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Iris School Of Wizardry Review

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Iris School of Wizardry is a new otome game, released for the Nintendo Switch on October 11th 2018. I was contacted by the publishers to write a review for their new game, which I am of course very grateful for.

You can find a trailer for it on YouTube through this link.

You can currently only buy it in the Nintendo E-shop.


The introduction for the story is as followed:

Secrets that can’t be solved by magic
~Iris School of Wizardry aka ISW~
Iris School of Wizardry, known as ISW, is the school smart, talented, and rich boys and girls attend. It’s very difficult to enter, but after they graduate, their future is promised to be working in a various elite section for the government organization.
Aria who lost her parents when she was small. As she was working in the second-hand book shop, she dreamed to be a great wizard like her father.
She received a letter.
It was the letter of acceptance to ISW

The story starts of with a Prologue and after the first chapter you get to choose the character you wish to romance. From Chapter 2 onward, you will follow that characters main route. During this chapter you’ll get a chance to switch to the special route for Iris.

The set-up is very similar to other otome games, you first read the prologue to get to know the characters and than you choose one to date. But the added in extra route is a nice touch to the normal concept.


All of the main characters are voiced in Japanese, the MC Aria isn’t voiced. Minor characters, such as random students are also voiced, this makes the story feel more lively.

While playing the different routes, I will update my opinion on them here.

Clyde King

Matias Archibald

A-Jay Blackford

Cyril Grundy

Ashley Curtis

Keith Night


I played his route first and got both the good and the endless ending. It was more of a coincident that I stumbled upon it. Like I said before, during the second chapter you’ll get a chance to switch to his route and being my curious self I of course triggered this to happen.

His route was very different from what I imagined the game to be like after reading the first parts. He has a very unstable personality, I really enjoyed his route though. And now every time I’ll get to the point where I can trigger his route, I’ll feel guilty for not doing it.

During the first parts of his route, I kept thinking ‘curiosity killed the cat’. You could even make choices where the MC ended up dying, which was very unexpected to me. I had first though this game was very lighthearted and cute, but how wrong I was. His route was far from that, it was very emotional and it really affected me since I didn’t even know it was an option. He quickly worked his way into my heart, even with all his crazy behavior.


The illustration is done by Marika (茉莉花) and looks very beautiful. All of the CG’s look very pretty, the same goes for the backgrounds. All the characters have different sprites, which is of course nice and shows a lot more emotion behind their words.


The game is supported with text in both Japanese and English. Thank you for understanding that we also like those Japanese otome games! Please send more our way! Although I don’t mind translating the Japanese ones to English myself, it’s nice to see that Japanese companies are realizing how popular their games are in Western countries, so keep them coming, we’ll be waiting!

I played the game in English. Although the text in English isn’t always grammatically correct, it didn’t bother me. Anyone who naturally speaks English will notice that it isn’t written in perfectly correct English, but I doubt even my posts are always correct.

If you consider yourself a grammar nazi, you might have a problem looking past this. The English is not perfect, I will admit that, but it’s not so bad that I was no longer able to enjoy the game.


I had to make this a section as well. While playing, you’ll always see what each button on your Switch does. There’s no need to start guessing which button skips or with which one you’ll see the log. I find that to be a nice touch, I have played games in the past where they don’t show this and I found that to be annoying. So I am very glad that they thought of putting it in.

Saving and Loading

You can save and load at all times (except when choosing which character’s route you want to play, but you can save before the screen comes up). This is so handy when you want to get all their ending or aren’t sure which option you should pick. You can save during choices. This is also something that I found annoying in other games. So kudos to them for letting us safe at all times!


I really enjoyed playing this game so far and am planning on making a walkthrough for it. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to play this game and I do recommend to others who are into the otome game genre.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the walkthough I’ll make for this game!



From now on, I’m going to start writing down my opinion on games. You’ll be able to find them under the game tab in the menu above.

I decided to do this since I got a ‘business’ offer for writing a review for a game that just came out, they offered to send me a code for the game if I write a review for it. This is the first I got an offer like this and it has made me so happy! I’m really looking forward to playing their game!

So, if there are any games you would like to read my review on, you can always request it!


I got a Nintendo Switch!

