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Vampire Knight Chapter 1 First Guardian Patrol Kiryuu Zero Event (English Translation)

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Cross Yuki: ふう、もうー周しちゃつたかな。
Cross Yuki: *sigh* I guess I’ve already made a lap.
Cross Yuki: (When I stand at the edge of the walkway, I vigorously dive down.)
Cross Yuki: 10 points, full score!
???: Idiot. You’ll get injured if you do that.
Cross Yuki: Huh? Who?
Cross Yuki: (I suddenly heared a voice and started looking around.)
Cross Yuki: Nobody’s here…..?
???: Where are you looking?
Cross Yuki: Huh?
Cross Yuki: (When I look up towards the voice, I see the figure of Zero in at tree.)
Cross Yuki: Zero! What are you doing there? Slacking off again!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t slack off.
Cross Yuki: No matter how you look at it, it’s skipping! Well, I’d like to sleep!!
Kiryuu Zero: Don’t be so angry. You’ll get wrinkles between your eyebrows.
Cross Yuki: I don’t want to be told that by you, Zero!
Cross Yuki: My skin is still in good condition!
Cross Yuki: If I get wrinkels it’s because of you, Zero! You need to take responsibility.
Kiryuu Zero: Responsibility? I wonder what you want me to do.
Cross Yuki: Wha… What I want….. That’s…..
Cross Yuki: (When I opened my mouth–)
Female Student 1: Let’s sneak in as soon as they don’t look.
Female Student 2: Reach your hand a little more.
Cross Yuki: What was that? I heard something just now…..
Cross Yuki: (I hurried and listened carefully to hear–)

What you choose here doesn’t really matter.

1: A noisy voice.
Cross Yuki: There’s a noisy voice! Hurry up Zero, something might have happened!

2: A suspicious voice.
Cross Yuki: I hear as suspicious voice! Something may have happened! Let’s hurry, Zero!

Kiryuu Zero: Go alone.
Cross Yuki: Idiot! Again! You’re being selfish!
Cross Yuki: (He turns his eyes if it doesn’t involce him, I started running.)
Cross Yuki: No way….. Why is a Day Class girl walking around at night? I hope nothing happens.

