like that, I can’t help but be curious….)

3: Hikaru
Haruhi: (While thinking of talking to Hikaru, I saw him give something to Kaoru and leaving the club room)
Haruhi: Hikaru, where are you going?
Hikaru: Well, the classroom. I forgot a game.
Haruhi: You can’t go home without it?
Hikaru: We want to play now. —Ah, that’s right. Haruhi, won’t you play with Kaoru and I? It’s for 3 players.
Haruhi: I’m not interested.
Hikaru: You are….. Please answer after thinking about it for a moment.
Haruhi: Why? Is it rude to you Hikaru that I’m not interested.
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: What’s wrong with you?
Hikaru: Well, it was nice to see you….. I’ll be gone for a moment.
Haruhi: Yes, please go.
Haruhi: (When I waved, Hikaru sighed again and walked away)
Haruhi: (When Hikaru comes back, I might play the game for a little while….)

5: Kaoru
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Kaoru, it seems he’s just wondering how to make instant coffee)
Haruhi: You seem to take it seriously.
Haruhi: (When I speak out, Kaoru laughs)
Kaoru: Because there’s not much difference between any of them, I was trying to decide by the picture on the bottle.
Haruhi: Then, you’re not forced to drink it?
Haruhi: (There are expensive good beans in the club room and there is time to grind)
Kaoru: That’s…. I don’t want the rich ones, it becomes habitable.
Haruhi: (….I mean, I wonder if it’ll taste good?)
Kaoru: Hey, which do you like Haruhi?
Haruhi: Well, this one.
Haruhi: (I point at the same bottle we drink at home)
Kaoru: I was thinking of that one too.
Haruhi: Is that so. But Kaoru, you do know it might not fit your taste?
Kaoru: They all have similar tastes so it’ll be okay. Well then, please.
Haruhi: Eh? What?
Kaoru: Make the commoners coffee.
Haruhi: …..Why does this happen?
Haruhi: (Not at all ….. This kind of thing, it’l like Hikaru)

6: Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Honey-senpai, he’s just looking at cake)
Haruhi: Honey-senpai, what’s wrong?
Haruhi: (When I spoke to Honey-senpai, he looked at me with sad eyes)
Haruhi: Eumm… Did something happen?
Haruhi: (I won’t know if he just looks at me…..)
Mitsukuni: Well, I can’t eat this cake until everyone comes….
Haruhi: Be a little more patient, Honey-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Why do I have to be patient? I guess I did something bad….
Haruhi: No, that’s not it…. You see, it’ll be more delicious if you have to wait for it.
Mitsukuni: How come that makes it taste better?
Haruhi: Why…. Well, umm, because you’ll be hungry….?
Mitsukuni: Why doest it taste better when you’re hungry?
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (What should I do…. I don’t know how to convince Honey-senpai)
Mitsukuni: Since cake goes to ‘betsubara*’ it’s always delicious, even when the stomach is full.
(*This is like a seperate stomach for deserts)
Haruhi: (Since it’s Honey-senpai, I feel like I’m really offended…..)
Mitsukuni: Hey, Hey, Haru-chan. Why do you wait to eat cake?
Haruhi: …………
Mitsukuni: Why? Why?
Haruhi: (….Mother in heaven. How should I answer…..)

7: Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s talk to Mori-senpai, he’s just looking out the window)
Haruhi: Do you see something you like?
Takashi: No…. not really.
Haruhi: Is that so?
Haruhi: (When looking in the direction Mori-senpai was looking, I could see 1 bright red car drive by)
Haruhi: (Ah, if I say bright red car–)
Haruhi: They say when you see 100 red cars on the same day, your wish will come true.
Takashi: Haruhi, you’re being deceived.
Haruhi: ….Well, I don’t really believe it.
Haruhi: (He shouldn’t worry so much)
Haruhi: (For about 10 minutes, I talked about the urban legend, but Mori-senpai didn’t understand at all)
Haruhi: (Oh well, not everyone understands)

Haruhi: (In the blink of an eye, Tamaki-senpai is requested at a table)
Haruhi: (…..I’m not sure what I should do)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: Do chores

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: “Welcome”
Kurakano: “Haruhi-kun, last weeks letter…..”
Haruhi: (That’s right, I haven’t explained anything yet)
Haruhi: “That was just an invitation card”
Kurakano:” Ah…. That’s what it was?”
Haruhi: (The worried look on miss Kurakano’s face turns into a smile)
Haruhi: (It seems she was worried, so let’s try and have fun today)

Option 1:
Haruhi: (I’m just listening to miss Kurakano’s table, since I don’t know what to talk about)
Kurakano: –I think, but what about you Haruhi-kun?
Haruhi: (This doesn’t feel bad–)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 2:
Kurakano: That’s it–
Haruhi: (At the table, miss Kurakano is talking to me happily)
Haruhi: (However, it seems bad that we have been talking about the same thing the entire time)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 3:
Haruhi: (The expression on miss Kurakano’s face is dark. Sometimes she sighes like she is worried about something)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 4:
Haruhi: (It seems rare for miss Kurakano’s mood to be bad….)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case……)

Option 5:
Haruhi: (Normally miss Kurakano is always smiling….. it seems she doesn’t feel well today)
Haruhi: (What happened….?)
Kurakano: ……..haa
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case.)

Topic Selection Results
Listen: Option 3

Haruhi: (….maybe this?)
Kurakano: Talking to you is still fun, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: I am also enjoying it.
Kurakano: Really? I’m glad……
Haruhi: (Yeah, I’m gald I could have a good customer service)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: Welcome
Sakurazuka: Haruhi-kun, about last weeks letter…..
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka seems to be a little cheerful)
Haruhi: What about it?
Sakurazuka: Hikaru-kun said it was just an invitation…..
Haruhi: Yes, that’s true.
Sakurazuka: I see….. that’s good.
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka’s anxious expression turned into a smile)

Option 1:
Haruhi: (I continue talking to miss Sakurazuka’s table)
Sakurazuka: Such a good idea.
Haruhi: (Yes, this doesn’t feel bad)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 2:
Haruhi: (At the table, miss Sakurazuka speeks with a lot of fun)
Sakurazuka: As expected, I thought it wasn’t so after all.
Haruhi: (As for me, I’m only listening)
Haruhi: (I have to do something……)

Option 3:
Sakurazuka: …..Haaaa.
Haruhi: (What happened? I wonder if something is wrong)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case……)

Option 4:
Haruhi: (I wonder what happened, miss Sakurazuka has been quiet for a while…..)
Haruhi: (Maybe, something put her in a bad mood?)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case……)

Option 5:
Haruhi: (The always happy miss Sakurazuka doesn’t seem well today)
Haruhi: (Even when talking to me–)
Sakurazuka: …………
Haruhi: (It’s completely above the sky)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case)

Topic Selection Results
Stare: Option 1

Haruhi: (I feel like I can talk a lot more than usual)
Sakurazuka: Haha…. After all, it’s very fun to be with Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: It makes me happy to hear you say so.
Haruhi: (I’m gald I could have a good customer service)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Haruhi: Welcome
Kamigamo: Umm, about that letter from last week. Is the story about it being from a man true?
Haruhi: The person who gave it was a man, but it was just an invitation card.
Kamigamo: Is that so?
Haruhi: Yes, no need to worry.
Kamigamo: …..that’s good.
Haruhi: (I don’t know what was good, but miss Kamigamo is smiling)
Haruhi: (Well, I have to take care of my guests properly…..)

