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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Ecstasy 6 (English Translation)

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In the Hallway
Yui: –Subaru-kun, is now a good time?

Yui: –Ah, what is this?!
Yui: (The walls in his room are all crumbling!! His coffin is also upside down!)
Yui: (And there’s this stuff smeared all over the walls… is that.. blood?)
Yui: –What happened?!

Yui: (…Hah. I never would’ve thought Subaru-kun would do that…)
Yui: (Everyone else is acting as they always do…)
Yui: (So… is it normal for Subaru-kun to wreck up his room like that?)
Yui: (He’s got the church and the bathroom down already, and now he’s destroyed his own bedroom…)
Yui: (I wonder if there’s anything he’s actually careful with.)
Yui: (But he even messed up his coffin, which he sleeps in everyday. It’s so heavy, but he just flipped it right over…)

On the Balcony
Yui: Oh, Subaru-kun, you’re here.
Subaru: …Aah? It’s you.
Subaru: Nice timing. Wreaking all that havoc makes me hungry.
Subaru: …Let me suck you.
Yui: ….! But, you need some treatment!
Subaru: Treatment?
Yui: (…Oh, right. If I told him I wanted to treat him, he probably wouldn’t just sit still and let me do as I want.)
Yui: (But it doesn’t look like his injuries are too life-threatening, either…)
Yui: …Okay. That’s fine.
Subaru: …Aah?
Yui: You want to suck my blood, right? …Go ahead.
Subaru: …You’re acting really obedient. That’s rare.
Subaru: Well, alright… mm..
Yui: Ngh…!
Subaru: …mm.. ngh…
Subaru: …..mm.
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s fangs are burrowed deep in my skin..)
Yui: (My blood is flowing inside of him…)
Yui: (My.. blood…)

Choose: Is it really that delicious?
Yui: (Is it really that delicious?)
Yui: (If it makes Subaru-kun happy, then I’m okay.. with having my blood sucked…)

Choose: I want to heal him (Correct choice)
Yui: (I wish my blood could heal Subaru-kun, even just a little bit…)
Yui: (If I wish hard, maybe it’ll come true?)

Subaru: …Mm… it changed..?
Subaru: ….*sucks*..
Yui: …Subaru-kun? What’s wrong?
Subaru: …*sucks*..
Yui: Ah!
Subaru: …Mmgh… This flavor…
Subaru: …Mm.. The hell.. is this… You… …!
Subaru: Hah… mm… give me more.. more…
Yui: (I want…)
Yui: (…I want to be useful to Subaru-kun.)
Subaru: ….ah..
Yui: Hah… is that.. enough?
Subaru: Ah… Yeah. If I drank anymore than this I wouldn’t be able to stop.
Subaru: Didn’t you notice that… I drank a lot more today than usual?
Yui: (Oh, he’s right… I’m feeling really dizzy. But…)
Subaru: …What’s wrong with you? Today your blood was so delicious. …What happened?
Yui: What do you mean..?
Subaru: Did Laito or Reiji or someone get you to take something weird? Aah?
Yui: No one made me take anything.
Yui: You’ve never drunk like that before, so maybe the taste of my blood just got stronger…?
Subaru: …..
Yui: Anyway… you know, Subaru-kun.
Subaru: Aah?
Yui: Since you sucked my blood, I have a favor I’d like to ask you…
Subaru: Hah?!
Subaru: Tch, the fuck? So that’s why you were being all obedient and shit today. …Damn.
Yui: I-I’m sorry.
Subaru: …Whatever. Your blood was nice today, so I’ll listen to one thing– one thing only.
Yui: Thank you.
Yui: I went into your room earlier, and it was all messed up in there. Were you the one who did that?
Subaru: …..
Subaru: …I wasn’t in a good mood when I came back from the castle. So what?
Yui: (…It seems like his worst days are usually the ones when he visits the castle…)
Yui: (Does something happen at the castle?)
Yui: ….Hey, are the wounds on your hand okay?
Subaru: …Aah? You changed the subject– what did you want to ask me for?
Yui: Oh… I just wanted you to show me your hand…
Subaru: What’ll you do once you see it?
Yui: I-I’ll… treat it for you.
Subaru: …You’re weird. Dunno why you would ask for something like that.
Subaru: Besides, it’s just a scratch. Your blood’s healing it already. …Look.
Yui: It’s true… There’s nothing there.
Subaru: I’ve told you this over and over again, haven’t I? I’m a vampire. Hn. I guess that concludes your request, though.
Yui: …No, it’s not over yet.
Subaru: Aah? I said there’s no wounds. You know that, so let g–
Subaru: Wh–!
Yui: Maybe it healed already, but you’re still hurting from what happened back then.. right?
Yui: So let me do this for a little while.
Subaru: ….Wha…
Yui: (I’m acting strange… I think I just want to be touching Subaru-kun like this.)
Yui: (And also, when I’m holding him… it’s kind of comforting…)
Subaru: Yui…
Subaru: …I really… don’t understand you…
Yui: Mm… Maybe not. Sorry…
Subaru: You’re annoying. Don’t apologize.
Yui: O-okay.
Subaru: …But you can.. keep doing this till the wound heals.
Yui: ! Thank you!
Subaru: ……
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s hand is ice cold. He really is one of the “undead,” huh?)
Yui: (But, if I keep my hands wrapped around his, maybe they’ll warm up, even if it’s just a little bit…)



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