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Vampire Knight Chapter 1 Night Class (English Translation)

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Vampire Knight Chapter 1 (English Translation)

Chapter 1
Gate of the Moon, Gate of the Sun
– night & day –

Cross Yuki: (When the darkness of the evening night slowly begins to erode the light of the sun.)
Cross Yuki: (A long-awaited moment comes to the private school Cross Academy, especially for the female students.)

Cross Yuki: Yeah, yeah. Keep going, keep going~.
Cross Yuki: Everyone, it’s already your class’s curfew, so please return to your dormitory!
Cross Yuki: (My name is Yuki Cross.)
Cross Yuki: (I’m a first year member of the moral committee, which is an ordinary department of the Cross Academy and our duty is to preserve to order of the school.)
Female Student 1: You’re in the way! Committee member!
Female Student 2: Can you stop pushing me!
Female Student 3: I wonder if they’ll come out soon~.
Female Student 4: I want to see those beautiful faces right away~.
Cross Yuki: (There’s a dormitory system in the prestifious Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (There’s an ordinary department, named the Day Class.)
Cross Yuki: (And there’s a night department, named the Night Class.)
Cross Yuki: (The Day Class and the Night Class)
Cross Yuki: (Share the school building during the boundary between day and night.)
Cross Yuki: (During the evening, when the classen change, there’s a bit of turbulence.)
Cross Yuki: (That’s because the girls of the Day Class make a big fuss every night–)
Cross Yuki: (What seperates the Day Class and the Night Class, is beyond the Gate of the Moon.)
Cross Yuki: (They live in the Moon Dormitories.)
Aidou Hanabusa: Good morning girls~!
Kain Akatsuki: Don’t you get tired of this everyday.
Ichijou Takuma: The Day Class children are energetic this morning too~.
Shiki Senri: The bustle this morning….. Is loud…..
Cross Yuki: (The Night Class students are so popular because they’re the beautiful elites from Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (Among them, the dormitories of the Moon Dormitory where the Night Class students live, are the class directors.)
Kuran Kaname: Good morning, let’s work hard today.
Cross Yuki: (Kuran Kaname senpai organizes the individual groups of the Night Class.)
Cross Yuki: (A wonderful person reigning at the top.)
Cross Yuki: (And my life benefactor…..)
Female Student 1: Kuran-senpai~!
Female Student 2: Idol-senpai~!
Female Student 3: Wild-senpai~!
Cross Yuki: Please get back….. Kyaa!
Cross Yuki: (A hand extended to me, since I was pushed down by the Day Class students.)
Kuran Kaname: Are you alright? Yuki?
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai…..
Cross Yuki: (My eyes were stuck to the gentle smile of Kaname-senpai…..)
Cross Yuki: I–, I’m alright! It–, It’s because the street is so sturdy!
Kuran Kaname: *sigh*… Yuki, you always have to bear this in front of me. I feel somewhat lonely.
Cross Yuki: That, that’s…. Because Kaname-senpai is my life benefactor!
Kuran Kaname: That was 10 years ago. Don’t mind those things anymore.
Cross Yuki: (His thin eyes narrowed down, Kaname-senpai reaches for me again.)
Cross Yuki: (Drawing a relaxed hand, he gently sweeps over my head.)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s left hand……)
Kuran Kaname: Yuki…..
Cross Yuki: Kaname….senpai…..
Cross Yuki: (The hand with the low body temperatur leaves my head for a moment.)
Cross Yuki: (And is slowly being puled down my face…..)
Cross Yuki: (Next–!)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai’s left hand was– blocked by my partner’s right hand.)
Kiryuu Zero: Your lesson wil begin Kuran-senpai.
Cross Yuki: (This is Zero Kiryu.)
Cross Yuki: (Just like me, he’s a first year committee member of the Day Class.)
Kuran Kaname: How scary, moral committee-san.
Cross Yuki: Are you afraid, Kuran-senpai? Please bear me the sarcarm.
Cross Yuki: (At first glance!)
Cross Yuki: (Kaname-senpai and Zero aren’t moving while looking at each other.)
Cross Yuki: (I have no choice but to get in between them.)
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait Zero! Kaname-senpai too, please stop.
Kiryuu Zero: Fighting is prohibited. I know.
Kuran Kaname: We are just talking to eachother.
Cross Yuki: Just talking…. But too many sparks are scattering…..
Ichijou Takuma: Both of you! Calm down. You don’t have much blood.
Kiryuu Zero: I am calm. I don’t know about Kuran-senpai.
Aidou Hanabusa: You…. headed of Kaname.
Kiryuu Zero: Idol…. No, Aidou-senpai, do you mind staying out of this?
Kain Akatsuki: Aidou, is it alright? Being told such a thing.
Kuran Kaname: Kiryu-kun is also in trouble because it’s an important job. Aidou, in moderation.
Aidou Hanabusa: Ka, Kaname-sama!
Shiki Senri: *yawn*…. I’m not sleeping…..
Kiryuu Zero: The Nigh Class people don’t listen either?
Kuran Kaname: We shouldn’t. Class begins.
Ichijou Takuma: Come on everyone, hurry up~.
Kuran Kaname: Well then, see you later Yuki.
Cross Yuki: Ta, take care!
Cross Yuki: (The Night Class students disappear.)
Cross Yuki: (The Day Class students also went bak to their dormitories.)
Kiryuu Zero: We should also go back Yuki, the president is calling.
Cross Yuki: The president? Why?
Kiryuu Zero: You’ll know by going.
Cross Yuki: (In a blatant way, Zero started walking.)
Cross Yuki: Wait, Zero! Shouldn’t you apologize for being late!?