After some trouble at the postal office, I finally got my Nintendo Switch this morning. I’m so excited to start playing games on it. So from now on, requests are also open for games on the Nintendo Switch!

Cosplay, Sewing

Cosplay 101 Sewing Guide Patterns: Cape

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Capes may have their naysayers, but is there anything more fun to wear than the most iconic of superhero accouterments? This luxuriously swishing rendition is a generous half circle, with stacked box pleats at the shoulders. It’s also kept on with snaps, so you can swiftly detach in the event of an emergency.

Tools and Materials

  • Sewing Essentials
  • Lightweight fabric with a soft drape, such as blouse-weight cotton, silk/cotton blends, silky polyester, charmeuse, crepede chine, or even lining fabric— amount based on step 1
  • 10″ (25.4 cm) of twill tape, ½” to 1″ (1.3 to 2.5 cm) wide (Anything in
    this size range will work.)
  • 1 yd (.9 m) of bias tape, ½” (1.3 cm) single-fold (optional)
  • 6 large sew-on snaps
  • Large safety pins
  • All-purpose thread in a matching color
  • Trim or decorative medallions for the shoulders (optional)

Pattern Pieces

Pattern piece on sheet 4; see cutting layout
Cape: fold the fabric width-wise and cut 1 on the fold; see steps 2 and 3 for details


Choose stable fabrics that doesn’t stretch or fray much, and make sure that both the garment you’re attaching the cape to and your chosen fastening method can stand up to the weight of the cape. If you want to use a heavy, bulky fabric like velvet, you may need to reinforce the attachment point with interfacing or a piece of twill tape behind the snap area. If you’re attaching the cape to a stretch garment, stick with very lightweight fabrics for the cape to avoid straining the fabric.


⅜” (1 cm) seam allowances are used for this pattern

Step 1

Begin by determining how much yardage you need to buy for your cape. The amount of fabric required will be twice your finished length + your shoulder width (measured across your back) + 16″ (40.6 cm) for shoulder extensions and hem allowance. Excess width will fall into draped folds down your back, so if you like that look, feel free to exaggerate it by adding even more width to your shoulder width measurement. (Because the pattern is cut on the fold, any adjustment in the measurement should be halved when placing the template.) The maximum cape length will be the width of the fabric minus 9″ (22.9 cm) unless you want to add a seam; for a long cape, make sure you’re buying a sufficiently wide fabric. For this cape, 3½ yds (3.2 m) of 54″- (137 cm-) wide fabric was used, based on a finished length of 45″ (114 cm) and a shoulder width of 16″ (40.6 cm).

Step 2

Fold the fabric along the cross grain, aligning the selvages.
Place the cape template at the top of the folded edge, making sure to place the half-shoulder width mark at the appropriate distance from the fold. (Compare your shoulder width to the bar on the cape template to determine where to place the template on your fabric.)
Use the pleat lines as a guide to extend the cape to the desired length, adding the same amount onto the end of each pleat line and at the center back (A).

Step 3

Connect the marks into a smooth curve to create the hemline of your cape. Cut along the hem curve, around the top edge of the cape template, and parallel to the selvages for the straight front edge (it’s best to trim the selvages off as they’re more tightly woven than the rest of the cape and may pull or ripple). If there is a gap at the center back neckline,
simply cut straight across to the fold. Mark the pleat positions with small snips in the seam allowance.

Step 4

Sew a narrow or double-fold hem on the two straight front edges of the cape. Finish the curved neckline edge with a narrow bias facing, as shown on page 65 (B).
The facing used here is a bias strip cut out of leftover cape fabric that is 1″ (2.5 cm) wide and stitched on with a ⅜” (1 cm) seam allowance.

Step 5

Use the snips you made in step 3 and the center notch as a general guide to form the pleats on each shoulder. Arrange the pleats to your liking and pin in place (C). For example, you may want to make the pleats shallower or deeper to adjust the amount of shoulder coverage. Make sure both sides match.

Step 6

Place a 5″ (12.7 cm) strip of twill tape on top of the end of the pleats on the right side of the fabric as shown in (D). Sew in place along the upper edge of the tape.

