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Ouran High School Host Club Tamaki Special: With Dad (English Translation)

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Haruhi: Ahh peace…
Haruhi: (I got up extra early to get the advertised specials at the supermarket today, and because it’s the holidays, there’s not having to deal with the Host club members.)
Ranka: “Haruhi. Would you mind making me some tea.”
Haruhi: Oh, yes. I’ll just grab….
Haruhi: What? Company?
Haruhi: (I stood up and headed to the door to answer it.)
Haruhi: Who is it…
Hikaru: Haruhi, you there?
Kaoru: I hope she’s in, we left extra early to make sure.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Well there’s no school today, so she should be here.
ガチャ slam
Haruhi: I would’ve got to the door to open it you know! You didn’t have to come barging in before I invited you in!
Haruhi: (It’s finally the holidays we’ve all been looking forward to. So why have they come to see me…)
Haruhi: (I mean I didn’t plan on spending my holidays getting insulted by them every five seconds because I’m not part of high society like them.)
Haruhi: (And I certainly didn’t want them to come barging into my home uninvited either….)
Takashi: …Good morning.
Mitsukuni: Haru-chan, good morning.
Haruhi: Ah…Good morning…
Haruhi: (Well I guess that’s that then. They’ve clearly all decided to just turn up.)
Kyoya: Apologies for the sudden intrusion.
Haruhi: Please let me know in advance next time before you pull a stunt like this.
Kyoya: Well, we can maybe try for next time.
Kyoya: It just so happened this one time that the other club members all decided it would be a good idea to pay you a visit.
Haruhi: You haven’t said sorry properly yet you know..
Haruhi: (In terms of their reason for coming, I’ll bet it’s something they planned for a while.)
Haruhi: (Well, I guess it’s not so bad.)
Tamaki: Haruhi have you missed not seeing us over your holidays?
Haruhi: No, I’ve been pretty much fine having a break from you all.
Tamaki: Mommy! Haruhi, Haruhi is being…
Haruhi: You know it would be a lot easier if you guys had asked me advance? Why did you all even come to my house…..
Ranka: Haruhi, we have guests?
Haruhi: Well dad, actually…
Ranka: Ah? Kyoya-kun, long time no see!
Kyoya: Long time no see, Ranka-san. You look wonderful as always.
Ranka: Thanks a lot sweetie. You’re such a nice boy. You all came to say hello today?
Takashi: ….hi.
Mitsukuni: Good morning!
Ranka: Hikaru and Kaoru as well?
Hikaru: That’s us.
Kaoru: The 2 of us.
Hikaru & Kaoru: We’re the Hitachii twins.
Ranka: Uh hmm. Did you all come to see Haruhi today?
Kyoya: Yes that’s correct. Are you off work today Ranka-san?
Tamaki: That….
Ranka: Yes, I try to make time to spend some father-daughter company with Haruhi.
Kyoya: Is that so. I’m sorry we have intruded on your family time you set aside.
Ranka: Oh that’s okay. I don’t mind having some extra company some days.
Tamaki: Father! That’s…
Ranka: What? Why are you addressing me like that?
Tamaki: Well, I, erm, that’s. Us, it’s because…
Ranka: Oh, the huge pest, I remember you.
Hikaru: (Hmmm Haruhi’s dad’s really got a bad impression of the boss before)
Kaoru: (Well he did walk in when Tamaki was standing over his daughter after knocking her over)
Hikaru & Kaoru: (That was some pretty bad luck for the boss really, guess he didn’t get a chance to express his unrequited lo….)
Haruhi: I’m sorry, I’m just trying to stay calm…
Kyoya: Oh, I’ll pay for what you buy at the store as a means of apology for the intrusion.
Haruhi: No, you didn’t have to worry about anything like that…
Kyoya: It’s fine, just make sure they are delicious, high quality dishes for the likes of us.
Haruhi: What do you want?
Kyoya: I don’t mind what you get though. As long as you buy the exclusive and expensive items.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-Senpai hands me a thick wallet into my hand.)
Haruhi: (So, I don’t get a say in all this? Figures.)
Haruhi: …So I’m going alone….
Kyoya: No, this area of town is clearly dangerous for you by yourself.
Takashi: …Should I go?
Haruhi: Well, I don’t mind who comes along. Just wait a moment while I get my things together.
Haruhi: (Given how thick his wallet is from the cash in it, I very much doubt the supermarket will have anything that’s up to the standards they expect.)
Haruhi: (Maybe If I go to the specialist market in the Mall… They might just have the quality of ingredients I’m going to need.)
Haruhi: (Just the thought of all this effort is making me lose my appetite….)
Haruhi: (Well, I guess I should use this as a chance to cook with ingredients I can never hope to afford.)
Ranka: Haruhi usually goes on her own to do the shopping.
Mitsukuni: !!?
Takashi: ……!!?
Haruhi: Well do you want to come with, Dad?
Ranka: It’s important we spend some Father-Daughter time together.
Haruhi: Well if you wanna come…
Tamaki: Let me come with you both too!!!
Ranka: ….You want to intrude on our time together?
Tamaki: Uhhh, not at all. I just want to look after my daughter!
Ranka: What did you say?
Tamaki: Well, I know it’s strange…But I think of myself as like a father to Haruhi!
Ranka: You are a very strange boy aren’t you. We’re going just Haruhi and myself.
Tamaki: Ah, please wait! Father!
Ranka: But then I guess it’s true I’m not the best father in the world. In some ways.
Haruhi: Dad! Don’t be so rude and Tamaki stop growing mushrooms in other people’s closets!!!
Ranka: Well I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if he came with us.
Tamaki: Th, thank you so much!
Hikaru: ….So who’s going?
Kaoru: Well I’m going to go along with Haruhi and her daddy too.
Kyoya: Well I think we should follow them, after all we did make this trip all the way here.
Hikaru: Hmm. Leave it to Kyoya-Senpai to come up with a plan.
Kaoru: We should try and not make too much noise that they notice.
Kyoya: ….Be careful with that.

