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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 2 (English Translation)

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Todoroki Keigo: The finishing touch… And it’s complete!!
Kurihara Airi: Se…Sensei!! Todoroki-sensei!
???: It seems like it’s done, yes?
Kurihara Airi: …Kanzaki-san… But, um! Todoroki-sensei is…
Kanzaki Kojirou: The way he drew, it cut the strings of his mental strain. Please let him sleep.
Kurihara Airi: …Wait, wha…? …He’s sleeping?
Kanzaki Kojirou: Hmph… As always, that tension is hard to understand, huh…
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve heard that Kanzaki-san has been in charge of Sensei for a number of years, but…)
Kurihara Airi: (Even so, he stillcan’t get used to Sensei’s tension)
Kanzaki Kojirou: As for me, it’s fine as long as I can get the manuscript.
Kanzaki Kojirou: That said, please give me the manuscript.
Kanzaki Kojirou: I’m returning to the editorial department. Well then, I’ll leave Sensei to you.
Kurihara Airi: Ah, yes! Thank you very much for today!
Kiryuu-senpai: Kanzaki-san’s still so cold, huh? His civility is bad, or rather, how should I put it…?
Kiryuu-senpai: Since he’s in charge of Sensei… You’d think he’s associate better, huh?
Kurihara Airi: …But, Kanzaki-san has a reputation as a very capable editor, even for Carnaria…
Kiryuu-senpai: Ah, speaking of which, wasn’t Kanzaki-san in charge of you, Kurihara-san?
Kurihara Airi: …That’s right.
Kiryuu-senpai: Hmmm~
Kiryuu-senpai: Kurihara-san, wasn’t your work published in a bonus issue of Carnaria?
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes…
Kiryuu-senpai: But these two points don’t connect so easily.
Kiryuu-senpai: Even if you can start out with things like luck and timing, after that you still need the ability.
Kiryuu-senpai: The world of shoujo manga is severe, huh.
Kiryuu-senpai: However, before felt like one of those times…when you were waiting a little for a series.
Kiryuu-senpai: Kurihara-san… Do you still not understand that much?
Kurihara Airi: ………
Kiryuu-senpai: Hm? Sorry. If you’re not gonna leave anytime soon, I have some things I need to do…
Kurihara Airi: Okay. Ah, I’ll take care of the tidying up, so go ahead and leave before me.
Kiryuu-senpai: Then, sorry about this. See ya later, Kurihara-san.
Kurihara Airi: Yes, thanks for today
Kurihara Airi: ……*sigh*…
Kurihara Airi: (Don’t worry, don’t worry about it…)
Kurihara Airi: Well then…
Kurihara Airi: (First of all, I’ll put away the tools. …Yeah, that’s it)
Kurihara Airi: Sensei? Todoroki-sensei?
Kurihara Airi: (He shows no signs of waking yet… I’d better leave, too, then)

Suzuoka Ren: Airi, good work today!
Kurihara Airi: Ren! You waited for me. Sorry.
Kurihara Airi: But, I’m happy! Thank you!
Suzuoka Ren: Nah, don’t worry about it. I wanted to wait for you, so I waited.
Suzuoka Ren: Besides, today you were pretty early… Did everything go okay?
Kurihara Airi: Yeah!
Suzuoka Ren: That’s great, Airi!
Suzuoka Ren: With this, won’t you be one step closer to your debut?
Kurihara Airi: Ahaha…it’d be great if that was true…
Suzuoka Ren: Then, in anticipation of your debut, shall we go eat the cake Ryou baked for you?
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Suzuoka Ren: Actually, since he baked the cake, I came to invite you for tea. Let’s go!

