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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 3 (English Translation)

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Adachi Ryou: …It’s really late.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah… Thanks for everything, Ryou. You always walk me home…
Adachi Ryou: Don’t mention it… You’re family would be worried, right?
Adachi Ryou: I can’t just let a girl walk home alone at night, after all.
Kurihara Airi: Ryou…
Adachi Ryou: Although… Like this…
Kurihara Airi: Wh-what…?
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: Since…you have no chest.
Kurihara Airi: Wha!!? What’s with that!?
Adachi Ryou: Haha…! There’s no way someone would assault you, huh!
Kurihara Airi: Jeez, Ryou! You are always, always treating me like a child!
Kurihara Airi: Even though we’ve only one year apart!
Adachi Ryou: …I know.
Adachi Ryou: But, I’ve known you since we were kids. So…
Kurihara Airi: ”So…” what?
Adachi Ryou: ……No, I just can’t leave you alone…
Kurihara Airi: …Jeez… When will you see me as an equal?
Adachi Ryou: Never in a lifetime.
Kurihara Airi: Th-that’s mean…
Adachi Ryou: ……By the way…
Adachi Ryou: …Why won’t you draw?
Kurihara Airi: …Eh?
Adachi Ryou: The original work you submitted.
Adachi Ryou: Wasn’t it your dream to be a manga artist?
Kurihara Airi: That’s…I mean…I’m not sure what to draw…
Adachi Ryou: You’re not sure?
Kurihara Airi: I couldn’t go anywhere with my first work. It was based on my own experience…
Kurihara Airi: So, for my second one, I want to try drawing something completely different.
Kurihara Airi: But, no matter how much I draw, I’m not satisfied with it…
Kurihara Airi: Eventually, I tried thinking about what would be good to draw, and I still don’t know.
Adachi Ryou: …………
Kurihara Airi: …………
Adachi Ryou: ……Must be nice.
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: …I don’t have a chance like that.
Adachi Ryou: I can’t do what I’d like. That’s why I said it must be nice.
Kurihara Airi: Ryou…?
Kurihara Airi: (What do you mean…?)
Kurihara Airi: (…Ryou will inherit his family’s Western-style confectionary in the future.)
Kurihara Airi: (That’s the nature of him being the heir to Sheer Glacé, one of the best Western confectionaries in the country…)
Kurihara Airi: (But I don’t think Ryou has any problems with this.)
Kurihara Airi: (I wonder what Ryou meant about not having that chance…)
Adachi Ryou: …What are you staring off into space for? I’m leaving!
Kurihara Airi: Ah, sorry! Wait up, Ryou!

Kurihara Airi: *sigh*… So tired…
Father: You’re extremely late. Did Ryou-kun walk you?
Kurihara Airi: Eh? Yeah, he did…
Mother: Hehe! As always, Ryou-kun is your knight in shining armor, Airi~
Kurihara Airi: Jeez! It’s not like that!
Father: Hahahaha! But you did come from Ryou-kun’s house, yes?
Kurihara Airi: Y-yeah… Um, he helped me study…and that’s why I’m late.
Father: What! You’ve just become a college student, and you’re already studying like that?
Mother: Well that’s fine, since you were following in Ryou-kun’s footsteps
by entering the renown Seishuuin University’s economics department.
Mother: The lectures must be difficult, so I’m sure they must give you trouble.
Kurihara Airi: Uh…yeah…
Kurihara Airi: (That’s actually not it. Dad and Mom are both vehemently opposed to me drawing manga.)
Kurihara Airi: (Since Ryou entered Seishuuin University’s economics department, these two wanted me to enter as well.)
Kurihara Airi: (I could draw manga and do anything else I liked, they said it was fine so long as I made it in.)
Kurihara Airi: (So, I studied extra hard and made it into Seishuuin University’s economics department.)
Kurihara Airi: (But I was too late, and these two had already forgotten their promise.)
Kurihara Airi: (And so…even though I’m Todoroki-sensei’s assistant,)
Kurihara Airi: (I still haven’t told them that I’m drawing manga)
Kurihara Airi: Email? From who?
Kurihara Airi: (!? Todoroki-sensei? “Tomorrow, come to the house”…)
Father: Email?
Kurihara Airi: Eh! Y-yeah…from my friend.
Kurihara Airi: Tomorrow morning, they want me to hang out for a bit…
Father: Is that so?
Kurihara Airi: (Phew… Though I already finished my assistant work, I wonder what he needs me for? Is it about my original?)
Kurihara Airi: (If that’s the case, I’m a little depressed…)