Haruhi: We need to go all the way to the Mall instead of the supermarket, because of the special ingredients we need.
Haruhi: (The Mall is at least 2 bus stops away, so it’s going to take around 40 minutes to walk it.)
Haruhi: (I don’t know what kind of ingredients I’ll need or what I’m going to make, so I’ll be able to cover my bases better at the Mall than anywhere local.)
Haruhi: (Well I guess we’ll have to go the Mall, the only other options are even further away than that.)
Tamaki: Oh the commoner’s Mall! I bet there’s such a wonderful bustle and a huge variety of commoner’s shops!
Haruhi: Well, it’s going to be pretty crowded today, being a holiday and all.
Tamaki: Oh, I see! It’ll be like a crowded exotic carnival as well as all the people who are usually at the Mall shopping?
Haruhi: Exotic carnival sounds a bit much, it makes it sound lively than it really is.
Tamaki: Exciting, exciting!
Ranka: …Is this child younger than you, Haruhi?
Haruhi: No, he’s older than me.
Ranka: He doesn’t seem to act his age much.
Haruhi: Well, I guess you can’t talk much when it comes to acting your age either, dad.
Ranka: !!? But for me it’s my character. I don’t go off acting childishly or stupidly unless it’s as my stage persona.
Tamaki: Oh father! You have such poise and grace!
Ranka: I don’t accept sucking up you know! You’re still my enemy from last time!
Haruhi: (Ummm, I guess they’re too similar to even realise it.)
Haruhi: (Well maybe that’s why they don’t like either other.)
Haruhi: (In any case…)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should be glad they don’t get along, that would be a nightmare)
Haruhi: (Still it is awkward listening to them argue. I should just try and walk as quickly as possible.)

Haruhi: Where do you want to take a look first?
Ranka: Haruhi, we should head for the central plaza shops.
Tamaki: Haruhi, Haruhi! It’s a wonderful idea to go to the area that’s most lively!
Haruhi: Well if you want. We’ll head that way then.
Tamaki: Excited. Excited!
Ranka: ….What an idiot.

