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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 1 (English Translation)

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In the Kitchen
Yui: And I’m done. Okay, let me put the kitchen knife and the chopping board…
Subaru: What are you doing?
Yui: Ah, I’m making tonight’s dinner. Subaru-kun, do you want to try it?
Subaru: I don’t need something like that.
Yui: But don’t vampires also need to eat something other than blood?
Subaru: … …
Yui: (He didn’t deny it…though, maybe it’s something like this?)
Yui: Ah, Subuaru-kun hates stewed vegetables, right? If it were something that Subaru-kun liked, would you eat it?
Subaru: …I don’t have anything I like.
Yui: Nothing? Well, do you have things you hate then?
Subaru: No.
Yui: Eh?
Subaru: I’m not interested in any of that.
Yui: Oh, is that so…

Choose: Isn’t that boring? (Correct choice)
Choose: Is that because you’re a vampire?

Yui: Isn’t it very boring like that?
Subaru: Hah?
Yui: Why don’t you use the opportunity to find something you like?
Subaru: … …
Yui: Why don’t you try all kinds of food?
Yui: And while you’re doing that, you might just find something that you like.
Subaru: …are you stupid? I’m a vampire.
Subaru: I don’t need your human food, nor do I want to eat it. It’s impossible that I’ll like any of it.
Yui: Even though what I said isn’t wrong…
Yui: (Though, if he keeps saying that he doesn’t like anything, doesn’t he feel a little lonely?)
Yui: If you find something you like, your life will become more interesting.
Subaru: …you’re such a weird woman.
Subaru: I don’t care either way. Put that down.
Yui: The kitchen knife? But I was just going to start cutting the vegetables…
Subaru: You don’t need to make anything else. I’m telling you to come over here.
Yui: Eh? I-I’m still holding the knife! Suddenly pulling me over when I’m holding it is very dangerous…!
Subaru: Ngh!
Yui: Ah!
Yui: I-I’m so sorry! Are you okay!?
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s finger was cut by the knife!)
Subaru: You…
Yui: (H-he’s angry! What should I do!? He’s glaring at me!)
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …hm, this place is for making food, right?
Yui: Eh? Ah, yes, you’re right…
Subaru: Then, I’ll make some.
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun knows how to make food? I didn’t know…
Subaru: …using you.
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: (I was pushed onto the counter!?)
Subaru: It’s because you wouldn’t listen to me.
Yui: Kyaaaaa! W-what are you doing!?
Subaru: Hah? I’m making food.
Yui: You don’t need to rip my clothes to make food!
Subaru: You peel your food too.
Yui: (H-he’s peeling me!?)
Yui: W-wait a moment, Subaru-kun. This is a place for making normal food. You can’t do this here.
Subaru: Tch…how annoying.
Subaru: I’m very hungry right now.
Subaru: My food can just shut up and obediently let me prepare it.
Yui: Kyaa!
Subaru: …heh, this food is really fresh. Even though I only sampled it a little, it jumped up.
Subaru: Then…I’ll start to cut you open.
Subaru: Where should I start? …from the internal organs?
Yui: What…
Subaru: …ngh…
Yui: …ah!
Subaru: …ngh…
Yui: …ah…
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s teeth are piercing very deeply into my stomach.)
Yui: (The pain is spreading from my stomach to my whole body. I don’t have any more energy…)
Subaru: …ah…ngh…
Subaru: Heh…it’s not bad, like always…
Yui: Kyaa…!
Subaru: Heh, you’re letting out such captivating sounds.
Subaru: …I take back what I said.
Yui: Huh…?
Subaru: I think I’ll turn “making you my food” into one of my interests.
Yui: Wha…?!
Subaru: Heh…what should I do with the remaining parts?
Subaru: I will enjoy my “interests.” Aren’t you happy?
Yui: Why…?
Subaru: …ngh.
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (He actually made cooking me one of his interests…)
Yui: (If I had known, I wouldn’t have said anything…)

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Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac Prologue (English Translation)

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In the Ballroom
Subaru: …ngh…
Subaru: I fell asleep without realizing it…well, since I’m on guard every day, it’s only natural.
Subaru: ? She disappeared? That’s not possible…she should be over there…
Subaru: It’s so noisy. What is happening…?
Butler: Subaru-sama!
Subaru: … …hah?

Subaru: Damn it! Why would she just go as she pleases!?
Subaru: That woman…next time, I’ll just tie her to the bed! (TL: Kinky.)
Subaru: Hah…hah…where are you?!
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …hah…yeah right. Even If I call for her, she wouldn’t respond to me.
Subaru: …someone like me…
Subaru: !? That sound just now…was her…!?
Subaru: Damn it!!

Subaru: Oi!
???: *making pained noises*
Subaru: W-what?!
Subaru: What are you doing?! Hurry, pull it out!! Pull that knife out of your chest!!
???: …heh…heh…ngh…
???: …Su…ba…ru…
Subaru: ?!
Subaru: Is your mind working properly now?! Do you recognize me?!
???: …cut…off…
Subaru: Eh?
???: Using that knife…please cut off my neck!!
Subaru: !!
Subaru: Using this knife?
???: …hu…rry…
???: Hurry…please!!!!
Subaru: … …ngh!
????: Subaru, what are you planning to do with that silver knife?
Subaru: ?!
Subaru: You are…
????: It’s been awhile, Christa.
Christa: N-no…
Christa; NOOO!!! Don’t come over here, don’t come over here, don’t come over here, DON’T COME OVER HERE!!
????: That’s enough.
Christa: …hah…hah…Subaru…Subaru!…please…please help…me….!
Subaru: …ngh!
Christa: Don’t come over here! Don’t touch me!
????: … …
????: … …Subaru, pull that knife out.
Subaru: Ah… …
????: Hurry up.
Subaru: Tch… …
Christa: Ah…AHHH…!
????: You are mine. To foolishly try and end your life and leave me forever…
????: …I won’t allow it.

Subaru: [I….what can I do?]
Subaru: [The powerless, weak me…]
Subaru: [Someone as dirty and filthy as me…]
Subaru: [What can I do?]

Flashback End
Subaru: … …ngh.