Cross Yuki: (I hurry to the person of the voice, there–)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! Shiki-senpai! What are you doing?
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan! Good job today too.
Cross Yuki: Ah, thanks…. No way! Going during the night is breaking the school regulation!
Shiki Senri: Such a loud voice…. Shut up….
Ichijou Takuma: At ease, Yuki-chan. We just hear a noice, so we came to check it out.
Female Student 1: Kyaaa-!! Shiki-senpai and Ichijou-senpai too!
Female Student 2: It was worth sneaking in to see them so close.
Cross Yuki: Both of you go now! Do not get closer!
Shiki Senri: Get closer…..
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t, Yuki-chan. What’s the problem?
Cross Yuki: Going out during the night is breaking school regulation! It’s dangerous at night! Please return to your dormitory!
Female Student 1: Stop joking, committe member!
Female Student 2: That’s right! You’re always so unbelievable!
Cross Yuki: (Ignoring my warnings, they get closer to Ichijou-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Stop! Get back!
Female Student 1: Why should we stop? What’s so dangerous?
Cross Yuki: It’s bad…. It’s really dangerous….. The night-senpais……
Ichijou Takuma: We are……. What? Yuki-chan…..
Cross Yuki: Tha, that’s……
Cross Yuki: (I had trouble replying to Ichijou-senpai, Shiki-senpai had a thin smile on his mouth.)
Shiki Senri: Committe member… are you angry?
Cross Yuki: (The next moment– The senpais’ pupils shone dubiously!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (I ran in front of the girls to protect them from the senpais.)
Cross Yuki: Kyaa!
Cross Yuki: (My legs tangled and I fell down in a flashy manner.)
Cross Yuki: Ow ow ow…….
Ichijou Takuma: Are you alright? Yuki-chan. Huh? That’s….
Shiki Senri: It smells nice….
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (I felt a stronge gaze on my right hand that was on the ground.)
Cross Yuki: (When I drop my gaze, I see blood on my right hand….!)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad!)
Shiki Senri: Committe member…. caught.
Cross Yuki: Geh….!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai thightly grabbed my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me, Shiki-senpai.
Shiki Senri: Why are you so hostile?
Cross Yuki: (As I grasp my hand, Ichijou-senpai looks straight at me.)
Cross Yuki: (Is seems as though he grabbed my heart with his eyes, I can’t move.)
Cross Yuki: Please release me! You’ll get punishment for this!
Shiki Senri: Stop resisting……
Cross Yuki: I, I don’t care! It’ll get better if I rub it with a handkerchief!
Shiki Senri: I’ll cure you…. I guess?
Cross Yuki: !!
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai slowly opens his mouth….. I can see his sharp fangs!)
Cross Yuki: (I’ll… get bitten…..!)
Female Student 1: No way! Just now, I saw fangs!
Female Student 2: Vampire!? There’s no such thing….
Cross Yuki: Stop! Shiki-senpai!
Shiki Senri: How surprising. Such a loud voice.
Ichijou Takuma: No, I’m more surprised.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!! Don’t just stand by, please stop Shiki-senpai!
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Is something wrong with that?
Ichijou Takuma: Shiki, I don’t really understand. Please release her.
Ichijou: Even so, it’s a nice scent. Shiki won’t bite you. Hehe.
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai!
Cross Yuki: (While saying that, Shiki-senpai strongly pulled me closer.)
Cross Yuki: (This is bad…..! I was prepared to–)
Shiki Senri: Listen. Committee member, I won’t bite. Calm down.
Ichijou Takuma: You see.
Cross Yuki: Eh….?
Ichijou Takuma: Huh? Shiki is a reasonably person….
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, don’t you trust us?
Cross Yuki: Eh? Umm…. That’s….
Cross Yuki: (I’m having trouble replying.)
Cross Yuki: (From the side, it might look like I’m desperately resisting… that’s what I thought.)
Cross Yuki: (Next–)
Kiryuu Zero: Vampiric actions are forbidden inside the school.
Cross Yuki: (Zero puts Bloody Rose up while looking at Ichijou-senpai.)
Kiryuu Zero: Drunk with the smell of blood, did you forget me, Vampire.
Cross Yuki: Zero!! Stop!
Ichijou Takuma: Hold on, Kiryuu-kun. You’re misunderstanding~.
Shiki Senri: Rampaging so fast, how scary.
Cross Yuki: It really is a misunderstanding! Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai were just worried over me getting injured!
Shiki Senri: That’s all….? Isn’t that underestimated?
Kiryuu Zero: What’s going on, Yuki? How did you get injured?
Cross Yuki: That’s…. a long story!
Cross Yuki: Anyways, Ichijou-senpai and Shiki-senpai did nothing wrong.
Cross Yuki: (Zero was shaking due to the tension…. That–)
Ichijou Takuma: Kiryuu-kun, the gap.
Cross Yuki: (Zero released the tension on the gap–)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai approached Zero at the speed of light and takes up his guarding arm.)
Cross Yuki: Ichijou-senpai! How?
Shiki Senri: Fast. As expected of Ichijou-san.
Ichijou Takuma: Sorry, Kiryuu-kun!
Ichijou Takuma: Can’t it be said that the state of affairs of the Guardian isn’t kept in a case like this? Why is that.
Kiryuu Zero: Why….. Well, I won’t finish it….
Kiryuu Zero: This can only be accepted as a declaration of war, Ichijou-senpai.
Cross Yuki: (Zero slowly points Bloody Rose at Ichijou-senpai again.)
Cross Yuki: Enought already! Zero! Stop it! Don’t pull the trigger!
Kiryuu Zero: I don’t see what’s so bad about clearing out vampires.
