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Fortune-telling (相性占い)

By choosing the “Fortune” during your day class, you’ll get some info on the chemistry levels between you and your selected guy. You might also get some tips on his favourite clothes, lucky items, etc.

Item-screening (持ち物検査)

By choosing the “Study” option during your day class, you’ll open a fun but somewhat stressful mini-game where you confiscate and sort out a variety of items.

Items rolling by fall into two main categories, contraband and well, non-contraband. Your objective is to sort out as many of these items correctly in the time-span of 30 seconds.

Regular items (Schoolbag)

  • Pale green textbook
  • Bowl of ramen
  • Bucket
  • Comics
  • Picture of Toga Yagari
  • Green gift box

Contraband items (Bloody Rose insignia)

  • Blood tablets
  • Picture of Akatsuki Kain
  • Picture of Zero
  • Paper with phone number on it
  • Dark green book with corner torn off

Use your stylus to drag the items over to the left. Note that the items move a lot faster as time passes, so think/move fast!

Raises Zero’s affection for you slightly if you do a well.

Stats raised: Work, Experience and Knowledge.

Present sorting (プレゼント渡し)

Choose the “Guardian” command during your day class to commence this mini-game. Simply put, you have 30 seconds to hand out as many presents/love letters as possible to the students in the night class.

Simply use your stylus to drag presents from the adoring fans to the guy they want to give it to. Each guy has their own gift “lane” and they’ll be positioned below their lane at the start of the game. The tricky part begins when the guys start swapping places at the bottom, which can be pretty confusing.

Note that the guy who you (accurately!) give the most presents to in the mini-game will have a bigger boost of affection for you at the end of it. Great for raising the affection levels of the Night Class students.

Stats raised: Intellect, Experience and Affection.

Dress up Fashion Check (着せ替えファッションチェック)

You get to access this game by selecting “Rest” during day class. As the title suggests, you get to play dress up with the guys with the clothes you’ve purchased (by selecting the “Decorate” option beforehand).

If you’ve bought the right combination of clothes to dress up your guy, you’ll recieve a fabulous boost in affection.

To receive the maximum boost, you need to match the clothes to make full outfits:

Head – Orchestra hat (楽団帽子)
Tops – Orchestra top (楽団服上)
Bottoms – Orchestra pants (楽団服下)
Item – Trumpet (トランペット)

Head – Sunglasses (サングラス)
Tops – Aloha shirt (アロハ)
Bottoms – Resort cutoffs (リゾート半パン)
Item – Flower lei (フラワーレイ)

Head – Crown (王冠)
Tops – Fur coat (毛皮のコート)
Bottoms – Leather pants (革パンツ)
Item – Red mantle (赤マント)

Head – Silk hat (シルクハット)
Tops – Frilled shirt (フリルシャツ)
Bottoms – Black trousers (黒ズボン)
Item – Mantle (マント)

Head – Pirate hat (海賊帽)
Tops – Pirate coat (海賊コート)
Bottoms – Pirate pants (海賊服下)
Item – Short sword (短剣)

Different guys like different combinations, but I found most of them liking the orchestra outfit.

Stats raised: Intellect, Charm and Affection.

Going to the Party (パーティへおいで)

You get to activate this game by wandering around the campus while on your patrols. You get a default “Powerful dress” in your inventory at the start of the game. To buy more dresses, choose the “Decorate” option during day class. There are 2 versions of each type of dress.

Loves – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Loves – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Unusual dress (珍しいドレス)
Hates – Gorgeous dress (ゴージャスなドレス)

Loves – Mature dress (大人っぽいドレス)
Hates – Intellectual dress (知的なドレス)

Loves – Captivating dress (魅惑のドレス)
Hates – Powerful dress (パワフルなドレス)

Stats raised: Charm, Knowledge and Affection.

Finding Night-time Wanderers! (夜歩きさん発見!)

You can play this mini-game while on your night rounds. You get 60 seconds to find 6 Day Class students (not including Zero!), who are hiding in the bushes/up on the balcony.

Use the brown bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll left to right. Take care not to poke any of the Night class students/Zero or you’ll get a drop in affection!

Stats raised: Work and Experience.

Window-stalking (気になる様子)

The point of this game is to stalk one of the guys. You need to aim the binoculars at the guy you’re stalking (make sure his torso’s in view!). Keep an eye on the red bar above and his movements, as well as the 45 second timer.

The aim is to fill the bar entirely (marking the end of the game). You need to avoid detection by quickly moving the binoculars away from the window when the guy has his eyes open – do this too slowly and you get a big “X”. Three X’s and game over.

Before the guys open their eyes, they usually make some characteristic movemnts, such as raising an arm. The moment they do so, quickly shift the binoculars out the the way, wait for a bit, and move back in when you’re sure their eyes are closed. This part is tricky and may require some practice befor eyou get used to it.

To get the maximum stat raise from this game, try to minimise the numbers of times you get caught.

Stats raised: Affection and Knowledge.

Waltz Dance (ワルツダンス)

You get to dance with your guy in later parts of the game. It’s a rhythm-based mini-game, where you listen to the beats of the song and tap them out on the touch screen.

Time your taps when the music notes at the bottom are just about to enter the circle! Tap and hold for the long music bars. After the first segment, there’s a brief reprieve before it continues again. If you manage to do it perfectly, you get a higher affection boost with your guy!

If you’ve made too many mistakes in the first segment, the mini-game ends and you don’t get to move on to the second segment.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

Defeating Level E Vampires (レベル:Eを倒せ)

This one’s a fighting mini-game – you’ll have to fight off rabid Level E vamps in an alleyway. To kill them, you need to aim at the red dots moving around in front of their bodies. Do this too slowly and they’ll end up inflicting damage on you (note the health bar up above). Watch out for multiple vampires on the screen at one go – kill the ones that appear first to avoid taking too much damage.

Male vamps have 3 dots to hit, and the female vamp has 2.

Once your health bar falls to 60%, your guy will step in and kill the vamps present on the screen for you. He’ll appear once more if your bar falls to 20%. Beware, though – each time he has to step in, you lose 10 affection points.

If your health drops to zero, the mini-game ends.

If you manage to last the whole 60 seconds without your guy helping you, you
receive a nice affection boost.

Stats raised: Affection and a variable parameter (the corresponding with the guy).

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