In the Living Room
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun…
Subaru: … …!
Subaru: Why is your face so close?
Yui: Ah, I’m sorry! It’s because I was calling out to you earlier but there was no response, so I thought you fell asleep.
Subaru: … …
Subaru: I just…remembered something of the past.
Yui: (What…? Subaru-kun is staring into space…he isn’t his usual self.)
Yui: (Did he get sick? …though, I don’t think a vampire like Subaru-kun would catch a cold…)
Yui: (Though his eyes are a little moist…does he have a fever?)
Yui: Subaru-kun, is something wrong?
Subaru: Huh?
Yui: Why are you sweating so much…?
Subaru: … …
Subaru: … …you really are stupid.
Yui: What did you say…
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s laugh…seems very lonely…)
Yui: …ah, that little knife is made of silver?
Subaru: …yeah.
Yui: (Isn’t silver very dangerous for vampires?)
Yui: (Though, everything else I thought I knew about vampires was wrong, so maybe they’re fine with silver.)
Subaru: … …oi.
Yui: Eh?!
Yui: … …eh?
Yui: (I thought he was going to suck my blood…)
Yui: Subaru-kun?
Yui: (He’s touching my face…?)
Subaru: … …
Yui: Subaru-kun, where are you going?
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …somewhere you aren’t at.
Yui: …he left.
Yui: So I did interrupt his sleep…that’s why he was in such a bad mood…
Yui: (He looked at me with that kind of expression…)
Yui: Ah?!
Yui: What…my heart just suddenly…!
Yui: (My heart is…beating very loudly…!)
Yui: (When I first came to this house, my heart did the same thing. But now it’s louder than normal…)
Yui: (Did I get sick? I do keep getting my blood sucked after all…maybe it’s related to that…)
Yui: That’s right. Subaru-kun didn’t suck my blood…is he alright…?
Yui: Where did he go…? He did say before that he didn’t want me to go near him. And now…
Yui: (…is he trying to avoid me?)
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (My heart beats louder when I think of things related to Subaru-kun?)
Yui: (It isn’t just anemia?)
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (What…what is happening?)


Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark Epilogue (English Translation)

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In the Ballroom

???: …hah…hah…kill…
Subaru: … …
???: Please, I beg you…kill…please kill me…
Subaru: Hey, what are you talking about…? Who are you talking to?
Subaru: Is it me? Or is it someone else?
Subaru: …you used to look at me when you talked to me.

???: Subaru. Subaru.
???: Take this, and keep it with you at all times…
Subaru: …you gave me a silver knife…?
Subaru: You gave me a silver knife…
Subaru: You gave a little kid like me a knife that can easily kill…
???: Listen closely. You have to watch over that knife.
???: So you can…at all times… be prepared…to kill me…

???: AAAHHHHHH! Let go of me!
???: Please kill me…! Using that silver knife…!
Subaru: …!
Subaru: Very well. I’ll kill you, as you wish. No matter how long it’ll take…
Subaru: That’s something…I’ll do for you.

???: …Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun…
???: Subaru-kun, please wake up…
Subaru: … …ugh.

End of Flashback
In Subaru’s Room

Subaru: You…?
Yui: Thank god. Subaru-kun!
Subaru: …thank god…?
Yui: Yes, thank god. I can’t calling you, but you showed no signs of waking up.
Yui: Were you having a nightmare? You were making a lot painful noises…
Subaru: A dream…
Yui: I’m sorry I woke you up. You looked like you were trying to reach something, so I grabbed your hand.
Subaru: Hand…?
Subaru: Then before…it was your body warmth…
Yui: Subaru-kun?
Subaru: Ngh!
Subaru: It’s nothing! Don’t just touch me as you please!
Yui: I-I’m sorry!
Subaru: You’re so annoying! How can you just enter someone else’s room as you please?!
Subaru: And you even used such a stupid excuse to grab my hand!
Subaru: Look! You even left a mark!
Subaru: You stupid…!
Yui: … …
Yui: I’m really very sorry…
Subaru: … …!
Subaru: Stupid…! Why would you obediently apologize…
Subaru: You woke me up because I was having a nightmare, and you grasped my hand because I was reaching out.
Yui: Yes, but…
Yui: Subaru-kun must not have liked that I did such things.
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …you really are such a stupid woman. Even though I do nothing but suck your blood…
Subaru: There must be something wrong with your brain. To apologize to someone like me…
Subaru: If someone clumsy and annoying like you had met one of the others…
Yui: Subaru-kun?
Subaru: Don’t come over here!
Yui: !
Subaru: Don’t try to communicate with me anymore. If you come near me, I’ll ruin you.
Subaru: This thing…is all full of…
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (He left…although Subaru-kun is usually rude,)
Yui: (but he behaved very differently today. It doesn’t look like he slept well either. He looked like he was in pain. How sad…)
Yui: (He looked like he was about to cry…)
Yui: (Even when he grabbed my hand…he looked like he was in more pain than I am…)
Yui: Ah!
Yui: What…my heart hurts…? What’s happening…?
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (W-what’s happening…?)


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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 10 (English Translation)

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Inside the car

Yui: Everyone.
Yui: Why are you guys all sitting so close together?
Yui: (And why am I the one squeezed in the middle?!)
Yui: (They’re both sitting so close to me that I don’t have any room at all…it’s very painful.)
Ayato: Shut up. You just have to sit quietly in between us.
Yui: Even if you say that, I’m already at my limit…I’ll be squashed at this rate.
Yui: Subaru-kun, can you please help me?
Subaru: …hah? So annoying. Why does it have to be me?
Yui: Since there really is no room here, I can’t get free!
Yui: It’s more spacious on the other side. If Subaru-kun helped me, I could sit with you there…
Subaru: You think I would, by my own will, lend a hand to help my food and say, “Alright, come here?”
Subaru: What is there to gain for me?

Choose: Get free by yourself (M choice)
Yui: Never mind! I’ll do it by myself.
Subaru: …heh, that’s quite an interesting proposition. I’ll help you, then.
Yui: Eh? But I planned on escaping myself…
Subaru: In other words, it’s not me going over there to bite you, but you coming over here for me willingly for me to suck your blood, right?
Yui: …no.