Kurihara Airi: Good morning. It’s Kurihara!
Todoroki Keigo: Ah, Airi-san.
Todoroki Keigo: Good morning. I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly.
Todoroki Keigo: The truth is, um…there’s somewhere I’d like you to accompany me…
Kurihara Airi: …? Somewhere you want me to accompany you…?

Staff: Good morning.
Staff: Ah! Thank you for your work today.
Kurihara Airi: …Todoroki-sensei, was this the place you wanted me to accompany you?
Todoroki Keigo: Yes… They start recording for the anime today, and they said they wanted me to come.
Todoroki Keigo: I absolutely couldn’t refuse, and um…I’m not very good in places like this, so if somebody…
Kurihara Airi: …In other words, you wanted me to accompany you?
Kanzaki Kojirou: Todoroki-sensei, I’m sorry I’m late.
Todoroki Keigo: Oh? Kanzaki-san. How as the meeting?
Kanzaki Kojirou: There wasn’t much left, so I left and came here.
Todoroki Keigo: That kind of thing again… That grandstanding is pointless.
Kanzaki Kojirou: I don’t need to be scolded by you.
Kurihara Airi: U-um… Good work today.
Kanzaki Kojirou: Hm…? Kurihara. You came, too?
Todoroki Keigo: I thought you might not have been able to come, Kanzaki-san.
Todoroki Keigo: So I asked her to accompany me.
Kanzaki Kojirou: …….
Kanzaki Kojirou: Sensei. You should be old enough by now.
Kanzaki Kojirou: That said, please come by yourself.
Todoroki Keigo: Yes, yes. I don’t need to be scolded by you!
Kanzaki Kojirou: …………
Kanzaki Kojirou: I suppose it’s fine. We don’t have time for this. First, we need to greet the director.
Kanzaki Kojirou: Let’s go, Sensei!
Todoroki Keigo: Alright, I got it.
Kurihara Airi: U-um…!
Kurihara Airi: (…What should I do? They left me behind)
Kurihara Airi: (This is my first time at an anime recording, so I’m a little nervous…)
???: Ah! It’s Momoka!
Kurihara Airi: Eh!? Momoka? Which person…?
???: Hey, you! You’re Momoka, right?
Kurihara Airi: By “Momoka,” you can’t mean…
???: The protagonist from Todoroki-sensei’s Momoka Sengenki!
???: The prodigious strategist loyal to the Shousenken…
Kurihara Airi: Specializes in Chinese food?
???: That’s it! You really are the spitting image of Momoka!
Kurihara Airi: (Y-you think so…?)
???: I was already really looking forward to today when I heard the original author, Todoroki-sensei, was coming, but…
???: Not only Sensei, I’m even able to meet Momoka! I’m ecstatic!
Kurihara Airi: (But it’s not like I was the model for Momoka…)
Kurihara Airi: (But even so, is this kid a voice actor? I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.)
Staff: We’ve received a year’s supply of strawberry éclairs from our sponsor, Sheer Glacé~
Everyone: Wow~! Amazing!!
Everyone: Hurry and bring them in!
Kurihara Airi: (Sheer Glacé…strawberry éclairs…)
Kurihara Airi: (Ah! This kid is the kid that was in the TV commercial for the strawberry éclairs!! That means…)
Kurihara Airi: …Could you be the actor for Momoka Sengenki’s Ryuusei…
Castis Kyouichi: Yup, that’s me! I’m Castis Kyouichi. Nice to meetcha!
Kurihara Airi: (Wow, he’s even more lovely that I remember seeing him in the commercial…)
Kurihara Airi: (When he smiles, he looks just like an angel)
Castis Kyouichi: Hey, hey! Is that Todoroki-sensei over there talking to the director?
Kurihara Airi: Yes. And next to him is Kanzaki-san from the Shuuen publishing company.
Castis Kyouichi: Wow… I wanna hurry and greet him, too!
Castis Kyouichi: It’s really amazing to be able to have a conversation directly with a Japanese manga artist!
Kurihara Airi: Eh? Is it?
Castis Kyouichi: Of course! When I emailed my friends in America, they were all extremely jealous!
Kurihara Airi: (…America?)
Castis Kyouichi: Japanese manga is loved around the world.
Castis Kyouichi: I own many Japanese manga, too.