Step 7

Wrap the ends of the twill tape around the edges and fold to the underside. Stitch around the edges of the tape through all layers. Attach the male side of the snaps to the twill tape (E) and the female side to the garment. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the second shoulder.

Step 8

Clip the shoulder pieces to a hanger and let the cape hang for a day or two so the fabric can relax. Pin the cape on a dress form or safety pin it to a helpful friend and check the length. Trim if necessary to make it nice and even and sew a narrow double-fold hem around the long curved edge (F).
If you like, attach trim or decorative medallions to hide the shoulder ends.


Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Kozume Kenma: First Meeting (English Translation)

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Shouyou Hinata: “Ah, Kenma!
Kenma Kozume: “…..Shouyou…..”
Shouyou Hinata: “Hey, Kenma, have you met him yet? He’s the guy from Momojihara High School who’s attending the camp all alone.”
Kenma Kozume: “…Yeah…. I heard about it……”
MC: “Tha, Thank you……”
Shouyou Hinata: “Kenma is a second year from Nekoma.”
MC: “Eh….. He’s my senpai…..! Hinata, we shouldn’t be speaking like this!
Shouyou Hinata: “It’s fine, Kenma doesn’t really like that.”
MC: (Even if he says it’s fine, it’s my first time meeting him…..)
Shouyou Hinata: “Kenma, if you’re free, let’s practice together!”
Kenma Kozume: “You’re always asking for more practice….”
Shouyou Hinata: “Not this time, it’s practice for the mixed team! There’s a tournament on the final day, right?”
Shouyou Hinata: “So, he’s looking for members for his mixed team to play in the tournament.”
Shouyou Hinata: “You should also help, Kenma! I want to play on the same team as Kenma!”
Shouyou Hinata: “I want to his Kenma’s tosses!”
MC: “Hinata, you shouldn’t say such things…..”
Shouyou Hinata: “But Kenma’s tosses are amazing! Kageyama thinks so too!”
Shouyou Hinata: “You’ll understand if you hit one of Kenma’s tosses! You’ll want to play in the same team as Kenma!”
MC: “Yeah….. That’s fine, but….. Kenma-san has left.”
Shouyou Hinata: “Ah, he ran away again!”
MC: (Again……?)
Shouyou Hinata: “Please wait Kenma!”
MC: “Wait….. Hinata!?”
MC: (*sigh* It can’t be helped, I have to chase after him…..)


MC: (However, in such a large school building, it’s impossible to search for Kenma-san alone…..)
Kenma Kozume: “Ah…..”
MC: (He’s here!?)
Kenma Kozume: “…………”
MC: (He’s really watching something…..)
MC: “Eumm…..  We talked about the mixed team a while ago, if you don’t mind, would you consider it?”
Kenma Kozume: “………..”
MC: “After what Hinata said, I really want to hit your tosses, Kenma san…..!”
MC: “Did you…. hear it?”
Kenma Kozume: “No, I didn’t hear it…..”
MC: (Seriously……)
Kenma Kozume: “Well, I’ll be going….”
MC: “Ah, Kenma-san!?”
Shouyou Hinata: ‘Hey, was Kenma here!?”
MC: “Ah, Hinata…….. He was here a little while ago, but he ran away again.”
Shouyou Hinata: “Again!?”
MC: (That’s right, when he sensed Hinata coming, he ran away again…… He has a keen intuition.)

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match: Main Story Day 4 Before Exploration (English Translation)

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MC: ” Yes! Nobody else is here yet!”
MC: (When I check my watch, it’s exactly 3:00 AM. I’m the first one here!)
MC: “…… Huh? It’s locked.”
MC: (The school gate is locked. It looks like it won’t open without a key.)
MC: “I don’t have a key. Now that I think about it, if I’m the first one here, I won’t be able to get in, huh……”
MC: (I wonder if someone will open it for me? Well whatever, I’ll practice here until everyone comes!)
MC: (I’ve always practiced in the corner of the gym, so as long as I have a ball I can practice anywhere!)
MC: “I’ll do some toss practice.”
MC: “Hup! Hup! Hup!”
MC: “Oh, is someone coming? Hm? A flashlight?”
Security Guard: “Hey! Who’s there!?”
MC: “Waaah, the security guard!?”


