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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 10: New Year (English Translation)

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Ema: (First I’ll visit the shrine, then maybe look at the food stalls for a bit….? I’m preparing for entrance exams this year, so I want a charm.)
Juli: Chii.
Ema: What, Juli?
Juli: Those guys have been looking at you the entire time…
Ema: Eh…!?
Juli: Look, the group of guys drinking alcohol over there…
Ema: …They really are.
Ema: (…I don’t feel very good…)
Juli: …Okay, leave this to me.
Juli: So those guys never let their guard down again, I’ll let them experience something really traumatic…
Juli: And so they can never have that disgusting look in their eyes, I’ll show them something so tragic they’ll never want to see…!
Juli: Also, so they can never get near Chii, I’ll smash the hammer of judgement on their feet…!!
Ema: D-don’t do that! Juli!! Calm down. It’s okay.
Juli: Now…!!
Subaru: Sorry I made you wait.
Juli: Kyu——–n
Ema: Su-Subaru-san?
Subaru: Eh? Did I kick something just now?
Ema: (Juliiii!!)
Subaru: Oh well. Come on, let’s go!
Ema: Eh!? Su-Subaru-san. Y-your hand…?
Ema: (Subaru-san suddenly took my hand…what is he doing?)
Subaru: …Don’t make a fuss. Those guys will notice.
Ema: Those guys…?
Subaru: The guys drinking alcohol over there. They’ve been looking at you the entire time, I was getting bothered.
Ema: (Subaru-san… So he came to meet me just for that…)
Subaru: …It’s better if we let them think you’re with a guy, right?
Ema: …Thank you.
Subaru: No need to thank me… I chose to do this.
Ema: (Subaru-san…his words are really blunt, but he’s actually really kind…)
Juli: Haa…haa…haa…
Juli: That’s what you say…but you…were also… looking at Chii, weren’t you!!
Ema: (Juli, when did you get back!?)
Juli: I’m grateful he’s helping you. However! To confuse them by holding hands…!!!
Juli: As I thought, you’ve dropped your guard recently!!
Subaru: Eh…? This is…your squirrel, right? It just suddenly appeared, and keeps screeching…!?
Ema: Ju-Juli!
Ema: Subaru-san is helping me out, so don’t be so loud…!
Juli: Hmph!
Subaru: Anyway, have you already visited the shrine?
Ema: No, I was about to.
Subaru: I see…
Subaru: Then…uh…should we go together like this?
Ema: (I’m happy I can visit the shrine with Subaru-san, but…)
Ema: (‘Like this’, you mean while holding hands…?)
Subaru: …Y-you don’t want to?
Ema: No, it’s not that…! I’m really happy. But…
Subaru: But?
Ema: But, these circumstances…I was thinking someone from our family might see us, and they’d definitely say something…
Subaru: These circumstances, it’s not really…Ah!!
Subaru: Y-Y-You mean…holding hands…!
Ema: (If you’re that embarrassed, even I’ll get really embarrassed…)
Subaru: …S-sorry!
Ema: …It’s okay.
Subaru: J-Just…in order to keep deceiving those guys, I thought that holding hands….would be better…is it okay…?
Ema: I’m fine with it, but…
Juli: Even if Chii forgives him, I won’t!!! Subaru!! Let go of that hand right now!
Subaru: Wah! Wha-what’s with this guy!!
Juli: I thought I could trust you, but you were just a wolf disguised as a sheep!
Juli: Like I thought, you really have the same blood in you as those brothers! Even though you can trick Chii, you can’t deceive my eyes!!
Ema: (After that, Juli continued shouting at Subaru-san, and Tsubaki-san and Kaname-san who noticed the fuss, teased us the whole time.)
Ema: (But…being together with Subaru-san so early in the new year, it feels like this year will be a good one.)

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