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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 2 (English Translation)

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Todoroki Keigo: The finishing touch… And it’s complete!!
Kurihara Airi: Se…Sensei!! Todoroki-sensei!
???: It seems like it’s done, yes?
Kurihara Airi: …Kanzaki-san… But, um! Todoroki-sensei is…
Kanzaki Kojirou: The way he drew, it cut the strings of his mental strain. Please let him sleep.
Kurihara Airi: …Wait, wha…? …He’s sleeping?
Kanzaki Kojirou: Hmph… As always, that tension is hard to understand, huh…
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve heard that Kanzaki-san has been in charge of Sensei for a number of years, but…)
Kurihara Airi: (Even so, he stillcan’t get used to Sensei’s tension)
Kanzaki Kojirou: As for me, it’s fine as long as I can get the manuscript.
Kanzaki Kojirou: That said, please give me the manuscript.
Kanzaki Kojirou: I’m returning to the editorial department. Well then, I’ll leave Sensei to you.
Kurihara Airi: Ah, yes! Thank you very much for today!
Kiryuu-senpai: Kanzaki-san’s still so cold, huh? His civility is bad, or rather, how should I put it…?
Kiryuu-senpai: Since he’s in charge of Sensei… You’d think he’s associate better, huh?
Kurihara Airi: …But, Kanzaki-san has a reputation as a very capable editor, even for Carnaria…
Kiryuu-senpai: Ah, speaking of which, wasn’t Kanzaki-san in charge of you, Kurihara-san?
Kurihara Airi: …That’s right.
Kiryuu-senpai: Hmmm~
Kiryuu-senpai: Kurihara-san, wasn’t your work published in a bonus issue of Carnaria?
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes…
Kiryuu-senpai: But these two points don’t connect so easily.
Kiryuu-senpai: Even if you can start out with things like luck and timing, after that you still need the ability.
Kiryuu-senpai: The world of shoujo manga is severe, huh.
Kiryuu-senpai: However, before felt like one of those times…when you were waiting a little for a series.
Kiryuu-senpai: Kurihara-san… Do you still not understand that much?
Kurihara Airi: ………
Kiryuu-senpai: Hm? Sorry. If you’re not gonna leave anytime soon, I have some things I need to do…
Kurihara Airi: Okay. Ah, I’ll take care of the tidying up, so go ahead and leave before me.
Kiryuu-senpai: Then, sorry about this. See ya later, Kurihara-san.
Kurihara Airi: Yes, thanks for today
Kurihara Airi: ……*sigh*…
Kurihara Airi: (Don’t worry, don’t worry about it…)
Kurihara Airi: Well then…
Kurihara Airi: (First of all, I’ll put away the tools. …Yeah, that’s it)
Kurihara Airi: Sensei? Todoroki-sensei?
Kurihara Airi: (He shows no signs of waking yet… I’d better leave, too, then)

Suzuoka Ren: Airi, good work today!
Kurihara Airi: Ren! You waited for me. Sorry.
Kurihara Airi: But, I’m happy! Thank you!
Suzuoka Ren: Nah, don’t worry about it. I wanted to wait for you, so I waited.
Suzuoka Ren: Besides, today you were pretty early… Did everything go okay?
Kurihara Airi: Yeah!
Suzuoka Ren: That’s great, Airi!
Suzuoka Ren: With this, won’t you be one step closer to your debut?
Kurihara Airi: Ahaha…it’d be great if that was true…
Suzuoka Ren: Then, in anticipation of your debut, shall we go eat the cake Ryou baked for you?
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Suzuoka Ren: Actually, since he baked the cake, I came to invite you for tea. Let’s go!