MC: “Pant, pant, pant…… Wait, I ran away without thinking.”
MC: “I wonder if I should have explained the situation and gotten him to open the gate? Then again, I’m a student from a different school.”
MC: “Anyway, I’ll practice here until someone comes.”
MC: “Hup! Hup! Hup!”
MC: “Oh, crap, it’s a car.”
MC: “Huh?”
Keishin Ukai: “I can’t believe you really came before 3:00……”
MC: “Oh, Coach Ukai. I came to practice in the morning, but the gate wasn’t open.”
Keishin Ukai: “There’s no way the school would be open at 3:00, right? Use your head a bit!”
MC: “Whaat, really!?”
MC: ” But I’m glad you’re here, Coach Ukai. Can you open up the school for me?”
Keishin Ukai: “At this time? Like hell I can!”
MC: “Whaaaaat, no waay…… Damn, where should I practice?”
Keishin Ukai: “Are you planning on practicing outside? You really don’t think of anything but volleyball.”
Keishin Ukai: “You even got up this early.”
MC: ” That reminds me, what are you doing so early, coach?”
Keishin Ukai: “I’m going to harvest vegetables. Oh, I know, you can help out.”
MC: “Huh!? I have practice now……”
Keishin Ukai: “There’s no way I can let you practice outside. If there’s an accident or something, I can’t take responsibility.”
MC: “B- But, I can do all sorts of practice outside, and……”
Keishin Ukai: “With two people, we’ll finish faster. It’s perfect!”
MC: “But I even got here first……”
Keishin Ukai: “Never mind that, get in. Harvesting vegetables will be good training for your legs and waist.”
Keishin Ukai: “This is part of your practice. Come on, get in, get in!”
MC: “O- Okay~……”
MC: ( Even though I got here first~ How did this happen……)


MC: “G- Good morniiiiiiiinng!!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Oh, you’re finally here.”
Shouyou Hinata: “What’s going on, you’re completely late! We got here a long time ago!”
Shouyou Hinata: “By the way, I was the first!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Wrong, dumbass! Tanaka-san was the first!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Why did I get mixed up in this……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Hey, you! You were the one who said you’d come early, and then you came last? Explain yourself!”
MC: ” N- No! I actually came before 3:00, but……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Huhh!? Making excuses this late in the game? You’ve got some nerve, huh~”
MC: “I really did come~ But I was harvesting tomatoes and lettuce……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “I don’t know anything about tomatoes or lettuce, but losers get a penalty!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Ten laps of flying falls!”
MC: “Whaaaaaaaaat, no waay…… I’ve been squatting the whole morning, my hips are shaking.”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Arguing is pointless! Come on, hurry uuupp!!”
MC: “O- Okaaay~~~~~!!”
MC: (But I really was the first one heeere~~!!)

For the exploration parts I’ll only write down with who and where you can trigger a special event (otherwise these posts will get way too long and complex). The person who you’ll need to take along with you will be stated as well, once you’ve chosen and you’ve triggered an event, you can’t change the character you travel with anymore. When you go to talk to a character without a special event, you’ll see what event it’ll be. If there are multiple options it’ll be the first one in line that you haven’t seen yet. For the translations of those, you’ll need to go to the characters page. (You’ll be able to compare the Japanese text next to the English tittle, and the first line of conversation as well). You can find all the translations for the explanations of the destinations here.

If you haven’t triggered certain events in previous days, you can get another chance to trigger them.

Karasuno High School Area
Karsuno Gymnasium 1 -> Special event for Kuroo with Tsukishima (First Meeting)
Karasuno Classroom -> Special event for Kenma with Hinata (First Meeting)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Tsukishima with Hinata (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Sugawara with Hinata (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Hinata with Kageyama (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Sugawara with Tanaka (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Bokuto with Tsukishima (First Meeting)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Hinata with Tsukishima (Mini Event 1, Rebound Skill)
Karasuno Hallway -> Special event for Shimizu with Nishinoya (First Meeting)
Karasuno Outdoor Pathway -> Special event for Akaashi with Tsukishima (First Meeting)

Karasuno Area
Sakanoshita Shop -> Special event for Ennoshita with Daichi (First Meeting)

General Area

What they say after exploring:
Tsukishima: “….It’s already this late, I’ll be going back, well then, see you tomorrow.”