Suzuoka Ren: Pardon the intrusion~
Adachi Ryou: About time.
Hattori Hibiki: Yo! Good work today, Airi-chan.
Kurihara Airi: Hello, Hattori-san.
Hattori Hibiki: Oh? Airi-chan, aren’t you a little tired?
Hattori Hibiki: Lemme see…
Kurihara Airi: Eek…!
Hattori Hibiki: You…don’t seem to have a fever.
Hattori Hibiki: But anyway…
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan’s cheek is really soft, huh? *squish squish*…
Kurihara Airi: Ha-Hattori-san…!
Adachi Ryou:……Hibiki.
Hattori Hibiki: O-owowowow!!!
Adachi Ryou: Listen up, hurry and and sit down.
Hattori Hibiki: I-I got it! What’s the deal, don’t drag me so hard!!
Hattori Hibiki: Jeez… What’s with that? We were just talking…
Adachi Ryou: …Hmph.
Adachi Ryou: The rest of you, too, go ahead and take a seat. That’s what you’re here for, right?
Kurihara Airi: Wow, it looks so good! Thanks, Ryou!
Suzuoka Ren: Thanks for the food!
Hattori Hibiki: Still, as always, it’s only your skills at making cakes and other confections that’s first-class, huh.
Adachi Ryou: What about “only making confections”?
Suzuoka Ren: But, that’s because he’s the son of the family that owns the major Western confectionery, Sheer Glacé.
Suzuoka Ren: Since we were kids, he’s been gifted at making confections, so it’s not really that strange.
Adachi Ryou: It’s not “gifted,” exactly. For my family’s business, I realized I could make them.
Adachi Ryou: That’s it.
Kurihara Airi: But it’s really delicious!
Suzuoka Ren: Well, whether gifted or not, since you turned out this way, I’m sure your parents are delighted, right?
Adachi Ryou: What you’re saying is weighted…
Hattori Hibiki: Well, well, that’s fine, such a thing!
Hattori Hibiki: Ryou, get another piece! Airi-chan needs seconds, right?
Kurihara Airi: Hattori-san, do you also like sweets?
Hattori Hibiki: Well, I don’t hate them. Sweets, that is.
Hattori Hibiki: Speaking your mind and holding nothing back, Airi-chan’s and Ren-chan’s intentions show on your faces, huh~
Adachi Ryou: …You, go away.
Hattori Hibiki: Gwah! Ryou’s still so cold… Don’t say such things!
Hattori Hibiki: Though we often meet at the university,
Hattori Hibiki: I never get the chance to chat with Airi-chan and Ren-chan! This is my only chance to make friends with them! Hehe~
Kurihara Airi: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Huh~ You’re even treating me like a girl?
Hattori Hibiki: Of course! Ren-chan, after all, you are a nice girl, right?
Suzuoka Ren: …It sounds worse when you say it.
Hattori Hibiki: …Hm? Mail…?
Kurihara Airi: One of your friends?
Hattori Hibiki: Yeah… Um, from Yuki, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: “My plans for tomorrow…are open!”
Hattori Hibiki: ………
Hattori Hibiki: For me, both guy and girl friends are fine, but…
Hattori Hibiki: Girls, I find, expect an immediate email reply.
Hattori: Hibiki: I wonder why… I’m not so good at this.
Suzuoka Ren: Because they’re human? Personally, getting a reply is always nice.
Suzuoka Ren: The girls around you, Hibiki, are that type, I’m sure.
Hattori Hibiki: Wah, that was fast! A reply already?
Hattori Hibiki: Oh? It’s not Yuki. …What, it’s Norika?
Hattori Hibiki: My plans for tomorrow? Umm… “Anytime after 9 at night,” how about?
Kurihara Airi: Hattori-san, you’re sure popular, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: I guess so~
Hattori Hibiki: Furthermore, I’ve got a whole bunch of superb female friends!
Hattori Hibiki: But you know, for a cool guy like me, numerous cute girlfriends is something nice, right?
Hattori Hibiki: So, Ren-chan and Airi-chan should be my friends, too!
Hattori Hibiki: I’ll take you all sorts of places, ‘kay?
Suzuoka Ren: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Hey, Hibiki, are you going out with all these girls at the same time?
Hattori Hibiki: Heh…? What are you saying? They’re friends. Friends!
Hattori Hibiki: Yuki is an acquaintance of Atsuki, and Norkia is a classmate, ya know?
Hattori Hibiki: Anyway… When we hang out, it’s always the best!
Kurihara Airi: …… That…isn’t that…a date?
Hattori Hibiki: Yeah, a date. When I go hand out with girls, I guess you’d call that a date, huh?
Hattori Hibiki: I love dates!
Suzuoka Ren: …Ryou.
Adachi Ryou: Yeah. That’s his nature.
Suzuoka Ren: …… This is bad.