Suzuoka Ren: Pardon the intrusion~
Adachi Ryou: About time.
Hattori Hibiki: Yo! Good work today, Airi-chan.
Kurihara Airi: Hello, Hattori-san.
Hattori Hibiki: Oh? Airi-chan, aren’t you a little tired?
Hattori Hibiki: Lemme see…
Kurihara Airi: Eek…!
Hattori Hibiki: You…don’t seem to have a fever.
Hattori Hibiki: But anyway…
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan’s cheek is really soft, huh? *squish squish*…
Kurihara Airi: Ha-Hattori-san…!
Adachi Ryou:……Hibiki.
Hattori Hibiki: O-owowowow!!!
Adachi Ryou: Listen up, hurry and and sit down.
Hattori Hibiki: I-I got it! What’s the deal, don’t drag me so hard!!
Hattori Hibiki: Jeez… What’s with that? We were just talking…
Adachi Ryou: …Hmph.
Adachi Ryou: The rest of you, too, go ahead and take a seat. That’s what you’re here for, right?
Kurihara Airi: Wow, it looks so good! Thanks, Ryou!
Suzuoka Ren: Thanks for the food!
Hattori Hibiki: Still, as always, it’s only your skills at making cakes and other confections that’s first-class, huh.
Adachi Ryou: What about “only making confections”?
Suzuoka Ren: But, that’s because he’s the son of the family that owns the major Western confectionery, Sheer Glacé.
Suzuoka Ren: Since we were kids, he’s been gifted at making confections, so it’s not really that strange.
Adachi Ryou: It’s not “gifted,” exactly. For my family’s business, I realized I could make them.
Adachi Ryou: That’s it.
Kurihara Airi: But it’s really delicious!
Suzuoka Ren: Well, whether gifted or not, since you turned out this way, I’m sure your parents are delighted, right?
Adachi Ryou: What you’re saying is weighted…
Hattori Hibiki: Well, well, that’s fine, such a thing!
Hattori Hibiki: Ryou, get another piece! Airi-chan needs seconds, right?
Kurihara Airi: Hattori-san, do you also like sweets?
Hattori Hibiki: Well, I don’t hate them. Sweets, that is.
Hattori Hibiki: Speaking your mind and holding nothing back, Airi-chan’s and Ren-chan’s intentions show on your faces, huh~
Adachi Ryou: …You, go away.
Hattori Hibiki: Gwah! Ryou’s still so cold… Don’t say such things!
Hattori Hibiki: Though we often meet at the university,
Hattori Hibiki: I never get the chance to chat with Airi-chan and Ren-chan! This is my only chance to make friends with them! Hehe~
Kurihara Airi: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Huh~ You’re even treating me like a girl?
Hattori Hibiki: Of course! Ren-chan, after all, you are a nice girl, right?
Suzuoka Ren: …It sounds worse when you say it.
Hattori Hibiki: …Hm? Mail…?
Kurihara Airi: One of your friends?
Hattori Hibiki: Yeah… Um, from Yuki, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: “My plans for tomorrow…are open!”
Hattori Hibiki: ………
Hattori Hibiki: For me, both guy and girl friends are fine, but…
Hattori Hibiki: Girls, I find, expect an immediate email reply.
Hattori: Hibiki: I wonder why… I’m not so good at this.
Suzuoka Ren: Because they’re human? Personally, getting a reply is always nice.
Suzuoka Ren: The girls around you, Hibiki, are that type, I’m sure.
Hattori Hibiki: Wah, that was fast! A reply already?
Hattori Hibiki: Oh? It’s not Yuki. …What, it’s Norika?
Hattori Hibiki: My plans for tomorrow? Umm… “Anytime after 9 at night,” how about?
Kurihara Airi: Hattori-san, you’re sure popular, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: I guess so~
Hattori Hibiki: Furthermore, I’ve got a whole bunch of superb female friends!
Hattori Hibiki: But you know, for a cool guy like me, numerous cute girlfriends is something nice, right?
Hattori Hibiki: So, Ren-chan and Airi-chan should be my friends, too!
Hattori Hibiki: I’ll take you all sorts of places, ‘kay?
Suzuoka Ren: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Hey, Hibiki, are you going out with all these girls at the same time?
Hattori Hibiki: Heh…? What are you saying? They’re friends. Friends!
Hattori Hibiki: Yuki is an acquaintance of Atsuki, and Norkia is a classmate, ya know?
Hattori Hibiki: Anyway… When we hang out, it’s always the best!
Kurihara Airi: …… That…isn’t that…a date?
Hattori Hibiki: Yeah, a date. When I go hand out with girls, I guess you’d call that a date, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: I love dates!
Suzuoka Ren: …Ryou.
Adachi Ryou: Yeah. That’s his nature.
Suzuoka Ren: …… This is bad.

1: I feel sorry for those girls. (Ryou +1 Love Point; Ren +1 Love Point)
2: It’s good that you have many friends. (Ryou +1 Love Point)

1: I feel sorry for those girls.
Kurihara Airi: …Hattori-san, doesn’t it feel like you’re going out with those girls?
Hattori Hibiki: Nope, not at all. Why?
Kurihara Airi: …That’s… Don’t you feel a little sorry for those girls?
Hattori Hibiki: Eeh?! W-why should I?
Suzuoka Ren: *Sigh*… Doesn’t understand a woman’s heart, does he?
Suzuoka Ren: What Airi’s trying to say is, those girls probably think those dates with you, Hibiki, mean you’re going out, right?
Suzuoka Ren: And yet, Hibiki, you don’t think this way at all, and you go on dates with other girls without caring about it at all!
Suzuoka Ren: At least, shouldn’t you tell them that you don’t see it that way?
Hattori Hibiki: Ya know, you’re over-thinking this.
Hattori Hibiki: At most, it’s just a date, okay? We just go and hang out!
Hattori Hibiki: They don’t think about it any further.
Kurihara Airi: I-Is that so…?
Suzuoka Ren: …Idiot…

2: It’s good that you have many friends.
Kurihara Airi: I hope Hattori-san has many friends.
Hattori Hibiki: Right? I am quite the popular person.
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan too, let’s be friends. There may be good things?
Kurihara Airi: Is that so?
Adachi Ryou: ….Idiot.