Option 1:
Haruhi: (I’m just listening to miss Kamigamo’s table, since I don’t know what to talk about)
Kamigamo: –I was surprised.
Haruhi: (Yes, this doesn’t feel bad)
Haruhi: (In such a case, what should I do?)

Option 2:
Haruhi: (At the table, miss Kamigamo spoke to me with a lot of fun)
Kamigamo: –you are wonderful.
Haruhi: (Speaking of myself, I’m only listening)
Haruhi: (I have to do something……)

Option 3:
Kamigamo: ….that’s right.
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo doesn’t seem energetic…. I wonder what happened)
Haruhi: (Since I’m worried, I should consult her…..)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 4:
Haruhi: (It seems rare for miss Kamigamo’s mood to be bad…..)
Kamigamo: …………
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case…..)

Option 5:
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo who always smiles…..  doesn’t seem well today)
Kamigamo: …………fuuu
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case)

Topic Selection Results
Mirror: Option 2
Ear: Option 3

Haruhi: (…the way it is now, feels nice)
Kamigamo: Coming here makes me feel calm. I wonder if it’s because of you, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: It makes me happy to hear you say that.
Haruhi: (I’m glad that she gives me compliments)

Haruhi: (…the club has nearly reached it’s end time)
Haruhi: (When I think it might end in peace today, without anything happening. Someone quietly opens the door–)
???: ….Is this the hostclub?
???: Looks like it.
???: …………
Haruhi: (People wearing uniforms I’ve never seen before walked in …When I thought we might be able to guide them as customers–)
Tamaki: ….Léo?
???: Ah, Tamaki!
Haruhi: (The man called Léo suddenly hugged Tamaki-senpai)
Léo: I wanted to see you Tamaki!
Tamaki: Hey, hey…that tickles Léo.
Léo: ….You still remember me, don’t you.
Tamaki: Of course, I can’t forget about you.
Léo: Tamaki….
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is friends with this foreigner….)
Renge: What kind of situation is this! I wonder is it’s some kind of anniversary!?
Kamigamo: Tamaki-sama……. ahh….
Haruhi: (I think they are just greeting each other, but they are strangely excited…..)
Kyoya: It’s a surprise event for our regular customers. Please enjoy yourselves……
Haruhi: Is that what it is?
Hikaru & Kaoru: We didn’t plan that.
Haruhi: …..well then, who are does people?
Hikaru & Kaoru: Ask Tono that.
Haruhi: (…don’t say unnecessary thing if you don’t know)
Tamaki: ….even so, why did you come so suddenly?
Léo: I came to pick you up Tamaki
Tamaki: Me…..?
Haruhi: (They came to pick up Tamaki-senpai…..?)

2018-01-18 (1).png
Episode 3: Blue eyed customer appears
Haruhi: (According to Kyoya-senpai, today’s business had to be stopped for Tamaki-senpai’s friend who visited)
Haruhi: (Renge-chan said since she’s the manager she should stay till the end, but she was escorted out by Kyoya-senpai and went home)
Haruhi: (Meanwhile, Tamaki-senpai–)
Léo: …..Have you forgotten?
Tamaki; Ah, no, I remember…. that story…..
Haruhi: (What’s this? Although I haven’t seen it in a long time, he seems to be stuck)
Hikaru: Does anyone know who that person is?
Kaoru: Suddenly, they’re talking in private.
Hikaru & Kaoru: I feel like greeting them.
Haruhi: Wait, both of you…..
Haruhi: (The people who came with Léo have been talking to Tamaki-senpai for a while –while the other people have stayed here with me waiting…..)
Haruhi: (As expected, when I thought Hikaru and Kaoru would explode in dissatisfaction, Kyoya-senpai called out to the two of them)
Kyoya: …..Tamaki, is it alright?
Tamaki: Hmm, aaah…. Since we haven’t seen each other in a long time…..
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai continued after a small thought)
Tamaki: This is Jean Pierre Léo, my best friend from France. Everyone, please be friends.
Léo: Our meeting was delayed. Please call me Léo. It’s nice to meet you.
Haruhi: (Even though Léo is a foreigner, he somewhat resembles Tamaki-senpai. Even so….)
Haruhi: You’re very good at Japanese.
Léo: I grew up in Japan until I was 8 years old, so my Japanese is fine. Sometimes, I do make some mistakes.
Tamaki: If anything, Léo isn’t good at French.
Léo: That’s mean Tamaki! That’s—
Kyoya: Sorry but, memories aside.
Léo: Ah, sorry. Well, the two who came with me–
Wan: My name is Wan Ron. Studying abroad from Hong Kong to Japan, studying a variety of things.
Haruhi: (Saying that, Wan-san lightly lowers his head)
Léo: Wan is very smart and studies economics….. isn’t it interesting.
Wan: Léo, in front of you
Léo: –and get’s often angry, like this. Well then…..
Gotokuji: I am Gotokuji Yoshitsuna.
Haruhi: (To shut Léo-san up, Gotokuji-san said that with a crackling voice)
Léo: I wanted to introduce you….
Gotokuji: Really….
Léo: Yoshitsuna is guarding me. I feel safe in Japan, so I don’t think it’s necessary.
Gotokuji: ….Saying that won’t do anything.
Léo: Some are scared of how he looks, but that’s just stupid.
Haruhi: (I’m not really following)
Haruhi: (But, it seems like Wan-san and Gotokuji-san don’t have a close relationship with Léo-san)
Haruhi: (Somehow, Wan-san is similar to Kyoya-senpai, and Gotokuji-san to Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: (Well, their atmosphere just seems similar–)
Takashi: …………
Gotokuji: …………
Haruhi: (Both of them are introvert. Why did the atmosphere become so poor….?)
Kyoya: Well, may I call you Léo-kun?
Léo: Yes.
Kyoya: Understood. Well then, I’ll introduce our staff members.
Léo: Yes. Thank you.
Kyoya: It would be preferable to get the introduction from Tamaki….
Tamaki: Ah.
Kyoya: Instead of the manager who has no common sense, I’ll act the part.
Haruhi: (…..Kyoya-senpai has no mercy)
Haruhi: (With the exception of Hikaru and Kaoru not greeting them properly, the introduction ended safely)
Kyoya: I see, so that’s why.
Léo: In truth, I wanted to take Tamaki….
Léo: If you’re not gorgeous, you’re not allowed to study abroad.
Haruhi: (Lonesomely, Léo-san talks)
Hikaru: I heard that Kenran High…
Kaoru: Is similar to our school.
Haruhi: Oh, there’s another school like this….
Haruhi: (If you believe what Kaoru briefly explained, it seems to be a super rich school with the same style and history as Ouran)
Haruhi: (In other words, Léo-san is also rich. Speaking of which, I heard he’s in economics or security….)
Mitsukuni: Hey Tama-chan, what were you talking about a little while ago?
Haruhi: (That’s right, Tamaki-senpai and Léo-san were discussing something)
Tamaki: Ahh, that’s…..
Léo: Actually, I hope I can welcome Tamaki into the Kenran host club.
Haruhi: The Kenran host club!?
Haruhi: (There are host clubs in other school besides Ouran……)
Haruhi: (Rather than believing it, I can’t understand it…..)
Tamaki: Haruhi, are you worried about me?
Haruhi: …..eh? Particularly.
Tamaki: There’s nothing I can do, my daughter….. There’s no way I can go, leaving you alone, to love me?
Haruhi: Uhh, please, move away if possible.
Haruhi: (If I stop pushing, Tamaki-senpai will try to hug me)
Léo: Tamaki, listen carefully! I’ll do anything I you come to the host club!!
Tamaki: Sorry Léo. To me, my beloved daughter…..
Léo: To me, everyone from France matters. Do you remember, the girl who used to play with us…..
Tamaki: ….Léo
Léo: ….I want to spend time with Tamaki in Japan, like we used to! Hey, please Tamaki!!
Haruhi: (Léo-san has a serious look and is staring at Tamaki-senpai quietly)
Haruhi: (–but, Tamai-senpai quietly shakes his head)
Tamaki: I’m happy to hear how you feel Léo, and it would be fun to spend time with everyone…..
Léo: In that case–
Tamaki: Ouran is also a important place for me.
Haruhi: (With a big sigh, Tamaki-senpai gazes at me)
Haruhi: (…..I wonder why?)
Haruhi: (I’m confused, Léo-san is also staring at me)
Haruhi: (…..Huh?)
Léo: …..if he is with you, –will you join us?
Haruhi: (…..if he is)
Haruhi: Perhaps, you mean me?
Léo: That’s right. Fujioka….. Haruhi-kun.
Tamaki: Léo…. Haruhi does not matter.
Léo: Then how come….
Haruhi: (…..it has begun)
Haruhi: (The conversation lasted 10 minutes, without conclusion)
Wan: Léo, it’s about time.
Haruhi: (Wan-san succesfuly interupted the conversation between the two of them)
Léo: A little more….
Wan: No good. We promised before coming here. Besides, we can always come again.
Léo: …understood.
Tamaki: You’re always welcome to come play, I could visit Kenran–
Léo: I won’t give up. I’ll come everyday, until you decide to join us Tamaki.
Tamaki: Léo….
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru stand besides Tamaki-senpai who looks troubled)
Haruhi: (I have a bad feeling about this)
Hikaru: Let’s make it clear
Kaoru: You do not need to come.
Wan: Hahaha…. that’s harsh, Hitatchiin-kun.
Haruhi: (Wan-san smiles for some reason)
Wan: In a few days, please be patient.
Haruhi: (….shouldn’t they give up after a few days? But, maybe it’s the request of Léo-san….)
Kyoya: …..I don’t think it’s a handsome look.
Wan: Hahaha…..
Haruhi: (Wan-san returns the smile to Kyoya-senpai)
Haruhi: (Somehow, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san are confronted with different feelings or like scattering the spark….)
Wan: Well then…. let’s go.
Léo: Yeah…
Gotokuji: ……
Haruhi: (Everyone was silent until Léo-san left the clubroom)
Haruhi: (….Why does Léo-san stick so much to Tamaki-senpai?)
Haruhi: (If I was his close friend, I don’t know if I would want to stay with him like that….)
Haruhi: (I hoped today would end in peace, but I had a hard time again)
Haruhi: (….I don’t think there’s any chance of Tamaki-senpai transfering from the Ouran host club…..)
Haruhi: (Léo-san said he would come every day…. Wan-san said ‘in a few days’)
Haruhi: (I wonder what everyone thinks…..)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-Senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
8: Previous page