1: I feel sorry for those girls. (Ryou +1 Love Point; Ren +1 Love Point)
2: It’s good that you have many friends. (Ryou +1 Love Point)

1: I feel sorry for those girls.
Kurihara Airi: …Hattori-san, doesn’t it feel like you’re going out with those girls?
Hattori Hibiki: Nope, not at all. Why?
Kurihara Airi: …That’s… Don’t you feel a little sorry for those girls?
Hattori Hibiki: Eeh?! W-why should I?
Suzuoka Ren: *Sigh*… Doesn’t understand a woman’s heart, does he?
Suzuoka Ren: What Airi’s trying to say is, those girls probably think those dates with you, Hibiki, mean you’re going out, right?
Suzuoka Ren: And yet, Hibiki, you don’t think this way at all, and you go on dates with other girls without caring about it at all!
Suzuoka Ren: At least, shouldn’t you tell them that you don’t see it that way?
Hattori Hibiki: Ya know, you’re over-thinking this.
Hattori Hibiki: At most, it’s just a date, okay? We just go and hang out!
Hattori Hibiki: They don’t think about it any further.
Kurihara Airi: I-Is that so…?
Suzuoka Ren: …Idiot…

2: It’s good that you have many friends.
Kurihara Airi: I hope Hattori-san has many friends.
Hattori Hibiki: Right? I am quite the popular person.
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan too, let’s be friends. There may be good things?
Kurihara Airi: Is that so?
Adachi Ryou: ….Idiot.

Suzuoka Ren: Ah yes, that reminds me, what about Todoroki-sensei?
Kurihara Airi: He burnt himself out and then fell fast asleep.
Adachi Ryou: Seems like it.
Suzuoka Ren: Even so, it’s just Hibiki and Todoroki-sensei in this same boarding house, huh.
Suzuoka Ren: If you can recruit more people, it’ll fill up soon, even despite it being such a big, beautiful house!
Adachi Ryou: …It’s a problem. I shouldn’t have to take in impossible people.
Suzuoka Ren: Ryou, even as a college kid, you really have no motivation, huh?
Adachi Ryou: It’s not like I have no motivation.
Adachi Ryou: I only have to make effective use of the vacant house.
Adachi Ryou: I just don’t have a reason to go all-out.
Hattori Hibiki: As expected, a distinguished family’s honored son has an attachment to money, huh.
Adachi Ryou: …I didn’t mean it like that.
Hattori Hibiki: The treasure-trove of income your family rakes in isn’t enough. So, you still charge for the boarding house~
Adachi Ryou: No way. This is a different matter.
Kurihara Airi: Ryou is really precise about these things, you know?
Kurihara Airi: After all, he was raised very strictly, right?
Hattori Hibiki: Right, he’s a hardcore little rich boy~
Adachi Ryou: Hibiki. Starting next month, your rent has gone up.
Hattori Hibiki: Th-that was a joke! Can’t take a joke, can he?
Suzuoka Ren: So your parents forced their control on you in the end?
Suzuoka Ren: Seems like the boarding house wouldn’t be that big a deal, then?
Adachi Ryou: It’s not that it’s not important. My grandfather had the house built for my late grandmother.
Kurihara Airi: It’s because his grandma, as a young girl, had a preference for cute buildings like this.
Adachi Ryou: Right. And because of that, long ago, Airi called it a strange name, “The House of Sweets”…
Hattori Hibiki: H-House of Sweets?! What’s with that!

1: It’s a house of memories. (Ryou +1 Love Point)
2: It looks delicious.

1: It’s a house of memories.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah, I did call it that because the building was cute, but also…
Kurihara Airi: Back then, when I came to this house, Ryou’s grandma would always bake sweets for me!
Kurihara Airi: Every time, I’d open the door and a sweet aroma would waft out.
Kurihara Airi: That’s why, as a child I called it the House of Sweets…
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: Now that you mention it, it was like that, huh?
Suzuoka Ren: Huh, then that means that it’s not just Ryou that made this house smell so sweet.
Kurihara Airi: Hehehe… That’s right!

2: It looks delicious.
Kurihara Airi: Because, thanks to Ryou’s sweets, it always smelled nice.
Kurihara Airi: Didn’t everyone in the neighborhood call it that?
Adachi Ryou: Wha…. What did you say?
Kurihara Airi: Todoroki-sensei also calls it the cake house.
Adachi Ryou: ….Keigo-san?
Kurihara Airi: Because it’s a cute building that seems to be made of cookies and chocolate.
Suzuoka Ren: Besides, above all it’s finished with the earnings of the confectionary maker Shiragrasse.

