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Hoshizora no Comic Garden Chapter 1 Part 1 (English Translation)

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Chapter 1: The Father, the Daughter, and the Dream She Believes In

Kurihara Airi: (Since I’d been crying the whole time, that person drew lots of manga for me with everything he had)
Kurihara Airi: (Even now, I still haven’t forgotten the happiness I felt at that time… That’s why I…)
Kurihara Airi: (swore in my heart that I absolutely will become a manga artist…and then)
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
???: Kurihara-san! Kurihara-san!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…yes!
Professor: Well then, please summarize the Harrod-Domar economic growth model for me.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? “Harrod”… What’s that?
Professor: It’s ”Harrod-Domar.” Now, just explain it…
Kurihara Airi: …Sorry.
Professor: You seem to have been sleeping quite soundly.
Professor: Is my lecture really so boring?
Kurihara Airi: Yes…ah! No…
Professor: !!
Students: *snickering*
Kurihara Airi: (I’ve done it now…!)

Kurihara Airi: (*Sigh*… I made the professor angry…)
Kurihara Airi: (…As I thought, it’s like I’m cursed with lack of sleep)
Kurihara Airi: (The students, too… Even taking into account that I’m aiming to become a professional manga artist…)
Kurihara Airi: (This is a little too reckless, huh?)
Kurihara Airi: (No…no way!)
Kurihara Airi: (Being discouraged by such things… I don’t want to give up)
Kurihara Airi: (Even though today was a little tiring… Yeah!)
Kurihara Airi: (The deadline’s a little ways away, so as long as I can somehow finish the report…)
Kurihara Airi: (…Hm? Isn’t that…)

Female Student A: Um…Adachi-kun, about the scope from earlier,
Female Student A: It’s a little difficult… There’s a text next week, and, u-um…
Female Student A: If you don’t have any plans later, would you mind studying together?
Adachi Ryou: ………
Female Student B: Ah, that’s sneaky…! I also…
Female Student C: Ryou-kun, teach me too!
Female Student A: Just a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …I don’t really mind. Which scope?
Adachi Ryou: What about notes? Did you take some?
Female Student A: Y-yeah, um, they’re not here, though…
Female Student B: I-I have mine right here!
Female Student C: Um… Hey, Ryou-kun, instead of standing around in a place like this, why don’t we head to the library?
Female Student B: Yes, yes, that’s a good idea! Right, Ryou-kun?
Female Student A: I-I… This isn’t exactly the study session I had in mind…
Adachi Ryou: ………
Adachi Ryou: ……!
Kurihara Airi: (…Ah…)
Adachi Ryou: …My bad. I have something urgent to do. Maybe next time.
Female Student A: Eh…!
Female Student B: No way… Ryou-kun…!
Adachi Ryou: …Airi!
Female Student A: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Oi, Airi! Don’t ignore me!
Kurihara Airi: Ryo…Ryou! Um, that’s… Is your lecture over?

Adachi Ryou: Were you trying to run away just now?
Kurihara Airi: B-but Ryou, your eyes are…scary.
Adachi Ryou: …That’s how they are naturally.
Kurihara Airi: That’s not what I meant…
Kurihara Airi: Those people…they’re your classmates, right?
Kurihara Airi: They’re looking this way… This is bad…is this okay with you?
Adachi Ryou: That sort of thing doesn’t matter. If their gaze bothers you, just come here.
Adachi Ryou: …Your clothes are messy.
Kurihara Airi: Eh?
Adachi Ryou: Here, come closer. Your collar’s wrinkled. Here too.
Kurihara Airi: Eh? U-um…
Adachi Ryou: The back’s all twisted, too. Here, I’ll fix it for you. Be patient.
Adachi Ryou: Really, you still haven’t changed after all this time.
Kurihara Airi: Just a…Ryou…! This is embarrassing…
Kurihara Airi: If you want me to fix it, why not just say so…
Adachi Ryou: Here… Your lips.
Kurihara Airi: …Ah!
Adachi Ryou: There’s drool.
Kurihara Airi: EEEH!! N-no way, no…!
Adachi Ryou: I lied!
Kurihara Airi: ………
Adachi Ryou: I heard from the professor a little while ago. Seems like you were snoring in class.
Kurihara Airi: Eh…! H-how did you know…?
Adachi Ryou: ”Harrod-Domar.”
Adachi Ryou: The professor was talking about it in the classroom and mentioned your name. While looking at me.
Adachi Ryou: Probably because they know you and I are childhood friends.
Adachi Ryou: Seems like they thought I’d be able to scold you.
Kurihara Airi: But you don’t need to do that…
Adachi Ryou: Do I?
Adachi Ryou: This is a university, take responsibility for your actions. That’s what you promised.
Kurihara Airi: …I’m sorry. I know that’s what I intended, but recently…
???: …Airi! Airi!
Kurihara Airi: Ah…Ren!