1: Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is telling everyone about Léo-san)
Tamaki: Léo is my friend from when I lived in France…..
Hikaru: Did you have few friends?
Tamaki: My mother tended to get sick a lot, so I couldn’t go out.
Kaoru: Hmmm. Well, that’s bad.
Tamaki: Léo came over to my house to play, he cared about me not being able to go outside.
Haruhi: He seems like a nice person.
Haruhi: (Although it became very awkward, it might not have been necessary)
Hikaru: Really? He said he would come every day, like a stalker.
Kaoru: Even when we said not to come.
Tamaki: …..it’s not like Léo to do that.
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai said while looking down)
Kaoru: About that, what was it about?
Haruhi: Did you make any promises?
Tamaki: No…. I haven’t made such a promise. I only thought about making a host club when coming here.
Tamaki: Yeah, that’s…..
Kyoya: That’s right. It was only after a while since your arrive at Ouran that you started talking about the host club.
Haruhi: (Somehow, I don’t really understand this)
Hikaru: Let’s leave it for now. Looking at the club room, we made a mess of it, like that Paculi of ours.
Kaoru: Really, it sounds like a fake-brand item.
Haruhi:  (Both of them say such terrible things….)
Tamaki: Haruhi, are you worried about me?
Haruhi: Eh, what?
Tamaki: …………
Kaoru: Ohh, Dono is completely white.
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru are laughing at it)
Hikaru & Kaoru: Let’s cling it–
Hikaru & Kaoru: tsun tsun
Tamaki: Mommy…. Haruhi isn’t worried about her father.
Kyoya; What do you want me to do about it?
Haruhi: (……..Kyoya-senpai also has a hard time)

2: Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai was working on his files with a calculater, as usual)
Haruhi: (If he sees me approaching, he’ll close the map and files)
Kyoya: Indeed, bothersome things always happen.
Haruhi: (Despite saying that, Kyoya-senpai looks a little amused….)
Haruhi: But, you look like you’re enjoying yourself?
Kyoya: I don’t remember saying it was boring. What about you Haruhi, what do you think?
Haruhi: ….it’s not boring.
Haruhi: (In many ways)
Kyoya: Ho… you undersand.
Haruhi: (I said it’s not boring, I wonder if I’ll understand it)
Haruhi: (Well, maybe)

3: Hikaru
Hikaru: I don’t really know what it’s like to have such a friend.
Haruhi: (As soon as I approached Hikaru, he started talking to me)
Hikaru: I guess a sense of security comes with it.
Hikaru: Haruhi, do you think it would be nice to pick it up where they left off?
Haruhi: (I don’t know how to answer that….. Behind Hikaru, Kaoru looks troubled and mouths ‘please’ to me–)
Haruhi: …..yeah.
Haruhi: (I reply)
Hikaru: Is that what you think, Haruhi.
Haruhi: I guess so? …..but, it’s up to Tamaki-senpai to decide.
Hikaru: I don’t think so but….. Sorry, I don’t really know.
Haruhi: (After saying that, Hikaru closed his mouth)
Kaoru: I don’t really like it either…..
Hikaru: Kaoru……
Haruhi: (….It began again)
Kaoru: What should I do……
Hikaru: It’s alright. You do know I’m attached to you, Kaoru?
Kaoru: It’s alright. Don’t say such lonely things…..
Hikaru: Kaoru…..
Haruhi: Wouldn’t it be alright, since it’s Tamaki-senpai? He wouldn’t leave everyone behind.
Hikaru: ….I haven’t really thought about that.
Hikaru: ….Why.
Clip from anime
Hikaru: ….I said such a thing, why would he stay
Kaoru: Hey, Haruhi. Why did you think Hikaru was worried about it?
Haruhi: Eh? Instinct.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Of course it’s something like that.
Haruhi: Is that wrong?
Hikaru & Kaoru: Well, not really?
Haruhi: (Even if I said that, I don’t understand it myself)
Hikaru: Anyway, should we do something?
Kaoru: That’s right, let’s do it.
Haruhi: (It’s nice that Hikaru returned to his usual self but….. what are they planning)
Haruhi: (I’ll tell them to not do anything later)

5: Kaoru
Haruhi: (Kaoru remained silent besides Hikaru and Kyoya-senpai, who seemed to in some sort of a discussion)
Haruhi: ….what’s wrong?
Kaoru: Nothing in particular.
Haruhi: (Since Kaoru said it, I can understand. But after listening again–)
Hikaru: Kyoya-senpai, can’t we just ban them from coming?
Kyoya: Don’t say something so unreasonable.
Hikaru: But….
Haruhi: Hikaru….. Even if we could do that, he’s Tamaki-senai’s—-
Kaoru: Haruhi, it’s something else.
Haruhi: Eh, what?
Haruhi: (I thought Hikaru was angry about Léo-san taking away Tamaki-senpai.)
Kaoru: It’s not that you’re wrong
Haruhi: (Kaoru smiled after saying that)
Haruhi: (I don’t understand it at all…..)
Kaoru: If it were possible, I hoped they wouldn’t come again, but they will come tomorow.
Haruhi: I think that’s right…..
Haruhi: (It’s unlike Kaoru to be talking about this, but I’m worried about what’s different)
Kaoru: Hey…. Would you like to help us?
Haruhi: (Even if it sounded like a joke, Kaoru isn’t smiling at all. Does he mean—)
Haruhi: Are you also angry, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Why do you ask?
Haruhi: It’s not like you. It’s more something Hikaru would do.
Haruhi: (It’s more like Hikaru to say such a thing, it’s like his behavior rubs of. Even though I don’t understand, it always seems to happen)
Kaoru: ….haha, that’s right.
Haruhi: (Kaoru is laughing again)
Haruhi: (…..Is he really mad?)

