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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 12: Target Coverage (English Translation)

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Hikaru: Now for the next question.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (Today I’m being interviewed in Hikaru-san’s room again.)
Ema: (As usual, Hikaru-san happily throws various questions at me…)
Ema: (Although lately these “info gathering” interviews have been making me feel sad these days. I wonder why…)
Hikaru: Alright. What would you do if a man you were interested in confessed to you?
Ema: Huh?
Hikaru: I said if a man said he may be in love with you, what would you do?
Ema: U-Um…
Hikaru: Can you not imagine it? Then why don’t I try acting out the scenario for you?
Ema: (Acting out the scenario…)

1: Agree to it. (hearts)
2: Decline.

1: Agree to it.
Ema: Alright, let’s do that…
Hikaru: Good.

2: Decline.
Ema: No, that’s fine…!
Hikaru: Haha, no need to give me the cold shoulder! It’d be much easier to gather data this way.
Ema: Well, I suppose that’s true…

Hikaru: Now listen to me as if you’re in love with me, okay?
Ema: (As if I’m in love with Hikaru-san…?)
Hikaru: You’ve been visiting here a lot recently haven’t you?
Ema: Y-Yes.
Hikaru: At first I only thought of you as my source for gathering info. But then I got to know the various lovely sides of you…
Hikaru: And before I knew it, I started to really enjoy being around you.
Ema: ….
Hikaru: There’s so much you still don’t know about me. And so much I want to learn about you…
Hikaru: I’m…in love with you.
Ema: (Hikaru-san…?! T-This is…)
Ema: ….
Hikaru: ….
Ema: ….
Hikaru: Hey now, you should say something.
Ema: ….!!
Hikaru: If you don’t react, how am I supposed to gather info?
Ema: (T-That’s right…this is just gathering info after all…)
Ema: (It’s just like he said. I’m just his source for gathering info…)
Hikaru: What’s wrong? You look a bit pale. Are you okay?
Ema: I-I’m sorry. I don’t really feel well…
Hikaru: Hm…? I see. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.
Ema: It’s okay. I’m sorry for not finishing but… Would it be alright if I just returned for today?
Hikaru: Ah, that’s right. You shouldn’t force yourself. If it’s too difficult to walk home yourself, you’re welcome to use my bed.
Ema: No, I’d be more comfortable in my own room. I’m sorry.
Hikaru: I suppose that’s true. In any case, why don’t I at least send you home?
Ema: I’ll be okay by myself.
Hikaru: What are you talking about? There’s no way I can allow you to leave by yourself when you aren’t feeling well.
Ema: I want to be alone…!
Hikaru: …!
Ema: (I-I accidentally raised my voice…)
Ema: I-I’m sorry…
Hikaru: Ema? Are you really okay?
Ema: I am. I’ll be leaving now…
Hikaru: Alright…
Ema: Bye…
Hikaru: Hey, Ema. When you feel better do you want go somewhere else together?
Ema: Huh…?
Hikaru: It’s probably boring in this room. So we could occasionally–
Ema: So this is also…
Hikaru: Huh?
Ema: So this is also for gathering info?
Hikaru: ….?
Ema: So it is, right? In that case…
Ema: In that case, I’ve had enough…!
Hikaru: Ema? What’s wrong?
Ema: Stop playing with my heart already! I…I’m really in lo…
Ema: …..!
Hikaru: What?
Ema: I’m sorry…!
Hikaru: Wait!
Ema: (I can’t believe I said something like that to him. What the heck was I saying? I wonder if he hates me now…)
Ema: …..
Ema: (I didn’t want to trouble him. I didn’t want him to hate me…)
Ema: (I only wanted to help him. I wanted to always be beside him…)
Hikaru: There’s so much you still don’t know about me. And so much I want to learn about you…
Ema: (I don’t want to be used for gathering info anymore. I should’ve realized it sooner…)
Ema: (When he said it was just for gathering info it really surprised me…)
Ema: (Since when did it happen…?)
Ema: (Since when did I fall in love with Hikaru-san…?)
Ema: A message? It’s from Hikaru-san…
Ema: (“I want to talk to you. Can we meet…?”)
Ema: I’m sorry Hikaru-san…
Ema: I can’t meet you when I’m feeling this way…

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