Suzuoka Ren: Airi! I came to meet you!
Female Students: …! H-hey! Who’s that person?!
Female Students: Wow…! I don’t know them, but…so cool…!
Female Students: C-could they be homeschooled?
Suzuoka Ren: Excuse me, miss. Would you let me pass?
Female Student: Ah, y-yes!
Adachi Ryou: Ren! Don’t ride your bike on campus. It’s dangerous.
Suzuoka Ren: Haha, sorry, sorry! I’ll come right over!
Adachi Ryou: …Doesn’t listen as usual, this one…
Suzuoka Ren: Ryou, you’re too strict! You call this “on campus” although it’s still 5 meters from the gate.
Female Students: Hey, they said “Ren”… It couldn’t be that person…
Female Students: You mean, the Takarazuki musical drama’s…?
Suzuoka Ren: Ah…crap!
Suzuoka Ren: Here, Airi, it’s almost time, right? Hurry and get on!
Kurihara Airi: Eh…KYAAAH! Is it already time…!?
Suzuoka Ren: Is Sensei scary when you make him wait?
Kurihara Airi: Oh—ohnono…! We have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: Ren, sorry! Would you please? Ryou, see you later!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe, too bad, huh, Ryou?
Adachi Ryou: …Ren, avoid driving recklessly!
Suzuoka Ren: Naturally~! See ya!
Adachi Ryou: Ah! Wait a second…!
Adachi Ryou: …That girl… She forgot her bag. …Jeez.

Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…!
Kurihara Airi: What is it, Ren?
Suzuoka Ren: It’s a little interesting right now, huh? I feel like a prince who’s just rescued a princess from a demon!
Suzuoka Ren: Airi, what was Ryou so angry about just now?
Kurihara Airi: …How could you tell?
Suzuoka Ren: Hehe…! Even though I was far away from you, I still understood instantly.
Suzuoka Ren: Even though Ryou is always nagging Airi… What happened today?
Kurihara Airi: I fell asleep during class today… Ryou heard about it from the professor…
Suzuoka Ren: …Oh dear.
Suzuoka Ren: It can’t be helped if you were tired! It’s not like you’re dropping out of school.
Susuoka Ren: Ryou’s completely apathetic about everything except when it concerns you, Airi.
Susuoka Ren: Re~ally, he’s only strict with Airi, huh?
Kurihara Airi: It can’t be helped! I really rely on Ryou.
Suzuoka Ren: Hmmm… …It’s okay if you rely on me more, you know…
Kurihara Airi: Eh? What?
Suzuoka Ren: Nothing!
Kurihara Airi: By the way, Ren, when those people heard your name earlier, it looked like they recognized you right away, huh?
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah, that was close! It’s still like that, even after I came from Koube.
Suzuoka Ren: It’s problematic if fans recognize me. Every now and then, kids have even followed me home…
Kurihara Airi: As I thought… Ren, you’re amazing!
Kurihara Airi: Even those who aren’t Takarazuki drama fans know you, you’re like a super celebrity, huh!
Kurihara Airi: When you think about it… It’s kinda stressful.
Suzuoka Ren: I don’t care about such things! I’ve been best friends with you, Airi, since we were kids, after all.
Suzuoka Ren: Even after this, I’ll always be me. And, my princess will always be Airi. Isn’t that right?
Kurihara Airi: …Yeah! Ahaha…!
Suzuoka Ren: Hehehe…! Now then, if we keep chatting like this, we’ll bite our tongues! Hold on tight!
Suzuoka Ren: Ah, that reminds me… Airi, where’s your bag?
Kurihara Airi: Eh……?
Kurihara Airi: Eh—Ah…AAAAAAH!! I forgot it!!
Suzuoka Ren: ………
Suzuoka Ren: Aah, so that’s what Ryou was shouting about earlier.

