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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 10 (English Translation)

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In the Classroom
Yui: –Alright, I’m ready to go home now.
Subaru: …..
Yui: Oh, Subaru-kun? Are you taking the car home today too?
Subaru: …Aah?
Yui: (What’s this? Is he in a bad mood again?)
Subaru: You’re an idiot…
Subaru: Why would someone like me ever have to go home with you?!
Yui: Kyaa?!
Subaru: …Heh.
Yui: Hold on, why are you kicking down the desks?! I just finished lining them up again!
Subaru: Like I give a shit.
Yui: Don’t say that! Now the cleaning duty will have to take responsibility for your mess!
Subaru: Oh, the cleaning duty, huh?
Subaru: ….Heheh. I guess so. My bad.
Subaru: Then, why don’t I take the load off those kids’ shoulders…
Subaru: …And kick you instead?
Yui: What…?!
Yui: (Now he’s trying to take his anger out on me?!)
Yui: Kya?!
Subaru: …You can’t complain when you’re the one who started whining about this in the first place.
Subaru: I’ll kick you nicely against the wall, how would you like that?
Subaru: If you scream and cry your eyes out, maybe I’ll feel a little better. …Heh.
Yui: …..
Yui: (What should I do? Subaru-kun… he’s being unusually rough today.)
Yui: (Even now, his face is glowing in the moonlight… and it looks so much more hostile than usual. His eyes are piercing into me, too…)

Choose: Touch him (S choice)
Yui: …Subaru-kun… are you alright?
Subaru: Don’t touch me!!
Yui: ……
Subaru: ….Tch.
Subaru: Stop treating me like a kid!
Yui: (Wh-why did I…? I’ve been acting strange lately… Am I just gaining more confidence, or…?)

Choose: Turn away from him (M choice)
Yui: (I’m sorry! I’m too scared to look him in the eye…)
Subaru: Oi… Why’re you turning away? You can’t face me?!
Yui: !
Subaru: …I get it.. You’re just like her!
Subaru: Because… I’m… filthy…
Yui: (…Huh?)
Subaru: –Fuck!

Yui: –!
Yui: (I get it now—this is because it’s almost a full moon!)
Yui: (I heard that vampires gain unusual powers during a full moon!)
Yui: (But, for some reason… even I’m… feeling a little off today.)
Yui: (What is this feeling?)
Subaru: …Heh. Stop staring off into space. Look at me.
Yui: Kyaa!!
Subaru: Now, then, where should I start…?
Subaru: Sucking your blood till you’re on the brink of death would be too nice to you. Why don’t I kill you right away, then eat your body afterwards?
Subaru: …Ah, that’d be nice. Then you’d really be mine.
Yui: N-no… Shuu-san said you couldn’t kill me…
Subaru: I don’t care, that doesn’t matter!
Subaru: I’m done listening to that guy’s orders!
Subaru: …Right here..
Yui: ! D-don’t touch me there…!
Subaru: And here, and here…
Yui: Ngh…!
Subaru: It’s all mine.
Subaru: Whether I bite you, or suck your blood, or crush your bones and devour your flesh…
Subaru: …It’s all up to me to decide.
Yui: ….
Yui: (Subaru-kun’s hands are roaming all over my body…)
Yui: (What should I do? If I let him know I’m scared, that will only encourage him more…)
Yui: Kgh!
Subaru: ?!
Yui: (Asking him to stop won’t work. There’s no use in being scared.)
Yui: (If I don’t pick my words carefully, he’ll get even angrier.)
Yui: (The only thing left for me to do is to hug him tightly, to restrict his movements…)
Subaru: …ngh.
Subaru: …The hell are you doing?!
Yui: Kyaa?!
Yui: O-ow…!
Subaru: …!
Subaru: Tch! You asked for that!
Yui: Huh? Subaru-kun?!
Yui: Subaru-kun!!
Yui: …..
Yui: …He jumped out the window. …This is the second time I’ve seen him fly…
Yui: (This whole encounter was weird… I wonder if I should chase after him…)
Yui: (…But, if I hadn’t said anything, and if I hadn’t touched him out of turn, he wouldn’t have gotten angry.)
Yui: (Although, if I tried to get even closer to him… maybe something else would’ve happened…?)
Yui: But… Subaru-kun, why?

I stared out the window, watching as Subaru-kun flew away. And as I did, the light of the nearly-full moon gently shone down on me.
As I looked up at that light, an indescribable feeling filled my heart.
I wonder why I can’t get Subaru-kun off my mind? I can’t stop thinking about the way he acted today, the way he looked at me..
Is it because, despite the violent speech and attitude he overwhelms me with, I can see a sliver of sorrow hidden behind his eyes?
For now, I can’t seem to find an answer to that.

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