Choose: Beg Subaru-kun (S choice)
Yui: ….My request, won’t you listen to it?
Subaru: So, lending something without getting anything in return, I’m not that good of a person……
Yui: If you listen to my request, I’ll listen to one of yours Subaru-kun.
Subaru: ……Oh?
Yui: Don’t you prefer me offer a trade in return?
Subaru: ….What kind of request would be okay?
Yui: Ehhh…….!!
Yui: (I’m getting a bad feeling……)
Yui: –that’s debatable!! (I’m not really sure what she says here)
Yui: You haven’t done anything for me! So I won’t do anything for you, Subaru-kun! That’s why!
Subaru: …..Haa?
Yui: (Uu, I’m saying such strange things!!)

Ayato: Heh, Chichinashi, you want to save yourself when you can’t even move.
Ayato: We’re so close to you…we can’t exactly let this kind of opportunity slip away, can we?
Yui: Eh?!
Ayato: *sniffing* Heh…you still smell delicious.
Yui: (Ayato-kun leaned over here…and he’s s-smelling me?!)
Subaru: … …
Laito: Ahhhah, Ayato-kun is too sly. I’m very hungry too.
Laito: Bitch-chan, in order to let me go through classes full of energy, can I…
Laito: eat Bitch-chan?
Yui: Ah! N-no you can’t! Stop licking me…
Subaru: … … … …
Kanato: Ayato-kun is in the way.
Kanato: …can I bite you?
Yui: Y-you can’t! Kanato-kun, your face is too close!
Subaru: … … … … … … …ngh!
Yui: (Ah…)
Yui: Eh?!
Yui: (Subaru-kun…grabbed my wrist?)
Ayato: Oi, Subaru! What are you doing?!
Subaru: Shut up and go sit quietly over there.
Laito: Ehhhhh~ I don’t want to sit next to Ayato-kun all the way to school.
Ayato: That’s what I wanted to say!
Subaru: …hmph.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (Thankfully, Subaru-kun helped me before they reached their limits…)
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun, thank you for helping me.
Subaru: …tch. How could you just let them play with you? At least resist! Stupid!
Yui: What…! Why are you so angry? And you even called me stupid?!
Yui: I didn’t want to let them play with me either! But with only my own strength…
Subaru: That’s why I’m calling you an idiot! Why didn’t you sit next to me before this whole thing began?
Yui: Because as soon as I got on the car, I was pushed around by everyone! It’s not like I did it on purpose!
Yui: (Even though I’m happy that he helped me, but for him to say something like this…)
Subaru: … …
Yui: … …
Subaru + Yui: …hmph.
Reiji: This is unusual, for Subaru to have this attitude.
Shuu: … …you two resemble each other.

Even though Reiji-san and Shuu-san said that,
I go over to Subaru-kun’s side anyway.
Even though I know it’s because I’m his food and he wants to monopolize me,
He still helped me.
Even though I know I should apologize,
But when I see Subaru-kun’s face,
For some reason, I’m unable to speak.
Maybe it’s like Shuu-san said.
Maybe we are similar in some ways.
I think that it doesn’t matter if it’s Subaru-kun or me. We’re both idiots.


Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 7 (English Translation)

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In the Kitchen

Yui: (I wonder how Papa is doing right now….Is he okay…? I’m so useless.)
Yui: (I miss him so much, I feel sick. I’m useless. The only thing I can do…is live on.)
Yui: – Ah!
Laito: — Why are you holding a knife and sighing…? Heehee, you’re really weird
Yui: …Laito-kun!
Laito: Hehe? What’s wrong? It’s like someone sucked all the joy out of you.
Yui: And whose fault do you think that is….
Laito: Heh. It’s totally me. Oh, my very existence is such a sin!
Laito: I let Bitch-chan have affair with me. And now she stands there and sighs, so lovesick!
Yui: (…why bother fighting back.)
Yui: Yes. That’s exactly it.
Laito: What, you’re just gonna admit it? Sigh…How dull. Oh well. It doesn’t matter.
Yui: (…it’s not like I asked to please him.)
Yui: I was just…thinking about Papa…
Laito: Aaaah. Your Papa. Are you worried about him?
Yui: Of course I am!
Laito: Let me tell you something about your dear Papa. Listen closely n—Agh!
Yui: — What?
Yui: (Did someone just open the front door…?)
Laito: — The smell….it’s him.
Yui: Laito-kun…who…Mrmph!?
Yui: (Ack!? He’s covering my mouth…)
Yui: Mrmph….mrmph….!?
Laito: Shhh—
Laito: Bitch-chan. Quiet now. Okay? Until I say so, don’t make a sound.
Laito: If you open your mouth, I’ll make sure you never see your dear Papa again.
Yui: (….Ack! Who is it? What’s going on?)

Richter: Oh. It’s you.
Laito: — Hoho. Uncle, uncle, it’s been too long.
Yui: (Eh…?! That man is his uncle? But he’s not looking at me…it’s like he didn’t even see me.)
Richter: – Her scent. It’s here.
Laito: …
Yui: (Shouldn’t the stranger have noticed me by now? Unless…more vampire magic? Laito made me invisible!)
Richter: Laito, you worm….
Laito: …Lord Richter, whatever is the matter?
Richter: – Just what do you think you’re trying to hide?
Laito: Ow…! Uncle, uncle, how rude. Just who do you think you’re talking to?
Richter: Just answer the question! What are you doing? What are you hiding from me?
Laito: Who me? I’d never hide anything from you. Dear uncle, are you going senile in your old age? I’m so worried!
Laito: As for what I’m doing, if you look around, you might notice that this is a kitchen. And what do people do in kitchens? Here’s a hint: Look over there.
Yui: (Over there? Ack…!? A dead rat! It wasn’t there before! How did a dead rat get on the kitchen counter?!)
Richter: …A rat?
Laito: Oh, it’s so hard to find fresh food these days!
Laito: Whenever you go back to East Europe, the hunters chase us like crazy! If we don’t drink rats, we’ll starve….oh, Uncle! How could you do this to us?
Richter: You’re so hungry you’ll eat vermin. Heh….If Elder Brother knew…he’d tear you to shreds.
Laito: But it would be a disaster if Father knew some of the things you did…Oh, I remember.
Richter: Hmph. Very well. I won’t rat you out, so to speak. I’ll pretend you were just cooking. I’ll spare you this once.
Richter: …By the way, I heard the Church sent over a lovely Sacrificial Bride.
Laito: Oh, yes. She made such a good toy for my dear brothers. She’s probably dead in the dungeons as we speak.
Richter. Hah. What a pathetic lie. None of you are allowed to kill her. She was hand-picked by the man who rules us all.
Laito: Fufu. But we’ve never taken care of a girl before. We didn’t know how to treat her well.
Richter: Our human “friends” couldn’t have gotten their hands on her. Therefore, this girl – the Vessel – must still be here with you.
Laito: — So what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. This sounds like family politics. I don’t care about family politics. I don’t even consider us a real family.
Richter: …If she could hear you say that, she would cry. Are you saying you’d want to make her cry?
Laito: Don’t try to guilt me! In the end, Ayato was the one who made her scream.
Richter …I see. I will now interrogate the others. Stay there, and enjoy your little rat.
Laito: Dear Uncle, I hope you never come back here again.
Richter: I assure you, I will never come here again, not even if you begged me to save your life. But Laito, the scent of the rat you’re holding…it does smell exactly like her…
Laito: …
Richter: …No, the rat smells like her because it smells like you. You smell like a rat…I think it’s very fitting…hehehehehehehe.
Laito: -That bastard. That bastard and I think too much alike! He was this close to catching us!
Laito: That disgusting, abominable, ugly…The Bride has nothing to do with him! You’re none of his business! We’re none of his business…
Yui: Laito…kun?
Laito: Agh!
Yui: (….How could anyone look so scary when they cry?)
Laito: You! What are you!?
Yui: Kyaa! What are you doing?
Laito: That bastard, that bastard…what does he want with you! Tell me!
Yui: I don’t know….please, it hurts!
Yui: (His fingers…his shoulders…he’s going to bruise my shoulders…)
Laito: It’s meant to hurt. You know I can make it worse. So talk.
Yui: (But I really don’t know anything! I can’t tell him. I can’t stop him!)

