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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 9: DVD Festival (English Translation)

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Ema: (Phew.)
Ema: We’ve pretty much finished the preparations for tomorrows Christmas party.
Ukyo: Yes. I’m sorry for making you do all that.
Ema: No, it’s okay… But, since we did most of the preparations today, it’ll be a little easier tomorrow.
Ukyo: That’s right. You really helped me out. Then, I’ll be going back to my room.
Ema: Okay. Good night, Ukyo-san.
Ukyo: Yes, good night.
Ema: (What should I do now…? I’m a little tired…)
Tsubaki: Ema~!! It looks like tomorrow’s preparations are done, so are you heading to your room now?
Ema: Ah, Tsubaki-san.
Ema: Um… I was thinking of resting for a while in the living room but…is something wrong?
Tsubaki: Christmas Eve starts now. Ema, you’re forced to join. Brother’s orders★
Ema: Br-brother’s orders!? Uhm, Eve…?
Tsubaki: Yep! Today’s Christmas Eve right? Everyone was thinking of having a DVD festival now♪
Ema: DVD festival? That sounds fun!
Tsubaki: Yep. Though I said everyone, it’s only… Kana-nii, Azusa, Louis, Yusuke, and me★
Ema: Is it okay for me to join?
Tsubaki: Of course★ Didn’t I just say it was brother’s orders! Then, come over here!
Ema: Okay!
Kaname: Ah, Imouto-chan. Thanks for preparing the party.  Sorry for making you Kyo-nii’s assistant.
Ema: No, it’s okay…
Kaname: Kyo-nii didn’t sexually harass you did he?
Ema: He didn’t. Ukyo-san isn’t like Kaname-san, so he won’t do that kind of stuff.
Kaname: Hey, even I won’t do that…
Tsubaki: Okay okaaay, Kana-nii, enough of that sexual harassment okay.
Kaname: I just said I won’t do that!
Tsubaki: So, Ema said she’ll be joining us♪
Kaname: Really? Then, Imouto-chan will be sitting next to me okay?
Tsubaki: What, Kana-nii, isn’t that mean? I want Ema to sit next to me!
Azusa: Now, Tsubaki. Tsubaki and Kana-nii can sit on both sides of Ema, right?
Tsubaki: …I see! As expected of Azusa! So smart♪ Of course, Azusa will be sitting next to me too right?
Azusa: Yeah yeah…
Kaname: How long are you going to stand there for, Imouto-chan? Come here.
Ema: Ha, haa.
Ema: (Looks like my seat’s been decided for me.)
Yusuke: So, what are we watching?
Louis: I think it should be Christmassy…
Tsubaki: If it’s something Christmassy, then isn’t it that one? The one with that Pumpkin King looking thing!
Azusa: Ahh, that one… I think we have that one.
Ema: (Ah! I’ve watched that so many times already…)

1: Say you’ve already seen it
2: It’s a little hard to say (hearts)

1: Say you’ve already seen it
Ema: So-sorry! I’ve already watched that so many times…
Kaname: Really? Then, let’s watch the DVD I rented before.
Kaname: On Christmas night, a whole horde of zombies appear on earth, it’s a spectacular horror movie.
Yusuke: Kana-nii, that’s impossible. What kind of setting is that. Also, that’s not a movie a girl would watch…
Ema: It sounds really interesting!
Yusuke: Haa!?
Ema: I get really excited when watching zombie movies!
Azusa: …Heeh.
Kaname: Then, it’s decided♪
Tsubaki: …Seriously…
Ema: (We watched the DVD Kaname-san rented, and 2 hours of holding our breath and excitement passed.)
Kaname: That was interesting wasn’t it. Zombies really are great.
Ema: I agree! Thousands of zombies came out, didn’t they? Plus they were really smart zombies too!
Yusuke: Ahh…
Tsubaki & Azusa: Haaa…
Louis: Hey, it’s almost 1am. Aren’t you sleepy…?
Yusuke: Eh, it’s already that late?
Kaname: Right. Then, I should head to work now.
Ema: Work…? At this time!?
Kaname: Yup. It’s time for my second shift now. Plus, we have a Christmas event today.
Ema: Second…? Christmas event…!? Uhm, Kaname-san. You work at…
Kaname: A temple?
Ema: ……!?
Azusa: Ema. You shouldn’t interfere with it too much. Pretend you didn’t hear anything.
Louis: That’s right, Chii-chan… In this world, there are lots of things you don’t need to know.
Ema: I, I understand. I’ll ignore it.
Kaname: Hey! Where do you guys think I work!?
Louis: It’s not a temple, but something else…
Kaname: Ehhhh~!?
Tsubaki: Then, I’ll be heading to my room now!
Azusa: Me too.
Tsubaki: Ema, good night~!
Azusa: Good night.
Yusuke: You have school tomorrow too, so don’t sleep in okay!
Kaname: That’s something Yuu-chan shouldn’t be saying.
Yusuke: Wha…!
Ema: Hehe, good night.
Ema:  (I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s party!)

