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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ending 2 (English Translation)

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In Yui’s room
Yui: (There’s a full moon tonight, huh..?)
Yui: (Poor Cordelia. She’ll never get to see a moon as beautiful as this again.)
Yui: (But I’m grateful for her.)
Yui: (Thanks to that incident, now I know the splendors of living freely.)
Yui: (From now on I won’t be imprisoned to anybody, and I’ll get to live in this freedom.)
Yui: Just like that, free…
Yui: Hehe… hehehe!

Yui: …Yes, come in.
Yui: Oh, Reiji-san–
Yui: …I mean, Reiji. You’re late; hurry up and pour me some tea.
Reiji: I will at once.
Yui: I would like tea of the finest quality. Yes… Unlike yourself.
Reiji: Of course.
Yui: …Ah, actually I’ve changed my mind.
Yui: Before you make that tea, brush my hair.
Reiji: Of course.
Yui: Go slow, and carefully.
Reiji: …As you wish.
Yui: Also, what happened with Richter? Did you take care of him?
Reiji: Yes. Just like you asked, I took his life.
Yui: Hehe, I see…
Yui: I’m feeling good today. The moon is pretty too, so let’s walk to school.
Yui: Is that fine, Reiji?
Reiji: …Yes.
Yui: …What is it? Are you upset about something?
Reiji: No.
Yui: Really… But, now I feel dismayed because of you. What will you do about that?
Yui: Hehe… A smart boy like you should know what to do, right?
Yui: Now, kneel for me.
Yui: Good boy…
Yui: Here, take some blood from my hand.
Yui: And make me feel good.
Reiji: Of course…. mm..
Yui: Ah… More, suck me more.
Reiji: ….mm..!
Yui: Oh, my… Hehe, what’s wrong, Reiji? Don’t be so greedy all of a sudden.
Yui: Someone like you doesn’t get that kind of authority anymore. Hehe, hehehe…! Ahh…
Reiji: Mm….
Yui: And… we’re finished now.
Reiji: !!
Yui: Release me, filth.
Reiji: Wait…
Reiji: Give me more of your blood–
Yui: …Did you not hear me? I said let go, Reiji.
Reiji: …..
Yui: Who do you think you’re talking to? Know your place, Reiji.
Reiji: …..
Yui: Hehe… You’re a slave to my blood. I won’t let you go anymore…
Yui: Work hard so that I don’t throw you away, got it?
Reiji: …….
Yui: (This blood of mine, which flows from the heart I took from Cordelia, is like a narcotic for these vampires.)
Yui: (He cannot bear to be without my blood anymore… Reiji-san will heed my every beck and call now. My… slave.)
Yui: (He’s mine for all of eternity…!)
Yui: (Ahh, this feels good! I can live however I please; this is wonderful…!)
Yui: Hehe… ahahahaha! Ahahahaha!!

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