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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki Event 10: Christmas Eve (English Translation)

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Ema: (Today is Christmas Eve. There’s going to be a party tomorrow so I wonder how I should spend today?)
Ema: (Speaking of which, Azusa-san ended up accepting the leading role for that anime.)
Ema: (Tsubaki-san was worried he was going to turn down the role, but in the end he decided to reconsider…)
???: Guess who it is!
Ema: What…!?
Ema: (M-My eyes are covered! This voice is…)

1: Azusa-san?
2: Tsubaki-san? (hearts)

1: Azusa-san?
Ema: Azusa-san?
Tsubaki: Wrong answer! It’s me! But Azusa is with me.
Azusa: I’m sorry Tsubaki surprised you.
Ema: Tsubaki-san! And Azusa-san’s here too.
Tsubaki: You’re terrible! How could you recognize his voice but not mine? I feel a great lack of love towards me!
Ema: I-I’m sorry.
Tsubaki: Don’t worry it was just a joke. You really are the absolute cutest!♪

2: Tsubaki-san?
Ema: Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Correct!! So you knew? That’s impressive!★
Ema: Oh? Is it only just you here today?
Tsubaki: Hm? Would you prefer if I was with Azusa?
Ema: No, I don’t mean that. It’s just a bit strange for you to be alone…
Tsubaki: Hmm? Could it be that you’d prefer us to be
alone together?
Ema: What…!?
Tsubaki: If that’s the case, it’d make me really happy you know!★

Azusa: Tsubaki…we should get going…
Tsubaki: Azusaaaa!♪
Azusa: ….!?
Tsubaki: Hehe. Not even Ema could tear us apart! Isn’t that right, Azusa?
Azusa: W-Wait a minute, Tsubaki! Don’t suddenly hug me like that!
Tsubaki: It’s because I love you! So I wanted to give you a long awaited kiss!
Ema: ….!?
Azusa: Tsubaki!
Tsubaki: Ow! You hit me!
Ema: (Hehe. It seems I was wrong to be worried about them. Thank goodness…)
Azusa: I’m sorry Tsubaki is troubling you. Are you okay?
Ema: I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. Are you two going out together?
Tsubaki: What are you talking about? You should come along, Ema!
Ema: Hm…? Where are you going…?
Tsubaki: You know about the Christmas Party that’s tomorrow, right? Well, we ran out of lightbulbs for the tree.
Tsubaki: So Kyo-nii asked to go buy some more.
Ema: Oh, he did?
Azusa: Well, he only asked Tsubaki to buy them.
Ema: Hm? What about you, Azusa-san…?
Azusa: I’ll be going to work after this. It’s in the same direction so we decided we’d go half-way together.
Tsubaki: Kyo-nii is so mean.
Tsubaki: He emphasized the fact that I don’t have work today, so I should be free enough to go buy the lightbulbs.
Tsubaki: What would he have done if I had plans for Christmas Eve!?
Azusa: But you don’t, right?
Tsubaki: Ugh…
Tsubaki: Anyway, you’re free today aren’t you? Why not come buy it with me, Ema?
Ema: Tsubaki-san. I-In regards to me being free…
Tsubaki: You’re done of school today so you’d just end up relaxing in the living room, right?★
Tsubaki: Come on! Hurry up and get changed, okay?
Azusa: If it’s okay with you, I’d be more relieved if you were to go with him.
Ema: Yes but…it’s not like he’s a child.
Azusa: He acts like one though. He’s always carelessly spending his money. So it should be easy to imagine what he’d do out of town on Christmas Eve, right?
Ema: (So in other words, he wants me to watch him and make sure he doesn’t buy more than we need. Alright then!)
Ema: Okay, I’ll go.
Azusa: Thank you, Ema.
Tsubaki: Hey! I feel like you two were making fun of me just now.
Azusa: Really? It must’ve been your imagination.
Tsubaki: Well, whatever. You have 10 seconds to get changed, Ema!
Ema: W-What?! 10 seconds…?!
Tsubaki: Now, start! 1, 2…!
Ema: T-There’s no way could change my clothes in 10 seconds!
Ema: (I was surprised to suddenly be invited to go shopping, but I’m actually glad I can spend Christmas Eve with Tsubaki-san…)

Ema: (Phew. We were able to buy what Ukyo-san asked for.)
Tsubaki: Ema! Look at those! Aren’t they pretty?
Ema: Wow! Those illuminations look amazing!
Tsubaki: Come on, let’s look at them together.
Ema: Okay!
Tsubaki: Oh? You seem much more obedient than you were earlier.
Ema: That’s because if I didn’t come with you today, I wouldn’t have gotten to see these beautiful illuminations.
Ema: Thank you very much!
Tsubaki: Ema…
Ema: (Hm…? Suddenly Tsubaki-san looks very serious. Is there something wrong?)
Tsubaki: You’re always there to help me feel better, Ema…
Ema: Tsubaki-san…?
Tsubaki: Like today and that day before…
Ema: Ah…!
Ema: (Ah, I can feel his hand on my head…)
Tsubaki: Thank you for encouraging me the other day, Ema…
Ema: There’s no need to thank me…