Suzuoka Ren: Ah yes, that reminds me, what about Todoroki-sensei?
Kurihara Airi: He burnt himself out and then fell fast asleep.
Adachi Ryou: Seems like it.
Suzuoka Ren: Even so, it’s just Hibiki and Todoroki-sensei in this same boarding house, huh.
Suzuoka Ren: If you can recruit more people, it’ll fill up soon, even despite it being such a big, beautiful house!
Adachi Ryou: …It’s a problem. I shouldn’t have to take in impossible people.
Suzuoka Ren: Ryou, even as a college kid, you really have no motivation, huh?
Adachi Ryou: It’s not like I have no motivation.
Adachi Ryou: I only have to make effective use of the vacant house.
Adachi Ryou: I just don’t have a reason to go all-out.
Hattori Hibiki: As expected, a distinguished family’s honored son has an attachment to money, huh.
Adachi Ryou: …I didn’t mean it like that.
Hattori Hibiki: The treasure-trove of income your family rakes in isn’t enough. So, you still charge for the boarding house~
Adachi Ryou: No way. This is a different matter.
Kurihara Airi: Ryou is really precise about these things, you know?
Kurihara Airi: After all, he was raised very strictly, right?
Hattori Hibiki: Right, he’s a hardcore little rich boy~
Adachi Ryou: Hibiki. Starting next month, your rent has gone up.
Hattori Hibiki: Th-that was a joke! Can’t take a joke, can he?
Suzuoka Ren: So your parents forced their control on you in the end?
Suzuoka Ren: Seems like the boarding house wouldn’t be that big a deal, then?
Adachi Ryou: It’s not that it’s not important. My grandfather had the house built for my late grandmother.
Kurihara Airi: It’s because his grandma, as a young girl, had a preference for cute buildings like this.
Adachi Ryou: Right. And because of that, long ago, Airi called it a strange name, “The House of Sweets”…
Hattori Hibiki: H-House of Sweets?! What’s with that!

1: It’s a house of memories. (Ryou +1 Love Point)
2: It looks delicious.

1: It’s a house of memories.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah, I did call it that because the building was cute, but also…
Kurihara Airi: Back then, when I came to this house, Ryou’s grandma would always bake sweets for me!
Kurihara Airi: Every time, I’d open the door and a sweet aroma would waft out.
Kurihara Airi: That’s why, as a child I called it the House of Sweets…
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: Now that you mention it, it was like that, huh?
Suzuoka Ren: Huh, then that means that it’s not just Ryou that made this house smell so sweet.
Kurihara Airi: Hehehe… That’s right!

2: It looks delicious.
Kurihara Airi: Because, thanks to Ryou’s sweets, it always smelled nice.
Kurihara Airi: Didn’t everyone in the neighborhood call it that?
Adachi Ryou: Wha…. What did you say?
Kurihara Airi: Todoroki-sensei also calls it the cake house.
Adachi Ryou: ….Keigo-san?
Kurihara Airi: Because it’s a cute building that seems to be made of cookies and chocolate.
Suzuoka Ren: Besides, above all it’s finished with the earnings of the confectionary maker Shiragrasse.

Hattori Hibiki: Huh… Then, I should also call it “The House of Sweets” now~
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe, me too!
Adachi Ryou: You guys…
Kurihara Airi: But in the end, Ryou really does love this house!
Adachi Ryou: It doesn’t matter to me, but this house is the house of my old man’s and everyone’s memories.
Suzuoka Ren: So, even if you have no business enthusiasm, you still can’t ease up on the building maintenance and boarding…right?
Adachi Ryou: I can’t help that. It’s because Hibiki and Keigo-san have incompetent livelihoods.
Hattori Hibiki: Oi! Don’t group me with Todoroki-sensei! That’s hurts!
Adachi Ryou: I know that I was far better off in high school than you two are now.
Adachi Ryou: Since you first started living here, have you ever once been in the kitchen?
Hattori Hibiki: …… Can’t argue with you there…
Hattori Hibiki: …Ah!!
Hattori Hibiki: Aaah!! Damn! That reminds me, tomorrow is the deadline to send my cover in to be bound!
Hattori Hibiki:This is bad… What should I do…?
Hattori Hibiki: …Well, the lineart’s finished, so if I can get it painted before the day’s over, somehow I’ll meet up with them.
Hattori Hibiki: Anyhow, I’ll get the data sent in.
Kurihara Airi: That reminds me, Hattori-san, you also draw a lot of manga, right?
Hattori Hibiki: It’s different from a professional like you, Airi-chan, since it’s more what you’d call the extent of an amateur’s hobby.
Suzuoka Ren: Extent of a hobby? No way! I heard a rumor you make a killing off those pictures!
Hattori Hibiki: Well…I’m not that well known, so I wouldn’t say that.
Hattori Hibiki: I do fairly well, or so.
Adachi Ryou: Why would anything that this guy draws be popular in the amateur world?
Adachi Ryou: It’s incomprehensible.
Kurihara Airi: But Hattori-san is really good!
Kurihara Airi: Even in the professional world, he’s pretty popular…
Hattori Hibiki: Haha, thank you~
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan, you should try coming to one of my events.
Hattori Hibiki: Even amateurs are the real things, right?
Hattori Hibiki: I think it’ll be really enlightening.