Suzuoka Ren: Alright, we’ve arrived! Work hard!
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for bringing me.

1: Thanks for saving me. (Ren +1 Love Point)
2: I have to hurry! (No change, so pick this one for all the other guys)
3: That’s why I like you so much. (Ren +2 Love Points)
The third choice is only available after unlocking Ren’s Route.

1: Thanks for saving me.
Kurihara Airi: Thanks for saving me!
Suzuoka Ren: ….That’s fine, now hurry. Your teacher is waiting.
Kurihara Airi: Yeah! Bye Ren!

2: I have to hurry!
Kurihara Airi: I have to hurry! See ya, Ren!
Suzuoka Ren: Yeah. Good luck!

3: That’s why I like you so much.

Kurihara Airi: I’m sorry! I’ve kept you waiting!!
Todoroki Keigo: You’re late!
Kurihara Airi: I-I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo:: What the hell have you been doing!?
Kurihara Airi: Eh? I was at a lecture at my university…
Todoroki Keigo: No excuses!!
Todoroki Keigo: We’ve got a deadline soon… Don’t you know we’re in the final stretch!!?
Kurihara Airi: Y-y-y-yes! I’m sorry!!
Todoroki Keigo: Anyway, there’s no time to chat! Take your seat quickly and get to work!!
Kurihara Airi: Y-yes!
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!!
Todoroki Keigo: Oi! Hold it right there!
Todoroki Keigo: What’s this! It’s useless! It has nothing to do with it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Eh?
Todoroki Keigo: There should be more effect here! I should feel the complete body and soul devotion burning!
Kiryuu-senpai: B…burning!?
Todoroki Keigo: Of course! Why don’t you get it?!
Todoroki Keigo: Listen! This scene should come out in the girl, touching spirit and actions!
Todoroki Keigo: Her justive-loving heart should shake the very heavens, causing rain to fall… And loosing thunder!!!
Todoroki Keigo: From the top of her head to the tips of her fingers, everything about her should burn within this panel!!!
Todoroki Keigo: This depiction must be worthy of this heat!
Todoroki Keigo: It should show that even the showering rain that pours cannot touch her! It is a strong flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: Do you really think this simple line depiction is nearly good enought to express this crimson flame!!!
Todoroki Keigo: It’s too intense a blaze!!!
Kurihara Airi: …*gapes*…
Todoroki Keigo: This entire frame! Redo it!!
Kiryuu-senpai: Y…Yes!!

Todoroki Keigo: Huh… Still a few hours before the deadline?
Todoroki Keigo: Uwooooooh!! I’ll fire up my… Sixth sense!!
Kurihara Airi: Sensei is… Todoroki-sensei is burning!
Kurihara Airi: (Ooh~! I’m also getting fired up!)
Kiryuu-senpai: Hey! Kurihara! Stop zoning out!
Kiryuu-senpai: Hurry up and start from here to here on this page!!
Kurihara Airi: Y…Yes!


If you choose to save the story:

2019-01-01 (1).png

2019-01-01 (2).png

Comic Mode
First Game: Rough Drawing
Kurihara Airi: At first, I make a rought drawing.
Kurihara Airi: Let’s make the rough drawing. What area should I draw? I will start by touching the screen.

Move your stylus over the outlined space in the center of your touch screen to uncover the image. (3 rounds)

Second Game: Panel Outlines
Kurihara Airi: Next is the outline drawing.
Kurihara Airi: In order to separate it, pull it so that it does not protude. I will start by touching the screen.

Trace your stylus along the gray outline to draw the panel borders without lifting the stylus in the process. (3 rounds)

Third Game: Sweep Away
Kurihara Airi: Afterwards, eraser shavings.
Kurihara Airi: There are a lot of eraser shavings. Let’s remove them. I will start by touching the screen.

Brush the eraser shavings off screen with your stylus. (1round)

Once you’ve finished, Airi will say different things depending on how you did.
By getting excellent in each part I only managed to get 3 stars, not sure why.

Kurihara Airi: Alright! Perfect! I had a hard time doing it! (よしっ!完璧だ!一生懸命やったかいがあったよ!)
Kurihara Airi: Come on! It’s amazing! I can’t even believe it myself! (きたっ!凄いよ!自分でも信じられないくらいの出来)

Do you want to try again?

1: Try again. (redo the Comic Mode)
2: Finish. (continue the story)

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