6: Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai looks troubled while hugging Usa-chan….. He seems to be thinking a lot)
Mitsukuni: Hey, Haru-chan.
Haruhi: What is it, Honey-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Well, if Léo-chan comes to play again, I think I want to be friends… Can we do that……
Haruhi: (When he finishes talking, Honey-senpai sighs)
Haruhi: We can. Since he’s a friend of Tamaki-senpai. I also want to become friends.
Mitsukuni: ….I see. That’s true.
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai briefly smiles again—)
Takashi: ….Mitskuni, I heard there’s an extra cake.
Mitsukuni: Let’s eat~♪
Haruhi: (As soon as I heard Mori-senpai, Honey-senpai was no longer in front of me)
Takashi: Did he bother you?
Haruhi: No, thank you….
Haruhi: (Even so, Honey-senpai’s mood changes fast…..)

7: Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (It seems like Mori-senpai is gazing at something by the door)
Haruhi: (By the way, Mori-senpai and Gotokuji-san were very similar…. I wonder what he thinks about it)
Haruhi: Mori-senpai, are you alright?
Takashi: Yeah.
Haruhi: Mori-senpai, are you acquainted with Gotokuji-san?
Takashi: ….It was a first meeting.
Haruhi: And yet, you didn’t talk since you met?
Takashi: ….It’s because of a feeling.
Haruhi: (–I think it’s more of a feeling from the mind….. I wonder if Mori-senpai would agree)
Takashi; However, it’s better not to approach him.
Haruhi: Eh? Ah, yes. I’ll try not to.
Takashi: You’re not going to ask why?
Haruhi: No, since it’s you who said it, Mori-senpai.
Haruhi: (Since he’s not the type of person who would just say something to be rude)
Takashi: …..I see.
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai said with a small smile)

Kyoya: It’s almost time to disband for today.
Haruhi: (I just noticed it was already that late, when Kyoya-senpai said that….)
Hikaru & Kaoru: Tono-, do we need to come tomorrow?
Tamaki: Don’t say such stupid things. Of course you need to come.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Eh– but if it comes–
Tamaki: Don’t be so selfish! Mommy–
Kyoya: It’s bad, but I’ll let it go. We can’t do anything about it.
Haruhi: (As soon as he had said that, Kyoya-senpai left the clubroom)
Tamaki: ….Kyoya.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Yeah, it’s been disbanded.
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru ran after Kyoya-senpai, saying they should catch up)
Haruhi: (….will tomorrow be like this)

At home
Haruhi: (What a troublesome day, I really hoped I could relax this week….)
Haruhi: (Anyway, Tamaki-senpai’s friend….)
Haruhi: (Léo-san seems kind, maybe we can slowly become friends)
Haruhi: (Somewhat similar to Tamaki-senpai…..)
Haruhi: (Perhaps, everyone in France is like that…. what a horrible thought)
Haruhi: (I don’t think Wan-san is a bad person, just somewhat cold….)
Haruhi: (He’s kind of like Kyoya-senpai in a way)
Haruhi: (….If I say that to Kyoya-senpai, he’ll double my debt)
Haruhi: (He was a man with a hard to approach atmosphere)
Haruhi: (Maybe he is somewhat like Léo-san’s guardian….)
Haruhi: (Perhaps, it may be good if someone like Honey-senpai is with Gotokuji-san)
Haruhi: (Anyway, I wonder if tomorrow will be okay)
Haruhi: (…..It can’t be helped even when thinking about it, so let’s check the computer)
You’ll see your stats now.
Haruhi: (Today I only did business partially, so there’s not much change)
Haruhi: (If Léo comes tomorrow, this situation may continue for a while….)
Haruhi: (Well, let’s just sleep without thinking about it)


Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 6 Team Hikaru and Kaoru (English Translation)

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Going with Hikaru and Kaoru
Haruhi: (I feel like walking in the jungle)
Haruhi: “Great facility…..”
Kaoru: “It’s a bit of a leisure land”
Haruhi: “It’s a bit of a story”
Hikaru: “Hey, there’s no senpai around, play with me for a moment?”
Haruhi: (As usual, these two are only playing)
Haruhi: “I’m not playing with you. Take this more seriously”
Haruhi: (…..that being said, there are many ambiguous places)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Boring”
Haruhi: (Even so, they both have a good look around)
Hikaru: “……how are you doing right now”
Kaoru: “This surely must have something to do with Kyoya-senpai”
Hikaru: “We can tell”
Haruhi: (The two of them are laughing while on the topic of Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (By the way, why do Hikaru and Kaoru call Tamaki-senpai ‘tono’?)
Hikaru: “Hm, what is it? Is it about ‘tono’?”
Kaoru; “That’s it, ….right?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “The way of talking, our lord!” (It’s a play on word in Japanese)
Haruhi: “Wow…..”
Haruhi: (Well, it certainly is a funny way to talk, and I’m not interested in where they learned Japanese)
Haruhi: (It feels like the footing here is really bad, if you’re not cautious you’ll fall off)
Hikaru: “Hey, Haruhi. Are you alright?”
Haruhi: (Hikaru reaches out to me)
Haruhi: (That hand….)

1: I don’t need it (Hikaru picture)
2: Thank you (Kaoru picture later on)

1: I don’t need it
Haruhi: “I don’t need it. The footing isn’t so bad, don’t worry”
Haruhi: (Saying that, I pass Hikaru’s hand)
Haruhi: (I tripped over the bottom of the tree)
Haruhi: “Waa!?”
Hikaru: “H, hey! Are you okay!?”
Haruhi: (Hikaru hugged me before I could collapse)
Haruhi: (Since I refused, I’m feeling a little awkward….)
Hikaru: “Look, you should’ve listened to what I said from the beginning”
Haruhi: (….no argue there)
Haruhi: (It was wrong to refuse back then….. let’s carefuly go there)
Haruhi: “Sorry. Thank you, Hikaru”
Hikaru: “Yeah…”
Haruhi: (I wonder why Hikaru seemed so surprised)
Hikaru: “….oh, be careful of your footing! Jeez….”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Hikaru let go of me as if to give up)
Haruhi: (So suddenly. How strange…..)

