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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Ecstasy 7 (English Translation)

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In the Sience Lab

Reiji: This has gone far enough!
Yui: ーーOh my, you’ve finally snapped.
Reiji: You still seem to be trying to test me, but I only have so much patience.
Yui: Turns out the last straw really was destroying your precious collection.
Yui: I’ll use that for reference.
Reiji: ーーEnough. I’ve been entertaining you for a while now, but I’ve reached my limit.
Reiji: Leave Yui’s body immediately!
Yui: No thanks. I’ll never leave. If someone’s going to leave, it’ll be this girl.
Yui: (You should have stopped when I told you to… How could you destroy the results to Reiji-san’s important experiments…?)
Reiji: …..
Yui: Oh my. A knife… Is that made of silver? So then, are you going to stab me with it?
Yui: I dare you to try. After all… it will kill this girl, too. As long as you’re fine with that.
Reiji: I’ve told you this already, haven’t I? I am that girl’s owner… she belongs to me. …Whether I kill her or keep her alive is up for me to decide.
Yui: I see…
Reiji: Which is why it’ll be so easy for me to kill you.
Yui: (Reiji-san really is furious…)
Reiji: (Well, of course he is, he had everything he’s been working for so long on stored in here…)
Yui: I see. Then, I guess it can’t be helped. …This place is perfect, since… you keep all your poisons here.
Reiji: ….!
Yui: ーーI’ll die just like you want me to. Mngh!
Reiji: ! Fool! Stop!!
Yui: Didn’t you just tell me to die?! Why are you so agitated now?!
Reiji: ….!! Open your mouth!
Yui: (…Reiji-san is straddling me… and trying to wrench my mouth open!)
Yui: … Nngh aa!!
Reiji: Mm…. mm…!!
Yui: (He said it’d be fine if I died, so…. why? Why is he sucking out the poison…?)
Yui: N-nghーー….!!
Reiji : Honestly… how foolish can you get?
Yui: *cough*… gh… You’re the one who told me to do that.
Reiji: I did not. I said I would be the one to kill you.
Yui: Same thing…
Reiji: Noーthere is a significant difference between those two.
Yui: (Reiji-san… This must have something to do with his mother, for him to get so worked up about a detail as small as that…)

Choose: I understand his feelings (M choice)
Yui: (I understand… his feelings.)
This girl says she… understands your feelings.
Reiji: Ha. What is there to “understand”? You don’t understand. There’s nothing to understand.
Yui: (Maybe that was a little presumptuous of me.)

Choose: Why didn’t you let me die? (S Choice)
Yui: (But why didn’t he let me die?)
Yui: (If I died… you’d be able to end this entire situation.)
Yui: This girl wants to know why you didn’t just let her die.
Reiji: …That’s…
Yui: (…Things would have been so much easier if you had.)

Reiji: ーーAlthough, you never intended to die in the first place.
Reiji: You kept the poison in your mouth and never swallowed itーwhich is proof of that.
Reiji: You were testing me.
Yui: Hehe. Yes, exactly. I know how much you feel about this girl inside me.
Yui: Parting with this bride would be too much for you, wouldn’t it? The girl is finally beginning to awaken, after all.
Yui: ーーAlthough, that is solely because of my power.
Reiji: ……
Yui: Answer me.
Reiji: I have no interest in her as a bride.
Reiji: I had no interest in succeeding the head of this household in the first place.
Reiji: If anything, I want nothing but the privilege of murdering the man who’s just as powerful as God. That is the all I’m after.
Yui: But you saved this body. You would never try to save me, though.
Yui: I know that for a fact. Then, why did you rescue this girl?
Reiji: ーーPlease don’t make me repeat myself. That girl belongs to me.
Yui: You love her, don’t you?
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san?)
Reiji: Ha… This is precisely why I dislike women. Love? Don’t make me laugh.
Yui: Hehe. I think I’m right. I know you’re just avoiding it. You love this girl.
Reiji: That’s absurd. Why would I love or sympathize with my food?
Yui: Or rather, it could be said that you shouldn’t fall in love with her because she’s your food.
Reiji: This is nonsense. Please do not agitate me.
Yui: Agitate you? I’m only playing with words; why would you feel agitated? I don’t understand that at all.
Reiji: ….Please get out. I need to straighten up in here. My research has fallen behind because of you.
Reiji: I must recover this setback you caused.
Yui: Fine. But first I have one last thing to tell youーsomething nice.
Reiji: ‘Something nice’?
Yui: Hey, how would you feel if I told you that this girl… this girl inside me, had already disappeared from this world?
Reiji: ….?! What did you say?
Yui: You heard me.
Reiji: You’re lying. She was just hereー
Yui: What if I was making it up all along?
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Reiji-san! It’s a lie! I’m right here! Reiji-san!!)
Yui: Hehe. I finally got to see you make a panicked expression… I’m satisfied for today.
Reiji: …You truly are a desperate bitch.
Yui: Hehe. Say whatever you want. Now, have fun cleaning.
Reiji: …..
Yui: (Reiji-san! Reiji-san….!!)
Yui: (I didn’t think having my voice unable to reach him would be this painful.. even though I’m right here…)
Yui: (Even though I’m right in front of him… Reiji-san, I’m here! Trust me…!)

ーーWhy did Reiji-san protect me?
Cordelia said it was because he loves me. I don’t believe her at all, though. Reiji-san is not that kind of person. At least, that’s what I think.

Am I misunderstanding him?

Cordelia, who was working to only distance me from Reiji-san, said over her shoulder that I was no longer here. Even though I knew I would never get through to him, I cried out to Reiji-san that I was right there. At the same time, however, I fell into despairーbecause really, this did feel like I wasn’t in this world anymore.

Cordelia’s words made me feel horribly anxious as well.

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