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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 10: White Day (English Translation)

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Ema: (I wonder what I should make for dinner today? I’m a bit tired so maybe I should make something quick and easy…)
Ema: (Oh, I have a call from Hikaru-san.)
Ema: Hello?
Hikaru: Ah, Ema? Are you free right now?
Ema: Yes, I am. Did you need something?
Hikaru: I have a little something I’d like to do with you. Where are you right now?
Ema: Right now? I was on my way home. I’m near the apartment right now.
Hikaru: I see. If it’s not too much trouble, do you think you could return to the station?
Ema: I don’t mind but…
Hikaru: Thank you. I’ll be waiting in front of the flower shop around the station. Call me when you arrive.
Ema: Alright. I’ll see you there.
Hikaru: Good, I’ll be seeing you.
Ema: (It makes me happy to be receiving a call from Hikaru-san…)
Ema: (I should hurry up towards the station.)

Ema: Hikaru-san!
Hikaru: Oh, Ema.
Ema: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Hikaru: There’s no need to apologize. I’m the one that called in the first place.
Ema: But…
Hikaru: I didn’t wait for very long. So don’t worry about it, okay?
Ema: Alright. Anyway, why did you ask me out today?
Hikaru: Ah, about that…
Hikaru: I wanted to invite you today by any means possible.
Ema: Hm?
Hikaru: In return for your Valentine gift.
Ema: Oh…!
Hikaru: Not too far from here, there’s a shop that sells chocolate drinks.
Ema: Oh, I heard of it before! But since it’s really popular I heard making reservations is pretty difficult.
Hikaru: No need to worry about that. I already made one.
Ema: What?! You did?!
Hikaru: Yep. Of course.
Ema: Thank you very much! I’m really excited!
Hikaru: I thought it’d please you. Seems I was right in choosing this sort of thing.
Ema: (Hikaru-san really understands a girl’s taste. He knew exactly what would make me pleased.)

Ema: That chocolate drink shop was really nice!
Hikaru: Well, nothing will beat the chocolate cake you made for me.
Ema: Not at all! There’s no way mine was that good!
Ema: (But, it makes me very happy to hear him say that.)
Ema: (I made the right decision in making him homemade chocolates…)
Hikaru: There’s something I want to give to you.
Ema: What is it?
Hikaru: Here. As a thanks for your Valentine gift.
Ema: Wow! Thank you so much!
Hikaru: Thank you very much for the Valentine gift you gave me.
Ema: It was my pleasure. I should be saying the same to you.
Ema: (I never would’ve thought Hikaru-san would give me a gift of thanks.)
Hikaru: Anyway, I’ll be sure to drop by once I’m not too busy with work.
Ema: I’ll be looking forward to it.
Hikaru: See you.
Ema: (Time to return home.)

Ema: I’m home!
Juli: Welcome back.
Juli: You’re late again. Just like you were on Valentines day.
Ema: What?! N-No I’m not…
Ema: (Juli is sharp as usual…)
Juli: You don’t think I know that it’s White day today?
Ema: What…?!
Juli: So? Which brother did you meet today?
Ema: (Ugh…as long he doesn’t find out who…)
Juli: Well, judging from your appearance I’ll guess it was Hikaru wasn’t it?
Ema: ….!!
Juli: Oh? Looks like I was right.
Ema: J-Juli!
Juli: My guess would be…
Juli: You went to a shop where sweets were served, correct?
Ema: W-What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Juli: It’s not so strange for someone like Hikaru who’d know a thing or two about women.
Juli: And in addition to treating you, I’m sure he gave you a present in return for Valentines!
Ema: (How the heck does a squirrel have such keen insight?!)
Juli: I won’t allow it. I’ll never forgive that Hikaru. How dare he lure you in. I’ll be sure to cook him right up!
Ema: W-Wait, he never lured me in! He wouldn’t do something like that!
Juli: Shall I boil or bake him? Or maybe…I’ll thicken him up into a stew!
Ema: (Run away, Hikaru-san!!)
Juli: Is that box the gift he gave you? I noticed you were hiding it behind your back.
Ema: (How is he able to figure it out so quickly?!)
Juli: Now, Chii…hand me that box! I’ll check what’s inside and rid everything inside!
Ema: No! I’ll never hand it over! This is important to me!!


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