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Kamigami no Asobi: Staring Takeru’s Route (English Translation)

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Yui: (If there’s a god who makes me feel uneasy, it’s Takeru.)
Yui: (After seeing Hades off, I briefly peeked over at Takeru.)
Takeru: What are you looking at, weed? Don’t stare at me, it’s annoying.
Yui: (He noticed me looking at him, and I was met with a frightening glare.)
Yui: Ah, n-no. I wasn’t …
Yui: (Why was he so forceful?)
Yui: (He didn’t need to overwhelm me like that.)
Loki: Oh, oh–! Can we go look at other clubs?
Yui: (Even though Loki said he wanted to stand guard here, it seemed like he couldn’t wait patiently, and he anxiously looked out the window.)
Yui: (If he had some interest in other club activities, then that was fine with me.)
Yui: Yes. As long as you look around and choose something you’re interested in…
Loki: Mkay, I’m going. There might be a club just perfect for me!
Thor: …Me too.
Yui: (Springing to his feet, Thor followed after Loki, who had already left the classroom.)
Yui: (I was a little worried, but I thought if I left it to Thor it would be okay.)
Takeru: Other clubs…
Yui: (I heard bits and pieces of Takeru muttering to himself.)
Yui: (Takeru already said he had no interest in the astronomy club, so he might be trying to decide whether to stay in it or not.)
Yui: Are you going to look at other clubs too, Takeru-san?
Yui: It’s something you’ll be doing all year, so if there’s something you really have an interest in you should prioritize that.
Takeru: I already told Hades-san I’d join.
Yui: (Takeru was thinking about Hades with a surprising sense of duty.)
Yui: Hades-san only chose the club because he had an interest in astronomy himself. I don’t think he wants to force anybody to join.
Yui: (When I gave him some advice, for some reason, Takeru fell silent and frowned.)
Yui: (…Did I somehow annoy him?)
Yui: U-Um…
Takeru: …You’re seriously strange.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (I didn’t really catch whatever Takeru was muttering.)
Yui: (It might’ve just been me, but I thought his expression had softened a little.)
Takeru: …Don’t just ogle at people’s faces. Let’s go. Show me around.
Yui: (Abruptly turning away, Takeru made to leave the classroom.)
Yui: I-I understand! Takeru-san, please wait!
Yui: (I hastily chased after him.)
Yui: (It might have just been on a whim, but I was happy he let me go with him.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (He had been training even on the rooftop, and I got the impression that he was the more active type, so I started with the athletics clubs.)
Yui: Let’s go see the soft style tennis club next. Balder-san is the president.
Takeru: It just looks like they’re throwing and rolling a ball around.
Yui: (Takeru didn’t seem to be interested in anything, a bored expression on his face.)
Greek student: Eek! Pres Balder is so amazing!
Nordic student: Club Pres Balder, please do your best! I’ll follow you wherever you go!
Japanese student: Ahh, I want to wipe that sweat off his brow… It seems so lovely…
Yui: (As we neared the soft style tennis club, there was a curiously enthusiastic commotion brewing.)
Takeru: …
Yui: (As if disgusted at the frenzy in front of him, Takeru wrinkled his brow.)
Takeru: I’m leaving. I’d never join that club in a million years.
Yui: R-right…
Yui: (I couldn’t really imagine Takeru fitting in with the soft style tennis club either.)
Takeru: Everything looks stupid. It’d be better just to do nothing.
Yui: It’s not stupid! If you participated, you could…

Choose: You could make irreplaceable friends (-1 Brave)
Choose: You could make good memories of your school life (No change)
Choose: You could train and become stronger (+1 Brave)

Choose: You could make irreplaceable friends
Yui: If you did club activities together, you’ll definitely make some irreplaceable friends.
Takeru: I don’t need friends. It wouldn’t go well.
Yui: That’s…

Choose: You could make good memories of your school life
Yui: You could make good memories of your school life!
Takeru: Memories are worthless… Whatever, I don’t need that kind of thing.