2: It’s a little hard to say
Ema: (But, they’re all ready to watch it, so it’s kinda hard to say. Oh well, I like this movie anyway…)
Kaname: Eh? Imouto-chan, what’s wrong?
Ema: I-it’s nothing…! Let’s watch the DVD!
Tsubaki: Yep, okay~♪
Ema: (…Watching it again is okay, but I already know what happens… I’m getting kinda sleepy…)
Kaname: Haha, Imouto-chan fell asleep.
Azusa: She did her best with the preparations, so she’s probably tired?
Louis: We shouldn’t wake her up…
Tsubaki: Even so, Ema’s sleeping face is seriously cute★ Hey, can I take a photo? Yeah?
Everyone: No.
Tsubaki: Huh!? Whyy!?
Kaname: ‘Cause you’ll be doing bad things with that photo, Tsuba-chan…
Tsubaki: …….Tch….
Azusa: Tsubaki… We can see the humiliation in your face, since your wild ideas were crushed, so be careful.
Yusuke: But we can’t just leave her here like this…
Subaru: …Hm? What’s everyone doing?
Yusuke: Ah, Suba-nii!
Azusa: We were all watching a DVD, but Ema fell asleep…
Subaru: …True. She’s fast asleep.
Tsubaki: …..!
Tsubaki: Hey hey, Kana-nii! I just thought of something good★
Kaname: …..Me too.
Azusa: …Haa. You two are just scheming another worthless thing, right?
Tsubaki: Ahhh, we just got to the good part of the DVD!
Kaname: Yeah yeah! So, Suba-chan! Carry Imouto-chan for us.
Subaru: Huh….huh!? Wh-why me….!?
Kaname: We’re in the middle of watching a DVD.
Subaru: Y-you can just pause it for a moment, and do it yourself…!!
Tsubaki: Well, you aren’t even watching the DVD, Subaru.
Subaru: …Ugh.
Kaname: Come on, if you don’t hurry up, Imouto-chan will catch a cold?
Subaru: …O-okay! I just have to carry her right!?
Louis: Subaru-kun, looks like a prince…
Subaru: Wha…!
Kaname: Okay okay, since this is too much for Yuu-chan to see, just be patient for a while okay?
Yusuke: Wai- le-let go of me! Kana-nii!! Damn it! I, I can’t see a thing!!
Tsubaki: Subaru~! Once you get to her room, don’t lay a hand on her, okay?
Subaru: I-I won’t!!
Azusa: Haa, Tsubaki’s thinking about that again…
Kaname: That’s great huh, Suba-chan. It’ll be one of your best Christmas Eves.
Subaru: Shut up!
Subaru: I-I’m going now, okay!!
Tsubaki: Have a good trip~★
Tsubaki: Ah! Make sure you give us a report on the result, okay?
Subaru: Wh-what are you saying, the result…!

Ema: (What is this, my body feels a little itchy… It’s kinda ticklish…?)
Ema: Hmm!?
Ema: Su-Subaru-san…!!? Eh, and me….ehhh!? Why am I in this position!!??
Subaru: Wha…that’s not, this is…! I was just looking…for the key to your room…!
Ema: Key…to my room…!?
Subaru: You fell asleep while watching the DVD, so I carried you to your room…and I need a key to get into your room…so…!
Ema: (Ah, I fell asleep while watching the DVD…! And Subaru-san brought me all the way here…)
Subaru: Tha-that’s why! I-I-I-It’s not like I feel guilty about anything, and I wasn’t touching you or anything…!
Ema: (Even if Subaru-san denies it that much, I understand.)

2A: I understand
2B: Thank you (hearts)

2A: I understand
Ema: Hehe, it’s okay. I understand. Subaru-san isn’t the kind of person who does that.
Subaru: Ah, yeah. Then that’s fine…

2B: Thank you
Ema: Thank you for carrying me here. But, I…was heavy, right?
Subaru: No! Y-you weren’t heavy… …You’re actually light…I was a little worried.
Ema: Worried…?
Subaru: If you’re…eating your meals properly…
Ema: I-I’m eating properly! …Wait, it feels like this happened before too.
Subaru: …Before?
Ema: Remember, when I nearly drowned…
Subaru: Ah, that’s right, that did happen.
Ema: You asked me if I was eating my meals properly, and you were worried too.
Subaru: Re-really?
Ema: Yep!
Subaru: W-well…it’s good that you’re eating properly…

Subaru: …Then, I’m going back to my room. If I stay here any longer, I don’t know what Tsuba-nii will say to me…
Ema: …Eh?
Subaru: I-It’s nothing!! See you!

If you bought Subaru a Christmas present
Ema: (Ah! That’s right…!)
Ema: Please wait, Subaru-san!
Subaru: …What is it?
Ema: (The Christmas present I bought…for Subaru-san. I was actually thinking of giving it tomorrow…)
Ema: Uhm, actually… Here, your Christmas present. Will you accept it?
Subaru: Eh!?
Subaru: …….
Ema: Subaru-san?
Subaru: …B-but. I didn’t prepare any of that for you…
Ema: It’s okay! I just wanted to give you one.
Subaru: …Th-thanks….
Ema: Yep!
Subaru: Th-then…. Good night.
Ema: Yes. …Good night!
Ema: (Though it was in the middle of the DVD,  I’m glad I got to talk to Subaru-san.)
Ema: (Plus, I got to feel Subaru-san’s kindness again, I’m really happy…)
Ema: (It’ll be great if I could talk to Subaru-san during tomorrow’s Christmas party.)

If you bought someone else a Christmas present
Ema: Ah… Even though I bought (Name of brother) a present, I couldn’t find the right timing to give it…
Ema: It’s kinda disappointing, but it can’t be helped.

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