Ichijou Takuma: Uh…. Such scary eyes. Kiryuu-kun…..
Shiki Senri: Committe member guy……. How uncomfortable….
Cross Yuki: (Shiki-senpai looks at Zero with challenging eyes.)
Cross Yuki: (Ichijou-senpai smiles while standing in between the two, but his eyes aren’t smiling.)
Cross Yuki: (This atmosphere! It’s heating up due to the three people who won’t surrender.)
Cross Yuki: To go to such an extent! Fighting is prohibited! Please also stand down senpais!
Shiki Senri: For just a while. I’ll withdraw.
Ichijou Takuma: Don’t look at a lady like that, Shiki. Yuki-chan is doing her best for us.
Shiki Senri: Committee member girl….. Trying too hard….
Cross Yuki: That’s…..
Kiryuu Zero: Leave, Yuki. I will block these guys.
Cross Yuki: Stop it! Zero! Take your hand of Bloody Rose!
Cross Yuki: (As I shake and cry, Zero pulls the trigger without hesitation!)
Cross Yuki: Stop!
Cross Yuki: (A gunshot rushes through the night sky–)
Cross Yuki: No way…. I…..
Cross Yuki: (Suddenly, I had grabbed Zero’s hand.)
Ichijou Takuma: Yuki-chan, amazing! Such wonderful work!
Cross Yuki: (The bullets were shot at the tree besides us, without anyone getting hit.)
Cross Yuki: Zero, you idiot! You actually shot!
Kiryuu Zero: Tch….. Extra convolution.
Shiki Senri: How surprising…. You really shot….
Kuran Kaname: That Bloody Rose, would you please put it away, Kiryuu-kun.
Kuran Kaname: It’s a threat to us….
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai!
Kiryuu Zero: What if…. I refuse?
Kuran Kaname: Hm…. How bullish.
Cross Yuki: Zero, stop saying stupid things, you’re acting strange tonight!
Kuran Kaname: You are already injured. Please shot it to me.
Cross Yuki: Eh? It’s, it’s fine! It was just a scratch and the bleeding has already stopped!
Kuran Kaname:  If something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai….
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai slowly approaches me with a gentle smile.)
Cross Yuki: (I couldn’t move my eyes away….. The next moment–)
Kiryuu Zero: Your worry is useless. Above that, would you mind moving away from them?
Cross Yuki: (It’s as if Zero is trying to tear my away from Kaname-senpai.)
Cross Yuki: Zero!
Ichijou Takuma: Ahaha, Kiryuu-kun. There’s no calling apart between them~?
Shiki Senri: We haven’t done anything. We just got here.
Ichijou Takuma: Calm down Shiki! You too Kiryuu-kun! Let’s not fight for no reason~ Peace is best!
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou, why is there so much commotion when you’re the assistent director? I seems necessary to talk over it.
Ichijou Takuma: Kaname! Scary eyes~! Help me, Shiki!
Shiki Senri: It’s no use hiding behind my back, Ichijou-san. It’s protuding.
Ichijou Takuma: Because~! Kaname’s face! I will be punished by Aidou~!
Kuran Kaname: I don’t like conflict. Let’s solve it by discussion. Understood, Ichijou?
Ichijou Takuma: I have a feeling there’s a deeper meaning to “discussion”…..?
Kuran Kaname: Ichijou and Shiki, tell me the story properly. Is that okay? Kiryuu-kun.
Shiki Senri: Mine’s irrelevant….Which one of these is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Please make it short, Kuran-senpai.
Kuran Kaname: You seem to dislike being face-to-face with me. But, before that…..
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai gently approached the girl students who fained from what had happend.)
Cross Yuki: (And, he holds a thin fingertip over their heads.)
Kuran Kaname: With this, their memories of tonight have disappeared. You can rest at ease, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Thank you so much! Kaname-senpai….
Kuran Kaname: You don’t need to bow. Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai…..
Kuran Kaname: I’m sorry you had to feel fear this night, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Not, not at all! It’s my own fault for getting injured, you did nothing wrong!
Kuran Kaname: You are so strong…. Goodnight, Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Goodnight!
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s group went back to the Moon Dormitory.)
Cross Yuki: (I kept staring at his back untill it disappeared into the darkness of the night.)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai is still different…. he’s not only cool… but also kind….)
Kiryuu Zero: What are you grinning about?
Cross Yuki: I, I’m not! Besides, you were late! Were you slacking again?
Cross Yuki: (Zero looks into my eyes as if to cut off my question.)
Cross Yuki: (However, looking at the next moment……)
Cross Yuki: What is it?
Kiryuu Zero: Give me your right hand quickly.
Cross Yuki: Huh? There’s no way you want to hold hands because you’re afraid of the night?
Cross Yuki: (The soft expression of Zero becomes more steep.)
Kiryuu Zero: You idiot…. You’re injured. Quickly give it to me.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (When he pulled out his tie, Zero grabs my right hand.)
Cross Yuki: You, you should be more gentle. Because I’m injured…..
Cross Yuki: (I got embarrassed and ended up saying something mean.)
Cross Yuki: (Even so, he doesn’t seem to hear it…)
Cross Yuki: (I was staring at the way he wrapped the necktie like a wrapping cloth.)
Cross Yuki: (If I were to look up, my eyes would meet with Zero’s…..)
Kiryuu Zero: It’s just temporary first aid for the time being. Have it cured later by the president.
Cross Yuki: All right…..
Cross Yuki: (With familiar hand, Zero made saline allowances.)
Cross Yuki: (I wanted to say something to Zero, for his kindness.)