Choose: You could train and become stronger
Yui: Depending on your discipline, I think you could train and become stronger.
Takeru: Stronger…? You can get stronger through something like club activities?
Yui: (He seemed doubtful, but he showed a reaction to the word “stronger”.)
Yui: (He didn’t really seem like the type to like clubs, but he might actually some kind of motivation.)
Yui: Club activities happen every day, so eventually that accumulates and you’ll definitely get something out of it.
Takeru: …Even though it looks like they’re just fooling around. Aren’t they just chasing after balls?
Yui: (Even though they were still sports, it seemed like he didn’t have interest in ball games.)

Yui: (When Takeru tried to leave…)
Nordic student: He’s too wonderful!! The best… ah!!
Yui: Watch out!
Yui: (A student who was swept away in Balder’s charm lost his balance and collided with Takeru.)
Takeru: The hell…
Yui: (He caught a student bigger than himself.)
Yui: (If it was someone other than Takeru, the both of them might’ve fallen and gotten hurt.)
Yui: (It was that kind of impact.)
Takeru: What are you looking at?
Nordic student: Agh!! D-Demon!!
Yui: (Without thinking, the student blurted this out.)
Takeru: What did you say about me?! Watch your fucking mouth!
Yui: (Takeru grabbed the student’s collar and roughly lifted him up.)
Nordic student: Gh… It… hurts…
Yui: Takeru-san! …You’re frightening him.
Yui: (He probably hadn’t meant to insult Takeru, but this was the student’s fault.)
Yui: (But, I called out to Takeru because making a commotion out here might invite Zeus’s lightning again.)
Takeru: Tch…
Yui: (In response, Takeru loosened his grip.)
Nordic student: Sc-Scary……
Yui: (Without even an apology, the student scrambled away.)
Takeru: …That’s why I can’t.
Yui: (When he said that, I felt like I understood his feelings a little.)
Yui: (For other people, it was a behavior that didn’t mean much, but it was clear Takeru’s response was abnormal.)
Yui: (It’s better if both people apologize after making a mistake and bumping into each other, but that seemed impossible.)
Yui: (There was a silence between the two of us who remained.)
Takeru: …
Yui: …
Loki: What’s thiiis? Could it be, could it be? Is Ta-tan going to join this one?
Yui: (Loki and Thor happened to be checking out the soft style tennis club at the same time.)
Takeru: No. I am not. I’m going to look at something else. See you.
Yui: (It looked like Takeru didn’t enjoy Loki’s company. He made a face as if fed up and tried to leave.)
Loki: Ehh, are you going already? Ta-tan, come look around with us. That’d be fun for sure!☆
Takeru: I decline. Not interested.
Loki: Well, I’m just inviting you. What’s up with that attitude?
Yui: (Loki pursed his lips, teasing Takeru.)
Loki: If you’re like that, everyone’s gonna hate you, you know?☆
Loki: With that snappy attitude of yours, you’d be so hard to hang out with.
Takeru: …
Yui: (Takeru’s eyes flashed with anger.)
Thor: …Loki.
Yui: (Thor called out his name in warning, but Loki didn’t close his mouth.)
Loki: Did you see yourself earlier? Soooo scary. You really snapped. Doesn’t that just make you a thug?
Yui: (He cackled happily, like it was just a casual joke.)
Yui: (Looking at it calmly, it was clear Loki was just trying to provoke him, but Takeru thought differently.)
Takeru: …No! Who’re you calling a thug?!
Yui: (Suddenly, the color of Takeru’s face changed.)
Yui: (It wasn’t just anger. He was trembling, overflowing with irritation.)
Loki: Oh, did I hit the nail on the head? It’s so exciting to have someone like Ta-tan around!☆
Loki: Whoa, it’s kind of cool how you can hurt people just by touching them! Like a knife! That’s so impressive…!☆
Yui: (Loki didn’t seem to be perturbed. He was simply having fun pushing Takeru’s buttons.)
Takeru: You asshole… Try saying that again… to my face…
Yui: (Takeru’s body was bathed in a blue light. He transformed in an instant.)
Yui: Takeru-san… Please calm down.
Yui: (I instinctively sensed danger.)
Yui: (Even though I’d tried to pacify him, Takeru didn’t look at me. He was glaring at Loki, eyes aflame.)
Loki: Such intensity–! I’ve never seen you so angry. Okay, okay, calm down now.
Yui: (Loki’s small jest seemed to add fuel to the fire.)
Yui: (The air froze. Takeru’s overwhelming fury didn’t seem like it would lessen at this point.)
Yui: (I thought he was normally a little frightening, but I felt this force now surpassed everything I imagined.)
Loki: …Ohh, this is bad, isn’t it? Didn’t Zeus tell us we weren’t allowed to use our god powers here?
Loki: It was just a joke and you took it so seriously. You’re gonna get struck by the headmaster’s lightning, yeah?
Yui: (Loki seemed to have noticed the change in Takeru and he tried to cover it up a little, but it didn’t reach Takeru at all.)
Takeru: …Do you want to die?
Yui: (His body was slightly trembling. He was looking in Loki’s direction, but his eyes were unfocused, as if he was staring at something much farther beyond.)
Loki: Uwah, he’s really turned back into a god. No need to get that mad… Not that he’d listen to me if I said that.
Yui: (Sensing danger, Loki stepped back just a little.)
Yui: What does that…
Thor: …It’s his original form.
Yui: (Thor muttered this, and I was once again surprised at how unaffected he was.)
Yui: His original form… Then, in other words… that’s his god form?
Thor: …Yes.
Yui: (So that’s what Takeru really looks like.)
Thor: …The limiter isn’t fully stopping his power. …He’s on a rampage.
Yui: (The gods kept the limiters on themselves so they could live here as humans.)
Yui: (There was no way it would work on Takeru, who had already overpowered it.)
Loki: Uh, this is a little… Isn’t this a problem…? Retreat, retreat!
Loki: Take care of yourself!! Bye-bye!☆
Yui: Ah, wait!
Thor: …Sorry. …You should get away too.
Yui: (The perpetrator escaped swiftly, and Thor followed soon after.)
Yui: How could…?
Yui: (They left behind me and the rampaging Takeru.)
Yui: (But there was no way I could just leave him.)
Yui: (Even though Loki was already gone, Takeru was looking vacantly at a single point and muttering something.)
Yui: (He was clenching his fists hard, and it looked like he was enduring something.)
Takeru: I’m… I’m…
Yui: (I need to snap him back to his senses.)
Yui: (But, how should I do that…?)