Castis Kyouichi: When I started the Momoka Sengenki series, I read it in the magazine.
Castis Kyouichi: Even though KanaRia is a shoujo magazine, it has a lot of interesting manga!
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve heard that Japanese manga is popular even overseas, but…)
Kurihara Airi: (It’s really true. That makes me a little happy.)
Castis Kyouichi: Ah, hey. Could it be you’re…Todoroki-sensei’s supervisor?
Kurihara Airi: Ah, sorry. I haven’t properly introduced myself.
Kurihara Airi: I’m Kurihara Airi.
Kurihara Airi: Todoroki-sensei is my master.
Kurihara Airi: I’m aiming to be a manga artist while attending university.
Castis Kyouichi: Huh, so that’s it. But still, you really are the spitting image of Momoka, ya know?
Kurihara Airi: (D-do we really look that much alike? He said it once before, but I still don’t think so…)
Castis Kyouichi: Hey, Airi! I have one request, if that’s okay?
Kurihara Airi: Eh? What is it?
Castis Kyouichi: I want you to stop with the formal language. I still don’t understand the more difficult Japanese…
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes! I understand.
Castis Kyouichi: Ah! You’re being formal again!
Kurihara Airi: Ah…!
Castis Kyouichi: Hehe! You’re really funny.
Castis Kyouichi: I like you, Airi!
Castis Kyouichi: Airi, you can call me “Kyouichi,” ‘kay?
Castis Kyouichi: And I’ll also call you “Airi.” Okay?
Todoroki Keigo: Airi-san. I’m sorry for leaving you alone.
Kurihara Airi: Ah, Todoroki-sensei! It’s fine. Just now, I was with Kyouichi-kun…
Castis Kyouichi: It’s nice to meet you, Todoroki-sensei. I’m Castis Kyouichi, the actor for Ryuusei.
Todoroki Keigo: Nice to meet you. I’m Todoroki.
Todoroki Keigo: I was surprised in the audition.
Todoroki Keigo: Ryuusei’s role is extremely difficult, but you have a very good understanding of the work…
Castis Kyouichi: Thank you very much! Hearing you say that makes me extremely happy!
Todoroki Keigo: Ryuusei infiltrated the Shousenken as a spy for the Kigenken.
Todoroki Keigo: I think from now on, there will be many more difficult scenes, but I look forward to the televising.
Castis Kyouichi: Yes! I’ll keep doing my very best!
Kurihara Airi: (Momoka Sengenki is a Chinese action manga, in which the masters of the technique to regulate the world’s balance, the Shousenken,)
Kurihara Airi: (oppose the men who use the world-destroying technique, the Kigenken,)
Kurihara Airi: (and a fierce war erupts…)
Kurihara Airi: (Kyouichi-kun will be acting Ryuusei, a character who’s very popular with the readers)
Kurihara Airi: (But because of this, there was huge opposition to casting a new talent for the part,)
Kurihara Airi: (Kyouichi-kun’s voice seems like the kind that’d be easy to reject.)
Staff: Kyouichi-kun, we’re starting! Standby.
Castis Kyouichi: Okay!
Castis Kyouichi: Well then, please watch me!
Castis Kyouichi: Bye-bye, Airi!
Todoroki Keigo: In that case, shall we head that way?
Kurihara Airi: Yes!

Kurihara Airi: Kanzaki-san said, “Please go to school from here.”
Kurihara Airi: “Right now, isn’t your schoolwork the most important thing?”
Kurihara Airi: …but his words were harsh.
Kurihara Airi: He was right. I know I can’t be irresponsible!
Kurihara Airi: (…Oh?)
Kurihara Airi: (It couldn’t be both 3rd and 4th periods are cancelled? I’m not taking a 5th period, so next is…)
Kurihara Airi: (…6th period!?)
Suzuoka Ren: Oh? Airi!
Suzuoka Ren: What’s wrong? That’s a serious face.
Kurihara Airi: Ren… Yeah, just a little. I have a lot of free time…until 6th period.
Suzuoka Ren: But, it’s only 1:00! 6th period’s not until 5:00, right?
Kurihara Airi: Yeah, that’s why…I was wondering what to do until then.
Suzuoka Ren: Hmmm…that’s it! So, would you like to go somewhere with me?

