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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Ecstasy 4 (English Translation)

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Yui: ….Huh?
Yui: (That’s Subaru-kun over there, right? What’s he doing?)
Subaru: …..
Yui: (He’s looking at something… That’s… a big screen?)
Yui: (It’s a news program. Uhm, looks like there’s a famous politician guest-starring on it, too. Don’t I know that person?)
Yui: (I do! His name is… ahh, it’s no use. I can’t remember…)
Subaru: …..
Yui: (Subaru-kun is really set on staring at that screen. He looks like he doesn’t want anyone to bother him.)
Yui: (…But, it’s kind of surprising that he’s interested in Japanese politics.)
Yui: (That politician works mainly in philanthropy and does charity services.)
Yui: (He’s famous enough that even I know him… and he’s really attractive so he has a lot of fans.)
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: What… all of a sudden… my heart started pounding…
Yui: (Is it.. because I was watching that politician?)
Yui: (I think he’s attractive, but he’s not really my type…)
Yui: (And besides, I’ve seen him before, so why now…?)
Yui: …Agh..
Yui: (No… it’s just like last time… I can barely hold myself up.)
Yui: (My chest is throbbing, and my body is heating up…)
Yui: (My heart aches, my head is spinning.. and… I can’t stand up anymore…)
Womanizer: …Hey, are you alright?
Yui: Huh…?
Yui: (Who’s that…? My vision is blurry, so I can’t see their face very well…)
Womanizer: Your face is so pale! Looks like your legs are giving out too. Do you feel alright?
Yui: Ah… It’s probably… anemia…
Womanizer: Well, that’s not good! Grab onto me, I know somewhere safe. Don’t worry, you can rest there.
Yui: Don’t… worry…?
Womanizer: Yes, don’t worry. I go there all the time, so you’ll be alright.
Yui: (I can’t… feel the ground… Is he holding up… my shoulder?)
Yui: (He said not to worry… he’ll take me someplace safe…)

Choose: I want to go home
Yui: (…I want to go home..)
Yui: (It’s okay if I don’t rest right now, I just… want to.. get home…)
Yui: (I want to go back home… where everyone else is…)

Choose: Subaru-kun (Correct choice)
Yui: (…Subaru..kun..)
Yui: (I’ll only ever… stop feeling worried… when I’m with Subaru-kun…)
Yui: (So is this person… going to take me to where.. Subaru-kun is…?)

???: –Oi! The hell are you doing, Yui?!
Yui: (…?! Someone else grabbed me!)
Yui: Subaru-kun…?
Subaru: You dumbass! Stop staggering around! Get up!!
Yui: I-I’ll try…
Womanizer: Oi, kid! That chick isn’t feeling well– I’ll be the one taking good care of her now–
Subaru: –Aah?
Womanizer: EEK! N-nevermind! Um, I’ll leave her to you!!
Subaru: Hn, that worm.
Subaru: Oi, Yui. What the fuck were you doing with him, you idiot?!
Yui: Huh…?
Subaru: You cheap woman! Did you want to follow that creep?!
Yui: That person was being kind and helping me, though…
Subaru: Ha! Are you really that stupid? Would a kind person look that shady?!
Yui: (D-did that person look shady…?)
Subaru: You want to get fucked and left out on the street? Aah?!
Yui: Wha–
Subaru: Your virginity belongs to me!
Yui: –?! S-stop yelling weird things like that!
Subaru: It’s the truth!
Yui: Th-that’s not the truth..!
Subaru: Then want me to take it now, right here?
Yui: Kyaa?!
Subaru: …Maybe it won’t be so bad.. to do it in public… what do you think..? Nn..
Yui: …! St-stop it…!
Subaru: Hm… Do you really want me to stop? …Mm..
Yui: …..ngh..
Yui: (P-people are watching…! I want him to stop, but… why am I…)
Subaru: Heheh… Lewd woman.
Yui: ….!
Subaru: …Anyway. Has your head cleared?
Yui: Huh? …Ah, yeah… It’s all good!
Subaru: Hn. Then stand up already. You can walk on your own two feet.
Yui: Okay…
Yui: …I feel much better now. Thank you, Subaru-kun.
Subaru: It was nothing.
Yui: I-I really mean it!
Subaru: ….Hmph.
Subaru: Anyway, the fuck were you doing, letting that bastard hold you like that?!
Yui: I was watching that big screen… and all of a sudden my vision got blurry… I think it was probably anemia.
Yui: But then my heart started hurting, and I couldn’t stand anymore.
Subaru: Your heart…?
Subaru: …What about now?
Yui: Ah, it’s okay. I think it’s settled down.
Yui: (…Actually, my heart was hurting up till just a while ago, but it’s fine now.)
Subaru: ……
Yui: (–Is it because I’m with Subaru-kun?)
Yui: (Because he came, I calmed down, and my heart stopped hurting…)
Subaru: …Ah? Why’re you staring at me?
Yui: N-no reason. It’s nothing.
Yui: …Um, also, about earlier! You were watching the big screen too.
Yui: You were looking at it very intently. Are you by chance interested in politics?
Subaru: Aah? Where did that come from?
Yui: I actually saw you on the way home and came to ask you something.
Yui: I think if we take the car we’ll get home in time to finish the program. Why don’t we go home and watch it together?
Subaru: …Hah. Who…
Subaru: Who would willingly watch a show with that guy…?!
Yui: Eh…?
Subaru: Oi, where is the car stopped?
Yui: Oh, just over there. It won’t even take a minute to walk there…
Subaru: Then go home yourself.
Subaru: This time don’t let anyone weird grab you.
Yui: Ah, Subaru-kun!
Yui: He left…
Yui: (Subaru-kun… Why was he in a bad mood?)
Yui: (It seems like he really hates that politician… maybe, are they connected, somehow?)

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