1: I’m officious.
2: Zero…… (Affection up for Zero)
3: Sorry. (Affection up for Zero)

1: I’m officious.
Cross Yuki: I’m officious…..
Cross Yuki: (I intended to quietly murmur, but a disturbing auro is transmitted from Zero.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems he truly did hear it.)
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Kiryuu Zero: Even though people bother to worry about you…. You’re the worst…….
Cross Yuki: ………..
Cross Yuki: (Ehh?! That’s righ, Zero is someone who can’t communicate well.)
Cross Yuki: (Even if I say something else, I’ll be like pouring oil on fire, so I’ll stay silent.)

2: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: Zero….
Cross Yuki: You are dexterous.
Kiryuu Zero: What is it?
Cross Yuki: No, I like this kind of thing, and your cooking too.
Cross Yuki: Somewhat, like a mother.
Kiryuu Zero: A mother? …….You have a lot of hardships.
Cross Yuki: Zero….. I had a hard time until now after all….. Sorry, I said something bad.
Kiryuu Zero: I meant you have a lot of troubles with yourself.
Cross Yuki: Ah, am I?
Kiryuu Zero: Enough….. Weird person……

3: Sorry.
Cross Yuki: Sorry….. You got worried.
Kiryuu Zero: ……Creepy.
Cross Yuki: Ha?!
Kiryuu Zero: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. Are you planning something?
Cross Yuki: Such a…. Terrible…. It’s terrible, even for a joke.
Cross Yuki: I, just honestly apologized……
Kiryuu Zero: Ah…….. I see…….. my bad……
Cross Yuki: ……Creepy.
Kiryuu Zero: Ha?!
Cross Yuki: I feel bad if you apologize in such an obedient manner. What are you plotting? Zero.
Kiryuu Zero: You….
Cross Yuki: Hehe. Payback!
Kiryuu Zero: Hmpf.

Kiryuu Zero: Let’s go. We have to bring those two back right away.
Cross Yuki: Ye, yeah!
Cross Yuki: (Zero lightly raised the two girls.)
Cross Yuki: (I hastily chased after his stern back.)
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait, Zero!
Cross Yuki: Zero! You know what…… Thank you very much…….!
Cross Yuki: (I deeply bowed my head towards a silent back–)
Cross Yuki: Aww! Don’t stop so suddenly! It made me hit my head.
Kiryuu Zero: …..
Cross Yuki: Zero……?
Cross Yuki: (After suddenly stopping, Zero’s expression was steep and distorted.)
Cross Yuki: What wrong? Are you in a bad mood?
Kiryuu Zero: Here…. I feel uncomfortable with the smell of blood.
Cross Yuki: Zero…..
Cross Yuki: (Murmuring about spitting it out, Zero started walking again.)
Cross Yuki: (It seems like his back is rejecting me……)
Cross Yuki: (Zero holds something deep in his heart…..)
Cross Yuki: (Like deep darkness…..)
Cross Yuki: …..
Cross Yuki: (I stood by for a while as he walked away–)

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