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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru’s Ending: Real Feelings (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’s been 2 months since I ran out of Hikaru-san’s room. I hadn’t seen him since then.)
Ema: (I’ve had no family events or any chances to meet him at all.)
Ema: (Without realizing it, I find myself easily avoiding an encounter…)
Wataru: Onee-chan, what’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?
Ema: Hm? What makes you say that?
Wataru: Because you’ve looked really sad recently.
Ema: Oh…
Wataru: Whenever you’re feeling sad I’ll be happy to lend “Usa-tan” to you!
Ema: Hehe, thank you.
Ema: (I didn’t realize I looked so depressed lately.)
Ema: (I shouldn’t let Wataru-chan have to worry about me. I got to get a grip.)
Ukyo: Ah, Ema-san. There was a package addressed to you from Hikaru.
Ema: From Hikaru-san…?!
Ukyo: Here you go.
Ema: Thank you…
Ukyo: Ema-san? You look a bit pale…are you okay?
Ema: I-I’m okay! Sorry…
Ukyo: There’s no need to apologize. Just be sure not to overwork yourself. If you’re not feeling well, be sure to say so.
Ukyo: I’d always be willing to get Masaomi-niisan to check on you.
Ema: Of course. Thank you.
Ukyo: Be sure to get some rest.
Ema: I will. Goodnight.
Wataru: Goodnight, Onee-chan!

Ema: (I wonder what the package I received from Hikaru-san is…?)
Juli: What? You aren’t going to open it?
Ema: It’s not that, it’s just…
Ema: (I’m feeling hesitant about it…)
Juli: Then I’ll open it instead.
Ema: F-Fine…
Juli: Hm…? What’s this?
Ema: It’s a literary magazine. Why would he send me this? Oh, there’s a pen name on the cover…
Ema: Asakawa Hikaru. That’s Hikaru-san…
Juli: So are you going to read it? That’s probably why he sent it to you.
Ema: Yeah. Do you want to read it together?
Juli: Tch. I don’t want to read about a love rival story! I’m going to sleep!
Ema: (Love rival…? What’s he talking about?)
Juli: What?
Ema: It’s nothing. Thank you, Juli.
Juli: Yeah, Goodnight.
Ema: Goodnight.
Ema: (Let’s find the page his story is on. Ah, here it is. But this is…a love story?!)
Ema: (I thought for sure it’d be a Noir novel. I suppose I’ll read it anyway…)
Ema: This is…
Ema: (The main character is an inexperienced journalist who meets the heroine through a fateful encounter…)
Ema: (The heroine was originally just a tool for gathering info, but before long the main character starts to fall of her…)
Ema: (Finally, the main character decides to visit the heroine to reveal his feelings for her. It’s unknown whether the two’s feelings will reach each other…)
Ema: (The love of the main character is so well written that I find my chest start to hurt.)
Ema: (This is just like my situation with Hikaru-san. Was this based on the interviews he gave me…? Or…)

Ema: Who could that be this time of night..?
Hikaru: It’s been a while.
Ema: Hikaru-san…!
Hikaru: Did you get a bit thinner? You don’t look so good.
Ema: …..
Hikaru: Hey now, why are you crying?
Ema: I don’t really understand it myself but… Since it’s been so long since I’ve seen you…
Ema: I probably really wanted to see you… I really missed you for a long time…
Hikaru: I’m the one who should be saying that.
Ema: Huh…?
Hikaru: I also wanted to see you. I’m sorry for taking so long.
Ema: I’m sorry for being stubborn and not going to see you. There’s also that email too…
Hikaru: Don’t worry about it. You read my story didn’t you?
Ema: Yes…
Hikaru: I wanted to finish that story before I met with you. But I truly did want to see you. There wasn’t a single moment I hadn’t thought about it.
Hikaru: But because I’m a novelist, I wanted to convey my feelings through my writing.
Ema: Huh?
Hikaru: That story contained my feelings and memories that I developed over time with you.
Ema: (So that means…?)
Hikaru: At first I only thought of you as a source for gathering info. But after spending time with you, I grew more fond of you.
Hikaru: It was really insensitive of me. I’m really sorry for hurting you.
Hikaru: I know it’s unforgivable…but if you’ll allow it, I want to smile by your side again…
Hikaru: I’ll never hurt you again. There’s no one I want to treasure more than you, Ema.
Ema: Hikaru-san…
Ema: This isn’t for gathering info, right?
Hikaru: Of course it isn’t.
Hikaru: I love you, Ema…
Ema: I love you too, Hikaru-san…!

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