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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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In the Park
Yui: –Subaru-kun!
Subaru: …Oh, it’s you.
Yui: It’s unusual to see you at the park.
Yui: (He hadn’t seemed like he was going to sleep, but.. what’s he doing here?)
Subaru: Stay back.
Yui: …Huh?
Subaru: Don’t come any closer than that.
Yui: …What’s wrong?
Subaru: ….Tch.
Subaru: You’re so damn obnoxious! Everytime you see me you come rushing over!
Subaru: I’ve told you already not to come near me except when necessary. What do you want?
Yui: …I don’t… come rushing over…
Subaru: Aren’t you always trying to be with me?
Yui: Y-yeah… but i-isn’t that okay, once in a while?
Subaru: Ha, you really have already begun to awaken.
Yui: Awaken?
Subaru: Your transformation into a vampire. That’s the whole reason why you were thrown into this mansion with us.
Yui: What do you mean?
Subaru: Tch. This is ridiculous. When a human starts getting close with a vampire, they’ll eventually turn into one themself.
Yui: Wh-what…?! Why didn’t you tell me that before…?!!
Subaru: Why didn’t I? Would you even be able to avoid it if I had told you?
Yui: I could’ve done a lot of things– I could’ve escaped!
Subaru: Ha. Aren’t you our special prey? This was planned from the start!
Subaru: That guy… was fascinated with you. Just like… he was with Mother.
Yui: No way… How could you… tell me that so suddenly? I don’t understand..!!
Yui: It was planned for me to become a vampire…? Why me?
Subaru: Ha. Why’re you getting mad at me? It’s your own fault for being so careless.
Subaru: Anyway, you human women never seem to realize how dangerous things are before you jump right into them.
Subaru: Think about it– you just waltzed on into a vampire’s den all happy and oblivious and shit.
Yui: Th-that’s because… I didn’t know.
Subaru: You should’ve just escaped when I wasn’t looking.
Yui: …..
Subaru: –You never once thought that you might be trapped here forever?
Yui: …Well, I…
Yui: (I did think of that… and I thought about escaping… but, I was scared… No, that’s not it.)
Yui: (Yes, I was scared, but… that wasn’t the whole reason. Why didn’t I escape?)
Yui: (Is it because of this ‘awakening’ thing?!)
Subaru: …Tch.
Yui: …?!
Subaru: Don’t start crying, it’s annoying. Get over here!
Yui: (….H-he pushed me down on the bench…!)
Subaru: …You’re so fucking stupid. I tried… I warned you… not to come near me.
Subaru: You really don’t listen to anything I say… fuck.
Subaru: I try so hard to resist your blood… but…
Subaru: The second you get close… I can’t stop myself…
Yui: …? S-Subaru-kun… what do you mean…?
Subaru: …Tch. Nothing!
Subaru: Listen up, stop coming near me just because you get curious.
Yui: …….
Subaru: …You can’t blame me for what happens if you do.
Yui: Subaru-kun… what exactly have I gotten wound up in? Please tell me.
Subaru: …Hn. Why should I have to answer some human’s question?
Subaru: Just don’t get close to me. Otherwise I’ll change your blood– I’ll dirty your blood.
Subaru: …And it’ll become ugly, foul, filthy.
Yui: …..
Subaru: …You’d hate that too, wouldn’t you?
Yui: Subaru-kun…
Yui: (Filthy blood? Is that what he meant when he said he’d change my blood? Or is it something else…?)
Yui: (But… he’s not harassing me like he always does…)
Yui: (He’s trying to be kind… I don’t know what I should do…)
Yui: …I won’t go.
Subaru: Ah?
Yui: I’m staying here.
Subaru: Hah?! What the hell are you saying?! Didn’t I say I’d dirty you?!
Yui: Because… I don’t have anywhere else to go… and…
Yui: (Before he told me that, I… I thought I wanted to stay by his side…)
Yui: (Am I really becoming a vampire? Or…)
Subaru: –Tch!
Subaru: How damn obnoxious can you get? Fine, go wherever the hell you want.
Subaru: Just don’t come near me when you don’t need to!
Yui: (He stopped holding me down… Is he letting me escape?)

Choose: Sit up (M choice)
Yui: …nn…
Subaru: ….
Yui: ….
Subaru: …Oi. Aren’t you going to go? Why are you staring at me like an idiot, aah?
Yui: Because…

Chooce: Inquire (S Choice)
Yui: Subaru-kun, why did you let me go~?
Subaru: …Aah…?!
Yui: (Wah, my mouth moved on its own again!!)
Subaru: …Stop it.. How many times do I have to tell you not to get close to me? Don’t you hear me?
Yui: (He shoved me away…)

Subaru: …..
Yui: …..
Subaru: …You’re not leaving? You really want to stay here?
Yui: Honestly, I don’t know what I should do.
Yui: I… really want to run away, but I feel worried about you.
Yui: I don’t know what I want to do myself.
Subaru: …Yui..
Subaru: ….Do whatever the hell you want.
Yui: …Okay.
Subaru: …Hn, you’re weird..
Yui: (I should run away. I know that for certain. But…)
Yui: (Whenever I think about Subaru-kun, I’m suddenly unable to move…)

I can’t get that expression Subaru-kun made out of mind.
I wonder what that forlorn look on his face means? Lately, he’s been making it a lot.
Is he hiding something?
Although, it may just be something I can’t understand. He is, after all, a dweller of the night. A vampire.
But, even so– …
I wrap my arms tightly around my body, so that I can bottle these new feelings of my heart deep inside me.

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