1: I’m interested. (Hibiki +1 Love Point)
2: But I’m a pro.

1: I’m interested.
Kurihara Airi: Event….? I don’t really understand…..
Kurihara Airi:: Hattori-san’s word is also very interesting.
Hattori Hibiki: Hee, really? I’m glad to hear it.
Hattori Hibiki: Well then, how about coming to visit soon?
Suzuoka Ren: Nope never.

2: But I’m a pro.
Kurihara Airi: The amateur world, huh? It seems interesting, but…
Kurihara Airi: Still, I think I’ll fight for a spot in the professional world.
Adachi Ryou: You’d better.
Adachi Ryou: Airi is watching Keigo-san’s work every day, so she’s studying at the forefront.
Adachi Ryou: You’d better not be influenced by something strange and just see things through halfway.
Hattori Hibiki: Your thinking is so rigid. It’s not like I said we’d be working on it together.
Hattori Hibiki: We were gonna hang out. Hang out! Right, Airi-chan?

Suzuoka Ren: No way!
Suzuoka Ren: You’re still trying to go on a date with Airi, and I won’t allow it!
Hattori Hibiki: Eeeh? It’s okay, isn’t it? This is different!
Hattori Hibiki: Crap, you don’t trust me…
Kurihara Airi: (Ryou and Hattori-san are completely different types…)
Kurihara Airi: (I wonder why Hattori-san chose to live here at the boarding house…)
Kurihara Airi: (Next time I’ll try asking about his reasons)
Kurihara Airi: Ah, Todoroki-sensei.
Todoroki Keigo: I had a dream.
Todoroki Keigo: My body was as heavy as lead, and I noticed I was melting into a gooey mess.
Todoroki Keigo: Helplessly, I dissolved as I stood there for many years.
Todoroki Keigo: No matter how long I waited and waited, no one would pass by to save me… That’s what I thought at the time.
Todoroki Keigo: Then somehow, a blue-haired prince from the Country of Sweets appeared!
Kurihara Airi: ……… …O-okay…
Todoroki Keigo: Then, the prince faced me and said this–
Todoroki Keigo: “What’s this, the world’s finest butter was in a place like this?”
Todoroki Keigo: That’s when I realized, that’s right! I had become butter!
Suzuoka Ren: ………………
Todoroki Keigo: Then, the prince continued–
Todoroki Keigo: “No, forget the world’s finest! If I used this, I could make the most delicious sweets in the universe!”
Todoroki Keigo: “But, something is missing!”
Todoroki Keigo: “In order to make the world’s best sweets, there is something I absolutely must do.”
Todoroki Keigo: “And that is…”
Kurihara Airi: …That is?
Todoroki Keigo: ”Starting next month, the rent has gone up.”
Hattori Hibiki: : …wait. Oy!! You heard that!!?
Todoroki Keigo: There was a delicious aroma, so…
Todoroki Keigo: I woke up.
Todoroki Keigo: …Don’t tell me, I’ve become the odd man out!? That’s it, isn’t it?

1: I didn’t want to wake you.
2: I inteded to call you. (Todoroki +1 Love Point)

1: I didn’t want to wake you.
Kurihara Airi: U-um…Sensei, you were sleeping so soundly…
Kurihara Airi: I thought it would be bad to wake you…
Todoroki Keigo: N-no way…
Todoroki Keigo: I’m…really not needed, am I…?
Kurihara Airi: E-eeeeh?!
Todoroki Keigo: Uuh… My cake…
Adachi Ryou: …You just got hungry?
Kurihara Airi: L-let’s see, the cake is…Ah!

2: I inteded to call you.
Kurihara Airi: No way! I intended to call you afterwards.
Todoroki Keigo: Ahh, it’s like that.
Todoroki Keigo: Then, I also want cake.
Todoroki Keigo: I am very hungry.