Choose: Fight back (S choice)
Yui: You’re insane! I don’t know anything! Listen to me for once.
Laito: Gasp…
Yui: (Wow…! I didn’t know my voice could be so loud…)
Laito: I don’t mind it when Bitch-chan’s like this. Hehe.
Yui: Kya!?
Laito: Fufufu. I won’t let you fight me off again. Now, the night is still young…

Choose: Submit (M choice)
Yui: I don’t…I really don’t … I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.
Laito: Heh…playing dumb won’t save you. But…the night is still young…..

Laito: So I’ll interrogate you – in my bedroom.
Yui: (No, I’ve never seen Laito this out of control…! What does he want from me, what does he want me to say?)
Yui: (Half the time I didn’t even know what he and the other man was saying…)

In Laito’s Bathroom
Laito: – Now. Strip.
Yui: Please, don’t…
Laito: By now, you should’ve learned how to read a man’s mood. – Look at me. What do you think will happen if you disobey me now?
Laito: If you want me to be nice to you, you have to be nice to me. Now. Strip.
Yui: (…Scary….help….no….this can’t be happening…)
Yui: Ah…!
Laito: Yes. That’s right. Come on now, hurry up…
Yui: Oh…
Yui: (…Can’t get away…the only thing left….is my top…)
Laito: Not bad, not bad at all …
Laito: When I look at you like this …… I see exactly why Ayato calls you Breastless.
Yui: …!
Laito: – Who said you could cover up? — That’s better. So, what should we do now?
Yui: Oh…!
Yui: (Laito-kun’s fingers…moving down my shoulders…petting me….)
Laito: Say it, Bitch-chan…what do you want me to do to you? Should I lick you like I did before?
Laito: Tell me how to humiliate you. Or else I’ll – hmm ……I know. I’ll bite off your earlobe.
Yui: What?!
Laito: To tell you the truth, I was going to save you for later. The longer I wait to take you, the greater your flavor would taste.
Laito: But that man shattered the last of my self-control. If I don’t do it now, I’ll fall apart…Oh….
Yui: Ack…!
Yui: (He’s…kissing me…)
Laito: Now, let’s start biting from a different place today…Where do you want it? Pick a spot.
Yui: I don’t want…any spot…ow…!
Laito: It doesn’t matter how much you resist me…Tonight, I’ll make sure you do anything I want. Now, let me think….
Laito: Normally, you feel so good when I bite you. The usual places aren’t punishment enough…Aha!
Laito: I did say I’d bite off your ear…
Yui: Ack…!
Laito: …But that would be so pathetic. You’d look so pathetic…Aha! I got it! I’ll bite the back of your ear!
Yui: ….Back of the ear?
Laito: That’s right. There’s a hollow in the back of the human ear, isn’t there? Right down the line to the temples, very close to the skull.
Laito: There’s no flesh in the area, and such a tiny flap of skin – If a man bit you there, the pain would be excruciating…
Yui: …no!
Laito: Such thin, thin skin – and so close to your head. It’ll be the finest of pleasures, mixed with the fiercest of pain – all waiting just for you.
Laito: And it’s not like there’s a brain inside that little head of yours to injure. Now let the sound of my fangs ring through your skull!

In Laito’s Bedroom
Yui: NO…!
Yui: It hurts, it hurts…please stop! Stop!!
Laito: Shh —If you don’t be quiet, I might really bite off your ear. Oh…mm…..
Yui: ….oh….….no…
Laito: Ah….yes….mmm…
Yui: No…no….!!
Yui: (Hurts….hurts so much….paralyzed…skull…can’t see…everything…spinning…)
Yui: (I feel sick….oh god…I want to throw up…)
Laito: Ah… Ah, you feel so hot. Bitch-chan, are you enjoying this?
Laito: The pleasure will come once the pain fades away….Bitch-chan, how are you so talented?
Yui: Oh…
Laito: Tell me, can you feel me pressed against you? Can you feel my presence even more than you normally do?
Yui: Enough…let go…ah….
Laito: …. No~. When that man came for you, he was going to ruin everything.
Laito: You should fear his attempts to find the Bride. He tried to take you away from me. He’ll come to take you away again.
Laito: What does he want to do to us? Why does he keep doing this to us?
Laito: Why does the Awakening of the Bride mean anything to him at all?
Yui: You’re still talking in riddles…Oh!
Laito: Am I? But only for the moment. You and I aren’t here to talk.
Laito: There are so many little things that man wants to do to you – I can’t stand it. So you must receive me in full.
Laito: Forget about him. Ignore him. I’m the only one who can make you complete…right?
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Oh, you can still hear the sound of my voice? You’re trembling so much…my poor little lamb…
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Fufufu….that’s it. This should be enough…It’s time.
Laito: I’m ready now, too. We’ll do wonderful things together…okay?
Yui: Let…me…go…
Laito: ….And now, we begin.