Hattori Hibiki: Huh… Then, I should also call it “The House of Sweets” now~
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe, me too!
Adachi Ryou: You guys…
Kurihara Airi: But in the end, Ryou really does love this house!
Adachi Ryou: It doesn’t matter to me, but this house is the house of my old man’s and everyone’s memories.
Suzuoka Ren: So, even if you have no business enthusiasm, you still can’t ease up on the building maintenance and boarding…right?
Adachi Ryou: I can’t help that. It’s because Hibiki and Keigo-san have incompetent livelihoods.
Hattori Hibiki: Oi! Don’t group me with Todoroki-sensei! That’s hurts!
Adachi Ryou: I know that I was far better off in high school than you two are now.
Adachi Ryou: Since you first started living here, have you ever once been in the kitchen?
Hattori Hibiki: …… Can’t argue with you there…
Hattori Hibiki: …Ah!!
Hattori Hibiki: Aaah!! Damn! That reminds me, tomorrow is the deadline to send my cover in to be bound!
Hattori Hibiki:This is bad… What should I do…?
Hattori Hibiki: …Well, the lineart’s finished, so if I can get it painted before the day’s over, somehow I’ll meet up with them.
Hattori Hibiki: Anyhow, I’ll get the data sent in.
Kurihara Airi: That reminds me, Hattori-san, you also draw a lot of manga, right?
Hattori Hibiki: It’s different from a professional like you, Airi-chan, since it’s more what you’d call the extent of an amateur’s hobby.
Suzuoka Ren: Extent of a hobby? No way! I heard a rumor you make a killing off those pictures!
Hattori Hibiki: Well…I’m not that well known, so I wouldn’t say that.
Hattori Hibiki: I do fairly well, or so.
Adachi Ryou: Why would anything that this guy draws be popular in the amateur world?
Adachi Ryou: It’s incomprehensible.
Kurihara Airi: But Hattori-san is really good!
Kurihara Airi: Even in the professional world, he’s pretty popular…
Hattori Hibiki: Haha, thank you~
Hattori Hibiki: Airi-chan, you should try coming to one of my events.
Hattori Hibiki: Even amateurs are the real things, right?
Hattori Hibiki: I think it’ll be really enlightening.

1: I’m interested. (Hibiki +1 Love Point)
2: But I’m a pro.

1: I’m interested.
Kurihara Airi: Event….? I don’t really understand…..
Kurihara Airi:: Hattori-san’s word is also very interesting.
Hattori Hibiki: Hee, really? I’m glad to hear it.
Hattori Hibiki: Well then, how about coming to visit soon?
Suzuoka Ren: Nope never.

2: But I’m a pro.
Kurihara Airi: The amateur world, huh? It seems interesting, but…
Kurihara Airi: Still, I think I’ll fight for a spot in the professional world.
Adachi Ryou: You’d better.
Adachi Ryou: Airi is watching Keigo-san’s work every day, so she’s studying at the forefront.
Adachi Ryou: You’d better not be influenced by something strange and just see things through halfway.
Hattori Hibiki: Your thinking is so rigid. It’s not like I said we’d be working on it together.
Hattori Hibiki: We were gonna hang out. Hang out! Right, Airi-chan?

Suzuoka Ren: No way!
Suzuoka Ren: You’re still trying to go on a date with Airi, and I won’t allow it!
Hattori Hibiki: Eeeh? It’s okay, isn’t it? This is different!
Hattori Hibiki: Crap, you don’t trust me…
Kurihara Airi: (Ryou and Hattori-san are completely different types…)
Kurihara Airi: (I wonder why Hattori-san chose to live here at the boarding house…)
Kurihara Airi: (Next time I’ll try asking about his reasons)
Kurihara Airi: Ah, Todoroki-sensei.
Todoroki Keigo: I had a dream.
Todoroki Keigo: My body was as heavy as lead, and I noticed I was melting into a gooey mess.
Todoroki Keigo: Helplessly, I dissolved as I stood there for many years.
Todoroki Keigo: No matter how long I waited and waited, no one would pass by to save me… That’s what I thought at the time.
Todoroki Keigo: Then somehow, a blue-haired prince from the Country of Sweets appeared!
Kurihara Airi: ……… …O-okay…
Todoroki Keigo: Then, the prince faced me and said this–
Todoroki Keigo: “What’s this, the world’s finest butter was in a place like this?”
Todoroki Keigo: That’s when I realized, that’s right! I had become butter!
Suzuoka Ren: ………………
Todoroki Keigo: Then, the prince continued–
Todoroki Keigo: “No, forget the world’s finest! If I used this, I could make the most delicious sweets in the universe!”
Todoroki Keigo: “But, something is missing!”
Todoroki Keigo: “In order to make the world’s best sweets, there is something I absolutely must do.”
Todoroki Keigo: “And that is…”
Kurihara Airi: …That is?
Todoroki Keigo: ”Starting next month, the rent has gone up.”
Hattori Hibiki: : …wait. Oy!! You heard that!!?
Todoroki Keigo: There was a delicious aroma, so…
Todoroki Keigo: I woke up.
Todoroki Keigo: …Don’t tell me, I’ve become the odd man out!? That’s it, isn’t it?