Kurihara Airi: Todoroki-sensei’s piece is right here!
Todoroki Keigo: Is that so…? Great. That’s a relief.
Kurihara Airi: At any rate, Todoroki-sensei, your work face and your usual face are completely different, huh.
Todoroki Keigo: …Is that so?
Kurihara Airi: That’s right! It’s like your speech, facial expressions, and even your hair style completely change!
Todoroki Keigo: Haha, it’s not like this is a manga, you know…
Kurihara Airi: It’s true! …What–, Eeeh!
Suzuoka Ren: Just a sec, Todoroki-sensei! How much sugar are you putting in your coffee…??
Hattori Hibiki: …20 spoonfuls, huh.
Todoroki Keigo: …That is the will of my manga artist brain. My mind requires this much sugar for nourishment…
Kurihara Airi: …………
Suzuoka Ren: ……I also have a sweet tooth, but…
Suzuoka Ren: I still have to be careful. I’m a little jealous.
Kurihara Airi: …Why?
Suzuoka Ren: Because…if I eat too much, I’ll get fat.
Kurihara Airi: …Ah.
Suzuoka Ren: Well, I am an actress. My body is my capital. Too much is bad for my figure.
Hattori Hibiki: It’s fine, it’s fine! Someone with a healthy, active body like yours shouldn’t be concerned no matter how much you eat.
Hattori Hibiki: It’s people like us who sit around all day and don’t move that have to watch out.
Hattori Hibiki: Right, Todoroki-sensei?
Todoroki Keigo: That’s true. As is, at the end of every day and night,
over time, our lives’ rhythms truly become irregular.
Todoroki Keigo: For professionals, health management is one thing that can work well.
Todoroki Keigo: Even though I’m not strong, I always support a strong body on a mental level.
Suzuoka Ren: Wow, I’m surprised to hear such physical speech coming from Todoroki-sensei.
Hattori Hibiki: Oh really? But I thought before, Todoroki-sensei’s opinion was that jogging and such was the way to build your body?
Todoroki Keigo: Yes, but not anymore.
Kurihara Airi: (I see…)
Todoroki Keigo: My ideals have changed… That’s life.
Adachi Ryou: …… (Isn’t it ridiculous to say something like that?)
Kurihara Airi: (H-he’s always saying things like that…)
Todoroki Keigo: ………
Hattori Hibiki: …Todoroki-sensei?
Todoroki Keigo: That reminds me, Airi-san.
Todoroki Keigo: It’s been almost a year since you’ve been under my supervision, huh.
Kurihara Airi: Ah…That’s right.
Todoroki Keigo: How did the original work you submitted turn out?
Kurihara Airi: That is…I mean, it’s rather…
Kurihara Airi: (That’s right…)
Adachi Ryou: ………

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 1 (English Translation)

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Chapter 1: The Father, the Daughter, and the Dream She Believes In

Kurihara Airi: (Since I’d been crying the whole time, that person drew lots of manga for me with everything he had)
Kurihara Airi: (Even now, I still haven’t forgotten the happiness I felt at that time… That’s why I…)
Kurihara Airi: (swore in my heart that I absolutely will become a manga artist…and then)
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…yes!
Professor: Well then, please summarize the Harrod-Domar economic growth model for me.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? “Harrod”… What’s that?
Professor: It’s ”Harrod-Domar.” Now, just explain it…
Kurihara Airi: …Sorry.
Professor: You seem to have been sleeping quite soundly.
Professor: Is my lecture really so boring?
Kurihara Airi: Yes…ah! No…
Professor: !!
Students: *snickering*
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve done it now…!)

Kurihara Airi: (*Sigh*… I made the professor angry…)
Kurihara Airi: (…As I thought, it’s like I’m cursed with lack of sleep)
Kurihara Airi: (The students, too… Even taking into account that I’m aiming to become a professional manga artist…)
Kurihara Airi: (This is a little too reckless, huh?)
Kurihara Airi: (No…no way!)
Kurihara Airi: (Being discouraged by such things… I don’t want to give up)
Kurihara Airi: (Even though today was a little tiring… Yeah!)
Kurihara Airi: (The deadline’s a little ways away, so as long as I can somehow finish the report…)
Kurihara Airi: (…Hm? Isn’t that…)

Female Student A: Um…Adachi-kun, about the scope from earlier,
Female Student A: It’s a little difficult… There’s a text next week, and, u-um…
Female Student A: If you don’t have any plans later, would you mind studying together?
Adachi Ryou: ………
Female Student B: Ah, that’s sneaky…! I also…
Female Student C: Ryou-kun, teach me too!
Female Student A: Just a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …I don’t really mind. Which scope?
Adachi Ryou: What about notes? Did you take some?
Female Student A: Y-yeah, um, they’re not here, though…
Female Student B: I-I have mine right here!
Female Student C: Um… Hey, Ryou-kun, instead of standing around in a place like this, why don’t we head to the library?
Female Student B: Yes, yes, that’s a good idea! Right, Ryou-kun?
Female Student A: I-I… This isn’t exactly the study session I had in mind…
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: ……!
Kurihara Airi: (…Ah…)
Adachi Ryou: …My bad. I have something urgent to do. Maybe next time.
Female Student A: Eh…!
Female Student B: No way… Ryou-kun…!
Adachi Ryou: …Airi!
Female Student A: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Oi, Airi! Don’t ignore me!
Kurihara Airi: Ryo…Ryou! Um, that’s… Is your lecture over?