After his supposed Uncle entered these walls,
Laito-kun became so distraught, I thought he would fall to pieces.
The night after was a blur. I barely registered what was happening until it was too late.
But now I know: I am handpicked by a powerful man, sent by the Church as a Sacrifice.
– That is what he had said.
And my blood has the same scent as the rat’s, as hers, a woman who is dear to their hearts.
I do not understand it all,
But now I know the reason I am here.
I was sacrificed to these brothers
By…the very Church I had believed in.
That is how I became a Sacrifice…
And so, my heart and body were swallowed whole.

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 6 (English Translation)

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In the Library

Yui: (It’s very strange for Shuu-san to come to the library.)
Yui: Shuu-san, what book are you looking for?
Shuu: …
Yui: (…he ignored me.)
Shuu: Oi, Yui.
Yui: Ah! Y-yes?!
Shuu: I want to read that book.
Yui: Ah, that book…?
Shuu: That’s right.
Yui: (It’s new for Shuu-san to be interested in something like this…!)
Yui: What is that book about?
Shuu: It’s none of your business. I just need you to give it to me.
Yui: Ah…me?
Shuu: Who else other than you is here?
Yui: But it’s too high up. I can’t reach it. Please go get the stool over there and get the
book yourself.
Shuu: …then, forget it.
Yui: Do you think this is too bothersome too?
Shuu: Your observations today aren’t bad.
Yui: No matter how you look at it, your responses are quite obvious!
Yui: (Never mind. Well, if Shuu-san is interested in it, I’ll help him get it…)
Yui: I understand. I’ll go get the stool. Please wait.

Yui: Shuu-san, which book?
Shuu: The eighth book on the right.
Yui: Is it…this one?
Yui: …this is a very ancient book. The binding is even made of leather.
Yui: (This book looks like an antique.)
Yui: Here you go, Shuu-san.
Shuu: …mm.
Yui: (Ah, music notes are scattered across the page. So it’s a book with music scores. However, I can’t read anything on the page.)
Yui: What language is this? I can’t read anything.
Shuu: Latin. You don’t even know this? You are very uneducated.
Yui: But most normal Japanese high schoolers don’t understand Latin either…
Shuu: You…still consider yourself “normal”?

Choose: …perhaps not. (Correct choice)
Choose: Yes, that’s what I think.

Yui: I guess…I’m not.
Yui: I was made into vampires’ food, and I’ve also had my blood sucked…
Yui: I can’t be considered a “normal” high school student anymore…
Shuu: …it’s not only that.
Yui: Eh? What else is there?
Shuu: …nothing. It takes too much effort to explain.
Yui: (Geez. And I even thought that he was taking the initiative for once and explaining it to me.)
Yui: (What else is there…to make me different from everyone else?)
Shuu: …I still have other books I want.
Yui: Eh, there’s more?
Shuu: I want that book three shelves down.
Yui: Ah…this one.
Yui: Ah…the book is stuck. I can’t it out…kyaa!
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (I used too much force and knocked into the bookshelf…!)
Shuu: …!
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: (…ah…I’m…not hurt…?)
Shuu: …ngh…
Yui: …Shuu-san?!
Yui: (H-he protected me from the falling books…?!)
Shuu: …ow.
Yui: A-are you okay?!
Shuu: …why…did I…
Yui: Eh…?
Shuu: …nothing. But…why…
Yui: (Why…does Shuu-san look so confused…?)
Yui: (Though, it was unexpected that Shuu-san would shield me…)
Yui: You’re not hurt, are you?
Shuu: …I’m different from you. I won’t get hurt.
Yui: That’s good…then, thank you, Shuu-san.
Shuu: There’s no need for that. It’s bothersome to have you thank me.
Yui: But, for humans, when you feel grateful, you thank someone. That’s common courtesy.
Yui: Because I’m a human, just let me express my thanks.
Shuu: That’s bothersome. If you really want to express your thanks, you would offer your blood to me.
Yui: Eh…
Yui: W-wait! You’re not thinking about sucking my blood here, are you?!
Shuu: I am.
Yui: B-but…people might see!
Shuu: Who cares. Just let them see.
Yui: B-but people will find out that Shuu-san is a vampire!!
Shuu: Who cares.
Yui: How can you say that…?!
Shuu: You’re so fragile. If you move around, there’ll be more injuries.
Shuu: …ngh…!
Yui: Ah…!
Shuu: …ngh…nnghhh…
Shuu: Not yet…not enough…
Yui: (No…! If someone comes here…!)
Yui: (But I can’t resist…my body is aching…)
Yui: …ah…
Yui: (!! I made that sound…!!)
Shuu: Heh…seems like you like getting your blood sucked. You being promiscuous and perverted isn’t that bad.
Yui: T-that’s…
Yui: (I…I can’t deny it…!)
Shuu: …ngh…ngh…hah…hah…
Yui: (T-this is…what is this? I can’t resist against Shuu-san’s teeth…!)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 5 (English Translation)

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In the Living Room

Shuu: …
Yui: (He’s listening to music while staring into space again…)
Yui: Shuu-san, it’s about time to go take a bath.
Shuu: …don’t need to.
Yui: It’s not a matter of whether you need to or not…
Shuu: Do you think that you are my mother?
Yui: I’m not your mother, but I think that I should still be attentive towards small things like these. Alright, please stop staring idly and go take a bath.
Shuu: So annoying…why don’t you wash in my place?
Yui: No! I’ll wash after Shuu-san is done, so please hurry and…
Shuu: …*sigh*
Yui: Don’t fall asleep!
Shuu: …ow.
Yui: It only hurt because you’re dillydallying. Alright, please get up.
Shuu: You’re so meddlesome. It’s annoying.
Yui: It doesn’t matter how annoying I am. Go take a bath!
Shuu: …it’s too much work.
Yui: I’m aware of that already…
Yui: (Whenever I look at Shuu-san, I feel like I have to take care of him…does that mean that I’m unwilling to leave him alone?)