Day 4 After Exploration >>

<< Shimada Mart Day 3
<< Day 3 After Exploration (MS)

Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 6: Truth (English Translation)

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Subaru: Haa, haa…found you…
Ema: Subaru-san?
Subaru: I’ve been…haa, looking everywhere.
Ema: (He’s out of breath… Did he run all the way here?)
Subaru: Are you…crying?
Ema: …I’m…not.
Subaru: Hey…
Ema: ……
Ema: (Crying any more will scare him away! I have to stop…)
Subaru: Don’t…don’t hold back.
Ema: Eh?
Subaru: Cry when you have to cry.
Ema: (Subaru-san…)
Subaru: Bottling them inside isn’t worth the pain that’ll come out later…so if you have to cry, do it now. Don’t worry about me, okay?
Ema: (As he said these so kindly to me, the tears began to overflow…)
Subaru: And…
Subaru: And when you’ve finished, we can go home.
Ema: Eh…?
Subaru: It’s normal for people not to want to go home…They’re in pain, and want to be alone…
Subaru: But there are people waiting for you, so you have to come home…sooner or later.
Ema: People…waiting?
Subaru: There’s your dad, our brothers… Everyone’s waiting for you.
Ema: But…
Ema: …I’m scared. I’m scared to know the truth from Papa…! I can’t move…!
Subaru: …I see.
Ema: (If we continue like this, he’ll go away…)
Subaru: Hey…
Subaru: …How can I help? How can I ease your fear?
Ema: What…?
Subaru: I’ll do anything…
Ema: Subaru…san…
Subaru: I’ll do everything I can to help you. So…how do I do that now?
Ema: Subaru-san….
Ema: ……
Subaru: It’s okay. Tell me anything.
Ema: ……
Ema: …Stay.
Ema: Will you…stay with me…?
Subaru: …Alright.
Ema: (Subaru-san sat down beside me, and even held my hand…)
Ema: (He said nothing, but I would always be grateful for this kindness.)
Ema: (His hand is so warm…)
Subaru: …You okay?
Ema: Yes…thank you. I’ve calmed down a bit.
Subaru: Erm…
Ema: Yes?
Subaru: If you’re okay with it…I’ll always be with you.
Ema: Eh…?
Subaru: So…let’s go home.
Ema: …Okay.
Ema: (Home…to the people who are waiting for me… and to Papa. I have to hear him out…!)

Brothers Conflict, Otome Games, Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Kaname Event 6: Truth (English Translation)