Mitsukuni: (It was fun to come wasn’t it Tama-chan)
Hikaru: (There’s quite a few shops around, but nothing with things we’d normally get)
Kaoru: (That’s true, but I’d rather we kept our eyes on the others anyway)
Hikaru & Kaoru: (Well it’s not surprising Haruhi’s dad still thinks his highness is an idiot)
Takashi: (….They turned right)
Mitsukuni: (Ah it’s difficult to keep up! They’re moving so quickly!)
Kyoya: (…With them making so much noise, they’re sure to notice us. Well maybe they have already noticed us)

Ranka: ……
Haruhi: What’s up dad?
Ranka: Hmm. It’s nothing don’t worry. Go on through.

Clerk A: Come and see, Ladies and Gentlemen! Our 20 minute bargain sale has just started!
Clerk A: Our sirloin steaks are reduced from 1000 yen to just 800 yen!
Clerk A: We are nearly going bankrupt with this offer! First come, first served!
Tamaki: Waaaaa-What! This seller is willing to risk bankruptcy to give the best offers to their customers!
Tamaki: I must act as a good citizen and line up for their goods!!
Haruhi: (Tamaki squeezed his way through a small gap in the huge crowd towards the seller’s stall.)
Haruhi: (Well…. I guess i’m not surprised he’s that impressionable.)
Haruhi: You do not have to go you know. Don’t get lost ok? I don’t think it’ll be easy to find you again in such a busy place.
Tamaki: But isn’t the seller going to go bankrupt unless we help him out?
Haruhi: They’re not going to go bankrupt, it’s just a marketing tactic. C’mon, let’s go.
Tamaki: But, wait Haruhi!

Clerk B: Today is the points special! This holidays every point is worth 3 times the usual amount! Any item more than 300 yen is worth 3 times as much!
Clerk B: If you plan to use your points card today, please take a look!
Tamaki: Waaaaa, what!? They are offering 3 times as many points on anything worth more than 300 yen!
Tamaki: So it’s as if we had spent 900 yen in the shop if we buy anything today! It’s such an incredible deal!
Haruhi: Alright, fine, let’s go…
Tamaki: On we go towards the special offer shop!

Clerk C: Come right up, it’s the clearance sale! All list items are half price!
Tamaki: Waaaaaa, What! Half the usual price! But there will be no profit in that sale! The business must truly be in trouble, I should offer my help to them!
Haruhi: Hey, get back here!
Haruhi: (And there he goes again. Seems it was a pretty bad idea to bring Tamaki-Senpai here.)
Tamaki: Ermm, Haruhi.
Haruhi: What is it?
Tamaki: Am I….getting in your way?

2018-12-23 (3).png

Please operate the borrom screen.
Please slide vertically or sideways.

You’re saying yes or no here. As you slide, a bar will fill up, this will indicate what you’ll answer. You’re telling how much you’re annoyed by Tamaki.

Option 1:
Haruhi: そうですね。軽く邪魔です
Haruhi: Well, maybe just a little bit.
Tamaki: Hmm, I thought so. I’ll try and not be so difficult…
Haruhi: That would be really helpful.
It continues after this.

Option 2:
Haruhi: はっきり言って邪魔です
Haruhi: I’m getting pretty annoyed, yes.
Ranka: Isn’t it just really annoying when someone keeps delaying you on your way.
Tamaki: Ohhhh! I’m being such a burden on you!
Tamaki: I’m sorry!!!
Haruhi: (…That was the end of the day, maybe it would’ve been different if I had said something else to him?)
Haruhi: (Maybe if I go back and try again, I can not be so rude….)
You’ll get a redo.

Option 3:
Haruhi: んーそんなに邪魔ではないですよ
Haruhi: Hmmm, not you’re not bothering me.
Haruhi: (Although he is being pretty annoying today.)
Tamaki: Ah, I see! I’m so relieved!
It continues after this.

Option 4:
Haruhi: 慣れてますから。別に邪魔とか思いませんよ
Haruhi: I’m pretty accustomed to your nature by now. So no you’re not bothering me.
Tamaki: I see! I don’t know what I’d do if Haruhi hated me! I’m very glad to hear you’re not upset.