Please note: your first couple of playthroughs, until Ren has been unlocked as officially chaseable (after getting the best-possible ending for two other characters), your choices will be different at this point in the game.

1: Does that mean a date with Ren? (Ren +1 Love Point, after unlocking her +5 Love Points)
2: Sounds good. 

1: Does that mean a date with Ren?
Kurihara Airi: Does that mean going on a date with Ren?
Suzuoka Ren: Ahaha! Such a thing.
Kurihara Airi: …Yeah. I have time, so I don’t mind.
Suzuoka Ren: Yep, by the way,
Suzuoka Ren: It’s been a long time since I hanged out with Airi alone.
Kurihara Airi: Hahaha….!

2: Sounds good. 
Kurihara Airi: Sounds good!
Suzuoka Ren: Great, then!

Suzuoka Ren: I just have some errands. We might even get to see everyone while we’re at it…right?
Kurihara Airi: Yeah, I got it. But, what should we do?
Suzuoka Ren: Right. Then, first we should look at the map.
Suzuoka Ren: On the normal map screen, you can only go up to 3 places.
Suzuoka Ren: Today, you can visit all of the different places. Be sure to visit your favorite places, ok?
Suzuoka Ren: Anyway, an icon of someone’s face will be on places you can visit.


If you choose to save the story:

2019-01-01 (1)

2019-01-01 (2)

It’s time for the first Free Mode, because it’s your first time, Ren will hold your hand and walk you the whole way through it. Operating on the assumption that you’ve never done this before, Ren will point out between your visits ways of finding everyone’s face you don’t initially see on the map. And because this is your first-ever Free Mode, you get to visit all of them instead of your usual 3-stop limit. Also, you can visit these in any order you please, as long as you can find their faces on the map.

Bookstore: Adachi Ryou >>
University: Hattori Hibiki >>
Secondhand Bookstore: Kanzaki Kojirou >>
Station Square: Castis Kyouichi >>
House of Sweets – Keigo’s Room: Todoroki Keigo >>

After your first stop:
Suzuoka Ren: …That being said.
Suzuoka Ren: After you’ve met with someone, that person’s face will disappear from the map.
Kurihara Airi: So, I can’t meet with the same person twice, right?
Suzuoka Ren: Yup, that’s how it goes.
Suzuoka Ren: Now then, where do you wanna go next?

After your second stop:
Kurihara Airi: So now, the faces of the two people we’ve met with should have vanished from the map, yes?
Suzuoka Ren: Exactly!
Kurihara Airi: Moreover, there are only 2 places I can still go, huh.
Suzuoka Ren: That’s right. After this time, whenever you have a Free Part, it will end after 3 visits.
Suzuoka Ren: Ah, when you have some kind of event, you’ll only be able to make 1 visit.
Suzuoka Ren: At any rate, we still have some time today, so will you hang out with me for a little bit longer?
Kurihara Airi: Sure!
Suzuoka Ren: Then, where should we go next?

After your third stop:
Suzuoka Ren:Next is…
Suzuoka Ren: Hm? That reminds me, do you wanna go to the House of Sweets?
Kurihara Airi: No face icons appear there, but since Ryou and everyone else live there, maybe someone’s there.
Suzuoka Ren: Right! On the map screen, there’s no face icons at the House of Sweets.
Suzuoka Ren: But, when you try going there, a map of the rooms will appear, and you can visit someone there!
Kurihara Airi: Huh, is that right? Then, we have to try it out!

After your fourth stop:
Suzuoka Ren: This is the last choice. Who’s left?

After your fifth stop:
Suzuoka Ren: Good work today! That was a complete lap.
Suzuoka Ren: So then… Isn’t it about time for your lecture?
Kurihara Airi: I should have left already.
Suzuoka Ren: Take care!
Kurihara Airi: Yeah, I will. Thanks!

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