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Kaname: What are you doing, Imouto-chan?
Ema: …Kaname-san?
Kaname: The sun had set down, so isn’t it dangerous for you to be alone in this kind of place?
Ema: ….
Kaname: Are you crying?
Ema: I-I’m fine.
Kaname: …My precious little sister said that with such swollen eyes, obviously I can’t just say ‘ah, okay’ and accept it so easily.
Ema: ….Uhm, Kaname-san, why are you here…?
Kaname: Rintarou-san contacted our house, saying that you ran away. Right now, everyone is looking for you.
Ema: …Everyone?
Kaname: Yeah. …We’ve heard about the circumstances.
Ema: (Is that so… everyone had learned about it.)
Kaname: Hey. You’re still not in the mood to return home?
Ema: ….
Kaname: I see. Well, I guess…. It’s not surprising that you become confused. I understand that feeling of wanting to cry when finding out that you’re actually all alone.
Ema: ….
Ema: K-Kaname-san can’t possibly understand. What I feel right now…!
Kaname: You’re right. I can’t possibly 100% understand. But, I can at least imagine it.
Kaname: What you believed up until now suddenly gone… where should your heart be, you feel like you’re lost.
Ema: …………
Kaname: I’m a monk after all.
Kaname: I’ve seen people who were suffering and mourning over something. That’s why right now, I’m able to understand your feelings somehow.
Ema: Is that… so.
Kaname: However――this is a problem that only you can overcome. I can’t help you with it.
Ema: Eh….
Kaname: Whether you’ll accept yourself as Rintarou-san’s adoptive daughter or not, it is for you to decide.
Ema: …D-Don’t say that! If…if I accept it, I…!
Ema: (I’ll really become all alone… even if it’s just my hunch….)
Kaname: …I’m sorry.
Ema: (――Eh?)
Kaname: If you don’t like it, then tell me.
Ema: (Kaname-san’s arms are shyly embracing me….)
Kaname: I said it earlier, but this is your problem. I can’t take it over for you.
Kaname: …But.
Ema: …?
Kaname: I can at least support you, who are trying to overcome it. That’s it, if you need me.
Ema: Kaname-san….
Kaname: It’s alright if you don’t force yourself to smile or cry your eyes out. But, you shouldn’t avert your eyes from the problem in front of you. You have to overcome it.
Kaname: Okay?
Ema: …………
Ema: (Kaname-san’s quiet yet powerful voice, gently penetrates into my heart….)
Ema: (There’s no hint of his usual lighthearted and flirtatious side at all….)
Ema: …I.
Kaname: Hm?
Ema: At times like this, I thought Kaname-san would say something much nicer….
Kaname: Hm, is that so?
Ema: Yes…. But, somehow it opens my eyes.
Kaname: Open your eyes?
Ema: I regret running away without even trying to listen to Papa’s circumstances. Even though I should’ve listened to what he had to say….
Kaname: Yeah.
Ema: I will… listen to Papa’s explanation. If he hid such an important thing from me up until now, there should be a deep meaning to it….
Ema: Now isn’t too late…is it?
Kaname: Not at all. Rintarou-san should be waiting for you to say that.
Ema: Yeah….
Kaname: It’s alright. I’ll be by your side. Until you’re able to overcome it, I’ll keep on supporting you.
Kaname: ――Do your best.
Ema: Thank you very much…Kaname-san.
Ema: (Being in Kaname-san’s arms fill me with strength…. Somehow he seems very reliable…..)
Kaname: …How strange that you’re not running away.
Ema: Eh?
Kaname: I seemed to have gotten carried away.
Ema: Huh?
Kaname: Can I comfort you, my dear sister? With a kiss, maybe?
Ema: Wha-….! How did this turn out to that?!
Kaname: Because it’s the right atmosphere for it, I guess.
Ema: What kind of atmosphere are you talking about! Geez! Please let me go!
Kaname: Eeeh. Even though it felt so right just now~.
Ema: (Kaname-san is a frivolous person after all….)
Ema: (But, I can’t run away forever…. I have to thank Kaname-san for cheering me up.)
Ema: (Let’s meet with Papa. Meet him, and listen to his explanation properly…!)

Otome Games, Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 Team Mitsukuni and Takashi (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (First of all, I have to go looking for Honey-senpai and Mori-senpay……)
Haruhi: Where are Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai……
Kyoya: Probably in the dining room.
Haruhi: (Ah, I see……)
Haruhi: Thank you very much.
Haruhi: (There they are, in the cafeteria…..)
Mitsukuni: Well, which one should I take…..
Haruhi: (I found Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai quickly.)
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be wondering which cake to eat.)
Mitsukuni: This one is also good…. But…..
Haruhi: (He’s crazy about choosing a cake…..)

1: How’s this? (Honey-senpai)
2: I’ll wait. (Mori-senpai, later on)

1: How’s this?
Haruhi: How’s this?
Haruhi: (Because I can see it has a lot of whipped cream, I know Honey-senpai will like the cake I point at.)
Mitsukuni: Hmm I guess so~. I guess that’s fine…. Huh, Haru-chan?
Haruhi: (He finally noticed me.)
Mitsukuni: Did you also come to eat cake, Haru-chan?
Haruhi: No, I’m……
Takashi: What’s wrong?
Haruhi: I actually wanted to talk to you, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Well then, let’s all eat together, Haru-chan.
Haruhi: (Why are we going to eat cake together?)
Haruhi: If it’s cake you want, there’s a lot at the host club as well.
Mitsukuni: …..That’s not cake.
Haruhi: (The snack becoming a vegetable cake is more of a problem than I though…..)
Haruhi: (It that’s it–)
Haruhi: There are lots of ways to make a cake delicious.
Mitsukuni: Like what?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be interested in the topic.)
Haruhi: Combining various cakes, putting on whipped cream–
Haruhi: (I think the cake will become sweet if you put on whipped cream and fruit.)
Haruhi: (I’ll try talking to Honey-senpai about the imagined cake.)
Mitsukuni: I want to make it.
Haruhi: (That’s good. It seems he appreciates it.)