Tamaki: ….Haruhi, what’s that?
Haruhi: ? Huh, Oh that’s a capsule toy vending machine.
Tamaki: Capsule vending machine?
Haruhi: Yes, a small capsule comes out after you’ve put money in and cranked the handle round a few times.
Tamaki: Ohhhh! It sounds like so much fun!!
Haruhi: Erm, if you say so.
Tamaki: Alright! Let’s go for it!! …….. errm, Haruhi
Haruhi: ….You don’t have any small change do you?
Tamaki: No, I don’t. I don’t carry change. Could you lend me a coin please?
Haruhi: (Sometimes i think he’s toying with me like a cat with a mouse….)

1: Lend him a coin
2: Don’t lend him a coin

1: Lend him a coin
Haruhi: Well if you insist. Here’s a 500 yen coin. Please pay me back at some point.
Tamaki: Ohhhh! Thank you so much, Haruhi!!
Haruhi: Argh, you’re crushing face.
Tamaki: Oh, sorry. I guess I just find it very exciting all these new things.
Haruhi (….You’re always over excited though.)
Tamaki: 100 yen per go. So that means I can do it 5 times! This is going to be fantastic!

2: Don’t lend him a coin
Haruhi: No way.
Tamaki: ! ! !
Tamaki: That’s ok. Like I said I don’t want to be causing you any bother Haruhi.
Tamaki: I just wanted to try out something an experience that common people would find enjoyable. Maybe next time…
Tamaki: Although, will there be a next time, Haruhi?
Haruhi: Sigh…okay fine, here’s 500 yen. Just play the game with this!”

Tamaki: There are different things to win in the capsules. Okay, let’s get really to play ♪
Haruhi: Tamaki-Senpai. I’ve got errands to run, so can you come to the Grocery store over there when you’re finished.
Haruhi: (I guess he’ll be staying here playing for a while, so I might as well get some things done while he’s out of my hair.)
Tamaki: Ok.
Haruhi: Please try your best to not get lost. It’s not easy to find people here.
Ranka: I can’t tell which of you two are older..
Haruhi: Well, Tamaki-Senpai is older than. Here, come with me.

Tamaki: Haruhi! Haruhi!!
Haruhi: !? Huh, what is it Tamaki-Senpai?
Haruhi: (Tamaki-Senpai comes rushing over suddenly, with a little girl of about 5 or 6 with him.)
Tamaki: We need to help!
Haruhi: What’s the matter, what’s happened?
Tamaki: I’ll explain. I found this girl next to the vending machine, I think she’s lost her mother.
Tamaki: She told me she had been waiting about 30 minutes for her mother but could not find her!
Haruhi: Hmmm…That’s worrisome.
Tamaki: Isn’t it! What if her mother has been looking all over for this girl and still can’t find her?
Haruhi: It certainly seems like a problem.
Kyoya: Oh, you have a problem.
Tamaki: Kyoya! How long have you been there!?
Kyoya: For just a few minutes, it seems my timing was good.
Haruhi: Have you been following us?
Haruhi: (I guess it was foolish of me to think they would wait at home for us.)
Hikaru: Well we came to see what you and your father are like when your together.
Kaoru: Yeah. We figured you’d picked your dad and Tamaki to go shopping with for a reason.
Hikaru & Kaoru: But we thought we’d go along too and see how it turns out.
Mitsukuni: Haru-chan, Haru-chan, I’m sorry for hiding from you.
Haruhi: ….So all of you have come along and been watching us this whole time?
Takashi: ….Yeah.
Haruhi: Well that’s just great.
Tamaki: Well I think in this case it can be useful that you have all turned up!
Kyoya: Well to start with, did you even start looking for this girl’s mother?
Tamaki: Well, I thought about it. But I realised the best solution would be to contact her father in some way, but she does not know his telephone number.
Girl: ……I’m sorry.
Tamaki: Don’t apologise! So I have a new suggestion instead. That I act as her substitude father for the day!
Ranka: Are you insane?
Tamaki: Urgh! Haruhi! Do you think I’d be useless as a father?

2018-12-23 (4).png

Please operate the borrom screen.
Please slide vertically or sideways.

You’re saying yes or no here. As you slide, a bar will fill up, this will indicate what you’ll answer. You’re saying if you think Tamaki would be useless as a father.