Adachi Ryou: Were you trying to run away just now?
Kurihara Airi: B-but Ryou, your eyes are…scary.
Adachi Ryou: …That’s how they are naturally.
Kurihara Airi: That’s not what I meant…
Kurihara Airi: Those people…they’re your classmates, right?
Kurihara Airi: They’re looking this way… This is bad…is this okay with you?
Adachi Ryou: That sort of thing doesn’t matter. If their gaze bothers you, just come here.
Adachi Ryou: …Your clothes are messy.
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Here, come closer. Your collar’s wrinkled. Here too.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? U-um…
Adachi Ryou: The back’s all twisted, too. Here, I’ll fix it for you. Be patient.
Adachi Ryou: Really, you still haven’t changed after all this time.
Kurihara Airi: Just a…Ryou…! This is embarrassing…
Kurihara Airi: If you want me to fix it, why not just say so…
Adachi Ryou: Here… Your lips.
Kurihara Airi: …Ah!
Adachi Ryou: There’s drool.
Kurihara Airi: EEEH!! N-no way, no…!
Adachi Ryou: I lied!
Kurihara Airi: ………
Adachi Ryou: I heard from the professor a little while ago. Seems like you were snoring in class.
Kurihara Airi: Eh…! H-how did you know…?
Adachi Ryou: ”Harrod-Domar.”
Adachi Ryou: The professor was talking about it in the classroom and mentioned your name. While looking at me.
Adachi Ryou: Probably because they know you and I are childhood friends.
Adachi Ryou: Seems like they thought I’d be able to scold you.
Kurihara Airi: But you don’t need to do that…
Adachi Ryou: Do I?
Adachi Ryou: This is a university, take responsibility for your actions. That’s what you promised.
Kurihara Airi: …I’m sorry. I know that’s what I intended, but recently…
???: …Airi! Airi!
Kurihara Airi: Ah…Ren!

Suzuoka Ren: Airi! I came to meet you!
Female Students: …! H-hey! Who’s that person?!
Female Students: Wow…! I don’t know them, but…so cool…!
Female Students: C-could they be homeschooled?
Suzuoka Ren: Excuse me, miss. Would you let me pass?
Female Student: Ah, y-yes!
Adachi Ryou: Ren! Don’t ride your bike on campus. It’s dangerous.
Suzuoka Ren: Haha, sorry, sorry! I’ll come right over!
Adachi Ryou: …Doesn’t listen as usual, this one…
Suzuoka Ren: Ryou, you’re too strict! You call this “on campus” although it’s still 5 meters from the gate.
Female Students: Hey, they said “Ren”… It couldn’t be that person…
Female Students: You mean, the Takarazuki musical drama’s…?
Suzuoka Ren: Ah…crap!
Suzuoka Ren: Here, Airi, it’s almost time, right? Hurry and get on!
Kurihara Airi: Eh…KYAAAH! Is it already time…!?
Suzuoka Ren: Is Sensei scary when you make him wait?
Kurihara Airi: Oh—ohnono…! We have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: Ren, sorry! Would you please? Ryou, see you later!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe, too bad, huh, Ryou?
Adachi Ryou: …Ren, avoid driving recklessly!
Suzuoka Ren: Naturally~! See ya!
Adachi Ryou: Ah! Wait a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …That girl… She forgot her bag. …Jeez.

Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…!
Kurihara Airi: What is it, Ren?
Suzuoka Ren: It’s a little interesting right now, huh? I feel like a prince who’s just rescued a princess from a demon!
Suzuoka Ren: Airi, what was Ryou so angry about just now?
Kurihara Airi: …How could you tell?
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe…! Even though I was far away from you, I still understood instantly.
Suzuoka Ren: Even though Ryou is always nagging Airi… What happened today?
Kurihara Airi: I fell asleep during class today… Ryou heard about it from the professor…
Suzuoka Ren: …Oh dear.
Suzuoka Ren: It can’t be helped if you were tired! It’s not like you’re dropping out of school.
Susuoka Ren: Ryou’s completely apathetic about everything except when it concerns you, Airi.
Susuoka Ren: Re~ally, he’s only strict with Airi, huh?
Kurihara Airi: It can’t be helped! I really rely on Ryou.
Suzuoka Ren: Hmmm… …It’s okay if you rely on me more, you know…
Kurihara Airi: Eh? What?
Suzuoka Ren: Nothing!
Kurihara Airi: By the way, Ren, when those people heard your name earlier, it looked like they recognized you right away, huh?
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah, that was close! It’s still like that, even after I came from Koube.
Suzuoka Ren: It’s problematic if fans recognize me. Every now and then, kids have even followed me home…
Kurihara Airi: As I thought… Ren, you’re amazing!
Kurihara Airi: Even those who aren’t Takarazuki drama fans know you, you’re like a super celebrity, huh!
Kurihara Airi: When you think about it… It’s kinda stressful.
Suzuoka Ren: I don’t care about such things! I’ve been best friends with you, Airi, since we were kids, after all.
Suzuoka Ren: Even after this, I’ll always be me. And, my princess will always be Airi. Isn’t that right?
Kurihara Airi: …Yeah! Ahaha…!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…! Now then, if we keep chatting like this, we’ll bite our tongues! Hold on tight!
Suzuoka Ren: Ah, that reminds me… Airi, where’s your bag?
Kurihara Airi: Eh……?
Kurihara Airi: Eh—Ah…AAAAAAH!! I forgot it!!
Suzuoka Ren: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Aah, so that’s what Ryou was shouting about earlier.

Suzuoka Ren: Alright, we’ve arrived! Work hard!
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for bringing me.

