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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 10: Valentine (English Translation)

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Ema: (What should I do? I’m so nervous…)
Ema: (I make him homemade dishes everydayand yet my heart is really pounding this time.)
Ema: (Since its Fuuto-kun there’s alwaysthe possibility he won’t accept it.No, I shouldn’t think that when I’m already here.)
Ema: (Deep breath. Alright, here I go…!)

Fuuto: Who is it?
Ema: G-Good evening.
Fuuto: Oh, it’s you. What business do you have with me? I just came home from work and I’m already tired.
Ema: Oh…I’m sorry. But this’ll be quick.%K%P
Fuuto: Hmm?
Ema: Um, here. Will you accept this?

Depending on how close you are one of these will happen
Option 1:

Fuuto: Hmmm? This is Valentine chocolates, right?
Ema: Y-Yes.
Fuuto: You do know I’ll probably end up with boxes worth of these right? Are you trying to make me fat with another?
Ema: I-I’m not! That wasn’t my intention…
Ema: Ugh, Forget it. I’m sorry to disturb your sleep. I’ll just leave.
Fuuto: I can’t believe you’re sulking at your age.
Ema: What?! I’m not sulking!
Fuuto: Hm? Really?
Fuuto: And by the way, when did I say I don’t want your chocolates?
Ema: ….Then here!
Fuuto: Thank you~
Ema: They’re fondant chocolates. I made sure they weren’t too sweet.
Fuuto: Is this homemade?
Ema: …It is.
Fuuto: So you made it just for me?
Ema: T-Thats right.
Fuuto: Oh…?
Ema: (W-Whats with him? Why’s he smiling so happily like that?)
Fuuto: Hey, Nee-chan. Can I ask you something?
Ema: …What?!
Fuuto: How much love did you put into these chocolates?
Ema: What!?
Fuuto: Are they obligatory ones given to your sibling? Or a gift filled with love?
Ema: I-Its…
Ema: (W-Why would he ask something like that?!)
Fuuto: Will you tell me?
Ema: (H-How am I supposed to answer that?)
Fuuto: …..
Ema: I-Its f–
Fuuto: Hehe. It’s fine don’t say it. I already know the answer.
Ema: …..!?
Fuuto: I just wanted to see that embarrassed look on your face. I’ll gladly take these fondant chocolates of yours.
Ema: (H-He made fun of me again…!)

Option 2:
Fuuto: What is it? Is this not really chocolate or something?
Ema: It is but…
Fuuto: Oh? I see. Hmmm.
Ema: (I wonder if I annoyed him…?)
Fuuto: You didn’t forget I’m a popular idol did you? I’ll end up with boxes full of these later.
Ema: Oh! That’s true. I’m sorry I didn’t realize…
Fuuto: Well, it doesn’t matter. Out of respect for the shameless feelings in these chocolates,bI’ll make an exception and accept them.
Ema: (S-Shameless?! I thought I’ve gotten used to that foul mouth of his but…)

Continue for both options
Fuuto: Anyway I need to get up early tomorrow. So I’ll be going back to sleep.
Ema: Okay, good luck with work tomorrow.
Fuuto: Oh, that’s right. Nee-chan, would you like to sleep together?
Ema: Come again?
Fuuto: As thanks for the chocolate. Will you sleep with me?
Ema: Huh!? W-What did you say…
Fuuto: Let’s sleep together, okay?
Ema: F-Fuuto-kun, what are you talking about? You’re joking right…?
Fuuto: Yeah, you’re right. I am joking.
Ema: Wha…?
Fuuto: Sorry for getting your hopes up! Haha! Anyway, goodnight.
Ema: ……….
Ema: (I’m glad I was able to give him the chocolates but…!)
Ema: Why the heck did he say that?! Jeez!!

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