Option 1:
Haruhi: あまり連発するのはよくないと思いますよ
Haruhi: It’s a bit much to be thinking about that now.
Tamaki: Um, you’re right… Okay comrades, we need to work together.

Option 2:
Haruhi: よくないと思います。本当の父親がいるんですし、父親じゃなくても良いんじゃないですか?
Haruhi: I think it’d a disaster. And besides I already have a father, so why do you so insistent on being my second father?
Tamaki: Gah!!
Tamaki: Well, I shall redeem myself! Here, let’s see what we can do for this little girl!!

Option 3:
Haruhi: まあ、いいんじゃないですか。環先輩だし
Haruhi: No Tamaki-Senpai, I don’t think you would be.
Tamaki: I see, I see. So you’re okay with me calling myself your daddy really.

Option 4:
Haruhi: 環先輩は仮でもこの子のお父さんになりたいんですよね?
Haruhi: Tamaki, this isn’t the time. Do you really want to look after this girl for the whole day?
Tamaki: I, I’m just trying to think of a way to calm the girl down.
Haruhi: Well, you’ll be a father someday I’m sure, but we need to focus on today.

Tamaki: Kyoya, what do you suggest we do?
Kyoya: I’ve done some hunting around and found out why the mother had to leave for a few minutes, actually longer than she thought.
Tamaki: Ah! It’s as good as information from the Gods!
Haruhi: What, are you close to her mother?
Kyouya: A women matching her description fell into labor in one of the shops and rushed to hospital. The hospital is about 1 stop on the train from here.
Haruhi: (Kyoya-Senpai handed Tamaki-Senpai a piece of paper.)
Kyouya: These are the directions to the hospital….So I guess her father should take the girl there?
Tamaki: But! We don’t know where the father is, we tried asking the girl but it was no use….
Tamaki: So I declare that the Host Club’s duty for today is to protect this young girl!
Ranka: Hmmm, you take this substitute father role very seriously, don’t you?
Girl: Daddy….
Haruhi: (The girl grabbed at the bottom of Tamaki-Senpai’s shirt.)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-Senpai gently wiped the tears from the little girl’s eyes.)
Tamaki: Okay everyone, let’s go. We have to get to this girl’s mother.
Girl: Yeah….
Tamaki: Off we go!

Tamaki: It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay…
Hikaru: Well he seems pretty worried about all this.
Kaoru: Yeah.
Tamaki: No, I am just still getting used to all this caring for my little child!
Hikaru: But she’s not your child you know.
Tamaki: I’m a daddy!!
Kaoru: You’re just the stand-in.
Tamaki: Yes, but I am a father to the Host Club! Your mommy and daddy work very hard at it! Isn’t that right mommy?
Kyoya: ….I have to say for the umpteenth time I am not a mother.
Nurse A: The birth went through fine! It’s a strong baby boy!
Girl: Daddy!!
Haruhi: (The girl comes running with her arms spread out.)
Tamaki: My daughter!
Haruhi: (Tamaki-Senpai spreads his arms out as well to hug the little girl…..)
Girl: Daddy!
Father: I’m so sorry so sorry for leaving you behind.
Girl: Don’t worry, it was okay. So mommy had a baby boy? So now I’m a big sister!
Hikaru: Ouch.
Kaoru: Yeah that must’ve been hard on his highness.
Haruhi: Senpai, are you going to be ok?
Tamaki: …Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just… I look forward to doing that for real some day.
Haruhi: (He can be a pretty sentimental guy sometimes.)
Haruhi: Here, have my handkerchief.
Tamaki: Sniff…..Thank you,Haruhi.
Haruhi: Hey, don’t blow your nose with it.
Ranka: ….You are really, really silly sometimes.
Ranka: But, I guess in many ways you are a lovable fool. I can see why Haruhi is friends with you.
Tamaki: Father!
Ranka: You are still my enemy though! And don’t you forget it!
Haruhi: (….Honestly Dad, you can be such a handful. I don’t think you really hate Tamaki-Senpai though.)
Ranka: Besides, I’m not ready to let go of Haruhi yet!!

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