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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 9 (English Translation)

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At the Lakeside forest
Reiji: –Why have you gone out of your way to come to the castle? …I have no time to listen to you reminisce about the past.
Yui: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look, the sky is perfect tonight for bathing in the moonlight.
Reiji: Tch…
Yui: Hehe. Was it really that awful of me to have wrecked up that room?
Reiji: You understand well. Exactly. I was so close… to its completion.
Yui: (Reiji-san…)
Yui: Hehe. A vampire’s life is long. What’s the rush?
Reiji: –There is a reason for me to rush.
Yui: A reason? I see. Well, I guess it can’t be helped then. But you should take some time to watch the moon.
Reiji: …I suppose I could.
Yui: Isn’t there a saying the Japanese have– like, haste makes waste or something?
Reiji: For once, you’ve said something quite decent.
Yui: Oh, that was rude. That’s how you think of me, now?
Yui: Look.
Yui: I distorted the moon’s reflection on the lake.
Reiji: Yes, you did…
Yui: You know, I love the sight of the moon flickering in and out on the lake.
Reiji: You mean, you love watching things fall insecure. How fitting for a woman as dangerous as yourself.
Yui: Heh, are you flattering me?
Reiji: Only the highest of compliments.
Yui: Next, I’ll…
Yui: (…Mgh?! Cordelia, wait a second!!)
Yui: I’ll bathe with… my clothes on… waiーah… huh?!
Yui: (W-wait!! I can’t swim!!)
Reiji: ….?!
Reiji: Why are you messing around…?!!
Yui: No….! This girl… she can’t swim…!!
Yui: (My body…! I’m drowning!! No, this hurts!! I can’t breathe!)
Yui: (Cordelia! Cordelia?! …She’s not here?!)
Yui: (Ah… I can move my body again….!)
Yui: (….Reiji-san is yelling something…. but, I can’t… reach..!)
Reiji: ….!!

Yui: ! *cough*!! Agh..!!
Reiji: Honestly… Please don’t waste my time like this…
Yui: (Reiji-san… he saved me?)
Reiji: Hah, I ended up plunging in here with my clothes still on… I seem to have taken after Laito.
Yui: …*cough* …hy… Why…?
Reiji: What was that?
Yui: *cough, cough*… Why did you.. save me?
Reiji: Why? …Ha, I wonder. Would you like to be tossed back into the lake?
Yui: No!! Wait a second!! Reiji-san–!
Reiji: …Cordelia…?
Yui: No… It’s not Cordelia… It’s me, Yui.
Reiji: ?! Is it really…? This isn’t another attempt at deceiving me, is it?
Yui: Maybe Cordelia could pretend to be me if she wanted to, but… it’s not her.
Yui: It’s Yui…
Reiji: I see. She must have lost consciousness when you submerged underwater, then.
Yui: Yeah… probably. But… I’m happy that… I could come out like this, even if it’s only for a little while.
Reiji: ….You do realize who you’re embracing, don’t you?
Yui: I know. It’s you… Reiji-san.
Reiji: Good grief. Even a songbird will grow meek after being shut in a birdcage for so long.
Reiji: Well, alright. I’ll allow this this time only. Just like this, holding you as if you were a child.
Yui: Huh?!
Yui: (I-it’s true… Reiji-san is holding me up bridal-style…!!)
Yui: (Well now that I realize that, I’m embarrassed all of a sudden… What should I do?)

Choose: Put me down! (S choice)
Yui: Please p-put me down!!
Reiji: Put you down? Fine.
Yui: ….!! You didn’t have to suddenly drop me…!
Reiji: You’re the one who told me to put you down. I was only following your command.
Yui: (Yeah, but…!)

Choose: Stay like this a little bit longer (M choice)
Yui: Is it fine if we… stay like this for a little bit longer?
Reiji: You’d like me to pamper you?
Yui: ….E-every once in a while, maybe, I’d like to be coddled. It’s just been so long since I met you personally…
Reiji: Hm… Should I?
Yui: (He might sound hesitant, but he’s still holding me close…)

Reiji: Well, Cordelia will be waking up soon.
Yui: I won’t be able to see you again when that happens.
Reiji: …As of now, there’s no way for me to save you. And that..
Reiji: –is all.
Yui: I know.
Reiji: Which is why you should say everything you need to say now.
Yui: Yeah…
Reiji: (What’s going on…? Reiji-san is being much gentler than I thought was possible… I’m confused.)
Reiji: (And he said I should talk to him, but now I can’t think of anything to say…)
Reiji: You have nothing to say? In that case, I’ll return us to the mansion; I’d like to change my clothes.
Yui: Ah… wait..!
Reiji: What is it?
Yui: Um… why… why are you always protecting my body?
Reiji: Why…?
Yui: Ah… I always thought… since you’re Reiji-san, you would have… a different, valid reason.
Yui: But I can’t help but wonder why…
Reiji: –That is something I’d like to know.
Yui: Huh?
Reiji: My body jumps into action without my incentive. Always, always..
Reiji: Despite the fact that I’ve never once thought about rescuing you.
Yui: What does that mean?
Reiji: It baffles me. I’ve never experienced something like this before.
Yui: (That is–…..)
Yui: ‘Kay, this conversation ends here.
Reiji: Welcome back.
Yui: Hehe. I’m here again. I just took a little nap.
Yui: (Hah… We’re back to this again… but… I’m glad I at least got to talk with Reiji-san myself for a little bit.)
Yui: (Who knows when I’ll get to speak with him again. When I think about that… I get kind of depressed.)
Reiji: …..

After a long while, I finally got to relish feeling my own body again.

Reiji-san was unusually gentle… So much so that I even thought he was an imposter. Was he sympathizing with my situation? But… I felt happy regardless.

Besides, I got to ask what I’ve always been wanting to ask. Why was he keeping my body alive?

I didn’t hear his answer, butーー

Reiji-san is protecting me.
As long as that remains a fact, I feel like I can endure this life.

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