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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 11: Date At Night (English Translation)

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Ema: Phew, today was exhausting. Goodnight, Juli.
Juli: Yeah, goodnight.
Ema: (Huh? A text at this time of night?)
Ema: (Oh its from Fuuto-kun. It says, “Are you awake?”)
Ema: (I guess I’ll reply back. “Yes, for the time being.” And sent.)
Ema: (“I’m in front of your room right now”…?!)
Ema: (What?! He’s at my door at this time of night?)
Ema: (I guess I should go answer it then.)
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: Hello, Nee-san.
Ema: What are you doing here so late…?
Fuuto: I just came back from work. I was wondering if you’ll step out with me right now.
Ema: A-At this moment?!
Fuuto: Yeah.
Ema: In the middle of the night?
Fuuto: This the only time I have free time. Unlike you, I’m busy most of the time.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: Besides, the later it is the less people there’ll be outside. So it’ll be easy to take a walk.
Ema: (I see. I guess being celebrity means he has to be careful not to attract too much attention…)
Fuuto: I only wanted to talk a walk outside. Are you okay with that?
Ema: (Hmm, what should I do?)

1: Go for a walk (hearts)
2: Let him get some rest

1: Go for a walk
Ema: Alright, I’ll go with you.
Fuuto: You will? Then hurry up and get changed.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: Or do you intend on wearing those unappealing pajamas on our stroll together?
Ema: What?! E-Even if you didn’t say anything I intended to do so in the first place!
Ema: As for the pajamas, I’ve always thought they were cute!
Fuuto: Yeah, yeah. They’re very cute.
Fuuto: Oh that’s right. Its actually pretty cold out tonight so be sure to bring a jacket.
Ema: …….!
Fuuto: What? Did I say something strange?
Ema: Nope. I was just thinking that was a pretty nice thing of you to say.
Fuuto: What? You must really think of me as this cruel person, huh? Even I can show some concern.
Ema: Hehe, thanks.
Fuuto: Anyway, hurry up and change already.
Ema: Okay, just a minute.
Fuuto: It better take only 30 seconds.
Ema: Only 30 seconds?! That’s not enough…
Fuuto: Come on you’re wasting time. 1, 2, 3….
Ema: Ah! Wait!
Ema: (He’s as selfish as ever!)

2: Let him get some rest
Ema: Taking a walk is nice and all but you need to make sure you get some rest. You should go to sleep.
Fuuto: ……
Ema: Um, could it be that you had something you wanted to talk about?
Fuuto: It’s fine. It wasn’t that important.
Ema: Are you sure?
Fuuto: I said it wasn’t important, so forget it. Goodnight.
Ema: …Goodnight.
Ema: (I wonder if I angered him a bit? I’ll be sure to apologize to him tomorrow.)

Continue for choice 1
Ema: So, where are we headed?
Fuuto: Just to the park. But it’ll be different than usual.
Ema: Different? How so?
Fuuto: You’ll see once we get there.
Ema: Alright. In that case let’s hurry up and go!
Fuuto: Hey! Don’t run you idiot!
Ema: Ahh!
Fuuto: Woah! Be careful!
Fuuto: Jeez, what are you doing? Without me you would’ve fell.
Fuuto: Even a child knows what’ll happen if you run so carelessly in the night.
Ema: Yeah, haha. I’m sorry. Thank you.
Fuuto: Seriously. I told you to be careful.
Ema: (As usual his words are harsh. Although surprisingly not as harsh as I was expecting…)
Ema: (Rather, it sounded more gentle than usual.)
Fuuto: Here, take my hand.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: I’m telling you to give me your hand.
Ema: Oh…
Fuuto: If I just leave it as it is you’ll probably end up falling again. Hurry up.
Ema: Okay. Thank you.
Fuuto: Are you seriously older than me? You need to grow up a little.
Ema: Believe it or not, I’ve actually put on an older sister front for both you and Wataru-chan.
Fuuto: What? Are you serious?
Fuuto: If anyone saw how clumsy you looked in front of me, I doubt they’d think you’re the older one.
Ema: Haha…
Ema: (Figures he’d give me a rude remark like that…)
Fuuto: See? We’re here. Look up.
Ema: Up…?
Ema: Wow! This is…!
Fuuto: Yeah, its a nightly view of the cherry blossoms.
Ema: Amazing! I’ve never seen cherry blossoms at night before! Woah!
Fuuto: Haha, no need to get overly excited.
Ema: But just look at them! They’re really beautiful!
Fuuto: Well, I guess there was some worth in bringing you here after all.
Ema: Thank you, Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: I suppose now is a good time than ever.
Ema: What is it? You seem serious.
Fuuto: I passed my high school entrance exam.
Ema: What? Really?! That’s great! I mean considering your circumstances, you must’ve studied in between work.
Ema: Congrats, Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: It’s only natural I’d pass. Well, I was thinking whether or not I should tell you.
Ema: I see. Its hard to believe you’re already in high school. Time sure flies…
Fuuto: While you’ve got your head in the clouds I’m quickly becoming an adult.
Ema: Hehe, I suppose that’s true.
Fuuto: Also…
Fuuto: I noticed it’s much more fun being around you, Nee-san.
Ema: Hm? What do you mean by that?
Fuuto: It’s a secret.
Ema: What? Tell me!
Fuuto: You’ll find out sooner or later.
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: Once these cherry blossoms begin to scatter.
Fuuto: It’ll definitely be the most exciting present ever…
Ema: (Most exciting present ever?)
Fuuto: Forget that for now and look at the cherry blossoms!
Fuuto: I went through the trouble of bringing you here so you should pay attention.
Ema: Y-Yeah.
Ema: (While I’m worried about that secret he was talking about, I can see that his smile is genuine…)
Ema: (But rather than the cherry blossoms making my heart beat, it’s Fuuto-kun. This feeling…)
Ema: (Being together with him makes me feel very happy…)
Ema: (And I’ve realized that I don’t see him as family or a younger brother anymore…)

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