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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 11: Christmas At The Hospital (English Translation)

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Ema: (Christmas has arrived.)
Ema: (After school finished, I headed straight to the hospital to have a party with the children.)
Masaomi: Thanks for working so hard. Are you tired?
Ema: Oh, not at all. I haven’t spent time with this many children before…it’s really fun!
Masaomi: I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. The kids are really happy, and you helped make the party successful. Thank you.
Ema: Really, I didn’t…
Ema: (I’m happy though, that I can help Masaomi-san…)
Masaomi: Ah, but…I might have done something terrible during the party.
Ema: Huh?
Masaomi: Uh, well…the children were making fun of you…
Ema: …Oh!
Ema: (As I was handing out presents, the children were teasing me about being “Maakun-sensei’s girlfriend”…)
Ema: (Of course it surprised me, but…)
Ema: I…I didn’t mind it, at all…
Masaomi: …What?
Ema: Oh, um, it’s nothing…!
Ema: (What am I saying…!)
Ema: Um…I should be going home now…
Masaomi: …If that’s so, we can go home together. I’ll change out, so could you wait a bit?
Ema: …Okay.

Masaomi: ………
Ema: (Masaomi-san has been really quiet for a while… I wonder what he’s thinking…)
Ema: (Was it because of what I said at the hospital? The silence is really heavy…)
Masaomi: Uh…
Ema: Y-yes?
Masaomi: Well, this isn’t just because of today…
Ema: What?
Masaomi: Would you…take this for me?
Ema: Th…thank you so much!
Masaomi: I would be glad if you liked it…
Ema: I wonder what it is! Can I open it?
Masaomi: Sure, go on.
Ema: Wow, this is…!
Masaomi: This is Usa-tan #3. It’ll match mine and Wataru’s.
Masaomi: Nice to meet you!
Ema: Nice to meet you, too.
Masaomi: Whenever you’re sad, or lonely, just give me a hug!
Masaomi: I’ve got a lot of powers to make you better again!
Ema: (He really matches the other two rabbits. I’m so happy…)
Ema: (And Masaomi-san is clearly treating me like a child…)
Masaomi: And if #3 wants to meet #1, always bring him along.
Ema: What…?
Ema: (Does that mean…I can see Masaomi-san whenever I…)
Ema: Thank you very much. I’ll take care of him!
Masaomi: …You seem really happy about it, thank goodness. I was actually conflicted about whether to give it or not. I’m sorry if I wasn’t myself.
Ema: (Does he mean…he was silent the entire time because of this…?)
Masaomi: Oh, #3 has his perks, too, like #0 and #1.
Ema: Oh, really?
Masaomi: Yeah, if you look for them.
Ema: …Um, about Usa-tan…
Masaomi: Yes?
Ema: You made this one, too, right…?
Masaomi: What? Oh…yeah…it’s a little embarrassing, huh?
Ema: If that’s so…
Masaomi: ……?
Ema: …I should take care of him all the more.
Ema: Were you…thinking of me when you were making this?
Masaomi: …Yeah. I thought of you as I was making it.
Ema: I…I’m really happy!

If you bought Masaomi a Christmas present
Ema: (Oh, right, I had a present for Masaomi-san, too…)
Ema: To tell the truth, Masaomi-san… I have something to give you, too…
Masaomi: Really?
Ema: Here, my Christmas present.
Masoami: For me?
Ema: Yes. Please take it, if it’s no trouble.
Masaomi: Of course there’s no trouble…thank you.
Ema: (I’m glad he accepted it…)
Ema: (I’m really happy that I was able to spend the day with Masaomi-san…)
Ema: (It would be great if we could spend tomorrow’s Christmas party together, too.)

If you bought someone else a Christmas present
Ema: Ah…I’d bought a present for (Name of brother),
but I can’t give it to him now…
Ema: It’s a shame, but it can’t be helped.

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