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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ending 3 (English Translation)

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In the Dance hall
Cordelia: Hehe… Richter, you’ve always been such a fine escort.
Richter: If I couldn’t even do this much, it would be unfitting for me to stand at your side.
Cordelia: You’re such a chivalrous man, like always.
Richter: I can be anyone you want me to be, if you so wish it.
Richter: Ah, Cordelia, how are you so beautiful…?
Cordelia: Oh, my… You think so, even when I’m in the body of this meager little girl?
Richter: Of course. You are beautiful no matter what form you’re in…
Cordelia: Hehe, you’re right.
Cordelia: Even now, your heart is pounding in your chest…
Cordelia: When I touch it like this, I can feel it reverberating through me…
Richter: …….
Cordelia: Hehe, but this little girl is awfully stubborn.
Cordelia: Well, she’d have never won against me no matter how hard she tried.
Cordelia: Not by her body, her charm, or even her greed… hehehe!
Cordelia: …Oh, actually, what happened to Reiji?
Cordelia: I told you you could do whatever you wanted to him– so?
Richter: I killed him.
Cordelia: Oh, my… hehehe..!

Reiji: One day… I’ll return… and I will kill… you, and… that woman… without fail…
Reiji: I will definitely… return…!
End of flashback

Richter: ……
Richter: Even if it was just for a little while, I cannot forgive that boy for breathing in the same air as you.
Cordelia: Oh, Richter… You’ve always been jealous.
Richter: Only for you.
Richter: However, I’ve caught you at last.
Richter: From now on, we’ll always–
Cordelia: ….Hehe.
Cordelia: What are you saying~?
Richter: …?
Cordelia: You think you’ve “caught” me?
Richter: Cordelia…
Cordelia: Hehehe, how conceited can you get, Richter?
Cordelia: You’re not enough for me, and you’ll never be enough…
Cordelia: The only one who can satisfy this body and soul is “that person”…
Richter: ….!!
Cordelia: Hehe… A shame for you~!

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