Choose: Softly touch him (No change)
Choose: Call out to him desperately (+1 Brave)
Choose: Do nothing but wait (-1 Brave)

Choose: Softly touch him
Yui: (It was honestly terrifying to get close to him, but I wanted to communicate through my actions, not my words.)
Yui: (When I placed a hand over his trembling fist, Takeru’s body shook with a start.)

Choose: Call out to him desperately
Yui: Please calm down! It’s okay now, so please, come back to your original form…
Yui: (I called out to him, refusing to give up, and he seemed to respond a little.)
Yui: (It looked like he heard my voice.)
Yui: (Just a little more.)
Yui: Takeru-san!! Please… come back!
Takeru: …Kgh… Aghhh…
Yui: (He scowled in pain and grasped his head, groaning.)

Choose: Do nothing but wait
Yui: (I didn’t know what would aggravate him further.)
Yui: (There was no way a human like me could oppose Takeru, who’d already become a god.)
Yui: (I silently watched over him instead.)

Takeru: What… was…… I…?
Yui: (Takeru returned to his human form, and the intense air around him subsided.)
Yui: (His frightening fury had lessened, and silence returned to our surroundings.)
Yui: Takeru-san! What a relief. You’ve returned to yourself!
Takeru: …Shit.
Yui: (I smiled at him, relieved, but he turned away from me.)
Yui: Takeru-san?
Yui: (Takeru bit his lip in frustration. His tightened fists were shaking slightly.)
Yui: (It really looked like he was trying to withstand something.)
Takeru: It’s just like he said…
Yui: (He hung his head and groaned as if he’d spat blood, and he turned away from me.)
Takeru: …I’m going back.
Yui: You’re going…? Wait, please! Takeru-san!
Takeru: Shut up. Don’t follow me! You thought that too, didn’t you…?
Yui: Takeru-san…
Yui: (His back got farther and farther away, and I couldn’t chase after him anymore.)
Yui: (I felt like he was rejecting me. If I chased him now, I might actually hurt him.)
Yui: (I saw something he didn’t want me to see – that was what Takeru’s pained expression told me.)
Yui: (Even when Takeru finally disappeared from view, I remained, motionless.)