2: I’ll wait.
Haruhi: (It seems like he’s seriously thinking, I’ll wait until he has chosen. When I think that–)
Takashi: ….What’s wrong?
Mitsukuni: Ah, Haru-chan. Did you also want cake?
Haruhi: (….I got noticed.)
Haruhi: If it’s cake you want, there’s a lot at the host club as well.
Mitsukuni: …..That’s not cake.
Haruhi: (The snack becoming a vegetable cake is more of a problem than I though…..)
Haruhi: (It that’s it–)
Haruhi: There are lots of ways to make a cake delicious.
Mitsukuni: Like what?
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai seems to be interested in the topic.)
Haruhi: Combining various cakes, putting on whipped cream–
Haruhi: (I think the cake will become sweet if you put on whipped cream and fruit.)
Haruhi: (When I try to talk to Honey-senpai about the imagined cake–)
Mitsukuni: …..I want to try making it.
Haruhi: (That’s good. It seems he feels a bit better.)

Haruhi: So, why don’t we go to the club room for a bit?
Mitsukuni: Well, what should I do….
Tamaki: Sorry Haruhi, but today’s activities are over.
Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai…..
Haruhi: (When I turned around, Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai stood behind me.)
Mitsukuni: ….You’re already done for today?
Tamaki: Sorry, Honey-senpai…..
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai lowered his head to Honey-senpai. Somehow Tamaki-senpai… doesn’t seem well.)
Mitsukuni: Tama-chan……
Kyoya: Tamaki, isn’t your car waiting?
Tamaki: ….Yeah, that’s right. Well then, excuse me. …..Haruhi, see you tomorrow.
Haruhi: (Turning around, Tamaki-senpai walked away, alone.)
Haruhi: This is quite depressing.
Kyoya: He’s thinking too much…..
Haruhi: (Looking back at Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai sighs. –He then turns around at Honey-senpai and smiles.)
Kyoya: It’s as usual from tomorrow on, please come.
Mitsukuni: Really? Will the cake be the same again!?
Kyoya: That not, unfortunately.
Mitsukuni: Uhh~
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai is drooping.)
Kyoya: However, how you make use of what you receive is up to you.
Haruhi: Eh? That’s…..
Haruhi: (As soon as I said that, Kyoya-senpai continued.)
Kyoya: If you make something new, it’s rude to the others. But it’s no problem to use the received items.
Kyoya; In other words, it’s just like decoration.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is smiling.)
Haruhi: That’s good, Honey-senpai.
Mitsukuni: Yeah!
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai’s face turned into a full smile.

If you chose choice 2
Takashi: ………*sigh*
Haruhi: (Seeing Honey-senpai smile made Mori-senpai happy.)
Haruhi: Mori-senpai, do you think thing will get better?
Takashi: …..There’s a chance.
Haruhi: I agree. I’ll think about what we can do.
Takashi: Yeah…. Please ask.
Haruhi: Then, please talk to Honey-senpai.
Takashi: ….Sure.
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai nodded with a smile.

Continue for both
Hikaru: Ah, you guys.
Kaoru: After all, you’re here.
Haruhi: (When we were about to leave, Hikaru and Kaoru came over.)
Haruhi: Why didn’t you two come?
Kaoru: Because we didn’t want to see them.
Hikaru: Somehow, Kyoya-senpai.
Mitsukuni: I want the menu to return to normal.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai shrugs his shoulders.
Haruhi: (Somehow, Hikaru and Honey-senpai are saying different things. Léo-san coming, changing the prepared food, so–)
Haruhi: Isn’t it strange?
Hikaru & Kaoru: What?
Haruhi: Your reasons… For not coming to the club activities.
Haruhi: (Not liking Léo-san or the changed sweets.)
Haruhi: Isn’t the host club a place for everyone……
Mitsukuni: …………
Hikaru: …………
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai and Hikaru also seemed to be thinking about what I though was there.)
Kyoya: ….It’s almost time
Haruhi: (At the words of Kyoya-senpai, we decided to end it.)

