Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Ecstasy 7 (English Translation)

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At the Spiral staircase
???: –What’re you doing there?
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun…
Yui: (I was trying to go downstairs, but I got a little dizzy…)
Yui: (So I decided to just rest for a bit. Ahaha, the room is still spinning..)
Subaru: You’re lame.
Yui: I know…
Yui: Are you trying to go upstairs, Subaru-kun?
Yui: Wait a second, I’ll move.
Subaru: Hurry up.
Yui: Okay—wah..!!
Yui: (…I’m still so dizzy! I couldn’t catch the handrail; I’m falling…!)
Yui: (…Eh? I didn’t fall…?)
Subaru: ….Idiot.
Yui: Huh?!
Subaru: The hell are you doing…? Dunno if you’re just faint or anemic but don’t stand up so fast.
Subaru: I won’t stop you if you want to keep rolling to the bottom, though.
Yui: I-I don’t! Thank you for helping me…
Subaru: …Hn.
Yui: (I guess I’m still unsteady… Thank goodness Subaru-kun saved me…)
Yui: I think I’ll keep sitting here for a little while more.
Yui: I’m okay now, so you can let go…
Subaru: …..
Subaru: ….You did the same thing before.
Yui: Huh?
Subaru: Not even when I’m sucking your blood… or when you sprained your ankle… or when you’re calling out for me to stop or wait for you… you never ask to be saved.
Subaru: Do you think that if you just keep on being a good girl, someday “God” will come to save you?
Subaru: You think he’ll wrap you up in his unconditional love or whatever the fuck kind of things you think he’ll do for you?
Subaru: Then, you’d be one of those pure, lily-white good girls—they gross me out so much it makes me want to vomit.
Yui: …Don’t say that.. I… I believe in God, but I don’t rely on Him for everything…
Subaru: Aah?
Yui: I’m just trying to do everything I’m able to…
Yui: (Besides, there’s no one… who I can rely on here.)
Subaru: …..
Subaru: ….Heh, I see…
Subaru: You’re that kind of person… which is why I’ll.. take you out of “that guy’s” hands…
Yui: (Huh…?)
Subaru: …Let’s go.
Yui: Huh?! Wh-what?!
Subaru: …Shut up. I’ll drop you if you start thrashing around.
Yui: …!
Subaru: Grab onto me if you’re scared.
Yui: Ah…
Yui (Subaru-kun is holding me…! …Why…?)

In the Ballroom
Yui: Th-thank you…
Subaru: It was nothing.
Yui: (Even though he had somewhere he needed to be, he still chose to carry me here.)
Yui: Um, Subaru-kun… Why did you help me…?
Subaru: …Heh.
Yui: …Ah?!
Yui: (H-he grabbed my thigh!)

Choose: What are you doing?! (M choice)
Yui: What are you doing?!
Subaru: …..
Subaru: You… do you on-command slap people whenever they grab your thigh?
Yui: O-of course I do…!
Subaru: ……Heh. That’s very like you..

Choose: Touch his hand (S choice)
Yui: What are you doing~…?
Subaru: …..
Subaru: …You.. Heh, you look really eager for this, like I’m giving you exactly what you want.
Yui: Oh dear, you caught me.
Yui: But if you can understand that, then why are you only touching the boring places?
Yui: Don’t tell me you just plan on teasing me?
Subaru: …But you’re actually hoping I’ll tease you, aren’t you?
Yui: That’s not nice of you to call me out like that~ Then I’ll go ahead and tease you, too.
Subaru: Hah?
Yui: Eh?! I-I’m so sorry, Subaru-kun! I…
Subaru: …..
Yui: (What was I even saying to him…? Maybe, was that because I’m in the middle of my awakening…?)
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun! Please let my leg go already…!

Subaru: Heheh… Well, you might not have a chest, but your legs are nice. And…
Subaru: …Holding your body to mine.. isn’t so bad either. Of course, the taste of your blood is good too…. mm…
Yui: Kyaa..!
Yui: (H-he’s… biting my… leg…)
Subaru: …It’s not bad… once in a while… to look up at you from below while I suck your blood…
Yui: Wha…!
Yui: D-don’t say perverted things like that!
Subaru: …Hah? If men weren’t perverted, you humans would’ve been long gone by now.
Subaru: …You’d have just been food for us vampires to gorge on.
Yui: …..!
Subaru: ….Well, if you have the energy to scream like that then I guess you’re alright.
Subaru: …Looks like you did come down with anemia, though…
Yui: Huh?
Subaru: …Nothing. You’re feeling good, right?
Yui: Eh? Y-yeah. I’m all better now.
Subaru: …How’s your heart?
Yui: Eh, my heart? It wasn’t hurting at all today.
Subaru: …..
Subaru: Hn, that’s good then. …See you.
Yui: Subaru-kun…


With that said, Subaru-kun went off somewhere.
He was acting much stranger than usual; I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react.
Why did he decide to help me?
Even before, he appeared out of nowhere and helped me then, too.

Was he worried about me…?
Softly, I place my hand over my heart, where I feel a new kind of pain beginning to blossom.

Even though he’s a vampire, even though he’s done so many awful things to me, why is my heart hammering in my chest like this?

Is this proof that I really am awakening?

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