In the Bathroom

Yui: Shuu-san, please wait a minute!
Shuu: What? You’re the one who told me to take a bath in the first place, and now you’re telling me to wait? What a contradictory woman.
Yui: Aren’t you still wearing your clothes? Please take them off before you start.
Shuu: …it’s too bothersome.
Yui: Are you still saying that?
Shuu: It’s too much work to take off my clothes, so I’ll take a bath like this.
Yui: Don’t say that. Please do it properly.
Shuu: Don’t wanna.
Shuu: You keep nagging me about taking of my clothes. In the end, aren’t you just a pervert?
Yui: I’m not! I’m just telling you that you need to take off your clothes when you bathe.
Shuu: Yes, yes. Sure. …well, then, why don’t you help me?
Shuu: You’re the one who so desperately wants me to take a bath, so you’ll have to take responsibility for it.
Yui: You’re too quick to say something is annoying…

Choose: Do it yourself
Choose: I understand (Correct choice)

Yui: I…okay.
Shuu: Heh. Aren’t you obedient.
Yui: I’m getting used to it already.
Shuu: You’re obediently taking off a man’s clothing. In the end, aren’t you acting like a whore?
Yui: I…I’m not!
Shuu: Heheh…you’re not obedient when it comes to this, though.
Yui: O-of course I wouldn’t be! Alright, enough talking! The hot water is going to cool down! Please hurry and take your clothes off!
Shuu: …clumsy.
Yui: I-I’ve never helped someone take off his clothes before. It can’t be helped.
Yui: (Ah…I was trying to unbutton his shirt.)
Yui: Then, please take your arm out of the sleeve.
Shuu: …it’s cold.
Yui: Then please move faster so you can get in the bath tub more quickly.
Shuu: …
Yui: Ah! You can’t do that!
Yui: (He still ended up getting in with his clothes on. Why does this always happen…?)
Shuu: Why are you looking at me so enviously? Could it be that you want to come in too?
Yui: Like that would happen!
Yui: S-Shuu-san…!
Yui: Ehhh…?! W-what are you doing?!
Shuu: Time is valuable. Hurry up and get in.
Yui: (…)
Yui: (Why…am I doing something like this…)
Yui: (It wasn’t that long ago when I was living peacefully with Father inside the Church.)
Yui: (…but…)
Yui: (I know that deep down, I feel that it’s very comfortable to live together with Shuu-san.)
Yui: (At this point, I am unable to resist against this person any longer.)
Yui: (I…what happened to me?)


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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 9 (English Translation)

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In the Bathroom

Yui: …eh? Subaru-kun isn’t here?
Yui: How weird. He’s the one who told me to come here in the first place…
Yui: Eh?!
???: Heheh…you finally came.
Yui: S-Subaru-kun? Please don’t sneak up on me…it really scared me.
Subaru: …what?
Yui: You’ll scare me if you suddenly appear behind me!
Yui: Anyway, did you have something you wanted from me?
Subaru: Right.
Yui: Eh?!
Yui: (S-Subaru-kun is hugging me from behind…?!)
Subaru: I broke the wall while you were taking a bath before.
Yui: Ah…yes.
Subaru: Even though it was because I was angry at that time, it’s still unforgivable.
Yui: What…?
Subaru: So as compensation, today, I want to let you see my body.
Subaru: It’s unfair for only me to see your body, right?
Yui: Ehhhhhh?!
Yui: You don’t need to do this kind of thing! Please let go of me now!
Subaru: You…you’re refusing my good intentions?
Yui: What?!
Yui: (Ah…because Subaru-kun’s behind me, I can’t see his expression…)
Yui: (Though even I can tell that he’s very angry! If I don’t obediently listen to him, he’ll definitely be meaner than usual…!)
Yui: Ah…I’m sorry! And thank you, it made me very happy…your offer alone is enough.
Subaru: Hah? It’s not enough.
Yui: No, really, it’s enough…!
Subaru: *blows*
Yui: Kyaa?!
Yui: (He blew wind onto my neck?!)
Subaru: This is a special service.
Subaru: Do you want me to tease you and hug you from behind…
Yui: Eh?!
Subaru: or from the front, where you can see my face become more and more excited?
Subaru: …heheh, which one do you prefer?
Yui: (Subaru-kun appeared in front of me this time…)

Choose: You don’t need to do either. (S choice)
Yui: …..You don’t need to do either!
Subaru: ……
Yui: (What!? What am I saying!)
Subaru: ….hee. It’s a great service, watching me when I get hot. (aroused?)
Yui: Well, I told you I don’t need it right?
Subaru: Haha… So in other words, you want to see my hot face?
(I think he means that since she doesn’t need to see it, she wants to see it? Perfect logic)
Yui: That’s wrong!
Subaru: –Huh, oh well.

Choose: F-from behind me… (M choice)
Yui: I guess it’s better from the back…
Subaru: …so it’s like that. You want me to tease you.
Yui: I-I don’t want to be teased! I just thought that was the better option…
Subaru: Don’t pretend. The taste of your blood might change.
Yui: It can change?
Subaru: Yes. Someone like me can distinguish between the differences.
Subaru: Even though the different body parts have an influence, the biggest difference is still…
Subaru: …after you become a woman.
Yui: EH?!
Yui: (B-become a woman…does he mean…?!)
Yui: T-that won’t be necessary! I don’t need to change the taste of my blood!!
Subaru: …heh, whatever.

Subaru: Since I gave you some services, you have to return the favor.
Yui: Ah…what kind of favor?
Subaru: What do you think? Obviously your blood.
Yui: …did you call me over here for that?
Yui: And you even set it up on the premise that I would have to return a favor! I didn’t ask you to give me ‘services’ in the first place!
Subaru: Your feelings have nothing to do with me.
Subaru: I’m hungry and thirsty. That’s enough of a reason. I want your blood.
Yui: D-don’t come near me! Please leave!
Subaru: Shut up!
Yui: Kyaa!!
Subaru: You’re so noisy.
Yui: Eh?!
Subaru: I want to suck your blood, so I’m going to suck your blood. Give me your skin.
Yui: Stop…
Yui: Ah!
Yui: It hurts…! Let go of me!
Subaru: Heheh…your voice is echoing…
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (My body temperature is already very hot because of the bathroom vapor, but Subaru-kun’s skin is very cold…)
Yui: (It’s very comfortable…)
Subaru: Heheh…you were so unwilling earlier, but you’re not resisting anymore.
Subaru: Your blood has turned very sweet…it makes it very hard to stop.
Yui: Stop…! I’m starting to get dizzy…!
Subaru: You’re not allowed to complain. You should just give up and let me do what I want.