2: Thank you
Haruhi: “Thank you”
Haruhi: (By saying that, I take Hikaru’s hand)
Hikaru: “It seems the footing is bad, so be careful”
Haruhi: “Yes, I know”
Haruhi: (It seems to be alright if you take care of your stepping)

Haruhi: (For a while, I keep walking without doing anything)
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru kept talking all the time, without taking a break)
Haruhi: (These two have been together ever since birth, so maybe they never experienced loneliness)
Haruhi: (Thinking about that, I feel a bit envious)
Hikaru: “A-ahh, I can’t find anything”
Kaoru: “Since there’s no one here, we can’t ask anyone”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Feel like stopping?”
Haruhi: “You both shouldn’t give up so easily”
Mitsukuni: “………ah, I found Haru-chan”
Haruhi: “Oh, Honey-senpai”
Takashi: “……..hmm”
Haruhi: “Mori-senpai too”
Mitsukuni: “Well, our ways were connected in the middle”
Kaoru: “Honey-senpai, did you find anything?”
Mitsukuni: “Oh…… sorry. We didn’t find anything……”
Haruhi: “There’s no need for Honey-senpai to apologize. Right”
Hikaru: “Yeah. Since we didn’t find anything either”
Takashi: “I see….”
Mitsukuni: “Okay, then it’s a competition of who can find something first”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Honey-senpai went back into the jungle)
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai smiled lightly to me and followed after Honey-senpai)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Take care”
Haruhi: “After all, there are no clues…..”
Hikaru: “There’s no use in thinking about it, so let’s go”
Haruhi: “Yeah”
Haruhi: (We regrouped and started looking again)

If you chose to take Hikaru’s hand (choice 2)
Haruhi: (I’m getting tired from all this walking, it’s too hot and humid…..)
Haruhi: “…..sigh”
Kaoru: “What’s wrong Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “……n, nothing……”
Hikaru: “There’s no doubt, you’re tired aren’t you?”
Kaoru: “Hikaru….. It’s because Haruhi is a girl”
Hikaru: “Oh, that’s right”
Haruhi: “….it’s wrong to say it like that”
Hikaru: “Well then, shall we take a break?”
Kaoru: “We should, since Haruhi’s getting tired”
Hikaru: “You wait with Haruhi, Kaoru. I’ll go look around a bit”
Kaoru: “Take care, Hikaru”
Haruhi: (As soon as Hikaru raised his hand, he disappeared into the jungle)
Haruhi: “Hikaru, I wonder if he’ll be alright alone…..”
Kaoru: “We’ve been walking in the same place, so it’ll be alright”
Haruhi:: “Is that so?”
Kaoru: “You didn’t notice…… Haruhi”
Haruhi: “….Ahahaha”
Kaoru: “….well, that’s not good”
Haruhi: (While saying that, Kaoru sits down)
Kaoru: “Why don’t you sit aswell, Haruhi? You must be tired”
Haruhi: “Yes, I will”
Haruhi: (Well, where should I sit……)
Haruhi: “Sorry Kaoru, I’m going to borrow your back”
Kaoru: “My back….?”
Kaoru: “Wa, wait Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Please let me lend it for a bit”
Kaoru: “…………”
Haruhi: “Since I’m in a swimsuit, I can’t lean anywhere…”
Haruhi: (I’m not going to lay down, and it seems painful to lean on a tree)
Kaoru: “……it’s okay, you can ‘loan’ me”
Haruhi: “Then, I can lean on Kaoru’s back?”
Kaoru: “…..yeah”
Haruhi: (Suddenlu, the bushes in front of me swayed. What is it?)
Kaoru: “–!!”
Haruhi: (Kaoru stand up)
Kaoru: “…..Hikaru”
Hikaru: “There was a side street on the other side. Let’s go”
Hikaru: “…hmm? Kaoru, why is you’re face red?”
Kaoru: “It’s nothing….”

Haruhi: (Even if we progress trought the jungle, nothing changes)
Kaoru: What is it this time?”
Hikaru “It’s a crocodile”
Haruhi: “No it’s not”
Haruhi: (What appeared from the bushes–)
Tamaki: “Woah there!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “What is it”
Kyoya: “….it’s connected here”
Tamaki: “Haruhi~! I’m so happy to see you again! Now, let’s go together!”
Hikaru: “So, in that case there’s no point in other actions”
Kaoru: “Well, her dad isn’t here! Come on, go!”
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai. Did you find any clues?”
Kyoya: “Nothing for now it seems”
Haruhi: “…alright”
Tamaki: “Don’t be disappointed. There’s still time before sunset. Let’s go, Kyoya”
Kyoya: “….yeah. You shouldn’t be late for the meet-up”
Haruhi: (Well, for now, it’s still a while before dusk. Let’s do our best and search)
Haruhi: “It’s about time”
Hikaru: “Shall we go back?”
Kaoru: “Yeah….”
Haruhi: (After all, we wasted half a day….)

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Mystic Messenger Guide: Jaehee Route Day 5

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Create a save file here to go back later and obtain the first bad ending

Answers for Bad Ending 1 are marked with **

01:22 – I can’t control myself

– You’re not drinking coffee anymore? (nothing)
– What are you doing up? (nothing) **

– … Don’t you have finals coming up soon? (nothing) **
– Don’t control yourself.Just follow all your urges and become the best (Yoosung+)

– How about inviting the host for the championship to our party? (email from @creamroll)
– Goodbye, hope your journey’s as sweet as the Cream Roll… (nothing)

03:13 – Lonely Zen

– Hello, Zen (nothing)
– I see you’re still up. Are you feeling lonely? (Zen+) **

– I guess he’ll get a girlfriend when he wins the championship… (nothing)
– He’s an adult. He’ll take care of himself (nothing) **

– Are there a lot of merits to your work? (Zen+) 
– Zen, are you too busy working to get a girlfriend? (nothing) **

– Zen, come to me if you get lonely (go to 4-2) **
– You’ll get your chance some day! Cheer up! (Zen+)

– I wasn’t kidding (nothing) **
– I just felt like making a late night joke (Zen+)

– I’ll miss you… (Jaehee) **
– Good bye, Zen (nothing)

06:49 – Tickets to the cherry farm

– Good morning, Jumin (Jumin+) **
– Jaehee, how was your night? (Jaehee+)

– Elizabeth likes cherries? (Jumin+) **
– There must be a reason why Jaehee didn’t do it… Calm down first (Jaehee+)

– Who won the contest? (Jumin+) **
– Meerkat contest -_-;; (go to 3-2)

– Jumin, everyone gets tired if they work too long… (Jaehee+)
– Then Jaehee should work faster (Jaehee+)

– Being the super mean boss~ Oh yeah~ (nothing) **
– Jumin, I think you’re being too irritable right now (Jaehee+)

– Do you really need to leave the cat with Jaehee? (Jaehee+)
– I guess Jaehee gets paid for looking after the cat~ How cool, haha (Jumin+) **

– Jaehee, you must earn a lot of money including the pay for overtime, haha (Jaehee+) **
– Jumin, I think you’re going out of line… (Jaehee+m go to 6-2)

– Just quit (nothing) 
– Cheer up, Jaehee… (nothing)

– Don’t get so upset and have a good day, Jaehee (Jaehee+)
– Sure, good bye~ (nothing) **

08:14 – Jumin is the boss

– I feel so bad for Jaehee… (Jaehee+)
– Zen, did you have breakfast? (Zen+) **

– I think he makes her do everything since she’s so good (Jaehee+)
– I think it’s be nice to have someone like you as an employer, Zen (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– Zen, do you happen to have feelings for Jaehee? (Jaehee+) **
– Why does Jumin plan those kind of events and give Jaehee a hard time? (Jaehee+)

– She should be thankful that she has work at times like these. Aren’t you the type to work all day, too? (Zen+) **
– I hope Jaehee gets through this crisis (Jaehee+)

– I love you, Zen (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– Good bye, Zen (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)

11:20 –  A vicious enterpriser?