1: I’ll always lend a helping hand (hearts)
2: I’ll support you

1: I’ll always lend a helping hand
Ema: If it’s okay with you, I don’t mind lending you a hand. Because…
Ema: I want you to be yourself and keep looking forward.
Tsubaki: Ema…
Tsubaki: You always know how to make me feel a lot better, yet here I am making my younger sister worry about me.Can you forgive me?
Ema: There’s no need to apologize! As for me, I feel a lot better when you’re smiling!
Tsubaki: Really…?
Ema: Yes! Besides, it’s not just me.
Ema: Asuza-san, Natsume-san, and the rest of the Asahina family. They all feel a lot better when they see your smile!
Ema: And your fans too of course.
Tsubaki: ….
Ema: So please always try to smile, Tsubaki-san. And if you can’t, I’ll be there to make sure you do!
Tsubaki: Haha. Thank you, Ema…

2: I’ll support you
Ema: I’ll support you, Tsubaki-san!
Tsubaki: Thanks…

Tsubaki: Ah, that’s right.
Tsubaki: Here. I want you to have this as thanks.
Ema: Oh…!?
Tsubaki: Come on! Take it!
Ema: T-Thank you…
Ema: Can I open it…?
Tsubaki: Yep, go ahead!♪
Ema: This is…a bracelet?
Tsubaki: Yeah. You remember when I told you I’d find something cute for you at the book store, right? So…
Ema: (So he remembered about that.)
Ema: Thank you!
Tsubaki: Here let me see it. I’ll put it on you.
Ema: Okay…
Tsubaki: Yep, it looks cute! I thought something delicate like this would suit you best.
Tsubaki: By the way Ema, your hands are very cold.
Ema: Really…?
Tsubaki: Haaah…
Ema: T-Tsubaki-san!?
Tsubaki: Let me at least do this! …Haaah.
Ema: U-Um…
Ema: (Somehow…this situation is a bit embarrassing…)
Tsubaki: They should feel warmer if I do this, right?
Ema: Yes…
Ema: (It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s a nice feeling. Each one of his breaths seem to warm my heart.)
Tsubaki: Haaah…do they feel warmer now?
Ema: They do…thank you, Tsubaki-san. I’m okay now…
Tsubaki: Hmm…but if I separate now, they’ll get cold again. I’ll put them in my pockets.
Ema: Huh!?
Tsubaki: Would you rather not?
Ema: It’s not that…
Tsubaki: Well, I won’t give them back even if you ask me to.
Ema: Hehe. Jeez, you’re as forceful as ever.
Tsubaki: Isn’t that the best part about me?
Ema: I don’t know if I’d say that but…
Ema: I do appreciate your feelings. Thank you!
Tsubaki: Don’t mention it! Speaking of which, how many times have you done that already?
Ema: Hm? What do you mean…?
Tsubaki: You keep saying “thanks” to me.
Ema: Ah, Sorry. I didn’t realize how many times I thanked you today…
Tsubaki: You don’t need to apologize! I’m glad we have a relationship where we can thank each other so easily…
Ema: Me too.
Tsubaki: Ah, I guess it makes me really happy.
Tsubaki: Anyway, be sure to give this to Kyo-nii.
Ema: Okay. Ah…!

If you bought him a Christmas present:
Ema: (I just remembered that I bought a Christmas present…!)
Tsubaki: What’s wrong?
Ema: U-Um, before you leave…
Tsubaki: What is it?
Ema: Um, here. It’s a Christmas present.
Tsubaki: What!? Seriously…?
Ema: Yes. Um, it’s nothing special but…
Tsubaki: Wow…! This makes me really happy! Thank you, Ema!
Ema: It was nothing. Thank you for the bracelet you gave me.
Tsubaki: Look you said it again!
Ema: Oh…
Tsubaki: Sheesh. You must really love me, Ema!
Ema: What!? It’s not like that…
Tsubaki: Now now, don’t be embarrassed. Just accept this hug as thanks!
Ema: W-Wait, Tsubaki-san! P-Please let go…!
Ema: (Jeez, Tsubaki-san. But…today really was an unforgettable Christmas.)
Ema: (I’ll say it one last time…Thank you, Tsubaki-san…!)

If you bought someone else a present:
Ema: Ah….I went through the effort of buying (Name of brother) a present but I didn’t have time to give it to him…
Ema: It’s a bit disappointing but I guess there’s no helping it.

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