Subaru: Do you understand…Yui?

Subaru-kun whispered in my ear.
My body temperature rose not only because of the vapor in the bathroom,
But also because of Subaru-kun.
I never would’ve thought that I would be hugging such a violent and demanding man.
Why am I unable to refuse Subaru-kun’s teeth?
Even though God can see everything…
Even though I feel guilty,
I still firmly hugged Subaru-kun’s broad back.


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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 6 (English Translation)

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In the Classroom

Yui: (…? I hear the sound of a piano flowing out of the music room…But who’s the player?)
Yui: (…It’s so moving, so sad…)
Yui: – Agh, it’s happening again…!
Yui: (My heart palpitations…are slowly getting worse…)
Sensei: Student Komori, what’s the matter?
Yui: Oh…Sensei…I’m sorry, but I have chest pain…May I please go to the nurse?
Yui: – Huff, huff…It’s a bit better now…but I still feel sick.
Yui: (Maybe I have some kind of heart disease. Or maybe it’s from the vampire constantly sucking my blood?)
Yui: (No, I had this problem even before he began drinking my blood…So it must be some kind of disease…)
Yui: But those guys who never let me go to a hospital. If I really am sick, what should I do…?
Yui: — The piano sound, it’s here again…
Yui: (The music, it’s so heart-breaking…I don’t know whether to crawl to it, or to flee from it in terror.)
Yui: (I feel like the music is drawing my heart along a thread…Pulling me like a wave…Dazzling me with its light…Capturing me…)
Laito: Bitch-chan?
Yui: Kya! Huh? Wha…?
Yui: (No, I was going to the nurse’s office….so why did I walk in here!)
Laito: Fufu. What’s wrong? If your jaw drops any lower, it’ll hit the floor.
Yui: But…no…just now…I swear I was going somewhere else…
Laito: Heehee. I was calling for you…using this piano.
Yui: Eh? The piano…so all this time, the pianist was –
Laito: Me. I wanted to see whether or not you would come.
Yui: So it’s…a magic instrument?!
Laito: Nope. The piano is definitely just a piano. But this song…is very special to me.
Yui: What are you talking about?
Laito: …it means exactly what I say it means. No more, no less.
Yui: (He’s speaking in riddles again…maybe the song has something to do with “Her.” The woman he’s always talking about.)
Yui: And what if I didn’t come? What then?
Laito: What do you mean ‘if you didn’t come’? You totally came. End of story.
Yui: Yes, but…you knew I was going to come. You weren’t testing at all, were you?
Laito: Fufu. Maybe. Do you even have to ask? If I want something to happen, it will almost always happen.
Laito: …So. You’ve sated my curiosity. Now what am I to do?
Yui: (What is planning now…? What is he doing…? He’s scaring me…!)
Yui: …Laito-kun, are you done playing piano today?
Laito: …Why? Do you want me to keep playing?
Yui: Er…yes! Yes, I would love to hear you play some more!
Laito: – Heehee. Looks like you’ve lost yourself within my music.
Yui: Eh?
Laito: But I thought that would happen. I once knew another person, bewitched by my music too.
Laito: Well then. Your private piano show is over. And look at that, the food’s arrived! It smells so good. Lunchtime!
Yui: Kya…!?
Yui: (Ack…my throat, he just…grabbed my throat…)
Laito: Perfect! There are just a few more tests I’d like to run. Now, sit down.
Yui: (Wha? What is he doing?)

Choose: Why now?
Yui: Why…now? Why so…sudden?
Laito: Fufu. What d’ya mean ‘why now’? The lusts of flesh and heart…will rear their heads whenever they want.
Laito: They grow in the flesh and fester. So you see, they’re not ‘sudden’ either.
Yui: (…Ask a stupid question…Get a stupid answer…)

Choose: What kind of ‘tests’? (Correct choice)
Yui: What kinds of ‘tests’?
Laito: Let’s see, I wanna test….Well, I wanna test these kinds of tests!
Yui: (That’s not an answer at all!)

Laito: Anyhow. Bitch-chan doesn’t need to know. Come on, sit down.
Yui: Ack…w-wait!
Laito: It’s so hard – to create a world, with just the two of us. So now that we’re alone together, how about we do something good?
Yui: Kya!
Laito: What’s wrong? You pretty much prepared me to violate you today. Why else would Bitch-chan be wearing such adorable clothes…
Yui: But I’m wearing the school uniform! All the girls here have to wear it…Stop!
Laito: Ah…Behave yourself, please. You don’t have to pretend any longer.
Yui: I’m not pretending anything! You have a problem. Stop!
Laito: Tch…you leave me with no choice.
Yui: Ack! What are you doing?
Laito: – Can’t ya tell? I’m tying your hands together with the ribbon of your own school uniform.
Yui: No…!
Laito: – Heehee. It’s fun to play around every once in a while….
Yui: Stop…eek!
Laito: Bitch-chan, say something new. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same protests over and over again.
Laito: Besides, it’s useless to fight back. Sometimes, ya just gotta go with the flow. Now, display yourself to me. Hehe.
Yui: I’ll never do that, never…!
Laito: Eh? Your lips say no, so why does your body feel hot? You have such a pretty, bright-red flush in the places I’ve touched you~
Yui: Ah…!? Wha…!
Laito: You have a very honest body~
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Fufu. Now, where would you like me to squeeze you next?
Yui: Stop…talking!
Laito: Hehe. We’ve got a stubborn one. But that’s alright today. If you’re going to be so hypocritical about your own desires, then fine. I won’t touch you.
Laito: Like I said, I am very hungry today.
Laito: Itadakimasu~ (Thank you for the meal)
Yui: Eek…!?
Yui: (Oh…he…thigh…biting down…)
Laito: Mmmm….ohhhhh….
Yui: Agh…ow…oh!
Laito: Mmm… Oh, it’s so rare to make a love-bite here…If I tried, do you think it’ll taste any different?
Laito: And this soft, lithe flesh… If I ate it, I bet it’d taste delicious.
Yui: Eek…!
Laito: Fufu. Just kidding~
Yui: (Oh…his lips…are stained with my blood…)
Laito: But…why does the blood inside you…taste so much like h-
Yui: Eh…?
Laito: Hah…I must be mistaken. No, no…Blood’s dripping down your leg.
Laito: Oh, it’s flowing down your ankle….What a waste… Mmmmm…..ah…..
Yui: Ah…
Laito: Hehe. Looks like Bitch-chan loves to be licked….Mmmm…
Laito: Alright. I’ll lick you until you’re dripping wet.
Yui: No…!
Laito: Ah, you taste so sweet. Your flavor is divine…
Laito: – Now, I’m going to lick you more. So open up,okay?


Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 6 (English Translation)

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In the Church

Reiji: Calling me explicitly to this place, will you be a nuisance again?
Yui: Isn’t it obvious that I’m a nuisance? And you came although you know that.
Yui: You’re a surprisingly honest person, aren’t you.
Reiji: He. You and I are the same concerning having more time than we need.
Reiji: – Even so…… This is a church. …… You’re a person with bad hobbies.
Yui: (That’s right, don’t try to do weird things here!)
Yui: – kh, don’t yell at me. I already feel so dizzy that I might collapse just from being here.
Yui: Haah, anyway. Let’s start.
Reiji: Start? What do you mean?
Yui: Isn’t it obvious? Kneel down and pray.
Reiji: …… You just said what came into your mind, or am I mistaken?
Reiji: It is difficult to understand, but…… What do you want me to do?
Yui: Nfu. I told you, everything I believe you hate.
Yui: I want to see your face tainted with pain.
Reiji: Is that so. Well……
Yui: (Eh!? Reiji-san…… Knelt down…… And is praying)
Reiji: Our Father who art in heaven……
Yui: (On top of that, even the Lord’s Prayer?)
Yui: Wait…… What does that mean!?
Reiji: Hmph. At most, my mood gets worse inside a church. What kind of vulgar being are you?
Reiji: If even that hurts you, what part of you is a vampire?
Yui: kh……!
Yui: (Wha!? What are you doing!?)
Reiji: kh! Is that…… Holy water?
Yui: Nfu. How does it feel to have holy water poured on your head? Isn’t it as unpleasant as expected?
Reiji: Ke……
Yui: Hm?
Reiji: Ke, hehehehe…… Ahahahahaha! Hahaha…… This……
Yui: What!?
Reiji: – No, Cordelia-sama, I was thinking that you are quite a lovely person.
Yui: What are you saying!?
Reiji: Maybe I became obsessed with you charm, too.
Yui: Wha…… I won’t forgive that rude way of talking, you know!?
Yui: (Reiji-san!?)

Choose: What are you talking about!? (Correct choice)
Yui: (What are you talking about!?)
Yui: kh…… L-Look, even this girl is asking what you’re talking about.
Reiji: That is just the way it is. Without a lie, I thought you are cute, Cordelia, and thus I said so.
Yui: (kh…… Since Reiji-san says so, it seems to be that way, but…)
Yui: (Somehow, my heart is in bits and pieces)

Choose: Are you planning something?
Yui: (Are you planning something!?)
Yui: Look, e-even this girl…… Says she’s wondering if you aren’t planning something.
Reiji: Planning? Why is it that calling you cute has to mean that? I truly cannot understand this.
Yui: (The one not understanding it is me)

Yui: – Seriously, although I’m insulting you…… How did it become like this, I wonder.
Reiji: Even though I am getting indignant because you are attacking me?
Yui: Yes, I thought it would definitely become like this. At least…… If it were another man, it’d be that way.
Reiji: Is it not how you expected, then?
Reiji: Why do I have to fulfill your vulgar wishes?
Reiji: It is not like all men in the world give themselves to a woman and step on the wrong path.
Yui: Hmph. You’re as cunning as always.
Reiji: I beg your pardon.
Yui: That part of you…… I might really like that.
Yui: (kh!? Cordelia, what are you doing?)
Yui: What I’m doing? I’m embracing him.
Reiji: What are you planning? Although you took the time to pour holy water over me so that I couldn’t come close to you.
Yui: Nfu. In that case, your talisman would be a failure, wouldn’t it? I’m giving you a reward.
Reiji: ……Hm? A reward?
Yui: It’s a reward for enduring my test. Well, suck blood from this body to your heart’s content.
Reiji: I see, that’s how it came to be. As always, you are true to your desires.
Yui: Nfu. It’s not like I’d let everyone suck my blood, you know?
Yui: The only men I choose are the ones who can give me the highest of pleasures……
Reiji: Oh, that is an honor.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)
Yui: Look, this girl is longing for it, too. She says she wants to…… Feel your fangs again after such a long time.
Yui: (kh! H-Hey! Don’t just say……)
Reiji: You thought I wouldn’t notice, and said whatever you wanted, did you not? She would not say such things.
Reiji: – Unfortunately.
Yui: kh…… Despite saying this, you will still suck, right?
Reiji: Yes, this body…… May be your body, too, but without a doubt it also is her body.
Yui: (Reiji-san……!)
Yui: You’re really devoted, aren’t you…… I’m getting jealous……
Reiji: Mhh……!!
Yui: Ah……Uh……Aahh, after so long …… the pain…… of blood sucking……
Reiji: Mhm……Mh……Haa…… This might be…… because it’s been a while…… but……
Reiji: It’s as sweet…… As if the honey of a flower was flowing into me……
Yui: Ahhh……Haah……
Yui: (The pleasure…… Is spreading to me ……My body is heating up…… This floating feeling. As if I’m being revived……)
Reiji: Mhhm……Haah……
Yui: Oh dear, I didn’t think that …… getting your blood sucked would feel this good……
Yui: I should have…… made this experience earlier, huh……
Reiji: Well, I will suck even more ……As much as…… You want.
Yui: What happened…… Your service is spirited, isn’t it.
Reiji: Hehe. I, too, haven’t sucked blood like this in a while.
Yui: Hmmm…… You mean you haven’t laid a hand on other women?
Reiji: At this point, I can’t feel like sucking the blood of ordinary people.
Yui: (Reiji-san……)
Yui: Well, anyway. No matter what you were planning…… For now, I’ll allow you to.
Yui: So, drink more. More.
Reiji: As you wish.
Yui: (Somehow, although it’s like waking up in my own body, I feel like a spectator. The feelings are spreading to me though)
Yui: (I wonder what it is, this feeling. I’m…… weird)

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