– Yoosung, you’re not going to school today? (Yoosung+) **
– Hiya, Seven (Seven+)

– Jaehee must have had such a hard time… (Jaehee+)
– His contest sounds a bit strange, but it does seem funny (Jumin+) **

– I don’t think Jaehee will like it, so I don’t want to invite it (Jaehee+)
– That sounds fun. Contract the longcat so we can invite it~ lol (Jaehee x, email from @longcat)

– That’s a bit… seconded (Yoosung+)
– Seven, you should run a cat cafe (Seven+) **

– -_- Seconded (Yoosung+)
– But you still earn a living, so maybe that’s enough… (Seven+) **

– You have no choice while you live in a world dictated by money… (nothing)
– Getting an internship offer is good enough lol (nothing) **

– Your baby car is so awesome. Wow (Seven+) **
– I don’t think Seven deserves to talk about the importance of money (Yoosung+)

– Cheer up, you two (nothing)
– I’m going to go to work and make a living, too… (nothing) **

13:20 – Freelancing is the best

– Living isn’t easy… (nothing) **
– Zen, how was work? (Zen+)

– I’m amazed that Jaehee still works with Jumin (Jaehee+)
– Still, I think you’d rather starve than work under Jumin (Zen+) **

– I respect Jaehee, too… (Jaehee+)
– To be honest, I can do as well as Jaehee (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– Already? Stay with me longer~ (Zen+, Jaehee+, go to 4-2) **
– Okay. Good bye, Zen (go to 4-3)

– T_T… Yeah, okay (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– Go ahead

– Don’t worry ^^ (Jaehee+)
– Why do you care about Jaehee so much?

15:55 – Zen’s respect towards Jaehee

– Zen probably doesn’t have feelings for you… (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee, you must be really busy (Jaehee+)

– You two seem to belong in completely different worlds. I don’t know how he would comfort you (Jaehee+) **
– Zen says he respects you, Jaehee… Cheer up (Jaehee+)

– Zen must be pretty amazing (Jaehee+)
– I knew Zen would be the perfecct husband for me~! (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– There’s a reason why Zen’s so popular (go to 4-2) **
– Jaehee, you’re too strong to endure all that stress and anxiety (Jaehee+)

– Especially me, too (nothing) **
– It’d be nice for Zen to date a fan…

– Okay, good bye (nothing) **
– Jaehee, cheer up! Zen and I are cheering for you (Jaehee+)

17:15 – Yoosung’s concern

– LOLOL? (nothing) **
– Heya Yoosung (nothing)

– It’s nice to seem them show respect for each other (Jaehee+)
– Was school okay? (Yoosung+) **

– I don’t really think Jaehee’s happy… (Jaehee+)
– Zen seems happy doing his work. Just my type of guy (Zen+) **

– Not because you don’t have a girlfriend? (go to 4-2) **
– Because you don’t know what makes you happy? (Yoosung+)

– Don’t know if that’s being defensive or being wise lol (nothing) 
– I don’t know what you mean, but it sounds like you don’t want a girlfriend (nothing) **

– Okay, bye~ (nothing) **
– Don’t become too much of a game addict (nothing)

19:00 – Life that pursuits happiness

– Jaehee, do you still have a lot of work? (Jaehee+)
– Heya Seven (Seven+) **

– If anything happens to the cat, Jaehee will be responsible, so I oppose (Jaehee+)
– Just give it to him lol (Seven+) **

– But chained to money… (Jaehee+)
– Freedom is expensive (Seven+) **

– You’re making me depressed;; (Jaehee+)
– This game isn’t a visual novel, but it gives you more than two options (nothing) **

– I’d like to invite them for you, Jaehee. Tell them to contact me~ (Jaehee+, email from @secretary)
– I feel like that’d be leaning too much toward one profession, so I don’t feel comfortable about it…;; (nothing)

– lmaooo so funny (Seven+) **
– Seven;;; Get your words right (Jaehee+)

– Stop buying cars… You seem rich… T_T (Jaehee+)
– The number of cars you own will increase exponentially (Seven+) **

– I don’t think he does;; (Jaehee+)
– Happiness is the most important thing, no? (Jaehee+, Seven+) **

– Ya… (Seven+)
– I’m glad at least Zen’s musicals cheer you up, Jaehee (Jaehee+)
– I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack every time I see his musicals. Want to have him as my husband (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– I think he means he wants you to find someone you love and become happy (Jaehee+)
– My guess is that he wants to say Zen’s sexy (Zen+) **

– Then is he a statue? (Jaehee+)
– A man you can never get… So cool (Jaehee, Jumin+) **

– Just go to marriage meetings and get it over with (Jaehee+) **
– I think Jaehee’s thought enough about whether or not she’s on the right path… (Jaehee+)

– I don’t know what advice you gave, but good bye (nothing) **
– Drive safe, Seven lol (Seven+)

– Why do you feel that way? (Jaehee+) **
– Maybe because Seven talked about dating (Jaehee+)

– It’s so hard to meet people like that… (Jaehee+) **
– I think I can be that friend for you! ^^ (Jaehee+)

– Hope you get a lot of work done (Jaehee+) **
– Cheer up, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

21:01 – Jaehee and love

– Zen, you’re still up? (go to 1-2) **
– Yoosung, how was your game? (Yoosung+)

– I want to see you, Zen (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– I can’t sleep either (Zen+)

– Zen, don’t you want to date? (go to 2-2)  **
– RIP Yoosung’s love life… (nothing)

– Do you want to date me? lol (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– Do you think Jaehee will get happy by dating? (Jaehee+)

– I don’t have the luxury to worry about Jaehee… Zen… date me (go to 3-2) **
– It doesn’t have to be through dating, but… I want Jaehee to be happy (Jaehee+)

– I am your fan ^^
– I’m in love ^^ (Jaehee+) **

– I think you two are just prejudiced to think her age will restrict her changes for love (Jaehee+)
– Ya, before she gets any older, she should start dating… (Jaehee+) **

– Nah lol (Jaehee+) **
– Do you even have to ask? (Jaehee+)

– Probably just a “slightly interested girl #1” (Jaehee+) **
– Jaehee even respects you, Zen (Jaehee+)

– I think she’s extremely attractive (Jaehee+)
– Why are you asking Zen that??? (go to 7-2) **

– Jaehee might feel embarrassed;
– Zen, am I attractive? (Zen+, Jaehee+) **

– Asking Zen is a bit… (go to 8-2) **
– Zen, don’t you think she’s an amazing woman? (Jaehee+)

– I have dibs on Zen (Zen+, Jaehee+) **
– Because I love Zen

– Then we should never invite them (Jaehee+)
– What about… inviting your fan club to the party? (Yoosung x) **

– Why are you putting him in a corner? lol You don’t even have one (nothing) **
– What do you think about me? (Zen+, Jaehee+)

– Okay~ Good bye (nothing) **
– Don’t work too hard~ (Zen+)

23:04 – Jumin back from the business…

– Jumin, did you take your cat? Jaehee was having a hard time… (Jaehee+)
– Jumin, how was your business trip? (Jumin+) **

– I knew you were practical! Cool (Jumin+) **
– But not apologizing required a lot of energy, too (go to 2-2)

– I want her to be happy, even if it’s not through dating (Jaehee+)
– I want to date someone more than Jaehee does (Jaehee+)

– Free cherries? lol I’ll pass (nothing)
– Free cherries sound good! Let’s invite them! (email from @cherryfarm)


Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 6 Team Mitskuni and Takashi (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (….These, are really hot springs?)
Mitsukuni: “I think we’ll find him soon~ right, Takashi”
Takashi: “…yeah”
Haruhi: (These two are really my place)
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai is skipping in the jungle, with his usual tune)
Mitsukuni: “So you shouldn’t worry too much Haru-chan”
Haruhi: (Even if you say so, I’m not really worried about my dad)
Haruhi: (….looking like this, Honey-senpai seems seriously worried about my dad)
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai doesn’t say much, but his eyes are serious. You can tell that these two are always keeping their eyes on the surroundings)
Haruhi: (By the way, they are nothing alike, yet are such great friends….)
Mitsukuni: “Besides, even if a bad person comes out, I’ll beat them with Takashi”
Takashi: “….no problem”
Haruhi: (Yes, both Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai are experts of martial arts, they are very strong)
Mitsukuni: “Wow, it looks like the sea!”
Haruhi: (When I looked up, the beach was spread beyond. Honey-senpai ran and approached the beach)
Haruhi: (….why is there a sandy beach in a hot spring?”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be picking something up at the edge if the beach…..)

1: Do not worry (Picture of Mori-senpai later on)
2: Worry 
(Picture of Honey-senpai)

1: Do not worry
Haruhi: (Even if you care about everything, it can’t always be helped)
Haruhi: (He’s not exposed to the waves. Since I’m in a place where I can see for now)
Haruhi: (As I thought, Honey-senpai came back to me again)
Mitsukuni: “Haru-chan, let’s go hunting together later. There might be crabs here!”
Haruhi: (….it’s a hot sping here, isn’t it?)

2: Worry
Haruhi: (When I got interested, I went to his side……)
Mitsukuni: “Hey, hey, Haru-chan. Coral!”
Haruhi: “There are lots of things”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai palms had plenty of shells)
Mitsukuni: “You can choose one that you like”
Haruhi: “Is that so.? Well then…..”
Haruhi: (What shall we do?)

Depending on where you touch, he’ll say this:
Mitsukuni:「くすぐったいよ」”It’s ticklish”
Mitsukuni「そこじゃないよ~」”It’s not there~”
Mitsukuni「え~僕はだめだよお~」”Eh, that’s no good”
Mitsukuni: 「それ、かわいいでしょ」”That’s cute right” (Correct one)

Haruhi: “I agree”
Mitsukuni: “Ehe♪….. you finally laughed”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai, gathered shells to cheer me up…..)
Mitsukuni: “Hey, hey, Haru-chan. Let’s look for crabs later”
Haruhi: “Yes, I’ll be happy if I find scallops and sea urchin”

Haruhi: (….how long have we been walking?)
Haruhi: (I can’t find any clues and I can’t ask anyone, since there’s no one here)
Haruhi: (Somhow, all this walking feels like a tremendous waste)
Haruhi: (Someone is running trough the bushes–)
Tamaki: “Huh…? Haruhi……”
Mitsukuni: “Oh, Tama-chan!”
Kyoya: “….it seems we connected here”
Tamaki: “This is a reunion of destiny….. It can’t be helped, let’s go together”
Mitsukuni: “It’s useless Tama-chan. Won’t the point of splitting up be gone then?”
Takashi: “It’s as Mitsukuni says”
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai. Did you find any clues?”
Kyoya: “Nothing for now. That’s what it seems like, I’m not sure”
Haruhi: “….yes”
Takashi: “There is still time. Tamaki, Kyoya….. let’s go”
Mitsukuni: “We’ll leave it to you”
Tamaki: “….understood. Haruhi, don’t worry. We’ll find him”
Haruhi: “….yes”
Haruhi: (We split up again, and continued exploring)

If you chose not to worry
Haruhi: (–that?)
Haruhi: (While walking, hot water rose to my ankles without me noticing)
Mitsukuni: “So warm”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai splashes the warm water with his feet)
Haruhi: “I’m glad I changed clothes —-well, the water doesn’t rise steadily?”
Haruhi: (As it is this size, there shouldn’t be any drowsies…..)
Takashi: ‘There is a resting place beyond”
Haruhi: “Then, let’s go over there for now”
Haruhi: (Somhow I’ve been feeling down, so I’m fine with taking a break….)
Haruhi: (Somehow, my head got stuck…)
Mitsukuni: “Fuhuu~”
Haruhi: (As we entered the resting place, Honey-senpai lied down on a chair)
Haruhi: (I’m also tired, I’m a bit sleepy…)
Haruhi: (Suddenly, Mori-senpai sat down next to me)
Takashi: “Haruhi, were you tired today?”
Haruhi: “…..ha, haa”
Takashi: “Fufu, you are so cute. Now, sleep in my arms”
Haruhi: (……?)
Haruhi: “E, eumm…. Mori-senpai)
Takashi: “What’s wrong, Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “….no, nothing”
Haruhi: (Perhaps, I’m asleep and dreaming)
Haruhi: (Let’s sleep for a while as it is)
Haruhi: (When I wake up, I’ll wonder if I’ll return to my usual Mori-senpai….?)
Mitsukuni: “Hey hey, Haru-chan…. Wake up~”
Haruhi: “Hmm…. Honey-senpa…..”
Mitsukuni: “You also took a little nap”
Takashi: “…………”
Haruhi: “….Mori-senpai, a while ago….”
Haruhi: (When I woke up, Mori-senpai was back to his usual self)
Mitsukuni: “When Takashi is sleepy he’s like that”
Haruhi: “….really?”
Takashi: “…….no”
Haruhi: “It seems he doesn’t know…..?”
Mitsukuni: “He just doesn’t remember”
Haruhi: “…………”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai becomes refreshing when he gets sleepy…….?)
Haruhi: (Oh, it’s hot water)
Haruhi: “Well then, shall we go”
Mitsukuni: “Yup!”
Takashi: “…..yeah”

Haruhi: (We are searching the jungle again–)
Haruhi: (The bush moved. I wonder what will come out this time…..)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Yo~ Haruhi!”
Mitsukuni: “Oh, Hika-chan and Kao-chan”
Haruhi: (Like Tamaki-senpai’s team, it seems that Hikaru’s team’s course was also connected here)
Haruhi: (Although we exchange information with eachother, we still have zero clues)
Haruhi: “Haa…. after all”
Takashi: “We still have time until sunset”
Haruhi: “Well, then, a little more….”
Hikaru: “Oh- later”
Kaoru: “I’m sure we’ll find him”
Haruhi: (After separating from Hikaru’s team, we kept searching for a while, but couldn’t find anything)
Haruhi: “….we should return”
Mitsukuni: “Sorry, we couldn’t find him”
Takashi: “…..sorry”
Haruhi: “not, its alright….”

