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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 10 (English Translation)

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In Yui’s room
Reiji: –Where do you plan on going, Cordelia?
Yui: Where? Isn’t that obvious? To the castle.
Reiji: Unfortunately, Karlheinz is very busy at the moment –he’s not in the castle.
Reiji: Even if he was there, he would be with Christa, whom you despise.
Yui: Ha, that woman is still alive? Or rather, she’s still being kept alive?
Reiji: Of course she is. It’s an order from the head of the family.
Yui: That’s kind of irritating. But whatever. Let’s stop talking about that repulsive woman.
Yui: I want to breathe in the air of the castle– I haven’t been able to for so long.
Yui: (…But you don’t have to wear… such a fancy dress…)
Yui: Oh no, it’s important to dress to the occasion.
Yui: This is the castle I might live in once I become a bride. You should take a look at it as well.
Reiji: Honestly, the only things you’re talented at are thinking up ways to bother me.
Yui: Hehe. Now, tighten this corset for me. Make it so my waist looks very slender.
Yui: Especially since this girl is as straight as a stick. I want to highlight some curves, at least.
Yui: (Hey! You’re awful!!)
Reiji: –Of course.
Yui: Good… ah…!
Yui: (….This hurts…! It feels like I’m going to die..!)
Reiji: Should I tighten it more?
Yui: Yes, keep going.
Yui: (…Stop it already! If you go any slimmer, it’ll only look bad!)
Yui: Oh my, perhaps it might. Reiji, do you think this is enough? This girl is screaming for you to stop.
Reiji: Is that so? Then… I’ll tighten it even more.
Yui: (Stop it…! You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?!)

Yui: (Hah… I thought I was going to die…)
Yui: –Just as I thought, I look better this way…
Reiji: Please do not walk outside looking like that. This mansion is rumored to be a haunted mansion already enough.
Yui: It’ll be fine. Hey, Reiji… What do you think of me?
Reiji: Hmph. Are you looking for a compliment?
Yui: In some way or another, I’m in the form of someone you hold dear, aren’t I?
Reiji: Someone I hold dear? What a joke. Lately, you’ve been the one throwing yourself at me.
Yui: That’s a crude way to put it. I’m only telling you the truth.
Yui: There’s no doubt that my existence has acted as a catalyst for you– because of me, your relationship with this girl has grown much stronger.
Yui: Don’t you think so too?
Yui: (You might say that, but…)

Choose: Maybe you’re right (M choice)
Yui: (But maybe you’re right. If you hadn’t come–)
Yui: Look, even this girl says she thinks I’m right.
Reiji: Well, perhaps so. This relationship between an owner and his possession has become much more stable.
Reiji: Which is thanks to Cordelia.
Yui: (…gh… That sounds kind of questionable; I wonder if Reiji-san is being truthful…)

Choose: You’ve misunderstood (S choice)
Yui: (I think you’ve… misunderstood.)
Yui: Hehe. She thinks I misunderstand.
Reiji: Well, that may be so. My relationship with her could not have possibly gotten any better in this situation.
Yui: (But I thought our connection had grown stronger…)

Yui: Well, whatever. Give me my compliment now, Reiji.
Reiji: For what reason?
Yui: The more you compliment a woman, the more beautiful she feels.
Reiji: …What could I possibly gain out of ensuring that you feel beautiful?
Yui: Your prey is worth more if it’s beautiful… don’t you think?
Reiji: Oh? I see. That’s rather shrewd of you to say.
Yui: Isn’t it? So, compliment me for it.
Reiji: I’ll compliment you if there’s a meaning for it. You’re wonderful… very much so.
Yui: Hehe. More.
Reiji: Yes, that dress you’re wearing is worth nothing when you consider how lovely your snow-white skin is.
Reiji: And your skin is so soft, this silk would run away in shame.
Yui: (ah…! Wh-why is my heart pounding so hard?)
Yui: Am I beautiful, Reiji?
Reiji: Yes, you are lovelier, and so much more beautiful than anyone else, my dear…
Yui: Flatter me more, more.
Reiji: I would love nothing but to rip that dress from your body, and ravish you here this instant.
Reiji: For if I didn’t… those other men would… devour you before you could even blink…Yui: Hah, good.. Reiji, kneel down. And slip my shoes on me.
Reiji: Of course, my dearest.
Yui: (Reiji-san is kneeling…!)
Yui: Right, now, rest my foot on your lap.
Reiji: Heh heh… As always, your feet are beautiful… just like a graceful swan.
Reiji: They’re so lovely and small… that they slip right into the palm of my hand…
Yui: (N-no… I feel dizzy now..)
Reiji: I will help you with your shoes.
Yui: Go ahead.
Reiji: Heheheh…
Yui: Pfft… hehehe!
Reiji: Hahahaha…! I see, this has been rather interesting.
Yui: Yes, that tongue of yours is quite talented at flattery. Even I was beginning to feel aroused.
Yui: But this girl’s heart was pounding the entire time.
Yui: (Ah! You didn’t have to bring me into this, Cordelia!)
Reiji: Well, I knew she would react that way.
Reiji: –This is satisfying.
Yui: Hm? Did you say something?
Reiji: No. Now, shall we be off to the castle? I will escort you, my lady.
Yui: Oh my, so this game is still on? Wonderful.
Yui: (It’s no use– I can’t understand these two at all.)

The words Cordelia had said are still ringing in my ears.

That her existence is the reason
My relationship with Reiji-san grew so much stronger.

If she hadn’t shown up,
Then what would have become of us?

Reiji-san and I would probably have maintained a predator/prey relationship to the very end. Probablyーeven if I underwent an awakening and became one of them, and even if I was chosen as a bride, this still would not have changed.

When I think about this, I realize that Cordelia might not have been entirely wrong after all.


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