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 1 (English Translation)

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In the Kitchen
Yui: And I’m done. Okay, let me put the kitchen knife and the chopping board…
Subaru: What are you doing?
Yui: Ah, I’m making tonight’s dinner. Subaru-kun, do you want to try it?
Subaru: I don’t need something like that.
Yui: But don’t vampires also need to eat something other than blood?
Subaru: … …
Yui: (He didn’t deny it…though, maybe it’s something like this?)
Yui: Ah, Subuaru-kun hates stewed vegetables, right? If it were something that Subaru-kun liked, would you eat it?
Subaru: …I don’t have anything I like.
Yui: Nothing? Well, do you have things you hate then?
Subaru: No.
Yui: Eh?
Subaru: I’m not interested in any of that.
Yui: Oh, is that so…

Choose: Isn’t that boring? (Correct choice)
Choose: Is that because you’re a vampire?

Yui: Isn’t it very boring like that?
Subaru: Hah?
Yui: Why don’t you use the opportunity to find something you like?
Subaru: … …
Yui: Why don’t you try all kinds of food?
Yui: And while you’re doing that, you might just find something that you like.
Subaru: …are you stupid? I’m a vampire.
Subaru: I don’t need your human food, nor do I want to eat it. It’s impossible that I’ll like any of it.
Yui: Even though what I said isn’t wrong…
Yui: (Though, if he keeps saying that he doesn’t like anything, doesn’t he feel a little lonely?)
Yui: If you find something you like, your life will become more interesting.
Subaru: …you’re such a weird woman.
Subaru: I don’t care either way. Put that down.
Yui: The kitchen knife? But I was just going to start cutting the vegetables…
Subaru: You don’t need to make anything else. I’m telling you to come over here.
Yui: Eh? I-I’m still holding the knife! Suddenly pulling me over when I’m holding it is very dangerous…!
Subaru: Ngh!
Yui: Ah!
Yui: I-I’m so sorry! Are you okay!?
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s finger was cut by the knife!)
Subaru: You…
Yui: (H-he’s angry! What should I do!? He’s glaring at me!)
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …hm, this place is for making food, right?
Yui: Eh? Ah, yes, you’re right…
Subaru: Then, I’ll make some.
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun knows how to make food? I didn’t know…
Subaru: …using you.
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: (I was pushed onto the counter!?)
Subaru: It’s because you wouldn’t listen to me.
Yui: Kyaaaaa! W-what are you doing!?
Subaru: Hah? I’m making food.
Yui: You don’t need to rip my clothes to make food!
Subaru: You peel your food too.
Yui: (H-he’s peeling me!?)
Yui: W-wait a moment, Subaru-kun. This is a place for making normal food. You can’t do this here.
Subaru: Tch…how annoying.
Subaru: I’m very hungry right now.
Subaru: My food can just shut up and obediently let me prepare it.
Yui: Kyaa!
Subaru: …heh, this food is really fresh. Even though I only sampled it a little, it jumped up.
Subaru: Then…I’ll start to cut you open.
Subaru: Where should I start? …from the internal organs?
Yui: What…
Subaru: …ngh…
Yui: …ah!
Subaru: …ngh…
Yui: …ah…
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s teeth are piercing very deeply into my stomach.)
Yui: (The pain is spreading from my stomach to my whole body. I don’t have any more energy…)
Subaru: …ah…ngh…
Subaru: Heh…it’s not bad, like always…
Yui: Kyaa…!
Subaru: Heh, you’re letting out such captivating sounds.
Subaru: …I take back what I said.
Yui: Huh…?
Subaru: I think I’ll turn “making you my food” into one of my interests.
Yui: Wha…?!
Subaru: Heh…what should I do with the remaining parts?
Subaru: I will enjoy my “interests.” Aren’t you happy?
Yui: Why…?
Subaru: …ngh.
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (He actually made cooking me one of his interests…)
Yui: (If I had known, I wouldn’t have said anything…)

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