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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Ecstasy 3 (English Translation)

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In the Garden
Yui: …Mm. These roses are very beautiful.
Yui: I got Reiji-san’s permission to pick some, so I might as well.
Yui: Some to decorate my room… oh, right. Maybe some for the living room, too…
Yui: Wah?!
Subaru: ……
Yui: Oh, Subaru-kun! You spooked me… Please don’t stand behind me like that.
Subaru: …I can stand wherever the hell I want to.
Yui: That’s true, but you startle me when you pop up behind me all of a sudden…
Subaru: Hmph.
Yui: Ah, maybe.. did you come here to pick some roses too? They’re so beautiful, especially the white ones.
Subaru: …White roses…
Yui: Hey, did you know? Roses symbolize passion.
Yui: But white roses symbolize “purity” and “innocence.” It has a lot of “pure” implications.
Yui: Oh, oh, I think they also mean “chastity” too…. and…
Subaru: ……
Yui: (Why am I telling Subaru-kun all of this?)
Yui: (I think it was because the roses were so beautiful, I got carried away…)
Subaru: ……
Yui: ! Wh-what are you doing?!
Yui: (He tore up all the white roses I picked!)
Yui: (The petals are… falling all over the place…)
Yui: You’re awful… Flowers are living things, too!!
Subaru: …‘Chastity,’ huh…?
Subaru: Are you familiar with what a wilted white rose symbolizes?
Yui: Huh? There’s symbolism for wilted flowers too?
Subaru: …Yeah, there is.
Subaru: A long time ago an old aunt from my family taught me about it.
Subaru: “The loss of your chastity is the catalyst to a wish for death.”
Yui: !
Subaru: That is what a wilted white rose symbolizes.
Subaru: …I despise roses. Especially white ones!
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (He scattered all the other white roses on the ground…)
Yui: (….Huh? There’s something red mixed in with all the white petals…)
Subaru: …Fuck. I pricked my finger on a thorn.
Yui: Huh…? Can I see it?
Subaru: –Don’t touch me!
Yui: ….!
Subaru: …Enough already. Just.. don’t touch me, or these roses.
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (He’s making that lonely expression yet again…)

Choose Pick up the scattered white rose petals (Correct choice)
Yui: ……
Subaru: Oi!
Yui: …They might’ve fallen on the ground, but if I brush off the dirt they’ll be fine. Even if we only keep the petals, they’re still pretty.
Yui: I can still use these to decorate.
Yui: Even if they wither, they won’t change… they’re very beautiful.

Choose: Pick the blooming red roses
Yui: ……
Subaru: Oi!
Yui: You don’t want me touching the white roses, right? So then it’s fine for me to pick the red ones. I want to decorate my room.
Yui: Besides, I like red roses more anyways. …Okay?

Subaru: …Alright. So you’re not going to listen to me?
Yui: …Because..
Subaru: Hmph… Oi, open your mouth.
Yui: Huh? …Wh-why?
Subaru: Just do it! Or are you going to disobey me again?
Yui: I wasn’t… planning to disobey you from the start… but.. mm..
Yui: (I opened my mouth, but… what’s he going to do? I-I’m… kind of nervous…)
Subaru: ……
Yui: Mgh?! …Mm… mngh!
Subaru: …Mm, it’s clean now.
Yui: …Wha… what…!
Yui: (Subaru-kun… stuck his injured finger in my mouth…)
Yui: (He wiped the… blood… all over my tongue…!!)
Yui: (…It tastes like iron…)
Subaru: If you’ve learned your lesson, go back to the mansion. Don’t come here ever again.
Subaru: …And especially don’t come near the roses..
Yui: Ah….
Yui: ….Hah. How come I never do anything but make him mad…?
Yui: (…But, I used to read fairy tales and legends about vampires. They would say that aside from drinking blood, vampires also frequently ate roses…)
Yui: (That’s why I had thought that vampires would like roses, but Subaru-kun showed me otherwise.)
Yui: (He hates them… I wonder if there’s a reason for that…?)

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