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Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 6 Team Tamaki and Kyoya (English Translation)

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Haruhi: “….there’s no one here”
Kyoya: “It’s a reservation”
Tamaki: “Ho-, is this a hot spring….”
Haruhi: “It’s definitely different”
Haruhi: (Even so, what is this)
Haruhi: (There is a tropical forrest in this vast facility. Well, it surely is a thing that pulls the hot water of Kusatsu….)
Haruhi: “With this facility, it doesn’t make sense to go to Kusatsu”
Kyoya: “Well, maybe so”
Tamaki: “Ohh! What is that!?”
Haruhi: “The child does seem to be pleased”
Kyoya: “Certainly”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai keeps looking for fun things and doesn’t seem bothered to not hear the conversation)
Tamaki: “Hmm- aren’t there any clues…. Oh? What!?”
Tamaki: “Haruhi, look! A bird in the south flew away!”
Haruhi: (…ha. I wonder if it’s fine)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is running around fast, with his head in the jungle. He really is like a child)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is walking by himself, while calmly watching Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (The relationship between two people of opposite characters doesn’t just happen)
Haruhi: (How on earth did they become hosts together?)
Kyoya: “How are you doing, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “No, just…. wondering how you ended up becoming a host”
Kyoya: “I’ve heard that before”
Clip of the anime
Kyoya: “It’s not something to think of right now, is it?”
Haruhi: “That’s right….”
Haruhi: (I felt like Kyoya-senpai smiled a bit)
Kyoya: “…..if we don’t keep an eye on that idiot, who knows what he’ll do”
Tamaki: “Hm? Did you say something?”
Kyoya: “No, don’t mind it”
Haruhi: (Their interaction is like that of a married couple)
Haruhi: (I don’t really understand, but that’s just how they combine)
Haruhi: “Ah…, the road splits here, senpais”
Haruhi: (While walking, there’s two paths to follow)
Haruhi: (One towards a small pool, the other towards the jungle)

1: Towards the small pool (Tamaki, get a picture)
2: Towards the jungle (Kyoya, get a picture later on)

1: Towards the small pool
Haruhi: “The pool looks more safe”
Kyoya: “I see”
Haruhi: (It’s best to go cautiously with unstable feet. It seems that you can slip and fall)
Haruhi: “….ah”
Haruhi: (That?)
Haruhi: (While walking past the jungle, a small pool appears in front of us. Something is swimming in the pool)
Haruhi: (What is that)
Haruhi: “Waa…..”
Haruhi: (Crocodile!? It made a big sound and opened his mouth for a quarter, then it jumped out towards me—)
Tamaki: “Haruhi!!”
Haruhi: (I don’t know what happened just now)
Haruhi: (After a while, I understood that Tamaki-senpai had helped me)
Haruhi: “…..Tamaki…..senpai?”
Tamaki: “Are you alright, Haruhi!”
Haruhi: “….it hurts a bit”
Tamaki: “Eh! Ah!”
Haruhi: (How should I thank Tamaki-senpai who hurried to help me, I was in a state of confusion for a while)
Haruhi: “….. a little while ago, senpai, that was really cool”
Tamaki: “I, is that so….”
Kyoya: “Hey! Are you alright?”
Haruhi: “I was selfish. Tamaki-senpai had to help me”
Haruhi: (Crocodiles, in a place like this….)
Kyoya: “The crocodile’s free dwelling is extremely dangerous”
Haruhi: “Wheter they’re dangerous or not, I don’t think animals should be released freely….”
Haruhi: (After all, in a place where Tamaki-senpai is as good as Kyoya-senpai , I think common sense has shifted…..)

2: Toward the jungle
Haruhi: “….I feel like something’s there”
Haruhi: (Someone, or something…. What is it?)
Haruhi: (Walking slowly towards the jungle with thick trees)
Haruhi: (The sound of trees rustling, sound of swimming pools, sound of strange birds echoing)
Haruhi: (Looking at the side of the river, something is moving)
Haruhi: (What—)
Haruhi: “Wa….”
Haruhi: (Crocodile!? It’s juming from the water surface making a lot of noice and opening it’s mouth a quarter)
Tamaki: “What! Crocodile!?”
Kyoya: “The crocodile’s free dwelling is extremely dangerous”
Haruhi: “Wheter they’re dangerous or not, I don’t think animals should be released freely….”
Haruhi: ((After all, in a place where Tamaki-senpai is as good as Kyoya-senpai , I think common sense has shifted…..)

Haruhi: “Haa…. I can’t find any clues”
Haruhi: (Besides, there’s no one here….. I can’t collect information in such a case)
Kyoya: “Well, I expected as much”
Haruhi: (I wonder what? Something seems to have worked…..)
Haruhi: (No way, again….!?)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ah–”
Tamaki: “You guys”
Kaoru: “Fuu. Our ways joined over there”
Hikaru: Hey- hey- Haruhi. This is totally boring. How’s it going here?”
Haruhi: “We didn’t find anything either”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Is it really here~?”
Haruhi: (This is the place that was written, so I don’t think it’s a mistake….)
Tamaki: “I haven’t had confirmation from everyone yet. Anyway, go look around that way!”
Hikaru: “Alright”
Kaoru: “See you”
Haruhi: (Hikaru’s team faded back into the jungle)
Tamaki: “We’ll also search! I won’t let them go ahead alone!”
Haruhi: (….even though I don’t feel a sense of opposition in such a place)

If you chose to go towards the jungle
Tamaki: “Let’s be a shield, that way the cute Haruhi’s skin won’t get scratched”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Tamaki-senpai went ahead and moved forward)
Tamaki: “After all, it was a mistake for Haruhi to put on a swimming suit…..”
Haruhi: “I’m alright. Just some little scratches……”
Tamaki: “No good! Be careful not to hurt Haruhi, even at night”
Haruhi: (Suddenly, something popped out of the side street)
Haruhi: (My eyes meet with the one’s from the creature that lookes out from the bushes)
Haruhi: (—crocodile!?)
Haruhi: “Why in such a place…..”
Haruhi: (It’s better to slowly leave, as to not stimulate it)
Haruhi: (Calm down, one step at a time—)
Haruhi: “…..oh!?”
Haruhi: (Somthing quickly took a hold of me)
Haruhi: “…..Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “Are you alright, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Wouldn’t it be better to run away”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is standing in front of me to protect me, staring at the crocodile)
Kyoya: “For short distances, it’s quicker than you think. It’s dangerous to show your back”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai also has a serious face and doesn’t move)
Haruhi: (After a while, the crocodile went away towards the waterway)
Haruhi: (Fuuu….)
Tamaki: “We’re save…. After all, it seems the crocodile was also afraid of Kyoya”
Kyoya: “…..next time, we’ll escape using you as food”
Tamaki: “…………”
Haruhi: “….eumm”
Kyoya: “If you were injured, we wouldn’t be able to face Ranka-san”
Haruhi: “Thank you….”
Kyoya: “Don worry about it. Next we’ll sacrifice Tamaki”
Haruhi: (……please don’t smile while saying that)

Haruhi: “….I’ve been walking fine”
Haruhi: (After all, we left the jungle without any clues)
Kyoya: “For the moment it seems to be broken bone damage”
Haruhi: (The bushes rustle and something comes out rushing)
Mitsukuni: “Ah, Haru-chan!”
Haruhi: (From behind Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai lookes up)
Haruhi: “It was you Honey-senpai….. I was surprised…..”
Tamaki: “Did you find something there?”
Mitsukuni: “There’s nothing. But, I am getting hungy…..”
Haruhi: (Apparently, Honey-senpai was also swinging in the air….)
Haruhi: “By the way, isn’t it evening?”
Mitsukuni: “That’s right. But, we still have a little time, so I’ll do my best!”
Tamaki: “It’s like Honey-senpai said! Now, let’s move forward with high spirits!”
Mitsukuni: “Haru-chan, don’t force yourself too hard”
Takashi: “…..let’s go, Mitsukuni”
Haruhi: (We parted with Honey-senpai’s team and continued to search for a while)
Haruhi: (In the end, we couldn’t find any clues)
Haruhi: “We should return to the meeting place soon”
Tamaki: “….just a little longer”
Kyoya: “Tamaki….. if our return is delayed, everyone will worry”
Haruhi: (At Kyoya-senpai’s word, Tamaki-senpai nodded and we headed back towards the meeting place)

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