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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 8 (English Translation)

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In the Living Room
Yui: Reiji, give me some tea.
Reiji: Of course.
Yui: Hehe. Ever since that incident, he’s been very obedient, hasn’t he? I’m a bit disappointed.
Yui: He’s a surprisingly docile manーhe didn’t skip a beat in believing me when I implied that you might not be here anymore.
Yui: (…He’s not like that!)
Yui: Hehe. Where did that confidence come from?
Yui: (Reiji-san… just doesn’t want you to mess up his research anymore… so…)
Yui: (He’s just pretending to obey you.)
Yui: Ah, maybe so. I had so much fun that timeーI love the feeling of wreaking as much havoc as I can.
Yui: Well anyway, not even you think he’d feel dejected if you weren’t here.
Yui: (Because he wouldn’t!)
Yui: I see. So then, why don’t we test that theory?
Reiji: I brought the tea.
Yui: Hehe. Thank you. Oops…!
Reiji: ?!
Yui: Ouch…! Oh no, I spilt it on my arm… it’s hot… it might burn me.
Reiji: Hah… That was deliberate, wasn’t it, Cordelia?
Yui: Hehe. No, it wasn’t. My hand slipped a little.
Reiji: We should cool it down. I’ll grab some iceーー
Yui: No.
Reiji: It will fester if you don’t cool it. That body has not yet awakened, after all…
Yui: So you were worried for this girl?
Reiji: …I had a feeling you’d ask that. While that girl may be residing within you…
Reiji: She is no concern of mine, unfortunately.
Yui: Oh? Then, I’ll just leave this burn as it is.
Reiji: Fine by me if you so wish. I’ll just remind youーshould you leave it alone, that wound will blister, and your skin will peel off rather hideously, and it will be very painful.
Yui: ……
Reiji: Well, I won’t interfere, if that’s what you wish for…
Yui: …! I get it. I guess I’ll let you treat me.
Reiji: I thought as much.
Yui: (See, didn’t I tell you? He’s more concerned about his research than he is about me.)
Yui: ..It doesn’t make you at all sad when you say things like that?
Yui: (…Well…)

Choose:  It does make me sad (M choice)
Yui: (It does make me sad, after all…)
Yui: Reiji~ This girl says she’s lonely without you.
Reiji: What…?
Yui: ーーHmph, you really must care for this girl, if you’re making that kind of expression.
Yui: (…Reiji-san…?)

Choose: No, not really (S choice)
Yui: (No, not really… I don’t care.)
Yui: Hey, Reiji, this girl wouldn’t even care if she never saw you again.
Reiji: …?! So she is there, then?
Yui: She’s here, but she doesn’t want to see you.
Reiji: I see.
Yui: (I’m not good at reading people, but Reiji-san looks kind of put down. I should have told the truth.)

Yui: Well, whatever. Hurry up and treat this wound.
Reiji: I am making preparations for that now. Please wait a while longer.
Yui: …I don’t want to wait. Ahh, I’m already impatient… Here!
Reiji: What is this, all of a sudden?!
Yui: Lick it. Having you lick it would work so much better than chilling it with water or ice.
Reiji: Why would I ever go that far for you?
Yui: Fine, if you don’t want to. This girl will just have to endure this pain with me.
Reiji: I don’t particularly care.
Yui: Okay. I understand. I’ll get your big brother Shu to do it, then.
Reiji: He would not be willing to aid a woman like you.
Yui: Well, can you say that for certain?
Reiji: ….Tch. You’re rather skilled at bringing about doubt in one’s life. So this was how you ripped apart Richter and Karl.
Reiji: ーーHurry up, then! Give me your arm.
Yui: Hehe. I knew you’d cave in. Here. Be gentle, ‘kay?
Reiji: …Nn…
Yui: Good. Be thorough, and go slowly…
Yui: (Reiji-san’s tongue is… sliding up my arm…)
Yui: (This body might not be my own anymore, but these sensations still spread to me, and it’s a strange feeling…)
Reiji: Mm….
Yui: Just as I’d expect from a vampire. The burn is starting to heal.
Reiji: If things continue as they are, you’ll soon become one of us as well.
Yui: Hehe, that’s a strange feeling… I was a half-vampire who became a human.
Yui: And now I’m going to wake up as a vampire again…
Reiji: I’m surprised by how adamant you’ve been.
Yui: I’d rather you call this persistence. Anyway, when I awaken… will you take me as your bride?
Reiji: …..
Yui: (Reiji-san… What will his answer be?)
Reiji: On the contrary, you have no desire to become my bride, do you?
Reiji: Your objective is my father… To murder your original husband.
Yui: Hehe. Once I met you, I changed my mind a little.
Yui: I’d be fine with… becoming your bride.
Reiji: …I refuse.
Yui: (Thank goodness, Reiji-san…)
Yui: Wait, why are you relieved? This means you too, you know?
Reiji: ーーHeh. I’m glad she and I think the same way.
Yui: Huh? What do you mean?!
Reiji: Nothing, I was just talking to myself.

Lately, Cordelia… seems to have been starting to take an interest in Reiji-san. That’s the feeling I get. Although, this thing with Cordelia’s body and my own body is… kind of conflicting me.
If circumstances continue the way they are, then one day Reiji-san will fall captive to Cordeliaーthe woman who’s trapping me inside my own body.
When I think about that, I’m a little frustrated. I don’t even know why I feel this way.
Maybe I’m… starting to fall in love with Reiji-san a little bit?

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