1: Thanks for saving me. (Ren +1 Love Point)
2: I have to hurry! (No change, so pick this one for all the other guys)
3: That’s why I like you so much. (Ren +2 Love Points)
The third choice is only available after unlocking Ren’s Route.

1: Thanks for saving me.
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for saving me!
Suzuoka Ren: ….That’s fine, now hurry. Your teacher is waiting.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah! Bye Ren!

2: I have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: I have to hurry! See ya, Ren!
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah. Good luck!

3: That’s why I like you so much.

Kurihara Airi: I’m sorry! I’ve kept you waiting!!
Todoroki Keigo: You’re late!
Kurihara Airi: I-I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo:: What the hell have you been doing!?
Kurihara Airi: Eh? I was at a lecture at my university…
Todoroki Keigo: No excuses!!
Todoroki Keigo: We’ve got a deadline soon… Don’t you know we’re in the final stretch!!?
Kurihara Airi: Y-y-y-yes! I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo: Anyway, there’s no time to chat! Take your seat quickly and get to work!!
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes!
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!!
Todoroki Keigo: Oi! Hold it right there!
Todoroki Keigo: What’s this! It’s useless! It has nothing to do with it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Eh?
Todoroki Keigo: There should be more effect here! I should feel the complete body and soul devotion burning!
Kiryuu-senpai: B…burning!?
Todoroki Keigo: Of course! Why don’t you get it?!
Todoroki Keigo: Listen! This scene should come out in the girl, touching spirit and actions!
Todoroki Keigo: Her justive-loving heart should shake the very heavens, causing rain to fall… And loosing thunder!!!
Todoroki Keigo: From the top of her head to the tips of her fingers, everything about her should burn within this panel!!!
Todoroki Keigo: This depiction must be worthy of this heat!
Todoroki Keigo: It should show that even the showering rain that pours cannot touch her! It is a strong flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: Do you really think this simple line depiction is nearly good enought to express this crimson flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: It’s too intense a blaze!!!
Kurihara Airi: …*gapes*…
Todoroki Keigo: This entire frame! Redo it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Y…Yes!!

Todoroki Keigo: Huh… Still a few hours before the deadline?
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!! I’ll fire up my… Sixth sense!!
Kurihara Airi: Sensei is… Todoroki-sensei is burning!
Kurihara Airi: (Ooh~! I’m also getting fired up!)
Kiryuu-senpai: Hey! Kurihara! Stop zoning out!
Kiryuu-senpai: Hurry up and start from here to here on this page!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…Yes!


If you choose to save the story:

2019-01-01 (1).png

2019-01-01 (2).png

Comic Mode
First Game: Rough Drawing
Kurihara Airi: At first, I make a rought drawing.
Kurihara Airi: Let’s make the rough drawing. What area should I draw? I will start by touching the screen.

Move your stylus over the outlined space in the center of your touch screen to uncover the image. (3 rounds)

Second Game: Panel Outlines
Kurihara Airi: Next is the outline drawing.
Kurihara Airi: In order to separate it, pull it so that it does not protude. I will start by touching the screen.

Trace your stylus along the gray outline to draw the panel borders without lifting the stylus in the process. (3 rounds)

Third Game: Sweep Away
Kurihara Airi: Afterwards, eraser shavings.
Kurihara Airi: There are a lot of eraser shavings. Let’s remove them. I will start by touching the screen.

Brush the eraser shavings off screen with your stylus. (1round)

Once you’ve finished, Airi will say different things depending on how you did.
By getting excellent in each part I only managed to get 3 stars, not sure why.

Kurihara Airi: Alright! Perfect! I had a hard time doing it! (よしっ!完璧だ!一生懸命やったかいがあったよ!)
Kurihara Airi: Come on! It’s amazing! I can’t even believe it myself! (きたっ!凄いよ!自分でも信じられないくらいの出来)

Do you want to try again?

1: Try again. (redo the Comic Mode)
2: Finish. (continue the story)

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Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Otome Games

Hoshizora no Comic Garden: Prologue (English Translation)