1: I didn’t want to wake you.
2: I inteded to call you. (Todoroki +1 Love Point)

1: I didn’t want to wake you.
Kurihara Airi: U-um…Sensei, you were sleeping so soundly…
Kurihara Airi: I thought it would be bad to wake you…
Todoroki Keigo: N-no way…
Todoroki Keigo: I’m…really not needed, am I…?
Kurihara Airi: E-eeeeh?!
Todoroki Keigo: Uuh… My cake…
Adachi Ryou: …You just got hungry?
Kurihara Airi: L-let’s see, the cake is…Ah!

2: I inteded to call you.
Kurihara Airi: No way! I intended to call you afterwards.
Todoroki Keigo: Ahh, it’s like that.
Todoroki Keigo: Then, I also want cake.
Todoroki Keigo: I am very hungry.

Kurihara Airi: Todoroki-sensei’s piece is right here!
Todoroki Keigo: Is that so…? Great. That’s a relief.
Kurihara Airi: At any rate, Todoroki-sensei, your work face and your usual face are completely different, huh.
Todoroki Keigo: …Is that so?
Kurihara Airi: That’s right! It’s like your speech, facial expressions, and even your hair style completely change!
Todoroki Keigo: Haha, it’s not like this is a manga, you know…
Kurihara Airi: It’s true! …What–, Eeeh!
Suzuoka Ren: Just a sec, Todoroki-sensei! How much sugar are you putting in your coffee…??
Hattori Hibiki: …20 spoonfuls, huh.
Todoroki Keigo: …That is the will of my manga artist brain. My mind requires this much sugar for nourishment…
Kurihara Airi: …………
Suzuoka Ren: ……I also have a sweet tooth, but…
Suzuoka Ren: I still have to be careful. I’m a little jealous.
Kurihara Airi: …Why?
Suzuoka Ren: Because…if I eat too much, I’ll get fat.
Kurihara Airi: …Ah.
Suzuoka Ren: Well, I am an actress. My body is my capital. Too much is bad for my figure.
Hattori Hibiki: It’s fine, it’s fine! Someone with a healthy, active body like yours shouldn’t be concerned no matter how much you eat.
Hattori Hibiki: It’s people like us who sit around all day and don’t move that have to watch out.
Hattori Hibiki: Right, Todoroki-sensei?
Todoroki Keigo: That’s true. As is, at the end of every day and night,
over time, our lives’ rhythms truly become irregular.
Todoroki Keigo: For professionals, health management is one thing that can work well.
Todoroki Keigo: Even though I’m not strong, I always support a strong body on a mental level.
Suzuoka Ren: Wow, I’m surprised to hear such physical speech coming from Todoroki-sensei.
Hattori Hibiki: Oh really? But I thought before, Todoroki-sensei’s opinion was that jogging and such was the way to build your body?
Todoroki Keigo: Yes, but not anymore.
Kurihara Airi: (I see…)
Todoroki Keigo: My ideals have changed… That’s life.
Adachi Ryou: …… (Isn’t it ridiculous to say something like that?)
Kurihara Airi: (H-he’s always saying things like that…)
Todoroki Keigo: ………
Hattori Hibiki: …Todoroki-sensei?
Todoroki Keigo: That reminds me, Airi-san.
Todoroki Keigo: It’s been almost a year since you’ve been under my supervision, huh.
Kurihara Airi: Ah…That’s right.
Todoroki Keigo: How did the original work you submitted turn out?
Kurihara Airi: That is…I mean, it’s rather…
Kurihara Airi: (That’s right…)
Adachi Ryou: ………

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