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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 12: White Day (English Translation)

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Fuuto: …You’re late.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: It took you forever to open the door!
Ema: What?! It didn’t take that long at all!
Fuuto: Is that really something you should be saying after I came all the way here?
Ema: I-I’m sorry.
Ema: (W-Wait why am I apologizing?! It’s not like I thought the timing was strange!)
Fuuto: …Whatever, here.
Ema: …?
Fuuto: …Take it.
Ema: Huh?
Ema: (Wait, is this…?)
Fuuto: This your gift in return for Valentines.
Ema: T-Thank you!
Ema: (Oh? Are these those sweets that were featured on TV?)
Ema: (But… they’re really popular and sell out quick. So he would’ve had to stay in line all morning for these…)
Fuuto: I heard they were really tasty.
Ema: But these are really popular, right?
Ema: I heard they’re really hard to get. That’s amazing, Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: Something like this is easy for me. Just who do you think I am?
Ema: (That’s right. Since Fuuto-kun is a celebrity I’m sure obtaining things like this must be simple…)
Fuuto: …Is what I would say. But I actually waited in line to buy it just for you, Nee-san.
Ema: What?! No way! I’m sorry if I troubled you.
Fuuto: I did it because I wanted to, so there’s no need for you to trouble yourself over it.
Fuuto: Besides I wouldn’t have done it in the first place if I thought it’d be annoying.
Fuuto: Aside from that you should really work on that habit of apologizing so much, Nee-san.
Ema: Ah, you’re right. Sorry.
Fuuto: Did you not just hear what I said?!
Ema: Ah! S-Sorry! Oh, wait I did it again!
Fuuto: I’ve always known you were an idiot but now you’re just making an even bigger fool of yourself. *sigh*
Ema: But I’m really happy that you gave me these sweets. Thank you!
Fuuto: Well, if it pleases you then good.
Ema: More so that I feel it’d be a waste to eat them.
Fuuto: In that case I’ll eat them.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: If you can’t eat them then I’ll eat them for you.
Fuuto: In return I’d expect a special service for having to eat them in your room.
Ema: S-Special service?!
Fuuto: You know what that means don’t you?
Ema: Whaaat?!
Fuuto: You’ll feed me yourself won’t you?
Ema: W-Wait a minute! Fuuto-kun you’re…!
Ema: (He’s really close!)
Fuuto: As for the sweets and you, I’ll devour them both.
Ema: (I-I don’t think I can’t take this any longer!)
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun! S-S-Stop!
Fuuto: Haha! Seems you fell for it again, Nee-san.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: It was a joke.
Ema: A joke…?
Fuuto: Yep. Anyway I bought them for you so be sure to eat them.
Ema: (Jeez! Fuuto-kun!)
Ema: Okay. Thank you. I’ll be sure to eat them.
Fuuto: Oh and be sure not to eat with anyone else okay? I’ll get mad if you do.
Ema: I-I wouldn’t do that!
Fuuto: Well, I’m glad you understand.
Ema: (He went through the trouble of buying this so I’ll savour every last bite.)
Fuuto: Oh, by the way…
Ema: Hm?
Fuuto: Out of all the Valentines I received, I only gave one person a gift in return. And that person is you, Nee-san.
Ema: What!?
Fuuto: If you understand then be sure to eat them.
Ema: (Fuuto-kun…)
Ema: So this is your return Valentine gift for me?
Fuuto: Well, no matter what you think, this is just keeping us even. If I owe I debt, I always live up to my principles you know.
Ema: (Hehe. That’s just like him.)
Ema: Thank you very much.
Fuuto: I expect you to cook me all of your delicious speciality dishes.
Ema: (Can’t he just say something nice for once!?)
Fuuto: That’s all I had to say. See you.
Ema: Thanks again. Good-night.
Fuuto: Goodnight.

Juli: Chii? Why are you grinning to yourself?
Ema: Huh? I-I’m not!
Juli: Did you get those sweets from Fuuto?
Ema: Y-Yes…
Juli: So it was him who said that nasty comment about eating you!
Ema: O-Oh that was…!
Ema: (Juli has sharp hearing…!)
Juli: I don’t see how he’s an idol but for him to say he’d eat my precious Chii-chan is outrageous!
Juli: I’ll eat both the sweets and Fuuto until there’s nothing left!
Ema: W-Wait a minute, Juli! Calm down!
Juli: So where should I start? From the arm? The foot? Or maybe the head is easiest!
Ema: (I probably should have kept quiet about it…)

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