Drinking Games

Fairy Tail Drinking Game

  • Take a drink every time Natsu breaks something for no good reason.
    x2 if someone joins in
  • Take a drink every time Gray’s clothes vanish.
  • Take a drink whenever Lucy’s house gets invaded.
  • Take a drink every someone says “I’m all fired up!”.
    x2 if it’s not natsu
  • Take a drink whenever Erza takes something to serious.
  • Take a drink every time Happy says “Aye” or “Aye sir”.
  • Take a drink every time someone gets motionsickness.
    x2 if it’s not Natsu
  • Take a drink every time Elfman says something about being a man.
  • Take a drink every time Happy says “He/she likes you”.
    x2 if Virgo does it
  • Take a drink every time Virgo asks to be punished.
  • Take a drink every time Lucy thinks one of her teammates is insane.
    x2 if it’s not Natsu
  • Take a drink every time the show tries to convince you a villain is not as bad as they seem to be.
  • Taka a drink whenever members of Fairy Tail fight.
    x2 if it’s not for fun
  • Take a dirnk every time a member of Fairy Tail pulls off a victory they otherwise shouldn’t have.
    x2 if it’s Erza of Natsu
    x3 if it involves the power of friendship
  • Take a drink every time a villain says “That’s impossible”.
    x2 if it’s about Natsu
  • Taka a drink every time Layla is mentioned.
  • Taka a dirnk every time Makarov panic because of Team Natsu.
  • Taka a drink every time Cana drinks.
  • Taka a drink every time a death of a character is reverted.
  • Taka a drink every time the magic council gets pissed at Fairy Tail.
  • Taka a drink for every Celestial spirit that gets summoned.
    x2 if it’s not by Lucy
  • Taka a drink for every perverted comment made.
    x2 if it’s directed at Lucy
    x3 it it’s by her celestial spirits
Drinking Games

My Hero Academia Drinking Game

  • Drink every time Kaachan blows something up.
    x2 if it’s because he’s angry at Deku
    x3 if he says Dekuuuu in his angry (normal) voice
  • Drink every time Kaachan curses.
  • Drink every time Minata does…. something Minata.
  • Drink every time someone says Plus Ultra.
  • Drink every time All Might says I’m here.
  • Drink every time Deku cries.
  • Drink at every new quirk you see.
  • Drink at every All Might Transformation.
    x2 if he spits blood
  • HARDCORE: Drink every time someone says the word hero.
  • Drink every time Deku uses One for All.
    x2 if he get’s hurt
  • Drink every time Uraraka says Deku-kun.
  • Drink at every Super Hero name that is said.
  • Drink every time a named attack is used.

That’s all we could come up with for this anime, if you have any other suggestions, tell them in the comments below.

Drinking Games

Attack On Titan Drinking Game

  • Take a drink every time Eren mentions his desire to eradicate the Titans.
    x2 if someone puts down his dream.
  • Take a drink whenever a named character gets killed.
    x2 if the death is actually given time to be dramatic
    x3  if “Vogel im Käfig” plays during that death
    x4  if you liked the character
  • Take a drink every time someone fails to kill a Titan.
    x2 if they survive
  • Take a drink every time a character yells.
    x2 if it’s Eren
  • Take a drink every time Mikasa has to save Eren.
  • Take two drinks every time Eren has to save Mikasa.
  • Take a drink every time Mikasa says “Eren”.
    x2 if he’s not even around to hear it
  • Take a drink every time someone performs a Spin Attack.
    x2 if it’s Levi
  • Take a drink every time Armin monologues or makes a speech.
    x2 if he’s expressing a complete lack of self-confidence.
  • If Bertolt actually speaks, chug.
  • Take a drink every time the phrase, “died in vain” is spoken.
  • If someone starts crying, chug.
  • Take a drink every time Eren and Jean get into an argument.
    x2 if it gets violent
    x3 if Mikasa has to bail Eren out of it
  • Take a drink every time someone uses the word “humanity”.
  • Take a drink every time someone asks to marry Christa.
    x2 if it’s said by Ymir
  • Take a drink if someone loses a limb.
    Chug the whole thing if they get bitten in half
  • Take a drink every time Mikasa adjusts, touches, or refers to her scarf.
  • Take a drink at every flashback.
  • Take a drink every time Mike sniffs someone.
  • Take a drink at every Hange obsesses over titans.
  • Take a drink whenever Levi’s being a badass.
  • Taka a drink whenever Levi’s a cleanfreak.
Drinking Games

One Piece Drinking Game

  • Drink every time someone says that they’re going to be the Pirate King.
    x2 if it’s not Luffy
  • Drink every time Zoro gets lost.
    x2 if it’s seemingly impossible
  • Drink every time someone explains their power.
    x2 if it’s during a battle
  • Drink if someone does something physically impossible with their powers.
  • Drink at every new Devil Fruit the show introduces.
  • Drink every time a part of Luffy gets stretched.
    x2 if Luffy’s not stretching himself
    Mercy Rule:
    named attacks don’t count
    Suicide Rule: everyting counts
  • Drink every time Nami’s money fetish comes up.
  • Drink every time Usopp suddenly has a “can’t go on that island disease”.
    x2 if he’s totally ignored
    x3 if he claims it will kill him
  • Drink at every being dead joke Brook makes.
    x2 if he says skull joke
    x3 if he does the yohohoho laugh
  • Drink every time Brook asks to see someone’s panties.
  • Drink every time someone shouts out the name of their attack.
    x2 if it involves the name of their Devil Fruit
  • Drink every time Zoro drinks.
  • Drink every time Usopp lies.
  • Drink every time Usopp trembles.
  • Drink every time Zoro and Sanji argue.
    x2 if Sanji calls Zoro mosshead
  • Drink every time Name gets pissed.
    x2 if she hits someone
    x3 if she hits Luffy or Zoro
  • Drink every time Sanji lights up a cigarette.
  • Drink every time Luffy calls something a mystery …
  • Drink every time Chopper does his happy dance.
  • Drink every time Franky yells SUPER.
    x2 if he does his pose
  • Drink for every unique laugh you hear from a character.
  • Drink every time someone screams.
    Mercy Rule: only when it last longer than 5 seconds
  • Drink every time Sanji prepares something special for Name and/or Robin.
    x2 if the others complain about it
  • Drink every time Shanks is shown drinking.
    x2 if the whole crew is drinking