Cross Yuki: (As the moral committee, Zero and I have a secret mission–)
Cross Yuki: (Never to be known to the Day Class students.)
Cross Yuki: (Secure the secret of Cross Academy–)
Cross Yuki: (A mission as a Guardian–)
Cross Yuki: (That secret is–)
Cross Yuki: (The truth, that all students of the Night Class are vampires.)

Kiryuu Zero: Don’t forget them.
Kiryuu Zero: You do know their nature behind that beautiful mask?
Cross Yuki: I know…… They are completely different from us….
Cross Yuki: (Human beings and vampires…. are never invisible….)
Cross Yuki: Did you call for us? President.
President: I was waiting for you~ Yuki! Kiryu-kun!
Cross Yuki: (This person is the president of Cross Academy.)
Cross Yuki: (And 10 years ago, he took care of me, who had both lost her memory and was dwelling around.)
Cross Yuki: (Now, he has raised me as my adoptive father.)
Kiryuu Zero: What was it for? Please be brief.
President: I can’t hold it~ My cute righteous son.
Kiryuu Zero: Certainly, you take care of me from the time I was a brat but I have not become your son!
President: As for me, occasionally I want to talk with my adolescent daugther and son as a parent!
President: Abou youth’s troubles and tenderness~. Why not?
Kiruii Zero: *sigh*….. There are too many people in this school who don’t listen to one’s story.
President: Kiryu-kun. Relax relax. So, how was today’s class swap?
Cross Yuki: As usual, it’s a problem pear!
Kiryuu Zero: What’s wrong with pears? They’re sweet.
Kiryuu Zero: Why do we have to do things like security guards waiting for the entertainers!
President: No~ Good job like every evening. But, the hard work of the Guardian’s mission can only be entrusted to you.
Cross Yuki: (The aim for peaceful coexistence with vampires–)
Cross Yuki: (Vampires are accepted in the school at night.)
Cross Yuki: (The only 3 who know the secret are the president, Zero and I.)
President: To make the Day Class and Night Class coexist. And…..
President: In order to secretly continue to put an end to the conflict between humans and vampires…..
Cross Yuki: I understand. Besides, I’m glad we’re able to cooperate.
President: As expected! My beloved daughter!
Kiryuu Zero: They are just beasts.
Cross Yuki: Kaname-senpai is different!
President: Well, among the vampires, there are those who attack people for their blood.
President: The identity of the Night Class must stay hidden.
Cross Yuki: Yes! Leave it to us Guardians!!

Cross Yuki: Well, let’s hurry and go around tonight as well!
Kiryuu Zero: ……
Cross Yuki: (With distant eyes, Zero was looking up at the moon–)
Cross Yuki: (He turns his eyes away and shakes…. What is he thinking of…..?)
Cross Yuki: (To see Zero with such an expression is weird…..)
Cross Yuki: (It seems it will dissapear if disturbed…..)
Cross Yuki: (It will melt in the darkness of the deep night.)
Cross Yuki: Zero…..?
Kiryuu Zero: …I’ll leave it to you.
Cross Yuki: Wa, wait, where are you going!?
Cross Yuki: Don’t abandon your work!!
Cross Yuki: (The watch duty that Zero had left, felt wider than usual…..)
Cross Yuki: Well then! I will take heart and I’ll keep looking around tonight!
Cross Yuki: ….And, before that……
Cross Yuki: Listen to the explanation of the Guardian patrol?

1: Yes
Cross Yuki: When you start looking around, you’ll see an arrow on the touch screen. Touch the direction arrow to go that way.
Cross Yuki: I don’t know what will happen while I’m on the road, so I have to be careful.
You’ll start the Guardian patrol now.

2: No
You’ll start the Guardian patrol without any explanation.

Cross Yuki: 今のところ異常なし。念のため高いところから見るか。
Kuran Kaname’s Event >>

Cross Yuki: ふう、もうー周しちゃつたかな。
Kiryuu Zero’s Event >>

I have made a map for Guardian Patrol and also a character location guide (which you can use for the next Guardian Patrols).

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