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Little Girl: …sniffle… sniffle…
Little Girl: …sniff…
???: Airi-chan…
Airi: Ryou-kun… I’m cold…
Ryou: It’s okay, Airi-chan… Gimme your hand, okay?
Ryou: Soon, Dad and the others will find us, so…
Airi: Sniff… Y…yeah…
Ryou: ……
Ryou: Don’t be scared…
Airi: Ryou-kun…
Ryou: ……
Airi: ……
Airi: !!
Ryou: …S-someone’s coming…!
Airi: Ryou-kun…
Ryou: …It’ll be okay. I’m…I’m a man.
Ryou: I’m…not scared.
Ryou: Airi-chan, I’ll protect you!
Oniisan: Hm… Oh…?
Oniisan: Kids…?
Airi: !!
Oniisan: What are you doing in a place like this?
Ryou: …Wh-who are you!?
Oniisan: Eh…me? I’m someone who lives near here.
Oniisan: Usually when it gets dark, I take walks in this forest. What about you two?
Airi: Ah…um…
Oniisan: This place is pretty far from the road. …Did you get lost?
Airi: …Y…yes…
Ryou: …Airi-chan, you shouldn’t talk to strangers…
Airi: Ah…
Oniisan: Yeah. That’s quite right. You’re smart.
Oniisan: Though, I can’t just leave two lost kids…
Oniisan: Now then, this is troubling.
Airi: …sniffle…
Ryou: Airi-chan…
Oniisan: Ah, that’s right.
Oniisan: You two, do you like manga?
Airi: Eh? “Manga”…?
Airi: …What’s “manga”?
Oniisan:…You don’t know what manga is?
Oniisan: …That’s surprising.
Oniisan: Well, this might be a good chance.
Oniisan: Now, just for practice, I have my sketchbook.
Oniisan: Here, take a look.
Ryou: …Wow…!
Airi: …So pretty…
Oniisan: This is the illustration for the front of a manga cover illustration.
Airi: …Cover?? Illustration?
Oniisan: This will be on the first place you look at on a book.
Oniisan: An illustration is… To put it simply, it’s a picture.
Airi: …The first picture.
Oniisan: These here will become a story. Should we try reading it?
Airi: …Yeah!
Oniisan: Let’s see…
Oniisan: “Roko-chan! You haven’t finished your summer homework!”
Oniisan: “Aww~ Jeez, Meg-chan! Year after year, why doesn’t the homework end!?
Oniisan: “I was thinking of playing that long-awaited new game I just bought…”
Oniisan: “There’s no helping it, huh~ Then, let’s both do our best.”
Oniisan: “Hooray! Right! Then I’ll leave the homework to you, Roko-chan!!”
Oniisan:”Eh? And what about you, Meg-chan?”
Oniisan: “Don’t you worry! I’m gonna play that new game you bought, Roko-chan!”
Airi: Aha…Ahahaha…!
Ryou: ……!
Ryou: Airi-chan… You finally smiled…
Oniisan: “Eeeh?! Roko-chan, don’t you have homework?!”
Airi: Ahaha…! So funny…! Right, Ryou-kun?
Ryou: Y-yeah…
Ryou: …It’s like a picture book. But the style’s…different…
Airi: So neat!
Oniisan: Hehe… I’m glad I could make you smile.
Airi: Oniisan, is it ok if we keep going?
Oniisan: It’s fine! But, it’s still not finished yet.
Oniisan: If you can wait a little bit, I’ll keep writing.
Airi: Eh, right now!?
Oniisan: That’s right, now. But it’ll just be a rough draft in pencil.
Oniisan: …Okay. Little girl. Would you like to be my model?
Airi: ……!!
Oniisan: Then, just like that.
Ryou: …That girl. She looks just like Airi-chan.
Airi: Yeah… Amazing… It’s sparkling.
Ryou: ……Airi-chan, you were crying up until a little while ago.
Airi: Yeah. But… It’s so pretty.
Oniisan: …That’s good…
Airi: It’s…like magic.
Ryou: Yeah… It is…
Voice in the Distance: Heeeey! Where are you?!! Airi!!
Airi: Ah…! That’s Papa’s voice! Papaaaa!!
Oniisan: That’s good. That’s your father, right? In that case, I too should go soon.
Oniisan: So, you two, be careful, okay?
Airi: Eh… Y-yeah…
Ryou: …Hey. Oniisan.
Oniisan: Hm? What is it?
Ryou: Oniisan, did you make that story?
Oniisan: Eh? …That’s right.
Oniisan: I’ve still got a ways to go, though. I’m aiming to become a professional manga artist.
Airi: …”Manga artist”?
Oniisan: Yeah. …My dream is to be able to make kids like you
Oniisan: laugh, be happy…and cheer up.
Oniisan: In order to give this dream to others, I make things like this.
Airi: ……
Oniisan: When I can make you smile, I too gain courage.
Oniisan: …That’s right. I’ll give you this!
Airi: Eh. This book is…?
Oniisan: This is my favorite copy!
Oniisan: And…you make sure to protect this girl properly!
Ryou: Eh…?
Oniisan: Hehe… See ya.
Ryou: …He left…
Ryou: …That was strange…
Ryou: Airi-chan, what did you get? …Ah!
Airi: ……
Airi: …A manga book…

Airi: (That meeting, that first book)
Airi: (dramatically changed my tiny world…)


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Chapter 1 Part 1 >>

Hoshizora no Comic Garden, Otome Games

Hoshizora no Comic Garden: Screencaps (English Translation)

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Starting The Game


1 = From the beginning
2 = Continue from
3 = Options
4 = Bonus

Options Menu

2018-12-26 (2).png

1 = Initialize
2 = Decide

Name Entry

2018-12-26 (3).png

2018-12-26 (4).png

1 = The hiragana letters
2 = The katakana letters
3 = Alphabet (our letters)
4 = Chinese Characters
5 = Return
6 = Erase Character
7 = Decide


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