In Yui’s Room

Yui: …I’m back.
Yui: (Dragging my tired body, I entered by room.)
Yui: (I casually threw out those words of greeting.)
Yui: (Of course, no one would respond…)
???: Oh, welcome home.
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: (There was an answer.)
Yui: Wh-Who?!
???: You know. It’s me.
Yui: Yeah, right, but who are you?
Yui: (I could hear their voice, but no one was there. Where could they be hiding?)
Yui: (I immediately took a defensive stance.)
???: I’m right here in front of you. Are your eyes going bad or something?
Yui: (In front of me… When I heard that, I looked around everywhere I could see.)
Yui: (…And, I noticed something near my feet.)
Yui: …Ah.
Yui: (Something very small was tottering around.)
???: So you finally noticed, you dumb Kutanagi.
Yui: A doll is… talking…
???: I’m not a doll! I am a splendid human!!
Yui: Oh, sorry. I thought you were a ragdoll or…
???: Do you have no consideration?
Yui: (It was a situation that I couldn’t even grasp, let alone give consideration.)
Yui: (I’d gotten used to life here a little, but I still couldn’t hide my surprise every time something unexpected happened.)
???: Well, whatever. I’m a gentle person.
???: Even then, I can’t completely deny the fact that I’m a doll. I’m not a complete human yet.
Yui: It seems like it.
Yui: …So, who are you?
Melissa: I am Melissa. I’m a human Zeus made out of clay. I’ll be taking care of you from now on.
Melissa: Oh, and don’t call me “clay doll” or something. In a lot of mythologies, humans were originally made of clay and dirt, you know.
Melissa: Zeus heard about that and tried using clay…But he didn’t put in enough power, so I couldn’t completely become a human.
Yui: (So, to put it simply, he was a clay doll.)
Yui: (I barely had the time to realize that, because Melissa continued explaining things in rapid succession.)
Yui: (He seemed like a talkative person with a good disposition.)
Melissa: But if I’d just become human without a problem, you wouldn’t have been called out here, yeah?
Melissa: I’m supposed to be your caretaker… But since I’ve been living here in the Garden longer than you have, I’ll look after your needs as a mentor.
Melissa: If you have something you’re worrying about, don’t hold back. Talk to me about it. I’ll even offer you a shoulder to cry on.
Yui: (The sight of him thumping his chest with his little cloth hand was so cute, I felt so much better.)
Yui: Thank you very much for your concern.
Yui: (The mismatch between his small, cute appearance and his deep voice was amusing.)
Melissa: Right, right. Also, a message from Zeus: the problem in your room has been fixed.
Melissa: Go ahead and take a dip in the bath. If anything comes up, let me know, Kutanagi.
Yui: Kutanagi…?
Yui: (Now that I thought about it, he called me that before.)
Melissa: Okay, I’m going to my room. Farewell!
Yui: (Saying this, he climbed up the leg of the table…)
Yui: (…opened the door to a dollhouse that had been placed there at some point, and disappeared inside.)
Yui: (I guess he’s staying in my room.)
Yui: (I felt confused at having suddenly gained a lively roommate, but I went straight to my first bath in a day.)

Yui: (Soaking in the warm water, I thought of the bath back home.
Yui: (Trying to stay in the world of my memories for even a second longer, I submerged myself in the short, Western-style bathtub.)
Yui: (The second day of my school life here. The end goal was nowhere in sight.)

After this chapter is a Mythology quiz. You can find the translations for the Japanese Quizzes here. These questions are timed!


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