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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy Epilogue (English Translation)

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In the Dance hall
Yui: (Why did Reiji-san call me… er, Cordelia, here?)
Reiji: –Thank you for waiting.
Yui: Oh my, look who finally decided to show up to dance with me. I was getting tired of waiting.
Reiji: My deepest apologies. I had a small delay.
Yui: Delay? Were you preparing something?
Reiji: Yes… I was finally able to complete… that drug I had been working on before.
Yui: Which drug?
Yui: (It’s a secret medicine to resurrect his late mother…)
Yui: You’re going to resurrect Beatrix?
Reiji: Yes. This time… I hope to make her die with a heavy remorse, by my own hand.
Yui: Hehe. You’re reviving her for the sake of murdering her? That’s interesting. You have a persistence quite like myself.
Yui: No wonder I always thought you and I were similar.
Reiji: Cordelia, to celebrate its completion, may I take your hand… for one song?
Yui: Yes, of course.
Yui: A lot of the things I’ve done during our time together have been absolutely ridiculous.
Reiji: Yes, they have. You’ve been quite a headache for me to put up with.
Yui: But your drug was completed in the end, so that’s good, right?
Reiji: Yes. With this… I can dispel of those lasting feelings I had.
Yui: Hah, that’s wonderful. Maybe I should get rid of my lasting feelings soon too.
Yui: (Reiji-san… I wonder if this is really okay…)
Yui: (I can’t understand his way of thinking at all, but… this might help Reiji-san a little, so…)
Reiji: Have you also been able to accomplish your final wishes?
Yui: I’ve been thinking about that, but… you know… I’ve started to take a small interest in you.
Yui: (Huh…?)
Reiji: What do you mean by that?
Yui: Hehe. I mean, I won’t be killing Karl with these hands. The one to do that will be you.
Yui: I don’t think it would be too bad if I relinquished that honor to you, since that’ll give me a second shot at ruling this world– this time as the bride of the next head of this family.
Reiji: …. Heh, hahaha…! How very like you indeed.
Yui: What do you think about that? You were going to make this girl your bride anyway, weren’t you?
Reiji: …Yes, I was.
Yui: So then there shouldn’t be a problem.
Yui: (Ah…. Reiji-san!!)
Reiji: –Exactly, there is no problem.
Yui: Hehe. So this rounds off nicely. Now I want you to invoke Beatrix so I can watch you kill her.
Reiji: Yes. But before that, Cordelia. I’d like to ask… will you share a kiss with me, to seal this vow?
Yui: Whoa, you turned out to be pretty romantic. I didn’t expect that.
Reiji: –Come.
Yui: Alright. I’ll give you one anytime you want…
Reiji: Cordelia…
Yui: (…No way, why…? Reiji-san… does he not care about “me” at all?)
Reiji: Mm…
Yui: …Mm…?!
Yui: (What?! Cordelia thrusted Reiji-san away?)
Yui: What… is this? What did you do?
Reiji: Heh heh… You took the bait, Cordelia. I gave you… a certain medicine.
Yui: …?! A medicine? Don’t tell me…
Reiji: This drug will restore your true self… It will restore Yui.
Yui: N-no… So that wasn’t… a resurrection drug… ah…
Reiji: Indeed, I failed to purify the resurrection drug. However, I did succeed in… developing one that could bury you away from this world.
Yui: (Reiji-san?! Was that drug he had been working so impatiently on, really… this?!)
Yui: Kch… this… brat…!
Reiji: So long, Cordelia. Please return to the bottom of the deepest pits of hell.
Yui: You’ll pay… You cheated me, someone like me… the daughter of the Demon Lord…!!
Yui: How dare you… How dare you, how dare you, how dare you!!
Reiji: Your words may be mighty, however that takes an opposite effect on your body. Your strength is fading.
Yui: (…Ah, it’s true… And now my body… is listening to me again..!)
Yui: U-uwuuuaghhh!
Reiji: A little more… just a little more… Now, Yui, take my hand.
Yui: (His hand..? Reiji-san…?! Will I be able to?!)
Yui: –I won’t let you…!!
Yui: (….Stop! Let go! Let go!!)
Reiji: Harder! Try just a little harder!
Yui: (Reiji-san…! Reiji-san! Reiji-san….!!)

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