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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru’s Epilogue: Two People’s Time (English Translation)

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Subaru: Hey, Kana-nii. About Hika-nii’s new work…
Kaname: You don’t need to say it, Suba-chan. Because even I’m confused.
Subaru: So you don’t get it either?
Kaname: Not at all. I never would’ve thought Hii-chan would write a novel like this.
Azusa: I read it too. It was certainly different from how he usually writes.
Azusa: The state of minds of the main character and heroine is depicted very realistically.
Tsubaki: Could it be based off true events?
Azusa: There’s no way it could be…
Tsubaki: I’m sure even Hika-nii is at the age where he experiences a dramatic love life.
Azusa: If that’s true, then who’s the other partner?
Ema: W-What…?!
Ema: (Everyone looked directly at me after Azusa-san spoke…!)
Kaname: No way. I can’t see why it’d be related to Imouto-chan.
Tsubaki: Now that I think about it, I think she received a package from Hika-nii the other day.
Tsubaki: Seems like an awful big coincidence. Hey, Hey, will you tell me what it was? Ema?
Ema: U-Um…
Ema: (H-How should I answer them…?)
Tsubaki: It was addressed to you wasn’t it, Ema?
Ukyo: Let’s change the topic shall we? I’ll be washing all your sheets today. So go ahead and get them from your room please.
Ukyo: Ah, unless you want to wash them yourselves. That’d be perfectly fine too.
TsubakiThat : s like a real pain. Getting them washed alone is a pain, but washing them myself would be a bigger pain…
Ukyo: If that’s the case then hurry up and get them ready for me.
Ukyo: You’re going out after this aren’t you, Ema? If that’s the case, don’t worry about them. Just take care when leaving.
Ema: T-Thank you…!
Ema: (So he helped me out there didn’t he…? Thank you, Ukyo-san!)
Ema: I’ll see you later.
Louis: Have a safe trip, Chii-chan. Give my best regards to Hikaru-niisan.
Ema: L-Louis-san?!
Ema: (Jeez…how much does everyone know…?)

Ema: It’s grown pretty hectic at home recently…
Hikaru: Haha, that sounds pretty interesting.
Ema: Jeez, don’t laugh about it! Once I get home they’ll definitely ask me a lot of questions. I’m not sure what to say.
Hikaru: Why not just answer them honestly? Me and you started dating.
Hikaru: Right?
Ema: (Hikaru-san is really adult-like in these kind of situations…)
Hikaru: Anyway, I wonder why everyone seems to be reading this novel I wrote.
Ema: That’s probably because a love story is an unusual genre for you to be writing…
Hikaru: Well, I don’t mean just those guys. It piqued the interest of people worldwide too.
Hikaru:That love story got a lot of positive feedback. My editor even suggested I should write a sequel…
Ema: I can see why. It was a sad story that left you with a huge painful feeling.
Ema: But, it’s also…very you.
Hikaru: Like me…?
Ema: Yeah. I mean, you said it before didn’t you?
Ema: Every human has their ideals and feelings that influence their actions. You took a lot of time in writing those feelings in your story.
Ema: I believe what you were aiming for was told perfectly. I was definitely able to feel the sadness it was trying to convey.
Hikaru: Hm, is that so…?
Hikaru: Well, I am thankful for it becoming a great seller.
Ema: Are you considering writing a sequel? I’d certainly like to see what happens next.
Hikaru: I don’t think I could write one.
Ema: Why not?
Hikaru: It was really hard to do in the first place.
Ema: It was…?
Hikaru: When you ran out of my room, I wrote the feelings I felt back then.
Hikaru: To remember such a painful memory would be really hard for me.
Ema: Hikaru-san…
Hikaru: Even so, I don’t feel like writing Noir novels either. Since I’d have to get close to the one I’m gathering info from…
Ema: You’d have to get close to them? What do you mean by that?
Hikaru: In order to gather info for my novel, I’d secretly gather info on a criminal.
Hikaru: Typically most of these criminals are men. So it was easier to approach them when I disguised myself as a woman.
Ema: So that’s the reason you disguised as a woman…?!
Hikaru: That’s right. Wait, did you still think I was actually a drag queen?!
Ema: N-No I didn’t mean that!
Ema: (I just thought that he liked dressing up as a woman.)
Hikaru: But since I have a girlfriend now, disguising as a woman would be a bit…
Hikaru: I mean, I’m beautiful when dressed up. So I can’t have you losing confidence as a woman.
Ema: What…?! That may be true but even I…!
Hikaru: Hm..? What’s that?
Ema: I’m sure in a few years…even I’ll become a little more beautiful…I hope…
Hikaru: Hehe, that’s just silly.
Hikaru: You’re already very pretty as you are now.
Ema: (Ahh…..)
Hikaru: By the way, I’ve been holding back on this for a while now.
Ema: Hm? What is it…?
Hikaru: It should be fine if I kiss you, right?
Ema: What…?!
Hikaru: Nnn…
Hikaru: How cute. You’re so nervous you’re tensing up a bit.
Ema: I-I couldn’t help it! I-It was so sudden…
Hikaru: I told you I was enduring it the entire time didn’t I? I wanted to make you mine before anyone else.
Ema: Before anyone else?
Hikaru: Who else but the 13 Asahina brothers? Excluding me of course.
Ema: There’s no way that would’ve happened. They’re all family after all.
Hikaru: But that didn’t stop us. It was the same for me and you wasn’t it? So it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to catch you first.
Hikaru: Even if you never considered it, that doesn’t mean they didn’t.
Ema: No way. It’ll be fine.
Hikaru: You sure you won’t unexpectedly space out?
Ema: I-I won’t!
Hikaru: Would you rather live here instead?
Ema: …!
Hikaru: If you do that I can teach you to become much more of an adult. In ways that go far beyond just kissing.
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…!
Hikaru: Haha. But don’t forget it okay? I’ll never hand you over to anyone.

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